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Criticizing Ray Songtree: A Questioning of Faith

On 3/5/2017 at 10:11 AM, “Rebecca wrote:

Ray, I did not vote for either Trump or for Obama, nor for Foster Gamble, whom I know personally and find credible; I have not voted for any presidential candidate since 2008.  When I last did, it was for Cynthia McKinney, whom I also know personally, and whom has demonstrated great courage and states personship throughout her career.  And I have been consistent for the past nine years since in my neutrality about federal-level voting, so I do not grock your saying that I had “divine expectations” of either Trump or Obama. 
[She doesn’t remember how she worshiped his “potential” as an “advanced soul” who “kept the enemy close to him” because he was going to save us all.  She is doing exact repeat with Trump. Rather than hope, let’s examine.]
After long showing much forbearance, my patience is wearing really thin about your constant put-downs, because I do not believe exactly as you do about some of what is now happening in the world.  If you want a follower or a sycophant who follows perceived authority figures — especially male authority figures which you right now seem to be attempting to imitate — I am not someone whom you would ever want to know.


Response from Ray:

Your criticism is based on not accepting critical analysis when it comes to your “faith.”

If you send news that is rumor or speculation or poorly vetted, I will let you know. I hope you will do same for me.

As far as male authorities, which you seem to have a bigoted opinion of, from my observation, men will always lead, prophets will always be men, because the Earth doesn’t need to exhibit leadership, so women who are the receptive and more Earthy, simply don’t need to lead. Women who have been socially engineered to try to be men, do think they need to lead.  (Half of many lesbians want to lead, the other half want to be dominated, which is interesting if you haven’t noticed this. I don’t consider butch lesbians to be women.)

From my observation, it is disconnected men who need to be reminded of connection, and this correction comes from other men because men must compete to excel in order to find mates, and they respect and look up to other men. Girls don’t need to learn anything to be a mother, just get pregnant. Auntie shows them what to do in real time. Boys need to learn to be a man or they can’t support a woman and won’t get a woman.

From my observation, we are social creatures, pack animals.  Tribes survive, not “individuals.” So in tribes there is leadership, male leadership, because force is the bottom line. Every parent know this. Someone wears the pants in the family. It used to be men and the saying about pants refers to leadership. Now, women can’t even find a real man.

From my observation, Grandmothers are honored in all indigenous cultures. They don’t lead, they affirm or disapprove and are very much respected by the male leadership. (As side note, I saw the recent Batman movie, and both superman and batman are loyal FIRST to their mothers. Interesting. This was a dark movie, not recommended.)

Just so you know, I am FOR the downtrodden Trump, just as Jeff Rense is, but like Rense, I doubt Trump’s direction.  Trump’s inlaws are Zionists and into ethnic cleansing in Palestine, and Trump supports the War on Terror and is now denying what he said in past about 9/11. He supports war on terror and is building up the military, as if, as if, as if the US is not the biggest military in world and the only nation with 800 bases overseas and 55,000 special ops overseas bullying the world with covert violence. (Full article below.)

Where is US losing?  Trump wants to win what? 

So what is Trump?   It would take a huge sea change for Trump to go against his entire Zionist supremacist upbringing, and all his inlaws. Do you agree with this or not?

In my sincere opinion, Cynthia Mckinney should be president. I didn’t vote in 2008, and in 2012 voted for Ron Paul.

From my repeated observation, Foster Gamble is lost in one world government heaven on Earth, and though he may be a nice guy, he is opposite of credible. He is the infinite EIS.  He is  for the one world civilization or mono-culture. So is Dr. Steven Greer.

This is because they are lost in their heads, their new age ideals. So many people simply don’t understand that everything energetic is based on extraction from the physical, and I do mean everything, including our minds and spirits. Our civilization is not based on ideas, it is based on mining. Mining is unsustainable. The only substitute for mining is not mining and not needing to.  We didn’t need so much tech in past. Why are we so needy now?

For dominant culture citizens, the basis of our lives is not bones made of calcium, but is our head trips, our cosmologies. “I think therefore I am” is about the most stupid thing I have ever heard.   It’s like these people who think gender is a choice, and not genetic. In fact, in reality, in life and death, we are made of minerals. We are made of food. The movement, the energy, the life is based on a skeleton. Incredibly, most people don’t remember this.

