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Stephen Bannon? David Friedman? Zionist Trump Supports Israeli Expansionism and Genocide


Stephen Bannon? David Friedman? Zionist Trump Supports Israeli Expansionism and Genocide

By Ray Songtree, Nov 22, 2016 (Updated Dec 24, 2016)

“The only [candidate] that’s going to give real support to Israel is me,” said Donald Drumpf. “The rest of them are all talk, no action. They’re politicians. I’ve been loyal to Israel from the day I was born. My father, Fred Trump, was loyal to Israel before me.” – HenryMakow.com


This December the nations in UN voted to condemn Israeli illegal settlements in Palestine. The US had power to veto the resolution, but did not. PM Netanyahu freaked out. His office stated: “Israel rejects this shameful anti-Israel resolution at the UN and will not abide by its terms.” Trump showed his hand. In response to USA not vetoing the anti-settlement resolution, President-elect Trump tweeted…

In other words, Trump will support settlements (as his son-in-law does), which are illegal and justify genocide by Israel, as we are about to explore in this article and study guide.


Stephen Bannon is now Trump’s new White House chief strategist and senior counselor.

Bannon had helped produce a documentary movie from the book Clinton Cash, which may yet put Hillary and Bill Clinton in jail for some of their many crimes. However, despite Trump’s call for accountability during his campaign for President, and his rallies where supporters chanted “LOCK HER UP,”  he has quickly backed off idea of pursuing prosecution of Hillary. Trump’s daughter Ivanka and  Chelsea Clinton are good friends, after all.  In fact, Trump has backed off on 8 campaign promises in first 9 days since being elected.

Before being appointed by Trump, Bannon had been Executive Chairman at Breitbart News, after the mysterious death of founder Andrew Breitbart.

The sudden death of Breitbart on March 1, 2012, at age 43 was suspicious, especially since a coroner’s assistant, Michael Cormier, died soon after the autopsy report. The autopsy claimed Breitbart had died of “natural causes.” Cormier died from arsenic poisoning, which is not used for suicide, as it causes a very agonizing death. As suicide using arsenic is very unlikely, how did he get poisoned by arsenic?  Was Courmier killed to help cover the murder of Andrew Breitbart?

“Speaking to reporters at Los Angeles’s KABC News, investigators with the LA Police Department say that doctors at the hospital that Cormier died at, have raised suspicions over the coroner’s death.” – RT

In this writer’s opinion, Andrew Breitbart was knocked off and replaced by CEO Larry Solov and Chairman Stephen Bannon, who is now working for Trump.  Though some feel it was Andrew Breitbart’s threat to unveil dirt on Obama that triggered his murder, I personally feel that Andrew Breitbart was too unpredictable as an investment and his expendability quotient had come due. 

UPDATE TO ARTICLE Nov. 29, 2016.  Breitbart wrote Feb. 4, 2011 -“How prog-guru John Podesta isn’t household name as world class underage sex slave op cover-upperer defending unspeakable dregs escapes me.”   This statement would definitely get him killed.

The globalists that made Breitbart News successful, then eliminated him, just as Steve Jobs was removed, just as so many other celebrities and politicians have been removed. Fame and success is funded, and those pulling the strings can also pull out the rug. Control is accomplished with a carrot and a stick.

Globalists funded (and here) Breitbart News to become so big, so quickly. Robert Mercer and daughter Rebekka Mercer, for example, are top Jewish billionaires supporting both Breitbart News and Trump.

israel over the years the israeli expansion is more apparent

Stephen Bannon helped open a Breitbart Jerusalem website one year ago.   The present bureau chief  for Breitbart’s Jerusalem, Aaron Klein, writes unabashed racist prejudiced articles like this one. (Jan 8, 2017)

Jerusalem is an occupied city, a Palestinian city, that is now occupied by a foreign non-middle eastern culture.

Wikipedia – The Israeli government, including the Knesset and Supreme Court, is centered in the “new city” of West Jerusalem and has been since Israel’s founding in 1948. After Israel captured the Jordanian-controlled East Jerusalem in the Six-Day War, it assumed complete administrative control of East Jerusalem. In 1980, Israel issued a new law stating that “Jerusalem, complete and united, is the capital of Israel.”[98]

No country in the world except for Israel has recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The majority of UN member states and most international organisations do not recognise Israel’s ownership of East Jerusalem which occurred after the 1967 Six-Day War, nor its 1980 Jerusalem Law proclamation.[99] The International Court of Justice in its 2004 Advisory opinion on the “Legal Consequences of the Construction of a Wall in the Occupied Palestinian Territory” described East Jerusalem as “occupied Palestinian territory.”[100]

Let’s remember that European Jews are not related to ancient Israelites. Out of respect for the existential right of Palestinians to have a homeland, Stephen Bannon should have stayed away from Israel all together and certainly not started a Jerusalem website.

