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The Non-Spirit Behind Israel


by Ray Songtree, by blood an Ashkenazi Jew and by awakening, an anti-Zionist,  Dec 1, 2015

(My entire extended family was killed by Nazi’s, but the Nazi’s were created and placed by Wall Street and the Rothschilds, who also funded Zionism and Israel.)

“Israel may have the right to put others on trial, but certainly no one has the right to put the Jewish people and the state of Israel on trial,” – Former Israeli Prime Minster Ariel Sharon 2001

Corporations are like mercenaries, paid to do their work. Though they are controlled by central banks, who is feeding money to these corporations? It is each of us who are the source of funding, with our consumer spending and also our taxes, used to pay the military contractors, known as the military-industrial complex.

Who makes the decisions on where taxes are spent? Congress. Who controls Congress? The American Israel Public Affairs Committee AIPAC and the FED, both Zionist, control Congress.

It has taken me some time to realize that Zionists control the West. I understood it was banksters, and I understood the chief Rothschild banksters were Jewish, ben-gurion-quotebut it didn’t occur to me that little Israel could be the benefactor and organizer of so much control. The discovery of the statement by first Prime Minister of Israel in Look magazine in 1962 (to right) finally implicated the nexus behind the New World Order. Also recently I discovered that Israel was directly involved with the planning for the 9/11 inside job.

The Rothschild bankers controlled the English Empire and the “colonization” (meaning rape) which has destroyed thousands of cultures in just 200 years and continues to destroy cultures now. The Rothschild bankers invented the League of Nations, UN, CFR, Trilateral Commission, IMF, World Bank, and WTO. While we can deduce that our exceptionally destructive civilization is organized under the Rothschild bankster’s, what is less obvious is that these atheistic and documented satanic ritual banksters use the Old Testament as their excuse for domination.

We need to examine this entity that Moses channeled. In various parts of Bible this channeled entity put down the competing religions for their child sacrifice, yet this channeled entity also told Abraham to sacrifice his son (Genesis 22:2). Most significantly, the Jewish Bible claims dominion over all life on Earth and that a chosen people are to lead this domination. If this sounds like some demonic alien arriving on a giant space ship and wanting to farm the planet for itself, you may not be far off.

And [the channeled entity] God [singular] said, Let us make man in our [plural] image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.       -Genesis 1:26

Who was this megalomaniac deity? Since when can one species in an ancient biosphere try to control what has developed organically for millions of years before that species was here?  No other creed anywhere on Earth espouses this kind of disrespect and separation from nature. 

How would a civilization that believed in such a deity behave? How would they go about taking dominion over all of life? Obviously, only an artificial or perhaps introduced technology could enable such a rip off.  We must ask, exactly where did the Pyramids come from? I have no answer, but they are not stone age indigenous structures. We now see the Rothschild network trying to control nature through science and society through it’s control of money, news, entertainment, universities, classified research, and regulatory bodies. Again, they control the UN. Their Fabian society helped sponsor the fake climate summit in Paris.

Edmond Rothschild created Israel. (See coin images below.) The first Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben Gurion, demonstrates the insanity of “dominion” over all. (Quote to right.)  Destructive top/down megalomania is the mentality behind Israel as Israel is the “exceptional” country of the “chosen people,” chosen to dominate.

Israel is today free to reject the non-proliferation treaty, free to avoid nuclear inspections which it demands that Iran must have, free not to extradite criminals, free to assassinate anywhere in world without rebuke, and free to ignore UN resolutions without receiving economic sanctions. Just as the Rothschilds set up Swiss Banks to offer secret bank accounts for money laundering, so the text and video below show that Israel was set up as a haven for crime.

Let’s remember that the present Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had elite training for six years as an assassin, his brother mysteriously died in the fake raid on Entebbe in 1976, (probably because he knew too much) and he cheated on his nursing wife.  Moral training? But then, three other Israeli Prime Ministers were known terrorists also. Golda Meir, another Prime Minister stated that before Israel would go down, it would destroy the region with nuclear weapons.  This is the spirit of elitism, exceptionalism, and pure ego.

