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The Covid Financial Reset and the War on Nature

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The covid operation  1) reduces population with targeted regional jabs and terrorize entire world into one world government “for your safety.” 2) economy is imploded and rebuilt “better” meaning more centralized    3) 5G and nanotechnology is rolled out to control EVERYTHING  4) since people are sterilized or have autistic/mutated kids, clones are eventually the only viable (literally) alternative and these children are raised in boarding schools/mind program facilities  5) Toxic environment eventually kills everything and AI machine world is left to supply the alien machine as it moves on to other planets.     Behind all this are beings/entities who don’t want to die. They want their present personality, which they think is their “self’, to be immortal. Nothing is immortal but by controlling planets, these beings can exist in the context of disposable planets.  To be timeless, they must be able to witness time or change, and control that change, otherwise the change might get them.  No, they must control the change to remain immortal.   They would never incarnate anywhere, as then they would have to start a new personality and be subject to the karma of those lives, so they remain detached, in ethereal dependency, vain, and as they must use others to continue, and those others might defend life, the alien program teaches that everything is disposable, to be dominated and used, as per Genesis.  “You were created in OUR image to have dominion over all of life.”   This is Satanism which is the abusive stance…

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Dominant Culture, Minorities, and MAGA Hats

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From my email correspondence: Dear Mariel, It is not lunacy.  This professor understands what the dominant culture is.  The dominant culture that you and I are part of  has a linear sense of time, but indigenous cultures who often can communicate with ancestors right now in the present, or see into the future (in the present) don’t have a linear sense of time.  Taken out of context, this person’s profound understanding seems crazy.  I was on an aboriginal reserve for 5 months. Those people do not experience our reality, and we don’t experience theirs.  This person is criticizing the dominant culture, and the dominant culture marginalizes, discounts, and smears any criticism.   If the dominant culture produces most books, then ‘other view’ books, other reports on reality, over time, will not have shelf space, and the cultural hegemony keeps accelerating.     This professor (below link) is noticing something you are old enough to notice, that the cultural and religious diversity of books we saw in the 70’s are out of print and gone, replaced by the chatter of dominant culture thought which is increasingly technocratic, new age, and all inclusive.  (However, there is also analysis of monoculture that didn’t exist 40 years ago.)   Most people talk about the one future and the one humanity, which isn’t true. If everyone who uses electricity dropped dead, the world would still have hundreds of millions of people and the many branches of remaining humans would have a non polluting future with…

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Self-Sovereignty as a Computer Geek Oxymoron

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Discussion of use of words “self-sovereignty” with friend who uses word in conjunction with open source web technology. Define oxymoron: a combination of contradictory or incongruous words (such as cruel kindness or self sovereignty)   The word sovereign doesn’t appear on the Web of Trust site.  They are talking about web security to stop identify theft.   This is my opinion…. sovereignty is never self.  In relationship with web, there is never sovereignty, there is conforming to tech, which is anti-nature and anti-natural peoples.  That is, there is never neutral tech. It always damages nature as it depends on mining and manufactured parts. “Personal sovereignty” is one’s own personal connections and kinship with land base and local community / tribe.  Personal sovereignty is kinship. From kinship comes grounding. From those roots comes an unshakable identity connected to Spirit.  We then know who and what we are. We know. Those who don’t have kinship as part of their identity are lost in space. Sovereignty and natural context are the same thing. Artificial people cannot have sovereignty because they have no Earth Mother, no territory, no community that lives close to nature. They have no kinship with nature. They are in their heads, and not heart connected with real life. A person who doesn’t know real life cannot have sovereignty. All they can have is programming. The reason for the systematic destruction of indigenous peoples is that their loyalty to land, family and community gets in the way of the alien hope…

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Science is Divide and Conquer – There is No Good Science

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A dialogue…   On Aug 11, 2017, at 1:00 AM, ray wrote:   Are dogmas holding back science? What does holding back mean?   Would it be great if science had no fetters holding it back?    Or, is science holding back nature, destroying nature, because that is purpose of science… to divide and conquer nature?   Respect of nature would destroy science, which is exactly what I want ! Ray   On 9/20/2017 at 1:52 PM, “N> wrote: I finally have to say it Ray, I think this is one of those things you are completely misunderstanding and/or  misrepresenting (for reasons I can’t fathom except that it’s one of your tendencies to generalize, as if you know all): science.   Yes there are scientists who’ve been paid off by the deep state & secret gov’t who put bogus information out there, but that doesn’t negate the field of science. I know too many scientists to support what you say about that; they are brilliant, see deeper into things that we can’t see, put it all together, want the best for the planet and people as much as we do.  – N   Ray wrote – When you say “the planet and people”,  this is contradictory.  At this point “people” means the dominant culture. Most people think humans can represent Earth. This needs to be seen from Earth’s perspective.  From Earth and millions of species’ perspective, no industrial human could speak for her. In contrast to what “scientists” want, I…

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Bernie Sanders, A Hair from New World Order: Speech – Carson California May 17, 2016

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(Reposted Aug 5, 2017  – This has become a long essay, but many of the themes in my books are condensed here.) I listened to Bernie Sanders Youtube in Carson Calif.  May 17, 2016 Very sad. He defends Obama and attacks Trump for being a “birther”, but Trump is the one who is correct.  There is not one thing we have been told about Obama that is true.  Study third generation CIA agent Obama.  Thus, Sanders is on the wrong side of history and is attacking the right side of history. (Link for excellent pro and con analysis of Trump) Interestingly, Trump seems to have some independent thought, while Sanders still lives in a Washington D.C. trance, meaning, Bernie Sanders is establishment. The establishment, as Sanders himself says, is on the wrong side of history. But so is Sanders. Bernie Sanders doesn’t know on what side he is, because he somehow has missed basic research, for example, about Obama. Trump is also correct about vaccine dangers, about requiring immigration screening for Mexicans and Muslims, about deporting illegal immigrants and letting them re-apply legally, and he has offered pointed questions about  9/11. Trump has even used correct verbiage in calling Bill Clinton a rapist. I don’t adore Donald Trump, but I know he is not a racist because Ben Carson endorses him! The best thing about Trump is that he has shown that both sides of the media are crooked and are really one beast.  Whatever happens, he won’t forget that….

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A Neighbor’s Perspective in Wainiha

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This is a letter that was published in the Garden Island Newspaper, April 1, 2017 A Neighbor’s Perspective in Wainiha – link by Ray Songtree The people here on my road who are taking over a lot are not “the indigenous people of Wainiha.” They can claim anything they want. They also have white blood, so maybe they are the indigenous people of Scotland. They are just people. The valley is filled with people from all over planet, almost all with mixed heritage. These people simply took a vacant lot and started using it, and when the owner found out, these people got “religious” and called their activist friends. We never heard conches, never, before they were told to leave. Then they became “kanaka.” Before that, not. Before that, they were private and quiet and there was no humbug. They could do exact same thing next door to the reader and claim anything they want to. These are just people knowingly using someone else’s rights to title. While Kauaians today have invested in land on other islands, on mainland, overseas, some people from other places have invested in land here. In the excellent video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45pEDijf27M) the owners are called “Russians.” I doubt it. They are probably Americans with whatever ethnic background. Is anyone racist against Russians? Can Japanese immigrate to Kauai, but not Russians? Does anyone know any Japanese decedents on Kauai? Again, there are almost no pure Hawaiians, but it is politically expedient to disclaim one’s Asian or European…

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