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The Economics of Child Abduction and the Elite – David Shurter

I agree with his conclusions. This is organized from the top. And has the entertainment industry created a culture of lust and abuse or not? As I repeatedly say, we need to examine the corruption/lack of purity of the bottom of the pyramid, all of us,  as well as corruption/lack of purity at the top.  Social engineering has created this market for children, and we allow this.  See lower links and youtube.
– Ray

The Economics of Child Abduction

– by David Shurter Aug 5, 2015     http://davidshurter.com/?p=5285

I have begun to realize that many folks can’t seem to comprehend the money that is made in the exploitation of children and how easy it is to do it. I guess this is because someone getting up to speed on all of this generally is overcome with the morality concerning how wrong it is and thus are never able to consider the economics of the whole thing.

Flat out- children are easy to abduct and there is very little anyone is doing to monitor the numbers of the victims involved. The Center for Missing and Exploited Children say that our nations children were disappearing in numbers that exceed 797,500 a year. Granted- some of these reported missing were taken by family members, but that doesn’t constitute the bulk of the missing, and this does not even include those children who are considered “throw aways” and are never reported missing. You also have to consider the fact that law enforcement has a tendency to often call the missing children “run aways”, and those numbers aren’t counted either. Child Protection Services itself is under fire right now for “losing” myriads of children in it’s care, and charities focused on children- such as Jerry Sandusky’s 2 Mile High club- never even get scrutinized to any degree even when the public is aware of obvious transgressions against children. All in all- judging by what is being kept track of and, more importantly, what ISN’T, it becomes painfully obvious that these enterprises concerning child disappearances and sex trafficking are well controlled and shockingly large in scale.

The economics of child trafficking is fairly basic and easy to understand. First- you procure a child. Abduction, which only requires a little personal risk but little to no money up front is preferable and is generally pretty easy, as most children are small and can’t put up any real fight and the “system” is set up to look the other way. Children are the easiest to control, esp. if you are able to take the child to a place where you can beat and rape them repeatedly for three days. This causes Stockholm Syndrome which encourages the child to become complacent in their own abuse. It takes three days or less, but when done effectively, it breaks the child and makes them easier to mold into a cash cow.

Now you can sell a child over and over and over, 20-30 times a day, and pull in big bank doing so. Judging by the numbers that are being reported globally- there is certainly no shortage of pedophiles who are in the market to have sex with children. Renting the child out minutes by minute, day after day- year after year, with absolutely no personal financial risk to the supplier, it is like having a money tree. Cash flows in until the child reaches a point where they are either no longer desirable or, for whatever reason, they become a problem in any way. At this point, you just kill the child on video and sell the film for tens of thousands of dollars or more. Then you cut the child apart and harvest their organs, which sell for even bigger bucks on the organ trafficking black market. It is estimated that all of these enterprises make billions of dollars or more each year. Just one child is incredibly lucrative, but when you start to consider the sheer numbers of children that are involved with all of this, how many different levels that are involved, and the vast amount of money that is being made from it, you start to obtain a sense of perspective that allows an understanding regarding the full implications of all of this. It is after that when you start to follow the money and that is when it becomes easier to ascertain who could be behind off of this.

There is a reason why these practices have been going on for so long and why it has been able to reach the epidemic proportions that it has while virtually in complete secrecy. It is because our elite are heavily involved with all of this. They are the only ones who have the resources and power to have set all of this up as it is and are the only ones who have enough money to buy our governments involvement in helping to keep the money from this cash crop flowing. It is too vast and is under too tight of control to think it isn’t being intentionally directed by our government and it’s leaders. Child sex trafficking and the black market organ markets are simply too big, and have been protected for way to long, and in too tightly controlled secrecy to assume that it is being run by small time individual thugs. Considering the vast scope of these operations and the organization that must have been required to develop all of this, the only way for this to have materialized in the way that it has is was with the help of our government and it’s leaders- all of whom are basically controlled by our rich and powerful. After all, everyone is aware that the 1% owns it all. The core leadership regarding these black markets has to be small, and their power concentrated, for all of this to have reached the epidemic proportions that it has- esp. considering the secrecy that has been involved with all of it. A large unconnected group couldn’t have set all of this up with such precision and control, and considering that there are only 13 families who comprise the top of the 1%, and they are the only ones who have the money to pull this off to such a degree, it isn’t much of a leap to consider it is they who could be behind all of this.

This whole Planned Parenthood fiasco should be eye opening to everyone, although the real issue has little to do with abortion or even Planned Parenthood itself. Rather- we as a society have now reached a point where the concept of a black market organ trade has transcended away from conspiracy and into the reality of every day life. We all now know that such trades do indeed exist and that there are inordinate sums of money being made with the practice. Thus we can no longer deny the fact that humans, esp. children, are the commodity of choice with our populations 1% and that they are making untold amounts of income selling human beings. The question that remains is, now that we know, will the rest of us do anything about it.

Please see this link on Child Protection Agency involvement in child trafficking.

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