The insane thoughts of Israel’s founder Ben Gurion manifest as Israel’s privilege to break any law with impunity. In other words, biblical “dominion” means being above the laws that govern everyone else.  While the rest of world is supposed to be “multi-cultural,” Israel deports African immigrants.



West Bank Water Usage

  • Three million West Bank Palestinians use only 250 million cubic meters per year (83 cubic meters per Palestinian per year) while six million Israelis enjoy the use of 1,954 million cubic meters (333 cubic meters per Israeli per year), which means that each Israeli consumes as much water as four Palestinians. Israeli settlers are allocated 1,450 cubic meters of water per person per year. [17 times what a Palestinian receives]

  • Israel consumes the vast majority of the water from the Jordan River despite only 3% of the river falling within its pre-1967 borders. Israel now diverts one quarter of its total water consumption through its National Water Carrier from the Jordan River, whereas Palestinians have no access to it whatsoever due to Israeli closures.

  • Of the water available from West Bank aquifers, Israel uses 73%, West Bank Palestinians use 17%, and illegal Jewish settlers use 10%.

  • While 10-14% of Palestine’s GDP is agricultural, 90% of them must rely on rain-fed farming methods. Israel’s agriculture is only 3% of their GDP, but Israel irrigates more than 50% of its land.

There is no reason for Palestinians to claim that just because they sit on lands, they have the rights to that water.” – Mr. Katz-Oz, Israel’s negotiator on water issues. [He is saying that there is no reason for Palestinians to defend their lives as they are simply expected to disappear, just as the indigenous of Australia and Americas are expected to disappear. This is a global mentality, where dominance depends on creating losers who are to be “transformed” which is doublespeak for annihilated.]

  • Israel does not allow new wells to be drilled by Palestinians and has confiscated many wells for Israeli use. Israel sets quotas on how much water can be drawn by Palestinians from existing wells.

  • When supplies of water are low in the summer months, the Israeli water company Mekorot closes the valves which supply Palestinian towns and villages so as not to affect Israeli supplies. This means that illegal Israeli settlers can have their swimming pools topped up and lawns watered while Palestinians living next to them, on whose land the settlements are situated, do not have enough water for drinking and cooking.

  • Israel often sells the water it steals from the West Bank back to the Palestinians at inflated prices.

  • During the war of 1967, 140 Palestinian wells in the Jordan Valley were destroyed to divert water through Israel’s National Water Carrier. Palestinians were allowed to dig only 13 wells between 1967 and 1996, less than the number of wells which dried up during the same period due to Israel’s refusal to deepen or rehabilitate existing wells.

  • The Gaza strip relies predominately on wells that are being increasingly infiltrated by salty sea water because Israel is over-pumping the groundwater. UN scientists estimate that Gaza will have no drinkable water within fifteen years. www.ifamericansknew.org/cur_sit/water.html

Israel needs to liberate itself from the Zionists and stop the crime. This will be a challenge, because Judaism is itself supremacist and because 90% of Israelis are from the Ukraine area (Kingdom of Khazar) and have no right to be in Palestine. 

The answer for Jews of conscience is abandoning ethnic and religious identity and Zionist imperialism, and reconnecting with the Earth herself.

For the record, there are two kinds of Jews… The Jews that understood Jesus, and the one’s that reject his moral coordinates, making Israel the gay capitol of the world.  I call this Lipstick and War Crimes


The crime is not statistics. It is personal.

click on image to start video.

On average, Israel has killed one Palestinian child every three days for the past 13 years.And U.S. taxpayers are making it possible. No matter how difficult, it is time we all protest to stop the crime!  We pay for this!

See article on Hebron shooting. March 2016 ( link )










U.S. foreign aid to Israel: 2014 congressional report


Last updated: March 2, 2015

Israel Defense Forces reservists (Wikimedia)

Israel Defense Forces reservists (Wikimedia)

The 2015 visit of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress has opened up a rare split in the relations between the United States and Israel, its strongest ally in the Middle East. On its surface, the issue appears to be purely political: Netanyahu was invited by House Speaker John Boehner without consultation of the White House, an apparent violation of protocol. While Netanyahu intends to address what he says is the growing threat from Iran, President Obama expressed concerns that the visit could be an attempt to influence the upcoming election in Israel, and will not meet with the prime minister.