By naming his Mid Eastern website “Breitbart Jerusalem,”  Stephen Bannon has committed his support to the occupation of Jerusalem and Palestine by European Jews. This is because Bannon was placed and is owned.

And in choosing Bannon for his administration’s strategist, this signals to the world, that Donald Trump supports the continuing annihilation of Palestinian homeland and culture, which is a congenial way to say, ethnic cleansing. (videos link)


David Friedman is the chair of the fundraising arm of Beit El, an illegal settlement in occupied Palestine.


Though Trump claims to be a nationalist, he supports ethnic cleansing. Seeing the outcome of Zionist efforts for 150 years, how else can the 1882 Rothschild invasion of Palestine be seen?  As a Jew, I can call a spade a spade when it comes to Jewish war crimes.  The below graphic shows the story of what happened in a few seconds last March 24, 2016. The undeniable evidence in these images is simply ignored by Israel and lapdog press, Breitbart Jerusalem. This type of crime occurs almost daily in “free” Israel.  In this rare case, the state sanctioned murder was filmed.


2.hebron shooting full page


Looking at the presiding handler in images above, it is immediately obvious that the shooter was under orders and did not act alone, yet Breitbart Jerusalem website, under Bannon, continued to portray Sergeant Azaria as a lone gunman as seen below in the articles they published. In most of these articles, Palestinian freedom fighters are branded as “terrorists.” 

The simple fact is that the shooter, Sgt. Elor Azaria, was not a lone gunman, he did not make the decision to kill Abed al-Fattah al-Sharif, and he should not have been tried in court as solely responsible for the murder.  He is as responsible for the murder as Trump is for his campaign promises.  They are both following orders. Yet Breitbart Jerusalem continues the charade of blame game to keep the Israel Defense Force’s genocidal policy away from public scrutiny.

While Trump decried the very real mainstream smear against himself during his Presidential campaign, American voters thought he was anti-mainstream corruption.

Has Trump examined the spin dripping from the website created by his chief counselor Stephen Bannon? Is spin, which hides crime, not corrupt?

As the reader has now examined the bearded handler in the images above, the following headlines can be seen as very deceptive.

Netanyahu, Ya’alon Slam Hebron Shooting as IDF Vows Probe  [Setting Azaria up as lone gunman and fall guy]
Mar 25, 2016 Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon joined the IDF in condemning an incident in which a soldier shot a disarmed …
www.breitbart.com/…/netanyahu-yaalon-slam-hebron-shooting-as-idf-vows- probe/
Hebron Soldier Feared Disarmed Suspect Had Suicide Vest [He was under orders and feared nothing.]
Mar 25, 2016 The Times of Israel reports: The soldier who was arrested Thursday after he was filmed shooting a disarmed Palestinian assailant in the head …
www.breitbart.com/…/hebron-soldier-feared-disarmed-suspect-had-suicide- vest/
IDF Officials Reject Claims Soldier In Hebron Feared Bomb  [Examine the images above, this is a completely false headline.]
Mar 27, 2016 Top Israeli military officials have rejected assertions that a soldier who shot an incapacitated Palestinian attacker in the head was right to do so.
www.breitbart.com/…/idf-officials-reject-claims-soldier-in-hebron-feared- bomb/
Mar 27, 2016 … the soldier who was seen shooting Palestinian terrorist [?] Abed al-Fattah al-Sharif , who was lying wounded on the ground in a street in Hebron.
www.breitbart.com/…/family-of-idf-murder-suspect-appalled-at-army-for- condemning-shooting-of-terrorist/
Mar 30, 2016 Upwards of 1000 demonstrators gathered outside the Qastina military court to support a soldier arrested over the shooting death of a wounded … [Racist murder is celebrated in racist Israel]
www.breitbart.com/…/over-1000-turn-out-to-cheer-soldier-accused-in- hebron-killing/
Mar 31, 2016 Reduced Charge For IDF Soldier who shot a Palestinian in Hebron last week, IDF Prosecutor Lt. Col.
www.breitbart.com/…/reduced-charge-idf-soldier-shot-wounded-palestinian- terrorist/
Apr 2, 2016 Screen grab from video showing Palestinian [accurate] after being shot in the head. On March 24, two young Palestinians [good… not terrorists] in Hebron in the West Bank …
www.breitbart.com/…/2-apr-16-world-view-tensions-grow-israel-west-bank- shooting-disabled-palestinian/
Apr 3, 2016 Israel was thoroughly investigating the shooting incident involving an IDF soldier [and everyone present?] in Hebron, Benjamin Netanyahu said on Friday.
www.breitbart.com/…/netanyahu-to-kerry-israel-investigating-idf-soldier- shooting-terrorist/
Apr 4, 2016 A Palestinian official said an assailant shot through the head by an Israeli soldier in Hebron was alive before the bullet pierced his brain.  [The video shows below shows him moving his head back and forth. Of course he was alive.]
www.breitbart.com/…/autopsy-report-hebron-stabber-still-alive-shot-soldier/  [alleged stabber]
Apr 4, 2016 Four IDF commanders from the elite Givati Brigade have spoken about the Hebron shooting.
www.breitbart.com/…/elite-idf-commanders-discuss-hebron-shooting-past-6- months-violence/


