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Should Hillary Clinton Be a Candidate or in Jail?

By July 6, 2016 Elections

Will Hillary Clinton someday go to jail?   Examine some of the crimes like murder, and you decide…

Should Hillary Clinton Be a Candidate or in Jail?

by Author Ray Songtree

YouTubes study list…

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Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal  –  this is going viral, very professional video

Hillary and Bills many murders… this is not a hoax.  – sobering and real

Hillary Exposed, Movie She Banned  – Meet Larry Nicoles, important whistle blower

Waco – A New Revelation – Hillary sent 4 body guards to Texas in 1993, had Delta force kill them, then blamed Branch Davidians on their deaths, held a seige, and all 75 members were killed with machine gun fire or shrapnel.  Video evidence. This is real.

Hillary, Libya, Gaddafi, and Oil

Hillary support from George Soros

Hillary Wants Agenda 21 One World Government

Hillary and Syria

Hillary Rape of Woman Slave Cathy O’Brien

Hillary is one of many placed political puppets. As I reveal in my non-profit book series, the entertainment industry and politics share the same masters. In Hillary’s case, she is a placed criminal.  See the Hollywood slaves that supported her.

Hillary Clinton began her grooming as a political puppet before she even graduated from high school.  Her commencement speech and photo appeared in Life magazine. Grooming included mentoring by Saul Alinski who dedicated a book to Lucifer, and her placement on Black Panther case. She was matched with Bill Clinton but they never experienced loyalty or fidelity in their marriage. Hillary Clinton is a lesbian according to Jennifer Flowers and Paula Jones. Former sex slave Cathy O’Brien (who can be believed because of court documents in her second book “For Reasons of National Security”), was raped by Hillary. The Clintons made fortunes helping run cocaine through Mena Airport in Arkansas. Hillary Clinton attended “witch” meetings according to Arkansas State employee Larry Nichols.

Upon becoming President, Bill and Hillary arranged that four of their former body guards who knew too much, would be murdered by Delta Force at Waco Texas, and this was blamed on the Branch Davidians. Hillary then ordered Delta Force to kill 80 Branch Davidians, according to evidence listed in youtube documentary “Waco, New Revelation.” Vince Foster, White House Counsel was also murdered. These accusations are backed by Linda Tripp. Hillary orchestrated the Monica Lewinsky scandal so that she could benefit as the wronged wife, which led immediately to her election as New York Senator.

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton helped lure Gaddafi out of hiding, and when he left his hometown Sirte under white flags, he was assassinated, and Hillary laughed about it. (Gaddafi financially supported end of apartheid in South Africa according to Nelson Mandela.) She used her State position to collect pledges of $1.6 billion dollars for her candidacy war chest according to Zero Hedge.

If Hillary Clinton respects women, why has she supported her husbands predatory rape of dozens of hundreds of women?

In fact Hillary is a human being without ethical coordinates.

Hillary would be a disaster because she would continue the dishonest and unethical pattern of lying we have seen in our corrupt government. Anyone would be a better choice for President than liar, thief, rapist and murderer, Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton should be in prison.

The most recent scandal with Hillary wiping her server clean so as not to reveal email evidence of her state crimes is no surprise to anyone who has studied her past.

  1. http://observer.com/2015/08/the-countless-crimes-of-hillary-clinton-special-prosecutor-needed-now/
  1. Bill & Hillary Clinton TOTALLY EXPOSED – The New Clinton Chronicles – FULL Extended Versionhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHIMuUdeESA
  1. Waco – A New Revelation


  1. Did Hillary Clinton Order Waco Assault? – The Truthseeker


  1. Under Hillary, US Sold $66 Million In Chemical Arms To


Jun 03, 2015 · … US Sold $66 Million In Chemical Arms To Clinton Foundation Donors Gassing Their Citizens. … Five-point-eight million dollars of … Zero Hedge

  1. Secretary Of State For Hire: Hillary Clinton Made Millions …


Zero Hedge – That the Clintons have made millions of dollars from speaking fees is no secret: just last summer it was revealed that the former president was paid $104 …

  1. Bill Clinton Made $8 Million From Speeches To Companies ...


Bill Clinton Made $8 Million From Speeches To Companies With Matters Pending Before Hillary‘s … Zero Hedge. One of the ways … which pay nearly a quarter of a …

  1. Planned Parenthood pledges $20 million last week to help …


Planned Parenthood pledges $20 million last week to help Hillary get elected, Today Hillary calls for increased funding for Planned Parenthood?

  1. The Complete Breakdown Of Every Hillary And Bill Clinton …


Zero Hedge – Earlier today, when … when we reported that based on Hillary Clinton’s latest tax disclosure , she and her husband had made $139 million in gross …



Excellent YouTubes on Hillary

click links

Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal

Hillary and Bills many murders… this is not a hoax.

Hillary Exposed, Movie She Banned

Waco – A New Revelation

Published Feb 25 2017, Larry Nichols was interviewed here before election.


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