Still, if the past is any judge, U.S.-Israel relations will recover. Since it was founded in 1948, Israel has become the largest single recipient of U.S foreign assistance — a total of $121 billion, almost all of which has been in the form of military assistance. A 2014 report by the Congressional Research Service, “U.S. Foreign Aid to Israel,” highlights this historical support for Israel, as well as the current appropriations of defense funding and the key areas of military collaboration. (The report is an update of the 2012 edition, available here.)

The 2014 report’s findings include:

  • In 2007 the Bush Administration established a 10-year, $30 billion Israeli military aid package for fiscal years 2009 through 2018. The Obama Administration budgets have held true to this commitment, with $3.1 billion allocated for FY2014 and the same amount requested for FY2015.
  • This FY2015 foreign military financing (FMF) level would constitute roughly 55% of the United States’ total FMF funding worldwide and would finance 23% to 25% of the overall Israeli defense budget — percentages that clearly demonstrate the U.S. commitment to Israeli security and Israel’s dependence on U.S. support.
  • Since 2008 Congress has required the executive branch to submit biennial reports on “maintaining Israel’s Qualitative Military Edge (QME) over neighboring militaries.” The report states that “the rationale for QME is that Israel must rely on better equipment and training to compensate for being much smaller geographically and in terms of population than its potential adversaries.”
  • In addition to the $3.1 billion in FY2015 funding, the Obama Administration also requested $96.8 million for joint US-Israeli programs and $175.9 million for Iron Dome, Israel’s short-range anti-rocket system. This funding is provided in regular U.S. defense authorization and appropriations bills and does not formally constitute direct bilateral aid.
  • The Iron Dome system has cumulatively received more than $704 million in U.S. financial support, with an additional $235.3 million appropriated in the FY2014 appropriations act and the $175.9 requested for FY2015. The U.S. has also assisted with the development of Israel’s David’s Sling long-range missile defense system, and since 1990, has contributed $2.365 billion to the Arrow Anti-Missile System, just under half of the program’s total cost.
  • Up to 26.3% ($815.3 million in FY2014) of U.S. FMF to Israel may be used for procurement from Israeli defense companies, enabling Israel to build a domestic defense industry that ranks in the top 10 of arms suppliers worldwide. No other recipient of U.S. military assistance is granted this benefit.
  • U.S. support isn’t limited to monetary gestures either. In 2008, the U.S. began the deployment of the X-Band Radar system on Israeli soil; an operation that remains U.S. owned and is staffed by U.S. troops. Not only is the X-Band system “far more capable of detecting incoming missiles than Israel’s natively produced radar system, but the United States has linked the X-Band to its global network of satellites in the U.S. Defense Support System.”
  • The U.S. Defense Department also stores military supplies on Israeli bases in preparation for combat, and if needed, Israeli forces can request use of these supplies from the U.S. government in times of emergency, as happened in the 2006 conflict with Hezbollah. The value of the U.S. materiel stored in Israel increased to $800 million in 2010, with Congressional approval for up to $1.2 billion.
  • The United States and Israel announced in 2010 that Israel will use $2.75 billion in FMF grants to purchase 19 F-35 Joint Strike Fighters. Originally expected to be delivered in 2015, the aircraft are now projected for a 2016-2017 delivery date. An advanced but extremely expensive aircraft, the F-35 has experienced technical and budgetary troubles for more than a decade.

The United States also provides Israel with financial assistance not related to defense. This includes:

  • Since 1973 Israel has received annual grants from the State Department’s Migration and Refugee Assistance program to assist with the resettlement of migrants in Israel. Funding levels, which were at $60 million annually as recently as 2003, have decreased in recent years, with FY2014 at $15 million and the Obama Administration requesting $10 million for FY2015.
  • In 2003 Israel received $9 billion in loan guarantees over three years for economic recovery. The law authorizing the guarantees stated that they could only be used within Israel’s borders prior to June 5, 1967. The U.S. Department of State later reduced the FY2003 loans by nearly $290 million because Israel continued the construction of settlements in the occupied territories and other actions. In FY2005 the available funds were cut by nearly $800 million, and Israel has not borrowed any funds since that year.
  • In 2012 Congress passed and the president signed a bill extending the loan-guarantee program until September 2015. “As of 2014, Israel is still authorized to issue up to $3.8 billion in U.S.-backed bonds. In general, Israel may view U.S. loan guarantees as a ‘last resort’ option, which its treasury could use if unguaranteed local and international bond issuances become too expensive.”


