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Jeffrey Epstein – Will Trump Arrest the Mossad?

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Former Intelligence officer, Jewish Steve Pieczenik is definitely putting himself on the line in the video below, where he covers the arrest of Jewish Jeffrey Epstein.  Whether Steve is accurate or not, he is very courageous.  We should be rightfully impressed.   His mental leap that Trump understands 9/11 and the Mossad (link – important evidence that Israel rigged Twin Towers with explosives for fake plane impact) and that Mossad agents will be charged for pedophilia comes from where?   If this is true, then Trump is really a genius to support Israel, and then take it down.  But this is very doubtful.  Trump and his son-n-law Jared Kushner support Palestinian genocide. Kushner has made Trump a grandfather. This is where Trump’s loyalty lies. He is a Zionist, bottom line.    Neither he nor Kushner support a wall to protect Palestinian sovereignty, or water rights,  or health, or lives. Genocide can’t be taken back and if Trump was against it, he would put sanctions on Israel.  He won’t.  He loves Israel.   https://www.haaretz.com/opinion/.premium-israel-unable-to-tell-truth-about-stealing-water-from-palestinians-1.5399404   Jerusalem does not belong to the Yiddish, non semitic, European Jews. The Golan Heights is a part of Syria, period, which they need for their defense against the nuclear power with only 12 million people, Israel.  Let’s remember that the occupation of Golan Heights and the attack on USS Liberty happened at same time,  the 1967 6-Day Steal.   Since Trump’s end goal, to my eyes, is not the same as Pieczenik’s idea of an end goal, I…

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Review of Video – Q Anon: The Plan To Save The World – Stillness in the Storm

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I already sent to all my friends the awful Time mag cover that is on newsstand’s now.  Here it is again Let’s say Trump is a big egoist, and if that is true, will he let this go or get pissed and motivated to stop the fake news?    Now, about this video (link) about the plan to save world… Is Qanon actually hope porn or not?  We are told that there are sealed indictments ready to arrest the elite.  Fools like fabricator Ben Fulford (sorry believers) say there are 35,000 sealed indictments, but I sent you all the breakdown of what is and is not an indictment,    (Here is is again  https://www.dailydot.com/layer8/sealed-indictments-qanon-conspiracy/  )   and the count does not mean there are thousands or even hundreds or even one of the deep state criminals in those 35,000.     The latest is that we are told by Q supporters that Trump (or good guys) are waiting for October 2018 election to start arrests. The message of video is counting on this.   Okay, great!  Wonderful!  May it be done in a way that is a great awakening. Great! Awesome! Hurray!   However, what if nothing happens?   Then, can we all agree that this Q was a psy-op to distract truthers?  How long will you wait?  Some people will wait years.  Some people will wait the rest of their lives. Hope porn.   Well, we will see, and meanwhile, be prudent, stock up on everything,and get out of the cities, because no…

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The Non-Spirit Behind Israel

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(This post includes four articles) The Non-Spirit Behind Israel   by Ray Songtree, by blood an Ashkenazi Jew and by awakening, an anti-Zionist,  Dec 1, 2015 (My entire extended family was killed by Nazi’s, but the Nazi’s were created and placed by Wall Street and the Rothschilds, who also funded Zionism and Israel.) “Israel may have the right to put others on trial, but certainly no one has the right to put the Jewish people and the state of Israel on trial,” – Former Israeli Prime Minster Ariel Sharon 2001 Corporations are like mercenaries, paid to do their work. Though they are controlled by central banks, who is feeding money to these corporations? It is each of us who are the source of funding, with our consumer spending and also our taxes, used to pay the military contractors, known as the military-industrial complex. Who makes the decisions on where taxes are spent? Congress. Who controls Congress? The American Israel Public Affairs Committee AIPAC and the FED, both Zionist, control Congress. It has taken me some time to realize that Zionists control the West. I understood it was banksters, and I understood the chief Rothschild banksters were Jewish, but it didn’t occur to me that little Israel could be the benefactor and organizer of so much control. The discovery of the statement by first Prime Minister of Israel in Look magazine in 1962 (to right) finally implicated the nexus behind the New World Order. Also recently I discovered that Israel was…

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There Are No Republicans or Democrats

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There are lots of proofs that both Republican and Democratic parties are just a stage show to waste our time, but this little youtube below demonstrates it in a final way you will never forget. Before we go there, check out the Illuminati pyramid with all seeing eye on top of the Supreme Court Building in Jerusalem, built by Dorothy Rothschild. (The Rothschilds controlled the English Empire and control the central banks of the world. They created the FED through Jacob Schiff who also created NAACP, Anti-defamation League, and Bolshevik revolution. The Roth-efellers  financed Hitler, created The League of Nations, The UN, the Council of Foreign Relations…  Dorothy Rothschild built this building below.) Then, in short youtube below, watch your elected representatives, who are marching to same puppet masters that Israel is marching to.  You don’t have to watch it all, the first few minutes is bad enough.  Is there democracy in USA or justice in Israel?  Use your eyes.  At bottom, meet the man.     Save

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