(This is why I honor Lao Tsu and Buddha. No cosmology. Just fricking touch the Earth !)

So for me, I agree with the observations of indigenous peoples, that density is the Mother. Density is our source. Source is NOT our concepts or thoughts or the “ohm” infested light, sucking all entities to “oneness.” The “word” didn’t come first; what came before that was silence. This puts me at odds with Moses-Allah Monotheism and the Sanskrit ET channeled lineages. I like polytheism, I like animism, I like nature. Eurasian imperial cultures are programmed cultures. Eurasian culture is all wrong IMO. (So were the pyramid civilizations of Egypt and Americas)

The channeled ET messages came here to brain wash humans into looking up to heaven and follow “God”, meaning the “godhead” and become slaves working for “progress” for THEIR artificial machine. This is a stretch for people who haven’t studied back engineered space craft.

Sideline, the Terminator Series with Arnold Schwarzenegger, were predictive programming movies. In fact, just as in second movie, our tech today, our smart phones, etc, is based on back engineered tech (for real, integrated chips, fiber optics)  Craft were allowed to be shot down, handed to the military to convert the planet to the artificial, and away from the natural ancient. In fact this is what we are seeing with chemtrails.

You may notice that most UFO devotees think aliens will bring us “evolution” and “advancement” and ultimately utopia – “heaven on Earth.”  I call this “the galactic operation.” It is a programmed view since these things don’t exist anywhere.  Most people have this programming, from my observation.

“You can’t stop progress.”  Why not?  Who controls what? Or as Mother Zucker says, “Progress demands…”

So only a few seekers, like Derrick Jensen and Ted Howard and Joey Hart and perhaps my son, value reality.  Most of my friends value their ideas about reality….

Most people live in an echo chamber of their own vanities. They can’t quiet down to observe!

I have a new friend named Jack.  We harvested coconuts today.  We stole them. We killed them. We have bodies.

So Rebecca, the question is, what parts of your world view are you unwilling to look at?

And more profound, why have any world view?

Why not be open to new ways of learning?




Special ops ‘fight’ persistent conflicts around the world

WASHINGTON (AFNS) — A panel of experts provided insights on persistent conflicts throughout the world to more than 300 participants in the 20th Annual Special Operations/Low-Intensity Conflict symposium here Feb. 10. 

Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Lawrence P. Farrell Jr., president and chief executive officer of the National Defense Industrial Association, said the enemies of America and its ideals show no signs of changing their minds.

“As I read the papers from around the world, it seems to me that those who would do violence to our republic and other allied democracies … have not lessened in their intensity and their passion,” General Farrell said. “It looks like it’s going to be a long, hard fight.”

Although Iraq and Afghanistan dominate the headlines, much of the “fight” General Farrell referred to is occurring elsewhere. About 55,000 military members of U.S. Special Operations Command are spread out in more than 60 countries, assisting local governments, providing humanitarian aid and training soldiers and police, Navy Adm. Eric Olson, commander of Special Operations Command, said.

“[Special operations forces are] building long-term relationships in every country in every region in the world, and we need them there for a long time,” Admiral Olson said. “Special operations forces, especially Army special operations, does this better than anyone.”

During yesterday’s symposium, panelists representing special operations forces shared their experiences and expertise.

In the Middle East, illiteracy among women, population growth and poverty make this part of the world very challenging and somewhat unstable, Army Lt. Col. Chuck Miller Jr., an operations officer for Special Operations Command Central, said. These and other factors such as narcotics smuggling and economic instability raise the possibility that this region will be problematic for some time, he added.

Colonel Miller described Pakistan, not Iraq or Afghanistan, as the world’s most dangerous place. It’s known as an army with a country, he said, because of the weakness of its central government, and it has nuclear capabilities.

“[Pakistan] represents more than just resupply routes for the war in Afghanistan,” he added. “As the only Islamic nuclear power, Pakistan represents one of the world’s most complex environments with which the Western world must deal.”