U.S. Financial Aid To Israel: Figures, Facts, and Impact



Special Reports:


By Stephen Zunes

Dr. Zunes is an assistant professor in the Department of Politics at the University of San Francisco.

Since 1992, the U.S. has offered Israel an additional $2 billion annually in loan guarantees. Congressional researchers have disclosed that between 1974 and 1989, $16.4 billion in U.S. military loans were converted to grants and that this was the understanding from the beginning. Indeed, all past U.S. loans to Israel have eventually been forgiven by Congress, which has undoubtedly helped Israel’s often-touted claim that they have never defaulted on a U.S. government loan. U.S. policy since 1984 has been that economic assistance to Israel must equal or exceed Israel’s annual debt repayment to the United States. Unlike other countries, which receive aid in quarterly installments, aid to Israel since 1982 has been given in a lump sum at the beginning of the fiscal year, leaving the U.S. government to borrow from future revenues. Israel even lends some of this money back through U.S. treasury bills and collects the additional interest.

In addition, there is the more than $1.5 billion in private U.S. funds that go to Israel annually in the form of $1 billion in private tax-deductible donations and $500 million in Israeli bonds. The ability of Americans to make what amounts to tax-deductible contributions to a foreign government, made possible through a number of Jewish charities, does not exist with any other country. Nor do these figures include short- and long-term commercial loans from U.S. banks, which have been as high as $1 billion annually in recent years.

Total U.S. aid to Israel is approximately one-third of the American foreign-aid budget, even though Israel comprises just .001 percent of the world’s population and already has one of the world’s higher per capita incomes. Indeed, Israel’s GNP is higher than the combined GNP of Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, the West Bank and Gaza. With a per capita income of about $14,000, Israel ranks as the sixteenth wealthiest country in the world; Israelis enjoy a higher per capita income than oil-rich Saudi Arabia and are only slightly less well-off than most Western European countries.

AID does not term economic aid to Israel as development assistance, but instead uses the term “economic support funding.” Given Israel’s relative prosperity, U.S. aid to Israel is becoming increasingly controversial. In 1994, Yossi Beilen, deputy foreign minister of Israel and a Knesset member, told the Women’s International Zionist organization, “If our economic situation is better than in many of your countries, how can we go on asking for your charity?”



In 2010, Israel’s then-defense minister, Ehud Barak, explicitly warned that Israel would become a permanent “apartheid” state if it failed to reach a peace agreement with Palestinians that creates their own sovereign nation and vests them with full political rights. “As long as in this territory west of the Jordan River there is only one political entity called Israel, it is going to be either non-Jewish, or non-democratic,” Barak said. “If this bloc of millions of ­Palestinians cannot vote, that will be an apartheid state.”

Honest observers on both sides of the conflict have long acknowledged that the prospects for a two-state solution are virtually non-existent: another way of saying that Israel’s status as a permanent apartheid regime is inevitable. Indeed, U.S. intelligence agencies as early as 45 years ago explicitly warned that Israeli occupation would become permanent if it did not end quickly.

All relevant evidence makes clear this is what has happened. There has been no progress toward a two-state solution for many years. The composition of Israel’s Jewish population — which has become far more belligerent and right-wing than previous generations — has increasingly moved the country further away from that goal. There are key ministers in Israel’s government, including its genuinely extremist justice minister, who are openly and expressly opposed to a two-state solution. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has himself repeatedly made clear he opposes such an agreement, both in words and in deeds. In sum, Israel intends to continue to rule over and occupy Palestinians and deny them self-governance, political liberties, and voting rights indefinitely.

Whether despite this aggression and oppression, or because of it, the Obama administration has continually protected Israel with unstinting loyalty and lavished it with arms and money. This rewarding of Israeli behavior culminated in the administration’s announcement just three weeks ago that it has signed a “memorandum of understanding” to significantly increase the amount of money the U.S. gives to Israel every year, even though Israel was already by far the biggest recipient of U.S. aid. Under this agreement, the U.S. will give Israel $38 billion over 10 years, by far a new record for U.S. aid commitments, even though Israeli citizens enjoy all sorts of state benefits that Americans (whose money is being given to Israel) are told are too costly for them, including universal health care coverage, and tout superior life expectancy and infant mortality rates.

