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Pizzagate is Not New : Historic Massive Institutional Pedophilia Is Provable

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Six Case Studies That Point To Massive Pedophilia Rings At The Highest Levels Of Power   11 Nov 2016   Posted by The Last American Vagabond     With all the speculation surrounding the Clintons, and the allegations that they are intimately tied to a massive child pedophilia ring interconnected with occult practices, The Last American Vagabond wanted to present the following case studies to show that the idea of a massive child pedophilia ring at the highest levels of power is very real and needs to be addressed. This is not a joke and something people should not take lightly. To present the research, we would like to showcase a brilliant write-up by a fellow redditor explaining six cases that point to this being more than mere separate incidents or isolated events(Thank you for your incredible courage to do the research and present it for all to see. Your work and time is much appreciated by those in the Truth community). Each case is heavily researched with a plethora of links, both within the article and in the sources section below, for all to do their own personal investigation, as we at The Last American Vagabond often advocate. Each conscientious truth seeker out there must not resign to simply take our word for it, or anyone else’s; each must seek their own conclusions. It is important to read this with an open mind and take the time to get educated because this issue is of the utmost importance. Original Post:  Two high-profile pedophilia cases have come to light in recent years,…

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Why Hate is Good

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In my opinion, quality comes from quality control. To define quality, the abhorrent must be defined. This is done with shunning, which guides human behavior starting in childhood by parents. At this time it is important to express hate openly. I hate pedophilia. It is not okay. I will be judgmental. I will be derogatory. I suggest each of us take sides and let go of New Age operation. In fact we should hate it. Anything is not okay. Anything does not go. I hate war crimes. I hate liars. I hate parasites. I hate people who think it is okay to fuck the Earth. I hate people who think it is okay to poison other people. I hate people who think their job is more important than the health of future generations. In hating them, I am shunning their behavior. In a moment they can change and I will support them in purifying their values and caring about future generations. They need to feel the heat because they have very little conscience. They were not parented well. We have to teach them what is right and what is wrong. We do this with anger, negative words, denunciation, prosecution, incarceration. We don’t love pedophiles. We hate them. We don’t love polluters. We hate them. They are abhorrent. Quality control means we define what is abhorrent. See if you can respond to this without being New Age anything goes, don’t be judgemental, do as thou wilt, satanist. Pedophilia is just a…

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The Franklin Scandal – State Protected Pedophilia In Your Backyard

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mirror of   http://www.thepeopleshistory.net/2014/03/the-franklin-scandal-elite-child-abuse.html Click here for many youtube videos on The Franklin Scandal. Click here for Free eBook: Lifting the Veil Monday, March 17, 2014 The Franklin Scandal: The Elite Child Abuse Ring in Nebraska   Authors note: A majority of information in this post comes from four sources: A Discovery Channel documentary titled “Conspiracy of Silence”, a book by celebrated investigative journalist Nick Bryant titled “The Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse, and Betrayal”, a book by former Green Beret, former State Senator and attorney John DeCamp titled “The Franklin Coverup”, and the court transcripts between victim Paul Bonacci and perpetrator Larry King. With the exception of Bryant’s books, you can view these sources in their entirety from links in the footnotes. Nick Bryant’s book is worth purchasing because half of the proceeds go to charities that fight child abuse and shelter victims. Only by reading through all of these sources can the full breadth of the Franklin Scandal be understood, and if you find this post compelling, I highly recommend you add each of these sources to your reading list. News articles help augment the cited evidence. “Laura Lederer, a senior State Department adviser on trafficking, told me, ”We’re not finding victims in the United States because we’re not looking for them.” – New York Times1   “What you have to understand, John [DeCamp], is that sometimes there are forces and events too big, too powerful, with so much at stake for other people or institutions,…

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Pizza Gate Archives: The Busting of Podesta-Clinton-Obama Pedophile Ring

