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This Is Why Trump Should Overhaul the EPA

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Many people do not yet understand that regulatory agencies like the EPA, FDA, USDA, CDC and FCC are actually controlled by the very industries they are supposed to regulate. (See links for examples of revolving door between government and corporate interests)  This collusion insures that dangerous products such as Glyphosate (active ingredient in Monsanto herbicide Roundup), dangerous drugs, dangerous foods and dangerous electromagnetic frequencies continue to impact the health of people and environment.  The FCC, as an emergency example, is whole heartedly rolling out 5G infrastructure without considering the many whistle blowers who are naming untested 5G as catastrophic. In this excellent article below from Globalresearch.ca we see the ugly symbiotic history of the EPA and Monsanto. The author below thinks that CEO’s live to maximize profit. In actuality, they steer their corporations toward a definition of success within the political parameters of society, and these parameters are set by an elite that feels that over-population must be pro-actively imploded using deception to hide the operations, or they won’t be able to stay in control. Thus poison is not just allowed, it is placed forward as a hidden solution to curb humanity.  There is another way but this would sabotage the elite; we could try educating youth about the consequences of carefree desire. Right now, the elite use Hollywood to encourage everyone to stay intoxicated and dumbed down. Correctly, the following article will help prosecute the guilty. For related articles about Monsanto on this blog, please see this link.  Why…

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Serotonin and Dopamine Levels : Monsanto vs. Organic Gardening

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“Glyphosate, the active ingredient of Monsanto’s Roundup, depletes serotonin and dopamine levels in mammals.” http://permaculture.com.au/why-gardening-makes-you-happy-and-cures-depression/ Why Gardening Makes You Happy and Cures Depression  by Robyn Francis While mental health experts warn about depression as a global epidemic, other researchers are discovering ways we trigger our natural production of happy chemicals that keep depression at bay, with surprising results. All you need to do is get your fingers dirty and harvest your own food. In recent years I’ve come across two completely independent bits of research that identified key environmental triggers for two important chemicals that boost our immune system and keep us happy – serotonin and dopamine. What fascinated me as a permaculturist and gardener were that the environmental triggers happen in the garden when you handle the soil and harvest your crops. Getting down and dirty is the best ‘upper’ – Serotonin Getting your hands dirty in the garden can increase your serotonin levels – contact with soil and a specific soil bacteria, Mycobacterium vaccae, triggers the release of serotonin in our brain according to research. Serotonin is a happy chemical, a natural anti-depressant and strengthens the immune system. Lack of serotonin in the brain causes depression. Ironically, in the face of our hyper-hygienic, germicidal, protective clothing, obsessive health-and-safety society, there’s been a lot of interesting research emerging in recent years regarding how good dirt is for us, and dirt-deficiency in childhood is implicated in contributing to quite a spectrum of illnesses including allergies, asthma and mental disorders. At…

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Updates on Monsanto Roundup Studies/Protests

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I will try to stay up with news on protests against Monsanto weed killer Round Up which contains Glyphosate. If you have recent news, please leave comment. Over View http://thephaser.com/2015/06/independent-scientists-manifesto-on-glyphosate/ June 18, 2015 Confirmed study on Kidney damage, more from GMO foods http://www.collective-evolution.com/2014/07/15/new-study-links-gmos-to-cancer-liverkidney-damage-severe-hormonal-disruption/ June 14, 2015   France removes Round Up from Plant Nurseries http://phys.org/news/2015-06-france-sale-monsanto-herbicide-roundup.html#jCp   June 5, 2015 Petitions Click here for the Lowe’s glyphosate petition on Change.org. Click here for the Home Depot glyphosate petition on Change.org. Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/049973_Lowes_Home_Depot_glyphosate_petitions.html#ixzz3dCtaO4gU June 2, 2015  Swiss markets remove Round Up http://iquestioneverything.net/224/top-supermarkets-switzerland-removing-round-store/  

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Actions Worldwide to Ban Monsanto ‘Roundup’ Glyphosate : Institute of Science in Society

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This link summarizes the global response triggered by the WHO confirmation of glyphosate as a “probably carcinogen.” Note, Denmark removes the ‘probable.’ http://www.theecologist.org/News/news_analysis/2904602/endgame_for_glyphosate_the_global_fallout_of_whos_probable_carcinogen_classification.html Endgame for glyphosate? The global fallout of WHO’s ‘probable carcinogen’ classification Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji 12th June 2015 WHO’s official recognition of the health damage caused by glyphosate, the world’s most widely used herbicide, is having ramifications around the world, writes Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji. National governments are moving to restrict the chemical, campaigns to ban it are intensifying, and now ‘Roundup Ready’ GMO crops are coming under the regulatory spotlight. The fight against glyphosate is gaining momentum, and where governments are not stepping up to enforce bans, citizens and private companies are taking it upon themselves with major successes. Could it be that the World Health Organisation’s classification of glyphosate as a ‘probable carcinogen’ (see [1] Glyphosate ‘Probably Carcinogenic to Humans’ Latest WHO Assessment, SiS 66) will be the final nail in the coffin for the world’s most popular herbicide and Monsanto’s flagship product. Recent weeks have seen the intensification of campaigns to ban or remove the product as well as lawsuits being filed against Monsanto; in the US for false safety claims of glyphosate, and in China, for hiding toxicity studies from the public. El Salvador has already banned the chemical though yet to be signed into law [2], while the Netherlands last year banned private sales [3]. Sri Lanka had a partial ban in place in regions most afflicted by chronic kidney disease that has been…

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