This week, with its fresh new $38 billion commitment in hand, the Israeli government announced the approval of an all new settlement in the West Bank, one that is particularly hostile to ostensible U.S. policy, the international consensus, and any prospects for an end to occupation. The new settlement, “one of a string of housing complexes that threaten to bisect the West Bank,” as the New York Times put it this morning, “is designed to house settlers from a nearby illegal outpost, Amona, which an Israeli court has ordered demolished.” This new settlement extends far into the West Bank: closer to Jordan, in fact, than to Israel.

In response to this announcement, the U.S. State Department yesterday issued an unusually harsh denunciation of Israel’s actions. “We strongly condemn the Israeli government’s recent decision to advance a plan that would create a significant new settlement deep in the West Bank,” it began. It suggested Netanyahu has been publicly lying, noting that the “approval contradicts previous public statements by the government of Israel that it had no intention of creating new settlements.” The State Department invoked the aid package the U.S. just lavished to describe it as “deeply troubling, in the wake of Israel and the U.S. concluding an unprecedented agreement on military assistance designed to further strengthen Israel’s security, that Israel would take a decision so contrary to its long-term security interest in a peaceful resolution of its conflict with the Palestinians.”

Much of that, while a bit more rhetorically clear than usual, is par for the course: The U.S. — in vintage Obama fashion — issues pretty, pleasing statements claiming to be upset at Israel’s settlements while taking continuous actions to protect and enable the very policies Obama pretends to oppose. But the State Department denunciation yesterday was actually notable for what amounts to its stark and explicit acknowledgement — long overdue — that Israel is clearly and irreversibly committed to ruling over the Palestinians in perpetuity, becoming the exact “apartheid” state about which Barak warned:

Israelis must ultimately decide between expanding settlements and preserving the possibility of a peaceful two state solution. Since the recent Quartet report called on both sides to take affirmative steps to reverse current trends and advance the two state solution on the ground, we have unfortunately seen just the opposite. Proceeding with this new settlement is another step towards cementing a one-state reality of perpetual occupation that is fundamentally inconsistent with Israel’s future as a Jewish and democratic state. Such moves will only draw condemnation from the international community, distance Israel from many of its partners, and further call into question Israel’s commitment to achieving a negotiated peace.

So Israel — in the words of its most loyal benefactor — is moving inexorably “towards cementing a one-state reality of perpetual occupation” that is anti-democratic: i.e., the equivalent of apartheid. And the leading protector and enabler of this apartheid regime is the U.S. — just as was true of the apartheid regime of the 1980s in South Africa.

Worse still, the person highly likely to be the next U.S. president, Hillary Clinton, has not only vowed to continue all this but to increase U.S. protection of both Israel generally and Netanyahu specifically; indeed, her only critique of U.S. policy is that it has been insufficiently loyal to Israel. Her leading opponent, Donald Trump, early on spouted a bit of off-the-cuff dissent on Israel policy but since then has snapped fully into line. The utter lack of political dissent about all of this in the U.S. political class is reflected by the fact that the only opposition to the $38 billion aid package came from U.S. senators who — echoing Netanyahu — were angry that it was not even more generous to Israel on the backs of American citizens. In sum, unstinting support for an apartheid Israel is the virtually unbroken consensus among U.S. political elites.

Worst of all is that U.S. political orthodoxy has not only funded, fueled, and protected this apartheid state, but has attempted to render illegitimate all forms of resistance to it. Just as it did with the African National Congress and Nelson Mandela, the U.S. denounces as “terrorism” all groups and individuals that use force against Israel’s occupying armies. It has formally maligned non-violent programs against the occupation — such as the boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement — as bigotry and anti-Semitism (a position Clinton has advocated with particular vehemence), and that boycott movement has been increasingly targeted throughout the West with censorship and even criminalization. Under U.S. political orthodoxy, the only acceptable course for Palestinians and supporters of their right to be free of occupation is complete submission.