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  Click on image BELOW to start. Here is the URL  —- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wTiCxXgrJw&t=3091s Yes, you can see above that the video was banned. After over one million views, Youtube (Google) censored this very important documentary. Several people have published it on Brighteon Video,   Bitchute ,   LBRY.video,     The first 9 minutes is introducing the stunt man, turned satanic ritual researcher.  The links above will take you to this revealing and censored video.   It is called Out of the Shadows.  Scroll down for full article.  You will see that every video that I found and posted that discussed child trafficking , ritual abuse and the citizen discoveries about Comet Pizza restaurant have been hidden by globalist and satanic Google. Google was created by the CIA by the way, as was Facebook. If you search  “pizzagate” you will only find posts which call it disinformation.  That is, you will only get the cover up. This url here will not come up.  Please see video above, Out of the Shadows. In above video, Survivor Fiona Barnett says that the paintings below were made from photographs of actual children being tortured.    August 2017 update…   Lead investigative reporter on Jimmy Savile pedophilia in UK is found dead. Related post – Pizzagate is provable historic pattern. New Book – http://phibetaiota.net/2017/09/pedophilia-empire-satan-sodomy-the-deep-state/ July 2017 update…  Chester Bennington Murdered by  John Podesta, his own father, to silence what he knew. Click on video below to start.  (Another censored video because it told the truth) Most of the excellent videos I…

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The Economics of Child Abduction and the Elite – David Shurter

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I agree with his conclusions. This is organized from the top. And has the entertainment industry created a culture of lust and abuse or not? As I repeatedly say, we need to examine the corruption/lack of purity of the bottom of the pyramid, all of us,  as well as corruption/lack of purity at the top.  Social engineering has created this market for children, and we allow this.  See lower links and youtube. – Ray The Economics of Child Abduction – by David Shurter Aug 5, 2015     http://davidshurter.com/?p=5285 I have begun to realize that many folks can’t seem to comprehend the money that is made in the exploitation of children and how easy it is to do it. I guess this is because someone getting up to speed on all of this generally is overcome with the morality concerning how wrong it is and thus are never able to consider the economics of the whole thing. Flat out- children are easy to abduct and there is very little anyone is doing to monitor the numbers of the victims involved. The Center for Missing and Exploited Children say that our nations children were disappearing in numbers that exceed 797,500 a year. Granted- some of these reported missing were taken by family members, but that doesn’t constitute the bulk of the missing, and this does not even include those children who are considered “throw aways” and are never reported missing. You also have to consider the fact that law enforcement has a tendency…

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Heads Up for Bruce Jenner Apologists

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This first video is an overview about Jenner and Transhumanism. When the controlled media endorses someone and gives them awards, we need to take notice. This woman below did. A little heads up from a real woman for  Bruce Jenner, the Illuminati promoted wrecking ball. How compassionate she is to identify with the grief of his wife,  a rich white woman. We need to see Mama Bear stand up like this woman below. Everyone needs to be Mama Bear. We have sanity to protect! click on image to start this youtube, then see discussion below. About 4 minutes. Warning. She has not been lobotomized by New Age social engineering. She is Mama Bear in your face. On Mon, Jun 8, 2015 at 6:14 PM, N wrote: The Bruce “Caitlyn” Jenner, “I always felt like a woman,” is an Illuminati Goddess Ritual. It is purposely done to propagate transgender acceptance/homosexual lifestyle. Which leads into intentional psychological confusion between the sexes. This is a cleverly designed tool of population control! Also, Bruce Jenner “sacrificed” his manhood because of the requirement to provide a blood sacrifice when told to do so by the Illuminati. Since Bruce did not want to sacrifice any of his family members, he sacrificed “himself” instead…which was a suitable and acceptable offering to the Illuminati higher-ups. By sacrificing his manhood, there are rumors that Bruce “Caitlyn” will be given “its own” show. “Its” bank account will improve to at least 100 million more green shit because of the acceptable…

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