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Transcript: David Icke – The Silicon Valley, Singularity University, Google, Facebook Transhumanist Nightmare

Below, April 1, 2017 update on globalist backing of transhumanism. Bottom is embedded youtube on Sperm collapse especially  in West.

Transcript of

Silicon Valley, Home to the Transhumanist Nightmare – David Icke Videocast Trailer

Hello, I’m sitting here with the Singularity University in Silicon Valley, in the center of NASA Research Park. All around me here are high tech firms into space tech and that whole area of cutting edge research.

I have come here to Singularity University because it sounds kind of nondescript and nothing of great importance to humanity, but it is, because among the people who created this University is Ray Kurzweil, one of the great PR men for Frankenstein and the transhumanist nightmare. And the whole agenda is for humanity to have tech put inside the brain, Nano tech in the end, that you can even breathe in. We call it smart dust, Nano-bots and other “smart” names. This tech will connect the human mind to what I’ve been writing about for years, called the tech sub-reality.

But the like of Kurzweil that set up this university, with others, call this “The Cloud” and they say humans will be connected to the cloud by 2030, no time from now really. As he puts it, we will think through the gateways in the cloud where the cloud will do more and more human thinking, until it does all the thinking for us.

So what we are looking at is the complete hi-jacking by “The Cloud”, of the human conscious mind and immediate sub-conscious mind, by those who control “The Cloud”, [this is] what AI [artificial intelligence] really is. And that will be artificial intelligence, that will have the agenda that is programmed, or it chooses to have, and they will be open about it, trying to sell it as being Super Human.

We see the sales pitch that by being connected to this “Cloud.” We will be able to do things and understand things the human mind cannot.

And in fact the whole term “Singularity” refers to the point where artificial intelligence becomes greater in potential than the human conscious mind.

So what they are saying is, if you connect your brain, mind to this tech cloud, you will be Super Human… You will be able to think like the machines can, how the AI can. So it is of course complete bullocks. Of course it is complete nonsense.

It is not about making us super human, it is about making us sub-human. It’s about the end of humanity as we know it, in terms of anything even approaching free thought or free perception, because perception will be coming from “The Cloud” to conscious mind. Thus the conscious mind will be thinking “I have a thought, I agree, I oppose” but it won’t be the human mind reaching those conclusions it will be the CLOUD.smart-phone-zombies

It is the entire agenda of this transhumanist nightmare unfolding around us…the complete take over of human thought and emotion.

We are being taken down that road step by step in a very coordinated way. First you get people addicted to tech they can hold…. Look around you all over the world to groups of young people. Look at them, and the rest of the world doesn’t exist, only the screen of the smart phone [exists] as the mind gets attached to the tech. [The] focus of the attention in effect [is] the expression of “The Cloud”.

The next step is getting tech ON the body and we are well into that. Wearables. The step before implantable; that is your smart watches, google glasses.

The next step, manipulated from the start, putting tech in the body, connected to “The Cloud” and taking over human thinking.

The purpose of this “University” is to promote just that. So much will be going on to advance this agenda of the tech control of the human mind, whether it this University or putting satellites up to bathe us in Wi-Fi because if you are going to connect everyone you must have Wi-Fi everywhere.

Names connected to this, people might not think of…Goggle is a search engine right? Facebook is just a way to keep up with your friend’s right? No. They are much more than that.

153-googletakeoverNow let’s have look at Google… So here we are just a few miles down the freeway in Silicon Valley at Google. It’s not a coincidence is so close to NASA research area and Singularity Universe. People think of it as a search engine, which gives it enormous power because of its domination of the search engine arena, so that through algorithms, codes, they can manipulate the subjects and articles that appear most prominently on their lists.

So there information says Hillary Clinton is the most favored and bad things about her are being suppressed insofar as your ability to find them on Google. So the potential is there to manipulate info, by its domination of search potential on the internet.

But it is far more than that….because Google is a prime driver in this transhumanist agenda, in league with DARPA, the tech development arm of the Pentagon, one of most sinister agencies on Earth, developing death rays, surveillance tech, mind control, effect ways of killing.

This combo of DARPA and Google is at the forefront of pushing the transhuman agenda and Kurzweil is also an executive at Google, called chief futurist, or something like that, so you begin to see explanations for strange happenings.

Some years ago a lady named Regina Dugan, head executive of DARPA moved from DARPA in a strange career move to Google. But when you do the research and see what’s going on… It was then actually in effect an interdepartmental transfer.

Google is fundamentally involved in this entire scenario. They recently took over a company called Boston Dynamics, one of the prime organizations developing AI controlled machines, smaller-145d-darpa-m15robots who are under contract to…DARPA!

And this combo is extremely important to understand in relation to this agenda of control, connecting the human mind to the tech CLOUD.

Also in development is a robot army. I have long talked about the creation of the World Army for the World Government, but one step further is, in the end they don’t want that to be an army of humans, but an army of machines controlled by AI, making the decisions of who to kill and who to bomb.

And this isn’t me surmising or pulling this out of the ether, you see this now in news headlines as these techs come to light, high tech, where in Dallas we had the first killing by a robot, claimed to be [because of a] shooting at police.

So we are now in an arena of sci-fi and sci-fi is supposed to be fiction projecting into the future, coming from imagination, but is now science fact and is all around us, being driven by the Singularity University and Google.

Google has changed much of its company’s name to ALPHABET, a reason for that I would strongly suggest, because all of these areas that they are involved in, have become so vastly much more than just a search engine.Chart of Alphabet, Google's new parent company

Google has become such a buzz word that when people see or hear it, it registers with them so they wanted to avoid the situation that was gathering, that Google’s into transhumanism agenda, Google this, Google that, and [the name] is so known to people that they changed the name to Alphabet to miss-identify.

