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No Way to Be A Relaxed Cop

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The law protects some and restricts others. It is never fair. In two traffic stops,  in this article (link) , there are two incidents. In the first incident, the police are overly cautious and abusive, and in the other, the cop is killed. Law can only work in a lawful culture, in my opinion.  The more have-nots there are, (people who don’t have the toys and property that denote status, or, not even jobs, or not even food), then the more crime there will be.  Rising population and declining resources seems to guarantee a growing police state. Now, if people are ecologically illiterate, they can argue and stay in their heads all they want.  Go ahead and argue.   “Freedom” is a Luciferian word that is not found in any indigenous culture. In other words, it is a colonialist or imperialist word.   “co·lo·ni·al·ist  – a person who supports the practice of gaining political control over other countries and occupying them with settlers.” “Freedom” is what you give the settlers while they rip off the natives, like Israeli “freedom” in Palestine.  It really means freedom to rape, and Luciferians are categorically into free rape.    The word “freedom” really means irresponsible greed. American “freedom” means the American Dream, which means being rich and fat and using up a disproportionate amount of world resources and enforcing this rip off  with 800 military bases and 11,000 to 55,000 overseas special ops at any given time, to “defend American interests”.     “The American dream…

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This Santa Fe Activist Sees The Big Picture

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Our context is nature, and society is ancillary to her.  But our society thinks human progress is not destructive, because nature doesn’t matter, only human titillation and comfort and convenience matters.  Trashing nature is simply the price of progress in our minds.  In fact humans are slaves of an alien mining program on Earth which began long ago with ET languages like Sanskrit and Hebrew. We were conditioned to believe that there is something superior to earthern life and that we must follow something “divine” and extraterrestrial and turn our backs on the world of form.  Abraham’s master entity tried to break Abrahams’s natural instincts and have him kill his son, as we are now killing the Earth Mother. Both Abraham and this entity were monsters. When we empty ourselves of mental programming we can again see clearly and seeing clearly is seeing nature.  Then, most important, we must choose to downsize our demands upon her.  We must step back to a pre-industrial lifestyle. –  Ray Songtree March 8, 2020 THE FLAMES OF PROGRESS  by Arthur Firstenberg I have been entrusted with the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space, but I find myself bewildered — bewildered by the devastation around me; by the destruction of the cathedral of life into which I was born; by the silencing of the songs of the fifty million other species with whom I was raised; by the failure of my fellow human beings to care or to notice. How can…

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The Utopian Head Set

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Sept 15, 2017 – Forwarded message from “M Exciting new youtube!   New Energy, New Economy – Dr Steven Greer 2017 On Sep 15, 2017,   ray songtree wrote: The utopian economy is here! And no environmental impact! And no need for worldwide police to regulate the “free energy”! M— I won’t watch it, but let me know if he serves up heaven on Earth please. I’m sad that some of my friends don’t know this word… Utopia A utopia is an imagined community or society that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities for its citizens. [ But not any other species, they simply are not in equation.] One could also say that utopia is a perfect “place” that has been designed so there are no problems. [The people who designed it were perfect too, and had to transform all of society so we would be a good fit in the high tech. There is no opt out of the “new economy.” Repeat – There is no opt out of the “new economy.” ] Exciting! …………….. On 9/15/2017 , “M wrote: You bozo! He’s talking about an opportunity to provide free energy and using water as an alternative to using fossil fuels….Please tell me you can offer something better in 3d reality…. Sorry but I have to say it Ray. I think the best we can do at this point is find energy alternatives and voluntarily reduce populations. Your pie in the sky idea of everyone living off the land and…

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The Perfect But Irrelevant Ecologic Critique

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  The below article by Charles Hugh Smith, an excellent ecologically literate author,  appears to not include facts we now know about history. Colonialism equals industrialization leading directly to AI (artificial intelligence), made possible by alien tech distributed by Col. Phillip Corso. The author’s excellent projections below are irrelevant because, in fact, there is a plan already deployed to sterilize, retard and depopulate humans and much other life. Chemtrails and glyphosate are real. It is happening right now, and the roll out of 5G is part of it. Prosperity is certainly not in the cards, but neither is poverty.  Something machine like is already here and will compress life into an abstraction if we don’t stop it. At closing statement Smith says other models are out there, but this is not true. There are no other models for 7.5 billion people, except resource decline and die back. Who or what will survive? Knowing this, the elite Club of Rome issued book Limits to Growth in 1968, to seed the idea that intentional depopulation was, in the long term, humane. It is not.  Smith doesn’t appear to know about Roswell and where our tech came from. He doesn’t know who Ben Franklin (electricity) was.  He doesn’t know the history of the central bankers and who is really running Google, Facebook, the IMF, BRICS, both political parties, all network news and Hollywood. This long standing force is even running the values and attitudes of the reader. Mr. Smith does not question how…

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