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ET Archives - The Book Lipstick and War Crimes by Ray Songtree

Transistor Was Not Invented, It Was Back Engineered from ET Space Craft

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The reason our modern civilization is assaulting nature is because we are slaves for an alien technology that sees Earth as a resource, not a living planet. – Ray Songtree Mirror  from http://phils.com.au/transistor.htm HOW COULD AT&T HAVE CREATED THE TRANSISTOR SO QUICKLY IN 1947 WITHOUT THE INPUT OF ALIEN TECHNOLOGY? Lecture given by Jack Shulman, President of the American Computer Company, to The Global Sciences Congress, Florida, 1999.   Hi, I’m Jack Shulman. I’m the head of the American Computer Company. American Computer Company is part of the Technology International Group and Bell North America group of companies. I’m also one of the owners of the group of companies. I’ve been in the computer industry for about 28 or 29 years. I’ve worked for IBM as a professional services management consultant. I worked on the development of the personal computer in 1978 for FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) and Simplicity Patterns, later adopted by IBM. I developed something called the “pattern creator”. That’s where we got the term “PC”. Prior to that, I’d developed what you might call the first windowing operating system in 1975 for Citibank, and before that there were earlier versions I did for a company called Vydec. I’m a serious computer person – very, very serious – and also someone who’s not generally inclined to leap to great predispositions about any unusual subject. Well, as it turns out, a few years ago I got my dose of reality. It was in the form of a visit…

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Bilderberg Master Plan – The Quiet War, Enabled by ET Tech

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This link for PDF below is a rather incredible instruction manual for the elite.  I highly recommend reading this and sharing with others to understand the reasoning of the elite. “Since we want to rule, we would be stupid not to use all methods available” is one way to introduce this.  Since ruling others is domination, a weaker populace is desired.  The goal is to reshape humanity, because all past humanity was “false.” “Exposure of the silent weapon would destroy our [the elite’s] only hope of preserving the seed of the future true humanity.” Note the invention of transistor is named in the PDF as instrumental to this plan, and this invention is tied into Roswell. “…there was some relationship between the government and AT&T that resulted in the transistor’s invention. I mentioned I grew up in the household of the head of Bell Labs, so I knew that there was something strange about the transistor because I knew Bill Shockley, and Bill Shockley was something of a witless buffoon. There’s no way he could have invented the transistor. The symbol for the transistor is made up of three pieces: positive, positive and negative; or negative, negative and positive…silicon dioxide doped with arsenic and boron, in 1947. Now, in 1947, doping things with boron was not easy. It required the sort of equipment that even Bell Labs in 1946 did not possess. They had this type of equipment at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories – but it would have taken thousands and…

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Criticizing Ray Songtree: A Questioning of Faith

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On 3/5/2017 at 10:11 AM, “Rebecca wrote:   Ray, I did not vote for either Trump or for Obama, nor for Foster Gamble, whom I know personally and find credible; I have not voted for any presidential candidate since 2008.  When I last did, it was for Cynthia McKinney, whom I also know personally, and whom has demonstrated great courage and states personship throughout her career.  And I have been consistent for the past nine years since in my neutrality about federal-level voting, so I do not grock your saying that I had “divine expectations” of either Trump or Obama.    [She doesn’t remember how she worshiped his “potential” as an “advanced soul” who “kept the enemy close to him” because he was going to save us all.  She is doing exact repeat with Trump. Rather than hope, let’s examine.]   After long showing much forbearance, my patience is wearing really thin about your constant put-downs, because I do not believe exactly as you do about some of what is now happening in the world.  If you want a follower or a sycophant who follows perceived authority figures — especially male authority figures which you right now seem to be attempting to imitate — I am not someone whom you would ever want to know.   Response from Ray: Your criticism is based on not accepting critical analysis when it comes to your “faith.” If you send news that is rumor or speculation or poorly vetted, I will let you…

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Snowden’s Faith in Progress and ET connections with “Progress”

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Letter Dec 9, 2016 Snowden Interview Dec 7  At minute 8:30 we learn that  Edward Snowden is mentally controlled by controlled media, and he believed the New York Times prediction about Hillary win for President !  I was dumb struck. He thinks their polls were accurate!  And as of the interview, still doesn’t know that polls were rigged, and that NYT, owned by Sulzberger family (Zionists-Rothschild) is entirely a social engineering rag. No one can ever trust New York Times. Snowden and interviewer are discussing what main stream news fed them!  Snowden has less savvy about the hidden hand then ourselves! At minute 20 he thinks there is such a thing as a fair trial. I don’t.  He is part of dominant culture all they way.  I part with that.  For me, nothing this civilization has done has been positive, and it was all set up for one thing, to get to “singularity” which is anti life.   So Snowden is still a believer in “progress” which he repeats several times. Now let’s leave Snowden and return to this idea of “progress.” * People don’t seem to understand that the Constitution was a Freemason invention to keep the top of the pyramid in control while harnessing the creative power of the masses. A major change agent for Freemasonry was Francis Bacon who wrote King James Bible and the Shakespeare plays in early 1600’s.  I’m saying this “genius” was an alien plant.  This might be new for some people.  The Constitution was just…

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Wikileaks Exposes Astronaut Edgar Mitchell As Apologist for ET Invasive Tech

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Comments: Wikileaks publishes emails by Edgar Mitchell by Ray Songtree updated Aug 10, 2017 (This article includes critique of Paul Helyer Space Treaty, far bottom. This full analysis for ET and globalization study guide is 13,000 words.)   In this analysis of Edgar Mitchell emails to pedophile John Podesta, (blue text are links) Mitchell mentions his work with Terri Mansfield. The following screen shot is from her website to give back ground of Mitchell’s associated belief system.  http://www.terrimansfield.com/terri/, Oct 14, 2016 The Wikileaks emails only confirm what was already public. (Blue text is live links.) Below are the Wikileaks published Edgar Mitchell 2015 emails, the proposed space weapons treaty, and the publicity for treaty, bottom. All are the echoes of Dr. Steven Greer’s hallucination. Dr. Steven Greer’s last incarnation was Paramahansa Yogananda, who spent his last years in the escape of samadhi. Yogananda was sent to California a century ago to blend East and West to prepare for one world government.  As a young man in this life, Greer went into samadhi the very first time he meditated. Both these incarnations were under the thumb of the same dis-incarnate guru who has co-opted the common Indian name “babaji” – honored father. That is, both Yogananda and Greer had the same handler. Dr. Steve Greer founded the Center for the Study of Extra-terrestrial Intelligence, (CSETI). He also founded the Orion Project to destroy the Earth with unlimited Free Energy.  He put together film Sirius, using name from occult. In his emails,…

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