Even as Western consensus continues to revere the most stalwart supporters of South Africa’s apartheid regime — Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Shimon Peres — it at least now regards apartheid itself in that country as a historic disgrace. History should regard those enabling Israel’s own march to permanent apartheid in exactly the same light. The most aggressive and consistent enablers of this apartheid are found at the top of the U.S. political class.



The Trouble With Judaism
Israel Shamir’s  Warning To Jews

By Henry Makow, PhD

Israel Shamir’s new essay collection, “Pardes,” contains a prescient and shocking warning to Jews and to humanity as a whole:
Judaism wants to make the Jewish people the intermediary between God and man replacing Christ, says Shamir, an Israeli Jew who converted to Christianity.Essentially, he says “the Jews” want to be God.Jewish Messianism (the building of a humanist “earthly paradise” according to Jewish specifications) replaces spiritual salvation.
The Jewish Holocaust replaces Christ’s Passion. That’s why in the media it takes precedent over the other 60 million people who died in World War Two.
“It is possible there are no (or almost no) Jews who fully understand what the Jews want.” Shamir writes.”The term ‘The Jews, ‘ [refers to] individual Jews in the same way that the Catholic Church is related to an individual Catholic, or a beehive to a bee. There is no subjective personal guilt associated with individual Jews, unless their specific actions or inaction are criminal or sinful per se. Thus, this discourse should help an individual to decide whether he wants to be a Jew, or not, in the same way one may choose whether one wants to be a communist or a Quaker, for it is my deep conviction that to be or not to be a Jew is an act of free will.” (7)
In the Jewish globalist paradigm, “Israel wants to unite the world under her spiritual guidance; the Temple of God…is to be located in Jerusalem, the centre of this Jewish-ordered universe and all nations will bring their tribute to it. The Nations will worship God by serving Yisrael…”(72)
Shamir says the deification of the Jewish people requires that people have no other God but material gain and sensual pleasure.
“In the Jewish reading, the exclusive sacrality [sacredness] of Jerusalem and of Israel calls for the de-sacralization of the nations and the rest of the world. There will be no churches nor mosques, no Christian nor Muslim priests. The world will become a profane desert populated by profaned beasts, the nations, and their shepherds, the Jews.” (73)”It begins with small things: removal of [Christian] religious signs from schools and public places. But our souls interpret this surrender of spirit as the proof of Jewish victory…(78)”The Jewish universe is being built brick by brick and one of its signs is the lowering of the educational and spiritual life of Gentiles…. American films degrade their viewers…(80)”For total victory of the Jewish spirit will be reached only when a debilitated illiterate goy will thankfully lick a Jewish hand and bless him for his guidance.”(81)Shamir notes that the US “which is as Jewish as Italy was Catholic” has banned mention of Allah and the Koran in the schools of occupied Iraq. (58)Shamir was born in Russia and was a successful author and translator before immigrating to Israel in 1969. He became a foreign correspondent and covered the Vietnam War. He served as an Israeli paratrooper in the 1973 war and is an outspoken opponent of the occupation. He believes Israel and Palestine should become one democratic country and Israelis should assimilate with their Palestinian neighbours. http://www.israelshamir.net/Israel_Shamir_Biography.htmShamir compares ordinary Jews with foot soldiers who do not know the generals’ grand plan. The generals are organized Jewry, in its many forms. In another essay, “Zeno’s Arrow,” he says “the belligerent party is probably the Jewish polity, world Jewry, the carrier of the spirit of Judaic supremacy, despite their plurality of opinions.” (173)
Israel Shamir is an eloquent writer with a breadth of experience and vision. He has crystallized the “Jewish problem” and put his finger on the cause of anti Semitism, i.e. the notion of a Chosen People charged with building a materialist “utopia,” ultimately at the expense of all other nations, races and religions.He recognizes that this elitist philosophy is suited to any neo feudal hierarchy but he fails to identify the real “generals.”
His aversion to the idea of an Illuminati conspiracy prevents him from recognizing that the “Jewish polity” is itself a pawn in a larger game. Jewish or Israeli power derives from that of the London-based central bankers and their Rockefeller-CFR-CIA US subsidiary.