Hebron Soldier Charged With Manslaughter  [It  wasn’t by accident!]
Apr 14, 2016 The soldier who shot and killed a neutralized [wounded] terrorist in Hebron three weeks ago will be charged with manslaughter.
Hebron Soldier Charged With Manslaughter, Named   [The thumbnail image  to left shows the “poor” killer who readers are made to feel sorry for. Where are images of the victim’s family?]
Apr 18, 2016 Ynetnews reports: Sergeant Elor Azaria, 20, from Ramla, the Kfir Brigade soldier who shot dead an already-neutralized terrorist [freedom fighter] in Hebron, was …
Apr 22, 2016 Ynetnews reports: Sgt. Elor Azaria, an IDF soldier charged with manslaughter after shooting dead a neutralized Palestinian terrorist [who is the terrorist?] in Hebron, …
www.breitbart.com/…/watch-hebron-soldier-shot-terrorist-released-passover- greeted-celebrations/
May 9, 2016 Azaria, who also holds French citizenship, had shot dead the 21-year-old Palestinian [accurate] on March 24 in the city of Hebron, in the south of the …
www.breitbart.com/…/trial-opens-israeli-soldier-shot-prone-palestinian- attacker/
Hebron Soldier’s Defense Team: Exhume Body Of Terrorist  [The thumbnail image  to left shows the “poor” killer who readers are made to feel sorry for. Where are images of the victim’s family? Breitbart Jerusalem website had over two months to review this crime.]
May 30, 2016 TEL AVIV – The defense team representing an IDF soldier against manslaughter charges for shooting a neutralized Palestinian terrorist [not] has …
Jun 2, 2016 The IDF soldier charged with manslaughter for the fatal shooting of an immobilized terrorist [Palestinian] in Hebron “admits to 90 percent of the case”.
www.breitbart.com/…/idf-soldier-shot-hebron-terrorist-admits-90-case- prosecution-says/
Jul 24, 2016 Sgt. Elor Azaria will offer his version of the events of March 24, when he was filmed shooting Palestinian assailant [now he is an “assailant”]  Abdel Fattah al-Sharif in the …

The frame by frame images from the video of murder, above, which breaks down the moments before this war crime, show clearly that Azaria was under orders. Breitbart Jerusalem joins the mainstream cover up by blaming a fall guy to lie to the world about institutionalized crime in Israel.  Breitbart Jerusalem also branded opponents of Israeli genocide as “terrorists.”

Apparently even American Jewish groups don’t know about Breitbart Jerusalem.  Far from the eyes of most Americans, Bannon’s website in Jerusalem speaks louder than his statements: “Bannon is viciously critical of USA mainstream media, naming New York Times, CNN and MSNBC, and says that the “media bubble” doesn’t know what’s going on in USA and keeps talking to its own people (as against the common people of the USA)” 

After examining Breitbart Jerusalem list of articles above, how do we not describe Bannon’s reporting in Israel as anything but mainstream?

Below is an example of an article that a truly freedom loving and truth telling website produced, as a sharp contrast to the Stephen Bannon/Breitbart Jerusalem articles listed above.


By David Sarna Galdi Published April 21, 2016


Hebron shooter indicts all of Israel

No need for a trial. Sergeant Elor Azaria is already innocent in the eyes of the Israeli public

Israeli soldier Elor Azaria (center), who has been charged with manslaughter for shooting an incapacitated Palestinian stabbing suspect in Hebron, is escorted into military court, March 29, 2016. (Oren Ziv/Activestills.org)

The trial of Sergeant Elor Azaria, a soldier indicted for the killing of an incapacitated Palestinian knife-attack suspect in Hebron last month will mostly likely begin soon, but it isn’t really necessary. If public opinion and legal precedent tell us anything, his fate has already been sealed and his future looks very bright indeed.

The soldier’s guilt was plainly evident from day one, shown in the video of the incident released by B’Tselem, which as Gideon Levy wrote, “incriminates as much as a thousand witnesses.” But somehow, within hours of the [Youtube] video’s release, the Israeli soldier seen executing a helpless, already “neutralized” Palestinian, who posed no immediate danger, was being embraced as a national hero.

[Warning below 3 minute video shows the actual murder.  Victim is moving his head back and forth in first close up.. The ambulance ignores the wounded Palestinians. The killer arrives under orders and is greeted by bearded handler, and then within 2 seconds, shoots. NOBODY look surprised.]

