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Sober Realizations of Infertility Crisis

Infertility is not just a lower number of women choosing to have children. It is also more and more people who are incapable of having children.

“As more women become primary breadwinners, fertility decisions are more likely to hinge on women’s earnings than they did in previous decades. A growing reliance on women’s employment and earnings could further dampen U.S. fertility rates in the coming decades.” – Source

Less children may be a choice by working women in developed countries, however in some countries vaccines are designed to sterilize women. The larger picture of infertility must revert to the biological definition of inability to conceive because of lowering sperm counts and several other metabolic conditions. Links below.

Depopulation is here and most of the problems people are worried about are already taken care of, because nature is becoming so toxic that survival will become difficult, and as population falls, consumption and pollution will also decline.  As the market shrinks, so does the impact on nature. It will be a slow die back, not the dramatic crash our egos would like to see, to vindicate our premonitions, for we all know this civilization is unsustainable and that what goes up, must come down.

For the mainstream, the assumption is always that trends will continue, but they won’t because there will be less people, not more. Very few “doomers” see this. There will be few people left to experience doom.

Infertility, however, is not a random happening.  An infertility crisis will be the excuse for more test tube babies and clones, AS PLANNED.  The plan of efficient control by our planners is to create an artificial weak population, and undermine a natural strong one. The book Brave New World  was a predictive programming operation which describes what we see today.

I see nothing on horizon that will derail this depopulation plan that goes hand in hand with more artificiality.  Most people support more and more invasive tech, and more dependency on the factory system.  That is, they support weakness.  If we jailed the corrupt banksters, almost everyone would still want their toys. They would still want their artificial indoorsian dreams. The swamp of corruption is shared by the common man.

The elite planners have a plan for the common man, and that is to reduce our numbers and replace us with a test tube population.

There won’t be many clones needed to run the extraction from Earth.  It sounds like science fiction, but our kids will see it, unless, unless there is a major scandal that brings down the planners.


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By the way, any statement by the Center of Disease Control (CDC) about fertility rates should not be trusted.

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