Jewish “humanism” is a Trojan horse for the construction of “1984.”
“Zionism is but an incident of a far reaching plan,” Louis Marshall, an American Zionist leader and counsel for bankers Kuhn Loeb wrote in 1917. “It is merely a convenient peg on which to hang a powerful weapon.”
The Jewish messianic spirit is “a powerful weapon” in the establishment the New World Order, a totalitarian world government run in the interest of what the “Protocols of Zion” call “an aristocracy of the rich.” http://www.geocities.com/alabasters_archive/the_jewish_peril.html
“On the ruins of natural and hereditary aristocracy we built an aristocracy of our own on a plutocratic basis. We established this new aristocracy on wealth, of which we had control and on science promoted by [our] scholars.” (1-18)
Notice, the emphasis is on wealth not race or religion.
“The Protocols of Zion” is Illuminati not Jewish. I have suggested elsewhere that the mainspring of the New World Order is the desire of central bankers to translate their control of credit into world institutions of political, social and spiritual control. http://www.savethemales.ca/000808.html
The enslavement of humanity requires the destruction of all “collective forces except our own,” nation, race, religion and family. Neo-liberalism achieves these goals under banners such as the marketplace, feminism, tolerance, diversity and multiculturalism.
Although most central bankers are racially Jewish, they belong to a Luciferian sect known as Sabbatean Frankists that actually hates the Jewish people and plots their ultimate destruction. Svali, a former Illuminati trainer said, “I have always wondered why some of the highest ranking financial families in the group (baron Rothschild of France is one of the 13 European lords, or “kings” that run the group in Europe, and sits on the World Council) are Jewish, yet the group espouses hatred of their own race.” http://www.savethemales.ca/141002.html
The Sabbateans are behind Zionism, Communism (and possibly Nazism) and are responsible for war and for the Jewish holocaust. They remove the Ten Commandments as well as references to Christ from public places. They make the Jewish people their instruments and eventually their scapegoats.Take Eugene Meyer for example. He was Chairman of the Federal Reserve and President of the World Bank. His family owns The Washington Post Company. He was born Jewish but he married a German Lutheran and raised his children as Episcopalians.The Sabbateans are part of the Illuminati, the top rung of Freemasonry devoted to enthroning Lucifer as God. Most of its members are not Jewish. Take George W. Bush and the other members of the Illuminati “Skull and Bones” for example.Luciferianism suits elitists because it denies the existence of a natural design and absolute standards of justice, truth and morality. Instead it preaches atheism and decadence under the disguise of personal freedom.Essentially it is a case of who will people obey and serve: God or Lucifer? If they believe in God, then they follow a healthy spiritual and moral design. If they believe in Lucifer, they are God and they can do whatever they wish. “Do what thou wilt,” is their motto. Governed by self-interest, they are easy to control.As Masonic revolutionary Guiseppe Mazzini said, “we corrupt in order to rule.” Ultimately, the Luciferian plan is to enslave the masses.
In 1871, Albert Pike, (not a Jew) the Grand Commander of Freemasonry foretold “three world wars” designed to bring about Illuminati hegemony. The third war will be between political Zionism and the forces of Islam and result in the destruction of both. http://www.savethemales.ca/000546.html
Can anyone deny that the stage is being set for such a conflagration, with Iran and China opposed to the US and Israel?
Judaism as well as Christianity and Islam, and many nations, have been subverted by the Illuminati. Our idealism has been tricked and misdirected. Humanity is the victim of an occult conspiracy of monstrous proportions.
Shamir’s warning to Jews applies to all nations. Are we Luciferians? Are we pawns sacrificed in a game designed to enshrine Lucifer as ruler of the world?
It’s time we stopped listening to the generals and started obeying our conscience. It’s time we started being men. I conclude with Israel Shamir’s prophetic words:
” The New World Order is, in religious terms the beginning of the Kingdom of the Antichrist, based on the removal of all spiritual elements from our life. In practical terms, it is an ambitious attempt at the total enslavement of Man.” (118)
A PDF Version of the Pardes essay is online. http://www.vho.org/aaargh/fran/livres2/PardesEng.pdf
Henry Makow’s  articles exposing fe-manism and the New World Order can be found at his web site www.henrymakow.com




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