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California – 49 vaccinations before Age 3 now Mandatory

The Following is excerpt from correspondence from Eileen Dannemann. Director, National Coalition of Organized Women, Founder, VaccineLiberationArmy.com

Dr. Makovits, researcher at the National Cancer Institute (30 years)…
Important interview (GAG ORDER LIFTED):  http://vaccineliberationarmy.com/2015/11/26/phd-dr-judy-mikovits-biochemistry-formerly-national-cancer-institute/
I am also copying a few others to simultaneously educate them on the importance of pharmacogenetics and infant’s inability to metabolize the excipients in vaccines.

Dear Judy:   I noticed that you mentioned Stephanie Seneff (MIT) in your Candayce Estave interview as well. And that your target age not to give vaccines is 3 years old. We have been working on excipients and pharmacogenetics for a few years now. I was wondering if Stephanie or anyone sent you some of our emails on Cytochrome P450 and and its immaturity during infancy and childhood…an immaturity not resolved generally until three years old.

Additionally, here is the link that we tied some of the vaccine excipients cytochrome p450 and their various super families:http://vaccineliberationarmy.com/2015/05/27/inability-of-infants-to-metabolize-vaccine-excipients-cytochrome-p450/

The good news is that the pharma industry has been paying for these studies because they must…that is they must study drug interactions as people are in various conditions of metabolism: non metabolizers, normal and rapid metabolisers. So there is now a great demand to associate a person’s metabolism with the specific drug in order to identify the correct dosage. And this is to our advantage.

Moreover, there is an movement to make it standard of care to do the genetic testing before prescribing medications. CPIC https://www.pharmgkb.org/page/cpic
I notice that on this link, leaders of CPIC are identified of which an academician like yourself might be able to talk turkey::))

Hence…we get the benefit from this research as we pursue the connection between vaccine excipients and pharmocogenetics, namely the immature status of cytochrome P450 in infants. BTW… infants get 350 mcgs of Aluminum in the Heb B shot (plus formaldehyde) and up to 100 in the Vitamin K shot at birth.

…Below is a LAYMAN’S effort to explain Cytochrome P450 and its relationship to the high incidence today of school shootings which believed to be due to the non or poor metabolism of prescription drugs in these homicidal young men. Those non metabolizers on prescription drugs will have compelling suicidal or homicidal ideations, that are particularly heinous, hence the school shootings we see today.


In this link, please read Dr. Yolande Lucire (Australian Psychiatrist) paper on involuntary intoxication (due to non metabolism) and homicides.



I also recommend that anyone who hasn’t seen Dr. Wakefield’s film WHO KILLED ALEX SPOURDAKALIS might do so. I am hoping that Andy gets around to doing a simple dry swab genetic test of Alex’s mother who is now in prison for killing her son.   Produced by Polly Tommey and Dr. Wakefield, this is one of the most important and riveting documentaries of the day. If Andy can verify that Alex’s mother is a non metabolizer, the argument can be that she was Involuntarily Intoxicated. But most awakening will be what Alex himself (which will necessarily also be a non metaboliser if his mother is a non metaboliser) went through with the medical profession who, if this is the case, was giving him counter indicated drugs and tormenting him for years while his faithful and devoted mother and aunt never left his side…It is a riveting, riveting story.

Watch Who Killed Alex Spourdalakis? Online | Vimeo On …

SB 277 bill passed by legislature, signed in law by Governor Jerry Brown

SB277 No child can attend public, private or pre school without being fully vaccinated (49 vaccine doses by age three).

The California Dept. of Health, tied to the Federal government, in its current iteration, does not act independently on behalf of the residents of California, as it should. As a state agency its real purpose, in reference to vaccine policy, should be to provide to state legislators, independent analyses of the efficacy, safety, and cost effectiveness “to the state”, of every federal ACIP/CDC vaccine recommendation. But they do not. State Departments of Health are simply extensions of the CDC and are, in essence, lobbying arms of the CDC whose purpose is to promote, express and manifest “national intention”, which, by and by corrodes the independence and sovereignty of the state.

Federal Bill S. 1921

Currently there are quite a few bills in Congress that would, in essence, usurp State rights by applying what amounts to heavy handed financial sanctions. One recent bill is S 1921, an act encouraging States to strengthen administrative procedures related to nonmedical exemptions from State vaccination requirements. States that do not comply with federal recommendations for State legislation and subsequent state law will be penalized 5 percent of the value (as determined by the Secretary) of the vaccines provided to the State under subsection (b)(2)(A) for that fiscal year.

Independent Medical Advocacy:

Every day hospitals are buying up medical practices turning independent doctors into hospital employees. That trend is not healthy for patients or for doctors. It hurts communities and our nation’s health-care system. 63% of our nation’s physicians are tied to HMO and are thereby limited to standards influenced by the pharmaceutical industry and their influence in Washington.

As the number of independent doctors shrinks, unfavorable market dynamics grow. This results in patients having fewer choices, poorer outcomes and higher health-care costs for the patient, the state and Medicaid. The purpose of an independent medical advocacy group is to establish one independent voice to give legislators the tools to provide checks on the CDC vaccine agenda. IMA is a response to the corporatization of medicine, to the loss of sovereignty of the physician to an administration, insurance company or federal and state agencies, that are driven by cost containment and profits rather than what is best for the patient.

Second NATIONAL MODEL BILL PASSED on the heels of SB 277

*National Model California SB 792 (passed Legislature) to be signed by Governor: A first in the nation model bill establishing a government mandate for adult compulsory vaccines by industry.

Our first act of support for California is to address a repeal of SB 277& SB 792 providing, independent vaccine science research and information to the California State Legislators. For your library resource, we have chosen Dr. Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrianyk’s book, Dissolving Illusions, Disease, Vaccines And The Forgotten History.

We urge you in preparation of the 2016 legislative session to read Dissolving Illusions and contact IMA in preparation to present supportive independent sound science for the purpose of:

  1. Reversing, overturning SB 277;
  2. Establishing an immediate moratorium on all future vaccine mandates until each is vetted
  3. Remove infant (one hour old) Hep B from the existing mandates
  4. Require solely Thimerosal [mercury]-free influenza vaccines in California
  5. Repealing SB792


Eileen Dannemann

Director, National Coalition of Organized Women


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