A poll published by Channel 2 News on the weekend after the shooting showed that 57 percent of the Israeli public disagreed with the army’s arrest and investigation into Sgt. Azaria, and 42 percent of those surveyed found his behavior “acceptable” and “responsible.” Within days, tens of thousands of Israelis signed an online petition calling for the soldier to be given a merit citation. Over 1,000 people rallied outside the military court. In a cabinet meeting Education Minister Naftali Bennett expressed what can only be interpreted as blanket tolerance for soldiers’ crimes (at least against Palestinians). Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu outrageously breached the border between politics, judicial process and good taste by phoning the father of the murder suspect, in the middle of the investigation, to convey his empathy.

This week Azaria’s parents organized a rally calling for his release in Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square. In attendance were several thousand people, a portion of whom waved banners featuring racist slogans and shouted offensive chants like, “Death to the Arabs” and “Hopefully all your villages will burn.”

It’s not hard to figure out which way the wind is blowing. Instead of being banished from the camp of public opinion, the soldier continues to be depicted as a victim and martyr, the Joseph Trumpeldor of the Snapchat generation.

One need only look at the lack of judicial follow-through in similar recent incidents to realize just how unprecedented it is that Sgt. Azaria’s case even made it as far as an indictment. Last September, soldiers in Hebron shot and killed a 19-year-old woman who crossed through a checkpoint with a knife. Soldiers shot her some seven times after she was already on the ground, posing no immediate threat. An investigation concluded that the soldiers had erred but decided not to punish them. Likewise, a military probe into Col. Yisrael Shomer, who shot and killed a fleeing 17-year-old suspected of throwing a stone (which hurt nobody), was closed this week, concluding that the fatal shooting was a “mistake.” Oops.

Thousands of Israelis demonstrate in support of Elor Azaria, a soldier who was indicted for shooting an incapacitated Palestinian stabbing suspect, April 19, 2016. (Oren Ziv/Activestills.org)

Soldiers, operating under stress and danger, forced to make split-second decisions, are human and make mistakes. However, the pattern of seemingly unwarranted killings of Palestinian suspects and the lack of punishment of soldiers involved is glaring. A military court won’t throw the book at Sgt. Azaria. He will probably be given a largely symbolic punishment. He won’t see the inside of a jail cell; maybe he’ll be dishonorably discharged. He’ll walk out of the courtroom into the embrace of a loving nation and the annals of Zionist history. He’ll have a book deal and a brand new illegal West Bank Settlement named after him within a year. Who knows, he might even end up in the Knesset.

Rogel Alpher, in a Haaretz op-ed, stated that, “The murder of the suspected attacker in Hebron is the most significant murder in Israel since Yitzhak Rabin,” and he is correct. Not because it matters what will happen to the loathsome soldier after his trial; we can leave him to heaven. What is much more important than the particular case is the appalling reality it revealed: a nation of unapologetic racists.

The dark side of the Israeli ethos is not new. In 1949, then Foreign Minister Moshe Sharett aggravatedly wrote, “Some Jews think every Arab is a dog, a wild dog that it’s a mitzvah to kill.” But now, racism and hate have become aspirational. Progressive, enlightened Israelis must face the revelation of the Hebron soldier’s trial: that what they dismissed as the racism, hatred and disdain for democracy of a small percentage of the fanatic far-right is actually the face of large cross-sections of the nation. A recent survey of Israeli high school students found that only 52 percent of those polled believed that Israeli Arabs should even be allowed to be a members of the Knesset. [48% thought Arabs should be excluded, apartheid.]

Large numbers of Israelis sympathize with the soldier not despite the fact that he killed an Arab, but because he killed an Arab. He is not a pariah, but a reflection of his surroundings — one young soldier [shown above NOT to be a lone gunman] in a huge army of misguided citizens employed to oppress millions of people, a cog in the occupation and settlement industry that has been perpetrating injustices for 49 years. Anyone who tries to excuse Israeli racism as a product of ongoing violent conflict is mistaken. The equivalent would be justifying anti-Semitism because of Bernie Madoff, Mark Rich, Ivan Boesky, Arkadi Gaydamak, Michael Milken, John Gutfreund and history’s plethora of Jewish white-collar criminals.

Israeli racism and ignorance is scary because it is not shy, unspoken or relegated to a certain demographic or the geographical or ideological edges of society. It’s in your face. It can be found as frequently among so-called liberal and cultural elites as in it can in working class neighborhoods and marginalized groups.

A video I recently found on my Facebook feed, that had gone viral (420,000 views and 15,000 likes) features Doron Beaton, an Israeli comedian, addressing the virtual nation, reminding Israelis that, “We have a brother [Sgt. Azaria],” whose family will spend Passover “choked with tears” while he is locked-up awaiting trial, all because he fulfilled his obligation to fight for a nation “free in its own land,” quoting the Passover liturgy. He ends the tearjerker by stating, “I myself don’t feel free at all this Passover.”  (A military court has since granted Azaria furlough to spend the holiday with his family.)

