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The Utopian Head Set

By September 16, 2017 True Sustainability

Sept 15, 2017 – Forwarded message from “M

Exciting new youtube!   New Energy, New Economy – Dr Steven Greer 2017

On Sep 15, 2017,   ray songtree wrote:

The utopian economy is here! And no environmental impact! And no need for worldwide police to regulate the “free energy”!

M— I won’t watch it, but let me know if he serves up heaven on Earth please.

I’m sad that some of my friends don’t know this word…

A utopia is an imagined community or society that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities for its citizens. [ But not any other species, they simply are not in equation.] One could also say that utopia is a perfect “place” that has been designed so there are no problems.

[The people who designed it were perfect too, and had to transform all of society so we would be a good fit in the high tech. There is no opt out of the “new economy.” Repeat – There is no opt out of the “new economy.” ]


4 Reasons our Current Business Model is Unsustainable ...


On 9/15/2017 , “M wrote:

You bozo! He’s talking about an opportunity to provide free energy and using water as an alternative to using fossil fuels….Please tell me you can offer something better in 3d reality….

Sorry but I have to say it Ray. I think the best we can do at this point is find energy alternatives and voluntarily reduce populations. Your pie in the sky idea of everyone living off the land and a life of scavenger, hunter gatherers is not going to happen short of Armageddon. Get real.


On 9/15/2017 , ray wrote:

After all this time you still don’t understand. Greer is the “good” new world order. That is an oxymoron of course, but Utopians don’t understand doublespeak.

“Zero point energy” is temporary and will accelerate consumption.

Why should I support the dying gasps of Homo indoorsians for a free ride at the expense of all other life forms.????

My vision of a contraction is an unstoppable eventuality.

There is no reason to voluntarily reduce populations! How many times have I told you the poisons are in place and it is too late. Most young people will be infertile soon and the rest will be diseased. Over population is a moot point now.

It is exciting to think we can keep consuming the planet without fossil fuels!  Wow!

All of these free energy techies are human supremacists. They have no morality. They serve me me me.

The Earth is on my side M— and I am on her side.

Greer is morally bankrupt. That is why his best people left him. But he wont’ talk about that because he is into “disclosure.” ???

Be clear and be honest! There is no utopia so lets include sweat in our future plans. 

If we do not, then they are not plans, they are hallucinations.

On 9/16/2017 , H wrote:

Ray , you can forward this to the writer that called you a bozo, lol!

Please ask the writer, with only 2% of the world’s water potable and only a fraction of that actually pure, using water to “continue consumption” through power generation using precious water (much of the water is being privatized, incidentally) just doesn’t seem a good thing. Oh. And if you were thinking of using the 98% non-potable water it will have to be purified first!

Ray responded…

It’s M… I don’t think she can let go of her new age ascension heaven world view. “We are evolving toward heaven”, even though all places are impermanent and perfection cannot exist and endlessness has no beginning. No center, no top, no end, nothing but experience.

I know for sure I have not evolved, I have just become more quiet. She can’t unwind from “progress” toward utopia, and neither can Greer by the way. He is a salivating climber on the ladder too.

On 9/15/2017 at 7:50 PM, Ted Howard wrote:

Hi Ray
“An unstoppable eventuality” is not going to be The Technological Singularity that most Homo indoorsians are programmed to believe in. It will be and already is, The Ecological Singularity.

The 6th Mass Extinction is running at rates never seen before in the geological records. Peak Everything is coming at us from all directions. Peak oil, peak soil, peak sand, peak food, peak water, peak minerals…

We could do this differently! Most of the “civilised” are energy and ecology illiterate, by design.

Every single piece of “free energy” I’ve ever seen within this “civilised” culture, was manufactured via industrialism. Every piece had an industrial history behind it, how it was extracted, made, transported, assembled, maintained. None of this is sustainable in a collapsing biosphere.

Until the Homo indoorsians grasp this, nothing changes and collapse is fully baked in, much sooner than later. Cultural inertia is a real bugger as is collective cultural karma.

The Chinese curse of “may you live in interesting times” has been cubed. We’re now into “exciting times”…brace for impact. If you can’t do that physically, at least do it psychologically/spiritually. Every day now above ground is a good day. Try to make it count as a lover and defender of the Earth, and all the amazing life around us.  

Resistance is Fertile!
Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow!



SPREAD 2050: Peak Everything & Black Swans



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