The story of who wrote Lipstick and War Crimes and why can be found in the (link) free Pdf of books.

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I, the author, am a family man, very busy, too busy to maintain a robust blog. 

This site is advertisement free.  We accept donations, however, only from individuals, no corporations/ foundations.  We have a tax free way to receive donations for non-profit. If books ever make any money beyond expenses, it will be given to environmental work at local level. I need an advertising fund, so if anyone has ideas or funds for that, please write to me. I don’t want to monetize the site.

Some say that society cannot voluntarily down size.  I know it will with proper information.

Learning true history is a start and makes the books very valuable to society. The fact that there are no jobs waiting for youth is a giant undeniable wake up. 

Because of outsourcing, artificial intelligence, and more immigrants with high birth rates, there is no American Dream waiting for anyone.

This will gradually wake everyone up and convert everyone to local resilience.

We can become strong and clear. We can end the crime. And if we want to avoid societal suicide, we must become strong and clear.

On more personal note, the photo below was my daughter at birth, she is eleven now. My son is grown and into permaculture and tiny house design.  My mom is 96.

Thank you for visiting the site. Keep educating your friends and family. We cannot rest now!

Ray Songtree

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Mission Statement : Kauai Transparency Initiative International believes that
human nature is loving. “Right to know” leads to informed choice which leads to local
stewardship. When government and industry are honest and open with citizens and
consumers, people will naturally choose health for themselves and future generations.
A mother protects her child. KTII exists to help causes that work for transparency and
disclosure. The goal is an informed loving society on Kauai and afar, brought about by
tipping society toward responsible awareness through honest education.
KTII was founded by Ray Songtree in 2011.


To contact Ray, write directly to KTII (at) nym.hush.com