Beaton’s video undoubtedly touches a nerve with many Israelis, a nation of soldiers whose fathers, brothers, sons and friends have fought and died in decades of conflict. The video fails to mention, however, that for the entirety of the upcoming Passover holiday, the 2.8 million Palestinians of the West Bank will be under military closure, their freedom of movement restricted. [Apartheid] I wonder if the 88,000 Palestinian laborers who are unable to provide for their families for a week will feel particularly “free” this holiday.

For better or worse, this case is not a bizarre, grisly murder in some far-off, godforsaken hillside of the West Bank, committed by a radical settler on the fringes of society. The suspected killer in this story is, “everyone’s son,” which is precisely what makes it so repulsive.

David Sarna Galdi is a former editor at Haaretz newspaper and activist. He currently works for an Israeli nonprofit organization in Tel Aviv.


Stephen Bannon who created and administered new website Breitbart Jerusalem is now due to direct the strategy in the White House. This appointment has invited criticism from all sides, however a true test of intention and morality would be the coverage of perhaps the most heinous of policies, war crimes against civilians.


Trump’s Hands – Willingly Tied?

Is Trump’s vision really an alternative to globalist controlled media which masks and hides globalist policy?

VP Mike Pence happens to support  war on terror/ Israeli expansion/domestic surveillance.  Who told Trump to pick him as Vice President?

Trump’s pick of Mike Pompeo for CIA director is the same man who sponsored Dark Act to stop user friendly labeling of GMO foods.  In other words he is owned by Monsanto. Pompeo also wants death sentence for hero of conscience, Edward Snowden.

Although some Truth Movement researchers hope that Trump will re-open 9/11 investigation because of what Trump said in 2002 after the attack, we can be sure Israel’s long involvement in the planning and implementation of the 9/11 attack will not be touched. Thus, if any new 9/11 investigation comes about, it would be another white wash to officially seal and hide the crime of the perpetrators. Perhaps the reader doesn’t know that many of the alleged hijackers are still alive.  

We can be sure that Larry Silverstein, who helped plan the 9/11 attack and was Chairman of Jewish Appeal Fund and is still friends with Netanyahu, will not be investigated. Nor will Trump’s very suspicious supporter, Rudolf Giuliani, ever be investigated.  There is not going to be a robust objective investigation of the inside job 9/11 attack, which produced a list of countries to be overthrown, with the exact foxes guarding the hen house.


Behind Israel

Israel is the Rothschild Zionist Bankster’s central turf for mafia crime.

Rothschild ave tel avivThere will never be justice in a colony built by and for banksters, with their motto “By way of deception thou shalt wage war,” unless Israelis jail their leaders and embrace their neighbors as equals. Leaders don’t like being jailed. Therefore, the leaders of Israel will deceive their own citizens.

Very few Israelis understand that the purpose of creating Israel was war, not peace, and that World War II was designed to create immigration to Israel,  just as the Syrian war was designed by same banksters to create the present refugee crisis in Europe.  Universal destabilization is needed to created universal “security” which will be sold as “peace.”

With this Mossad (Israeli intelligence) motto of deception, all patriotic Israelis presently are expected to be proud of dishonesty. Thus, spiritual clarity cannot exist in the institutions of Israel. This Rothschild project called a “Jewish nation” is built on lies, terror, and theft.

Not by coincidence, this spiritual lack of clarity has made Tel Aviv the homosexual capitol of world and a destination for child trafficking. Jewish pedophiles can escape justice in their own countries and find safe haven in Israel. It was no surprise for students of Zionist rituals to learn that Jewish John Podesta, close and long term coordinator for Clintons, is involved in pedophilia and ritual abuse.  See Pizzagate.)   In fact, so is the entire “swamp” of Washington D.C. 

Will Donald Trump investigate the sex crimes of America, of Israel, of our allies?  If he doesn’t, what swamp did he claim to want to drain?

Placed, bribed and threatened leaders around the world are kept obedient by blackmail.  A century ago, for example, because he had an affair, President Woodrow Wilson was blackmailed into signing the Federal Reserve Act by the very banksters who at that same time were creating Israel and who control it today, the Rothschilds.

World wide, government leaders must be immoral or they won’t succeed, as the banksters screen all success. The puppet leaders’ crimes with kidnapped girls, boys and infants are recorded so they can be blackmailed. One of the many reasons Gadaffi was so hated by the Zionist UN globalists was that his revolution ended the international pedophilia rituals of King Idris.

Again, we are not then surprised that the globalist safe house, Israel, would be awash in “anything goes” immorality. Israelis know in truth that the land beneath their feet was stolen. They live by a motto of deception, which is a hell of denial, masked with false pride.

(Some historical dots: Because our school books didn’t tell us, the reader should know that the Rothschilds funded and created the Rockefeller dynasty and together, the Roth-efellers created the UN after their 1922 League of Nations failed. Bilderberger David Rockefeller was one of the most notorious globalists of last century. His older brother Winthrop Rockefeller sired the puppet William Jefferson Clinton who never completed his Rhodes Scholarship for his placed political career. Winthrop Rockefeller was the 37th Governor of Arkansas.  His illegitimate son was placed as the 40th and 42nd Governor of Arkansas. To understand Bill and Hillary’s rein of terror in Arkansas, search Mena Airport.

