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Review of Video – Q Anon: The Plan To Save The World – Stillness in the Storm

I already sent to all my friends the awful Time mag cover that is on newsstand’s now. 

Here it is again
Donald Trump

Time magazine cover for last week of June 2018. Notice the slanderous titles of articles and the alibi for Mueller.

Let’s say Trump is a big egoist, and if that is true, will he let this go or get pissed and motivated to stop the fake news? 
Now, about this video (link) about the plan to save world… Is Qanon actually hope porn or not?  We are told that there are sealed indictments ready to arrest the elite.  Fools like fabricator Ben Fulford (sorry believers) say there are 35,000 sealed indictments, but I sent you all the breakdown of what is and is not an indictment, 
and the count does not mean there are thousands or even hundreds or even one of the deep state criminals in those 35,000.  
The latest is that we are told by Q supporters that Trump (or good guys) are waiting for October 2018 election to start arrests. The message of video is counting on this.
Okay, great!  Wonderful!  May it be done in a way that is a great awakening. Great! Awesome! Hurray!
However, what if nothing happens?   Then, can we all agree that this Q was a psy-op to distract truthers?  How long will you wait?  Some people will wait years.  Some people will wait the rest of their lives. Hope porn.
Well, we will see, and meanwhile, be prudent, stock up on everything,and get out of the cities, because no matter what, 1) there are too many people, and 2) the future will not be smooth no matter who is in charge or what you think…. That is, the future will not be smooth despite whatever you imagine, so forget imagining and get down to food, shelter, and clothing.
There is nothing new in video so I don’t recommend it.  There is NO plan to save world from consumerism, therefore I don’t know what world or ecosystem or life on Earth that these people are talking about, but we are told by video that there is a plan to bust the bankster pedophile illuminati criminals and those following Q will be “your guidance.”  What will they say? Heaven on Earth is almost here, so no worries?  Will Trump suddenly support indigenous peoples?
No. He will not. Trump is part of the dominant culture and so are the supposed good guys and the makers of these videos.
Important!  The video does not mentioned that Trump is a zionist so zionist criminals like Roth-efellers and central banks will, in fact, not be busted, because Israel will not be busted, so 911 will not be exposed, etc etc.  
See, it is hope porn, BUT, if Trump is an egoist and fries the media and fries the zionists who control it that might give sane people a chance to plan for a realistic future that includes humans, not transhumanism. 
See the limits everyone? He cannot fry the media because it is run by Jews.  He will never end fake news.  See it. Understand this.
So, we might have a real ego fight going down, but not an idealogical fight, because Trump is Jewish. Don’t ever forget that… see here(link)
And his vaunted daughter Ivanka is now Jewish, married to Jared Kushner, committed to genocide against Palestinians, as is also,  Trump appointee Nikki Haley who is already being named as a possible presidential candidate.
All this is supposedly interesting for info addicts.
For real, all this is a million times better than Killary.  I might be dead if Killary was elected because I produced this video…


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