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Gender Fluidity : Beam Me Up Scotty!

By February 7, 2017 Children

Reading the article below one’s mind reels looking for a clue to reality. Has the world gone mad?

The way I sort it out, there are three kinds of people…
A bit  confused, moderately confused, and very confused.  This can be said in reverse….   Fairly clear, moderately clear, and unclear.

Well, to get clear we can start with the unavoidable, our biology. Dimophorism has evolved to help the possible continuation of the species so that females and males can recognize each other. Since humans are so damn similar, hair and clothing are exaggerated as cultural dimophorism.

Then along came chemical birth control, (just 50 years ago, lets remember that) and if we take the reproductive purpose of sperm meets egg, out from sexual titillation, we can come up with the topic of this article…

In Zen, the moon is just moonness. And looking at this subject of gender with Zen eyes, the subject is not really gender, it is the idiocy of spinning mental constructs. It is just head tripping. This is not my opinion, this is what is going on if one is able to define head tripping.

If one has no definition of head tripping, then obviously, one lives in a matrix, a head trip.
And what a joke that people take there own head tripping so seriously that they would establish laws to push a tiny whim of a tiny minority on everyone else.

“Dude, you are head tripping! I think your head tripping is totally confused! I’m not going to hire you or let you be around my kids because I don’t trust your sanity!  Eeeek, don’t call the police!”

Virginia University Publishes “LGBTQQIAAPP Terminology Guide” To Help Snowflakes Determine Their Gender

The Virginia Commonwealth University’s Office of Multicultural Affairs has decided to publish a very helpful LBGTQQIAAPP Terminology Guide to assist their confused snowflakes with the very complicated task of determining their own gender.  While the guide may seem fairly thorough, VCU notes that gender “language is constantly evolving, and these definitions are not by any means comprehensive” before warning that “terms of self-identification should not be used to label others without their consent.”

Luckily, the terminology guide even has some very easy to understand illustrations to help students debunk the lifelong, evil myth that gender is somehow binary…



Here are some of the definitions that we found particularly helpful and we sincerely hope that our readers will take this opportunity to read, learn and reflect on their lives of “Cis Privilege.”  And for those of you still living in the dark ages, Cisgendered refers to the 99.7% of the population where “a person’s gender identity, gender expression, and biological sex” all miraculously align.


Biological Sex/ Natal Sex/ Birth Sex/ Sex: The medical term used for the identification of male, female, or intersex sex i.e. chromosomes, gonads, and/or genitalia


Cisgender/ Cis/ Gender Normative/ Gender Straight: a person who has a normative gender presentation, when a person’s gender identity, gender expression, and biological sex align. A person who is not transgender.


Cisgender Privilege/ Cis privilege: The societal assumption and norm that all people are cisgender. There are basic civil rights and social privileges that a cisgendered person automatically receives that are systematically denied to transgender persons, simply because of their gender identity/ gender presentation


Demisexual: a person who is not immediately sexually attracted to other people. A person who’s sexual attraction to another person develops after developing a relationship (not necessarily romantic). Often considered within the asexuality spectrum


Gender Confirmation surgery: any surgery to make a person’s outward appearance more closely align with their gender rather than biological sex, also known as gender reassignment surgery, many have transitioned to Gender Confirmation Surgery as it utilizes more positive language.


Heterosexual Privilege/Heteronormativity: The societal assumption and norm that all people are heterosexual. There are basic civil rights and social privileges that a heterosexual person automatically receives that are systematically denied to queer persons, simply because of their sexual orientation.

Of course, while VCU asserts that there are “basic civil rights and social privileges” afforded to “cisgendered” people that are constantly denied other people based on their “gender identity/ gender presentation”, the university fails to define exactly which privileges to which they are referring.



For those of you looking for even more enlightenment on this very important topic plaguing roughly 0.3% of the population, please see the complete LBGTQQIAAPP Terminology Guide below:



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