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Smell the Human Supremacism

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I very much appreciate the person who wrote the following quote, but he is unable to see the elephant in his own room.  It doesn’t matter what kind of human supremacist runs the program, it still means domination and destruction…. Warning: EPA Approves Population Control Vaccine For Deer “This is crazy and foolish to release these vaccines into the wild, where they will pollute ground and ground water when the animals die. Further, if scientists can make population control vaccines for animals, what is to stop them from making a vaccine for humans as well? Technocrat minds are twisted when it comes to the human race, because they view people as animals and nothing more.” I would say human supremacists have twisted minds and view all of nature as nature, and nothing more. I’m an animal, a mammal, a primate, a member of one of the four great ape species.  My species is one of the millions of species of the phylum chordata with dorsal nerve cord (spine) .  The most ancient members of our phylum are closely related to the sea tunicates.  (photo above) There are over 380,000 species of beetles alone. Humans aren’t plants, we are animals.  Animals are not superior to plants. Humans are not superior to plants.  Whales are more telepathic than humans.  Untold number of species are more telepathic than whales. When we drop the very false message of monothesim and human supremacism found in the Bible’s Genesis, we can also drop self importance, something…

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Why Reconcile Islam, Judaism, and Christianity?

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Related articles on monotheism here. The three monotheistic religions have something in common. They all need to be dumped. So does Brahmanism. Why, because they claim to know the one and only truth of the one and only god.  They need to all be dumped.  But, the alternative is not anything-goes Luciferianism. The alternative is local boundaries, local economy, local laws, local beliefs which will be unknown to ourselves as we will only know our own culture, and an end of industrial mind control.  That is, the alternative is many alternatives, diverse = isolated.  The alternative is thousands of belief systems. What is needed is many futures, as the world had before the colonial era. I say this because this is what is required to get back to nature and allow nature to survive.   My end goal is not fake utopia for “humanity” but survival of millions of species….  That is, the goal is life itself, and not just for human supremacists. It’s one or the other… nature or alien agenda (from Moses to Roswell is ET).  It is white or black. There is no neutral tech. The dream of middle way tech is promoted by utopianists, who are indoorsians and can’t imagine hand made anything, and who think we can have make believe heaven on Earth with the “enlightened use of tech,” meaning an “acceptable” amount of mining and industrial pollution. Mining forever. Since this is not sustainable, the entire utopian day dream is bunk.  The word progress really…

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Why Monotheism Sucks and Israel is Founded on the Matrix

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The New Jewish Mandate : Renouncing the Money Changers (link) by Ray Songtree   On April 13, 2016 at 7:16 PM, “E” wrote: Is this book anti-Semitic? It’s one thing to refer to Zionist fundamentalists, such as Netanyahu – or Rothschilds, but the whole Jewish religion… ? Namaste,    E…   Hi E, I will attempt to address your question briefly. There is no such thing as “anti-semitic.” This was made up by the people who think they are perfect and never make any mistakes. Namely the Anti Defamation League, or ADL. In this particular incarnation, this body I have now has pure Ashkenazi Jewish blood,  so no one can say I am racist against my own family.  In my opinion, the Jewish pathology started with the channeled entity that used Moses and claimed to be the all and all. This channeled entity enslaved some Hebrew people several thousand years ago,  but they are pretty much extinct now. The Talmud religion coming out of Europe and the adoption of this morphed religion by Kingdom of Khazar in 740 AD does not reflect original Judaism.  90% of so called Jews are from Khazar, Caspian Basin, not Palestine.  Therefore, most Jews are not genetically Hebrew, and certainly not semites (a language group).   So what does “anti-semite” mean when European Jews are not semites, not genetically related to the ancient Israelites, and don’t follow original Judiasm but follow the very corrupt Talmud?  Neither of us have probably ever met a semite (which is…

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IQ or Ecological Sanity? … The Jewish Problem

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letter to friend… J, In my opinion, the only Jews that can be trusted are those that have renounced their Judaism and denounced Israel. One, monotheism sucks. It is the original curse as stated in Genesis (dominion over all that creepeth) and begins with the big lie, that The Word came first, when really it was silence and mystery that came first, middle, and last. Two, Israel is the Rothschild/Vatican/alien New World Order. (Rothschilds ended the secrecy of Jesuits when they took over Vatican Treasury in 1822 by creating a paper trail for all money transactions. A balance sheet replaced Gold – no more secrecy. It was beginning of technocracy and AI in my opinion.) I incarnated this time with non-practicing Jewish blood. Never was a monotheist. Free of that mind programming. I am utterly disgusted by “Eretz” Israel and think all European Jews should be expelled from Palestine and can go back to Ukraine, their homeland. And if I was rounded up and sent back to Ukraine with all the so called “American” Jews, that would be better than these homeless parasitic banksters and zionists finding refuge in DC and Hollywood. But then J, we have to look at all the Whites in the Americas who have brought nothing but destruction in just 500 years. What is needed is a mental cleansing in all races of monotheism. I do disagree with you about sub-Saharan IQ… Blacks, Native Americans, and Pacific Islanders, including Australian natives are not inferior IQ, they…

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The Non-Spirit Behind Israel

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(This post includes four articles) The Non-Spirit Behind Israel   by Ray Songtree, by blood an Ashkenazi Jew and by awakening, an anti-Zionist,  Dec 1, 2015 (My entire extended family was killed by Nazi’s, but the Nazi’s were created and placed by Wall Street and the Rothschilds, who also funded Zionism and Israel.) “Israel may have the right to put others on trial, but certainly no one has the right to put the Jewish people and the state of Israel on trial,” – Former Israeli Prime Minster Ariel Sharon 2001 Corporations are like mercenaries, paid to do their work. Though they are controlled by central banks, who is feeding money to these corporations? It is each of us who are the source of funding, with our consumer spending and also our taxes, used to pay the military contractors, known as the military-industrial complex. Who makes the decisions on where taxes are spent? Congress. Who controls Congress? The American Israel Public Affairs Committee AIPAC and the FED, both Zionist, control Congress. It has taken me some time to realize that Zionists control the West. I understood it was banksters, and I understood the chief Rothschild banksters were Jewish, but it didn’t occur to me that little Israel could be the benefactor and organizer of so much control. The discovery of the statement by first Prime Minister of Israel in Look magazine in 1962 (to right) finally implicated the nexus behind the New World Order. Also recently I discovered that Israel was…

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