One Goal of Globalist Social Engineering

The Roth-efeller globalists want to destroy all sovereignty, both national and personal, to create a one world government of homogenized, racially blended slaves, ideally from broken families with a “liberated” single mom, or better, created in a test tube. This mobile (ungrounded) fragmented population, without a natural tribe or sense of homeland, is being designed to lean on Big Brother for sustenance. Today  25% of children in the “developed democracy” of UK live without two parents. Dependency on handouts is now called Big Government or Social Democracy. Over half of American households receive some form of financial entitlement. Again, universal destabilization will lead to universal security, and in this front, the destruction of family enables the new self-identity of the egalitarian ration earner…

“Destroy the family, you destroy the country.”   – Vladimir Lenin


The liberal democrats in U.S., from CIA trained Obama to Bernie Sanders, constantly push government dependency. There are even institutes that idealize and exalt “the welfare state” of sheeple dependency, and believe that weakness and dependency is progress.  Obamacare is dependency. Implanted RFID chips are specified, but hidden, in Obamacare.  The controlled media ignores or denies this.  It is planned that we will be “enhanced” with implanted chips to control every aspect of our lives.  This will be for our convenience and safety, of course.  RFID chips are scheduled by globalists to be mandatory world wide (to be fair and equal). Experiments are preparing us. This step by step program is also called transhumanism.  We will see if Trump dumps Obamacare or not. Already he has signaled he will not.  He would have to also dump the Roth-efeller plan of RFID tyranny. See 4 minute video below.)

4 minute video.

Trump and the Crimes of Israel

Not enough people know that the US and Israel together planned to sink the USS Liberty in 1967.  Let’s not forget the deadly and falsely claimed “heroic” attack in Entebbe, Uganda 1976, just one of a long list of Israeli false flag destabilization operations. Let’s not forget Israel’s involvement in the manmade Fukashima Earth Quake and Tsunami  (tectonic weapons link). Let’s not forget that Monsanto supplied Israel with white phosphorus for anti-civilian weapons. Let’s not forget that Israel refuses to allow nuclear inspections.

The list of Israeli crimes is endless because from its inception, Israel was built to create conflict. Honest people at the UN have noticed that Israel is the top violator of human rights in world, but there are no sanctions against Israel, because Jewish banksters created and control the UN.

Iran allows nuclear inspections and is sanctioned. Israel forbids nuclear inspections and is not sanctioned.

Will Trump ask what is going on? With appointment of Stephen Bannon, who can’t even report on war crimes in Palestine, not likely.

The Zionists even control the Noble Prizes to create the “intelligent Jew” myth. I have Jewish blood, so my previous historical and pictorial report on Israel is simply honest. I do go further and deeper and look at the channeled religion Judaism itself. We cannot realistically expect anyone who was allowed to run for President because he loves Israel, to question Judaism itself.  As students of American alleged democracy know, both sides of aisle in Congress (important short video) are utterly controlled by the same Jewish gatekeepers, as is the FEDHollywood, and mainstream media.  Jewish control is not a theory as these links will show.  Following the money, the king Jews are the Rothschilds.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Nov 17, 2016

The Breitbart Jerusalem website marked its first anniversary on Thursday. In launching the site in November 2015, the Jewish CEO of Breitbart News noted that the idea for the parent network was conceived in Israel.

[Jewish CEO] Larry Solov wrote in a blog post that he and Breitbart founder Andrew Breitbart were on a media junket to Israel in 2007 when they decided to create a new media company to “change the world.”

[This is the Zionist motto called “progress.” Destroy everything diverse, indigenous and natural and replace with a centralized rush toward fantasy utopia.  Hypnotize society with this rush toward “progress.” “By way of deception, thou shalt wage war” on the ancient order and “change the world” even though utopia actually looks like book Brave New World or book 1984. How could it not, with Banksters at the helm?]


“One thing we specifically discussed that night was our desire to start a site that would be un-apologetically pro-freedom and pro-Israel.” 

[These are utterly contradictory ideas. Israel is founded on terrorism against the local indigenous people by Ashkenazi Jews with no racial connection to “the Promised Land.”

“Pro-freedom and pro-Israel” is perfect example of globalist doublespeak, where peace means war, and freedom means slavery. As mentioned, globalists are ritual satanists, so they lie to themselves, lie constantly, to deny their own morality, which they have replaced with love of destruction.  A pro-freedom website would have to be anti-tyranny and thus pro-freedom fighter, and thus pro-Palestinian, but Stephen Bannon wants to see Jerusalem annexed by the war criminals.]

“We were sick of the anti-Israel bias of the mainstream media and J Street,” Solov wrote.