Poverty and a poor economy in Pakistan pre-date the current global economic crisis, Colonel Miller said. Large, ungoverned areas serve as safe havens for militant groups to train and operate along the country’s border with Afghanistan, operating under an umbrella of tribal networks that place value on family and other relationships over anything else.

“They don’t recognize the legitimacy and right of the central government,” Colonel Miller said.

Despite the growing insurgency inside its borders, Pakistan continues to view India as its No. 1 threat, and the Pakistani army remains focused on a possible conventional conflict with its neighbor, he said.

The U.S. concern in Pakistan is its border with Afghanistan, Colonel Miller said, and special operations forces are using the counterinsurgency approach to train and equip Pakistan’s army.

“Pakistan is working closely with American military and government partners,” Colonel Miller said. “An enduring approach, paced out over time [and] measured in patience, is the most appropriate way to engage our partners there.”

Special operators also have been practicing an enduring approach in Asia and the Pacific. Although large conventional forces, nuclear capabilities and economic influence loom with China and North Korea, “the other Operation Enduring Freedom” has been taking place in the southern Philippine Islands for the past seven years, Army Lt. Col. Brian Petit, commander of 2nd Battalion, 1st Special Forces Group, said.

Islamic and communist insurgencies and ungoverned [indigenous] regions threaten the stability of the island nation, Colonel Petit said.

“We don’t see it in the headlines, but this is a very real and lethal fight in the southern Philippines,” he said. “We don’t have American soldiers on the front pages, and we don’t have casualty lists, but the Filipinos do. They are engaged in a very lethal struggle.”

Special Forces troops are providing medical support and military training to their Filipino allies. The U.S. mission there is to build capacity of government forces to better serve and protect their populace, Colonel Petit explained.

“With seven years of persistent engagements,” he said, “we have a tremendous partnership with the Filipinos, and their capacity and professionalism is absolutely better as a result of our soft mission down there.”

In Central and South America, “huge steps” [toward what!] have been made with the U.S.-Brazil partnership, as well as in the ongoing relationships with Argentina, Chile and Paraguay, Navy Cmdr. Victor Hyder, an operations officer in Special Operations Command South, said.

Special operators are working to disrupt people, arms and narcotics trafficking, [false, the CIA runs drugs] money laundering, and corruption among the police and governments. [So US ops are stopping corruption in other countries? By what definition?] Paraguay, in particular, has no border security, and although no terrorism threats have been identified, all of these problems are factors that support terrorism, Commander Hyder said.

“There is a true reason for special operation forces in Paraguay,” he said. “All of the networks that a terrorist organization could [maybe in future, so it has to be controlled with US military now] use are in place in the region.”

But since there is no actual terrorism in Paraguay, Special Forces are working to build the nation’s capacity, as they are doing in Pakistan and the Philippines, and not focusing on combat operations to prevent future terrorism. [But they are military ops? He is lying.]

“We’re building capacity to help them deal with these problems and to prevent the region from becoming a terrorist threat to the United States,” Commander Hyder said. [WTF?] Much like in the Philippines, “taking the soft approach” and stopping terrorism before it can occur [installing a police state] is the most important reason for special operations in Paraguay, he added.










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  • panos says:

    ”I like polytheism, I like animism, I like nature. Eurasian imperial cultures are programmed cultures. Eurasian culture is all wrong IMO”
    Tribes can be a terrifying close/secret society that does all kinds of freaky stuff like drinking blood from animals and worshiping unseen entities via rituals.
    That reminds me of satanism.
    Do birds live in secret closed societies,drinking blood from other animals and worshiping unseen entities via rituals? No because they are free and they make it along with none of this stuff. If something feels dark,then it may be dark. I don’t have to rationalize it via words such as ”earthy” and ‘indigenous” so it must be ”right”. If birds can be free,why can’t i ? This is not new age.Birds are real,and don’t worship other entities.

    • raysongtree says:

      I don’t know if birds are in contact with other realms or how they do it. I don’t speak their language. Freakiness is in the eyes of the beholder. When I see how our culture lives in suicide denial, it is freaky to me. Diversity means there will be all kinds of traditions out there, and some may be appealing or disgusting in the eyes of the beholder.

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