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CDC admits 98 million Americans were given cancer virus via the polio shot

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CDC admits 98 million Americans were given cancer virus via the polio shot   Written By: evilnews May 25, 2016 The CDC has admitted that between 1955–1963 over 98 million Americans received one or more doses of a polio shot which was contaminated with a cancer-causing virus called Simian vacuolating virus 40 (SV40).  The CDC quickly took down the page, along with Google, but the site was luckily cached and saved to symbolize this grand admission. To further confirm this unbelievable admission, Assistant Professor of Pathology at Loyola University in Chicago Dr. Michele Carbone has been able to independently verify the presence of the SV40 virus in tissue and bone samples from patients who died during that era. He found that 33% of the samples with osteosarcoma bone cancers, 40% of other bone cancers, and 60% of the mesothelioma’s lung cancers all contained this obscure virus. This leaves the postulation that upwards of 10–30 million actually contracted and were adversely affected by this virus, to be deadly accurate.   Source: InvestmentWatchBlog.com

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Trump to Follow Through with Vaccine Investigation

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Trump takes aim at vaccines, names Robert F. Kennedy Jr. head of new commission to expose dangers of mercury preservative (Thimerosal) Natural News –  January 11, 2017 by: Mike Adams Tags: autism, CDC, commission, Cover-Up, Donald Trump, ingredients, mercury toxicity, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., side effects, Thimerosal, vaccine safety     (NaturalNews) After taking aim at Big Pharma’s monopoly profits earlier today, President-elect Donald Trump is going right for the throat of the corrupt, criminally run vaccine industry by naming Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as head of a new commission to study “vaccine safety.” This is the beginning of the implosion of the decades-long vaccine cover-up conspiracy run by the CDC, FDA, a corrupt federal government, criminally-run vaccine manufacturers and a complicit “fakestream media” that prints whatever the CDC tells them to print. (See detailed infographic below that outlines the many players in this massive criminal conspiracy that targets children.) Here, I’m give you an overview of RFK and his position on vaccines, Thimerosal, neurotoxicity and the latest established science. First, however, review these indisputable facts about vaccines as background. (RELATED: Stay informed on the truth about vaccines at Vaccines.news) Eleven indisputable facts about vaccines that the lying “fakestream media” won’t tell you Indisputable Fact #1) Vaccines given to children in the United States still contain mercury (Thimerosal), a potent neurotoxin. Anyone who argues that Thimerosal is not a neurotoxin may have already been brain damaged by it. (The science is overwhelming and irrefutable.) Indisputable Fact #2) All forms of…

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California – 49 vaccinations before Age 3 now Mandatory

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The Following is excerpt from correspondence from Eileen Dannemann. Director, National Coalition of Organized Women, Founder, VaccineLiberationArmy.com **************************************************************** . Dr. Makovits, researcher at the National Cancer Institute (30 years)… Important interview (GAG ORDER LIFTED):  http://vaccineliberationarmy.com/2015/11/26/phd-dr-judy-mikovits-biochemistry-formerly-national-cancer-institute/ I am also copying a few others to simultaneously educate them on the importance of pharmacogenetics and infant’s inability to metabolize the excipients in vaccines. Dear Judy:   I noticed that you mentioned Stephanie Seneff (MIT) in your Candayce Estave interview as well. And that your target age not to give vaccines is 3 years old. We have been working on excipients and pharmacogenetics for a few years now. I was wondering if Stephanie or anyone sent you some of our emails on Cytochrome P450 and and its immaturity during infancy and childhood…an immaturity not resolved generally until three years old. This study is particularly poignant: *Ped cyp enzymes (see graph) (very important study of the immaturity of cyp 450 superfamilies in infants and children. Additionally, here is the link that we tied some of the vaccine excipients cytochrome p450 and their various super families:http://vaccineliberationarmy.com/2015/05/27/inability-of-infants-to-metabolize-vaccine-excipients-cytochrome-p450/ The good news is that the pharma industry has been paying for these studies because they must…that is they must study drug interactions as people are in various conditions of metabolism: non metabolizers, normal and rapid metabolisers. So there is now a great demand to associate a person’s metabolism with the specific drug in order to identify the correct dosage. And this is to our advantage. Moreover, there is an movement…

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Mandatory Vaccinations for Veterans aka Guinea Pigs

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This is an excellent wrap on vaccine warfare, now targeting Vets as guinea pigs. – Ray US Senate Passes Bill Approving Mandatory Vaccinations for Veterans Activist Post  November 15, 2015  By Janet Phelan   Fundamentally, biological warfare is sneaky. It involves a microbial sucker punch to its intended target, often accomplished in a manner in which the aggressor can claim clean hands, while his victim may suffer or die. Biological warfare can take a number of forms. The question—how can you get a bacteriological or toxic agent on board without the target being alerted– has been asked and answered. In addition to using humans and animals as vectors, biological warfare agents can be airborne, waterborne, foodborne or put into pharmaceuticals. Substantial concerns have been voiced concerning the potential for inserting bioweapons into vaccines. Indeed, given the history of known contaminated vaccines, this is hardly a matter of speculation. Polio vaccines have been found to contain cancer. A Merck rotavirus vaccine was found to be contaminated with a pig virus. Another Merck product, the Hepatitis B vaccine, was reported to have been laced with the AIDS virus. In addition, a tetanus vaccine distributed in the Third World was found to contain human chorionic gonadotrophin, an anti-fertility agent known to produce spontaneous abortions. The correlation between the rise in vaccinations of children and autism has become an urban legend. [She is misusing term here, the correlation has been confirmed, hear Robert F Kennedy speaking about his book Thimerasol, Let the Science Speak]…

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Black Community Learns about Mandatory Vaccines and Autism

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Tony Mohammed speech at anti-vaccine rally.  Nation of Islam wakes up and joins hands with anti-vaccine community. Promises pressure on politicians at march in Atlanta.  The second youtube, is Robert Kennedy Jr. who helped write  2014 book, Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak, about the autism connections with vaccines.  Tony Mohammed mentions Kennedy in this first short speech. Also below, an article on book and autism cover up. Kennedy speech   Thimerosal: Let The Science Speak By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. & Drs. Martha Herbert and Mark Hyman http://www.ageofautism.com/2014/07/thimerosal-let-the-science-speak-by-robert-f-kennedy-jr-debuts-august-4.html By Anne Dachel Many of us in the autism community have been eagerly awaiting the release of Robert Kennedy, Jr.’s new book, THIMEROSAL: LET THE SCIENCE SPEAK: I am hopeful about the book–hopeful that there can be an honest look into the use of one of the deadliest ingredients possible in vaccines, namely mercury.  (And seriously, the tired claim that it was removed from most children’s vaccines over a decade ago, except for SOME flu shots, doesn’t settle anything.  It’s still in unconscionable levels in the flu vaccine and this vaccine is recommended for pregnant women at all stages of pregnancy.  Imagine the impact of an adult dose of 25 mcg of mercury on the brain of a developing fetus.  AND A POINT THAT IS NEVER EXPLORED: The vaccine makers still sell vaccines to Third World Countries loaded with high levels of toxic thimeorsal.  We may be protecting the children of the U.S., but the poorest of the poor in the world have no choice for their kids–they get…

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