[That would be ANY honest discussion about Israel such as this article.]

“Perhaps it was because we were in such an historic place, or because I was energized by the courage of the Jewish people in the Holy Land, or maybe it was the alcohol at cocktail hour, [Jewish Solov doesn’t know the difference between getting drunk or “holy.”] but I said ‘yes.’

“We were blown away by the [murderous] spirit, tenacity, and resourcefulness [stealing Syrian water] of the Israeli people on that trip. Andrew could be quite convincing, not to mention inspiring.”

[If they were visiting Israel for first time, why were they unapologetically pro-Israel? He is lying. Breitbart News was funded and created to be pro-Israel and Solov is just a willing dupe. The idea of Breitbart News, was no brain storm of two guys drinking. Rather, follow the money.]

On Sunday, President-elect Donald Trump appointed Stephen Bannon, the former chairman of Breitbart News, as his chief strategist. In announcing the Breitbart Jerusalem website a year ago, Bannon wrote:

“Israel, much like London, is on the front lines of our current cultural and political war.”

[Who is we? Who is he at war with? He is a globalist, unable to imagine there are many cultures and many directions in this world and many revolts, not one, and that sovereignty means there is no ONE “we.” London is home of the “Crown” which is not the Queen, but is the bankster “City of London” which came to control East India Company and British Empire.  So we can ask, “Is Israel much like London?” Yes, exactly the same controllers control both UK and Israel.] 

“There is a growing global anti-establishment revolt against the permanent political class at home, and the global elites that influence them, which impacts everyone from Israel to the U.S.” [And we are funded to steer that revolt.]

[However, the same elite funded Breitbart News in order to co-opt Andrew Breitbart’s anti-establishment revolt. Does Bannon think the global elite that created, use and control Israel would foster an anti-globalist revolt against themselves? Could he be confused by his own doublespeak?  Breitbart News is controlled opposition. However, we now are seeing that Trump cannot be a sincere anti-globalist as Alex Jones claims, for he is in bed with Zionist Israel.]

“Our international team and coverage offers a bird’s-eye view [a slanted pro imperialist racist view] from the front lines of the cultural and political battles taking place across the West.” 

[If so, will Bannon cover the plight of the Palestinians on his Breitbart Jerusalem website? He has done the opposite. Would he cover the Israeli connection to 9/11? Would he cover the plight of any indigenous peoples except as lip service? What war is he in? Is he for the annexation of Jerusalem by European Jews or for the local people who were there before the Europeans came?] 

Testing Breitbart News

If ever Breitbart News covers the Illuminati Rothschild Supreme Court in Jerusalem, shown below, CEO Solov could also admit he is Ashkenazi, not Hebrew by blood, and that most so called Jewish people in Israel have no right to be there. 

Maybe Solov will consider that Hitler was the grandson of Soloman Rothschild and was placed to create World War II, and that the particular number of  6 million dead Jews is a fiction, as the number 6 million was featured in Rothschild New York Times far before World War II. Let’s see how long doublespeak Solov and his Breitbart News will take to explain the Illuminati pyramid of abuse with all- seeing-eye, on top of the roof of Supreme Court building in Palestinian Jerusalem, built by Dorothy Rothschild?  How long before Breitbart News becomes honestly “pro-freedom?”  How long Donald Trump?  Does anyone think that justice can come from the Illuminati?


Trump and War

Trump’s family has several Jewish inlaws.  He openly pledges his respect to Judaism and with the Stephen Bannon appointment and Bannon’s Jerusalem website, Trump is pledging his support to Zionism and Israeli expansion. The wars in Mideast are not about oil, these wars are about expanding “Greater Israel.” The oil is just spoils of war, which Donald Trump says is justified!


The commemorative coin on left names Eretz or “greater” Israel, which is shown on center coin, and on map to right.


(Also see analysis of his Aug 15, teleprompter speech.)

We cannot realistically expect Trump to break with AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) or to defend Palestine unless he is pressured by those that elected him. We cannot expect Trump to name ISIS as an Israeli operation.MI5 -intelligence Therefore, when Trump says he wants to defeat ISIS, what does he mean?  ISIS was created with our tax dollars to help destroy the nations that stand in the way of Greater Eretz Israel.  Trump is using ISIS as a boogie man, just like the Illuminati Supreme Court in Israel is using Sergeant Elor Azaria as a fall guy.

What Trump really means is that American munitions will help devastate Syria and any other country in the fake “War on Terror” based on Israeli false flag 9/11, with funded Al Qaeda and funded ISIS acting as an excuse. The goal is more war. Obama didn’t plan war on Libya, he inherited it. Trump will have wars also, which he inherits. (Let’s not forget that Rothschild British Intelligence, MI5, with their Illuminati logo to right, created Muslim Brotherhood.) The result is more patriotic “humanitarian” devastation.  Iraq and Libya have been destroyed for Greater Israel, and Syria is very much ravaged with over 4 million people displaced.

