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Wow, wow, wow! I thought I knew what was going on.

Terri Glen

The celebrities who read this will be as blown away as the fans.


The book made me re-think what I want to do.

Anthony Henders

He brings the indigenous perspective ... and that cut through everything for me.

Carol Campella

The book is evidence based and the references solid. What he's saying just can't be denied.

Lloyd Sugiyama

If you know anyone with kids, buy them the book!

Maya Smith

I''ll remember this book for a long time.

Steve Levine

... the most informative book on society and our times, I've ever read. You will be surprised again and again.

Sheryl Wilson

Every woman should read this. The narratives in our heads are not ours!

Debbie Lee

Relevant to the max!


Finally some spirituality for environmentalists and some down to Earth talk for spiritual people.

Angela Rodriguez

Danger, faith, and beauty. Well done.

Dan Osem

I showed my husband, an Iraq veteran, Ray's photo with the USS Liberty survivor. That got his attention.

Nancy Cheles

Maybe it was all the photos, or the people he profiles, but I couldn't put it down.

Terrence Biggs

Pop culture reviewed by a Non-Profit... eyes wide open!

Deni Shiva

He shows that anyone who calls corruption 'conspiracy theory', supports the corruption.

Tim Cobern

The author brings dry to wet and wet to dry ... so ... no book genre works to describe it.

Sandra Bains

The Divas aren't great at all! I'm embarrassed!


...deeply affected. He got my heart off the couch...

Belinda Cherkoff

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Because in fact, people do judge a book by its cover, please pick the cover below you like and can share with friends.

Vol. 1 of the Lipstick and War Crimes Series has been published with different titles and covers for different demographic groups, such as Student, Christian, Zen, and women. They are available below as inexpensive E-book (or hard copy at any retailer) and readers are encouraged to give your download to friends via email. The combination of celebrity exposé, deep values, and over a hundred color images makes book fascinating and relevant. According to our mission statement, this is not about money. Hopefully you enjoyed that this site is advertisement free 🙂

For those who would like the quality paper back with over 100 color images, to share with friends and family, we only offer bulk orders through this website…. see contact form to make inquiry. For single books you can find all these books at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Kobo, etc.

Vol. 1 gives a startling view hijacked sexual identity and opens both young and old to the mind blowing reality of engineered gender sculpting. Is Hillary Clinton, with a rapist husband, a feminist? We are led to believe so. But her husband is a serial rapist. Does she love women?  The way this dossonance is perpetated to dumb us down so that we also ignore impacts on nature, decline of natural people, foreign policy and our attitude towards “collateral damage,” including the health of our families, is graphically illustrated. (Lipstick and War Crimes.) Zen, Indigenous, and Christian editions have there own introductions, see below.

If you don’t have one, Free E-book readers can be downloaded at this link.


FREE Downloadable PDFs

Introductions to Zen, Christian and Indigenous Editions Vol . 1 – Free PDF
Lipstick and War Crimes Vol 1 with Meet the Author Bio – Free PDF


Confused about the script?

You won’t be.

$2.99 Downloadable eBooks

  • A Single Guy’s Guide to Predatory Women

  • A Thinking Girl’s Guide to Sexual Identity

  • Begging Faith: Identifying the Assault on Virtue and Family – The Christian Edition Vol. 1

  • Feminism Revisited Vol 1 E-book

  • Indigenous Recall – Vol. 1 e-book

  • Libro ElectrĂłnico – LapĂ­z Labial y Crimenes de Guerra : Parte Uno : Capitoles 1-9 + – Ray Songtree

  • Zen and the Art of Deprogramming