If Trump wants to stop ISIS, he can just follow the money, something he should be good at, and cut off their funding.

Interestingly, Infowars.com, which has been refreshingly aggressive in exposing Hillary Clinton, has not questioned appointment of Stephen Bannon by Trump, or Trump’s relationship with AIPAC and Israeli expansionism. Perhaps like myself, Infowars had a primary task to expose and defeat the satanist Hillary.  Instead of defending Trump now, we all need to keep him to his campaign promises.

Since his election, Trump has been attacked by Jewish George Soros funded protestors. Many see Trump as needing defense against globalists like Soros who organized this “purple revolution,” but this is exactly how we are being manipulated.  Both sides are funded by same sources to trap us in the drama of contention.

The Protocols of Zion and the upcoming wars revealed by Freemason Albert Pike in 1871 (history has shown that neither were fake) show that all factions are co-opted and destroyed to create “We Are All One” (the New Age Operation) which then convinces people to believe in  one world government.  Centralization is the goal of the elite.

This program of divide and conquer to reach centralization is called the Hegelian Dialectic – – – Create Thesis, Create Anti-thesis, come to a manageable Synthesis. We now call working both sides of a conflict “controlled opposition.”

Trump will never say anything negative about Soros,  Zuckerberg,  Kissinger, or any of the other globalist Jews, because Trump is owned and intermarried with the controllers who control them all. Soros, Zuckerberg, Kissinger, Trump, are not kings, they are all placed puppets. 

When it comes to Jewish ties, no GOP candidate trumps Trump


NEW YORK (Jewish Telegraphic Agency) — Among the expansive field of 2016 Republican presidential candidates on display in the party’s first debates, Donald Trump may be the most closely connected to the Jewish people.Trump is from New York, works in professions saturated with Jews and long has been a vocal supporter of Israel. His daughter and two grandchildren are Jewish, the executive vice president of his organization is Jewish — and Trump certainly has chutzpah.

… Given his myriad Jewish associations, Trump is not an unfamiliar face in Jewish circles. He has served as a grand marshal at New York’s annual Salute to Israel Parade. After Hurricane Katrina, he was among a group of celebrities who decorated Jewish federation tzedakah boxes to be auctioned off to support hurricane disaster relief. And in February, he was honored with an award at the annual gala for the Algemeiner, a hawkishly pro-Israel Jewish news organization.“I have a Jewish daughter. This wasn’t in the plan, but I’m very glad it happened,” Trump said at the event in Manhattan. On Israel, he said, “We love Israel. We will fight for Israel 100 percent, 1,000 percent. It will be there forever.”

Before the 2013 Israeli election, Trump recorded a video message endorsing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“You truly have a great prime minister in Benjamin Netanyahu. He’s a winner, he’s highly respected, he’s highly thought of by all,” Trump said in the 30-second spot. “Vote for Benjamin – terrific guy, terrific leader, great for Israel.”

By the same token, Trump has made clear that he believes President Barack Obama is bad for Israel and has questioned how American Jews could support the president.

“I have many Jewish friends that support Obama and I say, ‘Why?’ and they can’t explain why. They support him, they give him money, they give him campaign contributions,” Trump told radio host Michael Savage in February. “This is the worst enemy of Israel.”

Trump at times has dabbled in Israeli real estate. About a decade ago he bought a site in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area with plans to build Israel’s tallest building, to be called Trump Plaza Tower. He later sold the Ramat Gan property to an Israeli firm before its development. In 2012, Trump met with Israel’s tourism minister to discuss possible investments in real estate and tourism, according to the Israeli news website Ynet.

Trump’s closest Jewish association is with his daughter Ivanka’s family. Ivanka Trump, a fashion designer and celebrity in her own right, converted to Judaism before marrying Jared Kushner, the son of New York Jewish real estate mogul Charles Kushner.

She studied for her Orthodox conversion with Rabbi Haskel Lookstein of Manhattan’s Kehilath Jeshurun synagogue and the Ramaz School, and Lookstein officiated at her wedding. Trump and Kushner are members of Lookstein’s Orthodox synagogue and are Shabbat observant. They have two children.

Donald Trump is Presbyterian. He has said he goes to church on Christmas, Easter and special occasions.

When it comes to The Trump Organization, Trump’s right-hand man is a Jewish lawyer, Michael Cohen, who also serves as a top campaign aide. Cohen ignited controversy last week by suggesting that spousal rape doesn’t count as rape. He later apologized, saying his remarks were “inarticulate.”

… When Ivanka Trump introduced her father at the Algemeiner dinner six months ago, she said,

“He has used his voice often and loudly in support of Israel, in support of developments within Israel, in support of security for Israel and in support of the idea of the Israeli democracy.”  …



In Israel, apartheid is called “democracy.”



Ray Songtree

“Ignoring the Future and looking Fabulous”


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