So, we need to watch people like Kurzweil, Singularity University, and organizations like Google, like a hawk with a telescope, because we are being manipulated into literally giving our minds away to tech controlled by artificial intelligence.

Then the question comes, which I talk about all over the world, “What is this AI, who controls the AI?”

I think when you look at it, see what it really is, you realize it is more than just tech.

(Change of location in video)

So, here we are a few more miles down the road…. at Facebook. Cool! The t-shirt! I’m one of you!


Notice Star of David in the logo. “Making the world….”

It’s [not] just social media platform, but it is more than that. Let’s start with its increasing censorship. You know when you are building a communication platform where you are trawling peoples private lives and communication, all over the world, you seem to be the cool guy.

When you are big enough you begin to manifest what you were actually created for ; not a vehicle for free flow information but to begin to dictate what can and cannot be heard.

So what we are seeing more and more with these giants of the internet, YouTube, owned by Google, is more and more censorship of information that challenges the official version of everything. So what we are being told through the media is “the what” that they want us to hear, half-truths, packs of lies supporting the narrative.

In terms of YouTube, the alternative media that was previously monetized [could earn and share proceeds with Youtube], they are now demonetizing videos that challenge the official story of anything, particularly wars and terrorist attacks, because they know so many in alternative media get the money to function. So many of them now cannot function so that is a very targeted effort to break down the alternative media ability to function.

Then we come to Facebook and I know about this myself, because so often you will post things opposing the narrative…you get banned (for a period of time) for posting things people have a right to see and hear.

Now FB now struts around, tossing their power around. No one will ever convince me Zuckerberg runs this place, because when you research it, you find these giants actually answer to the same masters, part of the same web.

zuckerberg-book-kissinger-facebook-halfFB is just a strand in the web that dictates to them, as it does the direction and behavior of Google, masks on the same web, and the same spider of the web.

zuckerberg-obama-kissingerThis censorship that is going on is really coordinated through the web. If you look at FB thru the Transhuman point of view, we have this agenda to attach the human mind to the Wi-Fi CLOUD, a tech AI generated sub-reality, would do more and more human thinking… to, it will do all the human thinking.

Wi-Fi to cover every inch of the planet NASA, DARPA, GOOGLE (ALPHABET), FaceBook… a rocket explosion at Cape Canaveral by SpaceX. Elon Musk, he has been one of the people who says we must implant tech or we can’t keep up with the AI of the future. But that rocket exploded, planned to send a satellite for FB to bathe Africa in Wi-Fi! [To connect and destroy remote isolated cultures and assimilate them into the monoculture, the “singularity”, the one world government.]

This is what all these satellites are doing to bathe the planet in “The Cloud” to attach human minds to.

So this is what is unfolding before our eyes, the epicenter is in Silicon Valley, very close to each other, the epi-center we need to become aware of or we will be sleep walking into this transhumanist agenda….

(Transcription by Joey Hart. Compiled by Ray Songtree, Kauai Transparency Initiative Non-Profit Books.)

Elon Musk Unveils the Brain-Computer Interface

…this technology comes as a double-edged sword, and when that sword is wielded for evil, the possibility for outright control of the human species (or the new cyborg subspecies), is there, too…

James Corbett | April 1, 2017

Bill Kochevar just scooped a forkful of mashed potatoes into his own mouth. No cause for celebration, you say? Well, it is when you consider that Kochevar is a quadriplegic, paralyzed below his shoulders in a cycling accident eight years ago. He hasn’t scooped a forkful of mashed potatoes or anything else into his own mouth since then. [Video in article]

So what changed? Just the two pill-sized, 96-channel electrode arrays implanted on the surface of his brain by a team of neurosurgeons. Well, that and the 36-electrode “muscle activation system” that helps translate Kochevar’s thoughts into muscular activity.

As Case Western Reserve University, which directed the research leading to this momentous forkful, explains in their press release on the case: “The arrays record brain signals created when Kochevar imagines movement of his own arm and hand. The brain-computer interface extracts information from the brain signals about what movements he intends to make, then passes the information to command the electrical stimulation system.”

It’s hard to dispute that this is anything short of a modern medical miracle…

…which is exactly why we’re going to be hearing a lot more about these types of “making cripples walk again”-type stories in the near future, and a lot less about the truly horrific potential of the brain/computer interface technologies that are slowly being revealed to the public.

Neural smart dust? Mind reading technologies? Tranhumanism? Never mind all that, look at this cripple type! What have you got against paralyzed people, you bigoted, heartless monster!

Enter Elon Musk. As we should all know by now, he’s the huckster behind multiple government-sponsored Ponzi schemes that he can strategically exit when times get tough, leaving taxpayers holding the bag.

Having made his first $22 million with the sale of his “Zip2” web software company in February 1999, Musk launched X.com, one of the first online financial service companies, the following month. X.com then merged with its main competitor, Confinity, which had a money transfer service called PayPal. Musk served as CEO of the PayPal conglomerate until 2000 and remained its largest shareholder until it was bought out by eBay in 2002 for a cool $1.5 billion. Musk pocketed $165 million from the deal.

From there, Musk founded SpaceX, which borrows money from the government at ridiculously low interest rates, and Tesla, which borrows money from the government at ridiculously low interest rates, and SolarCity, which borrows from SpaceX and Tesla. Neither Tesla nor SolarCity actually make money, but in the age of entities like YouTube, which boasts a billion users but still has “no timetable” on reaching profitability, perhaps we can chalk that up to the “new normal.”

As MarketSlant noted in their expose of Musk’s three-way government-sponsored arbitrage scheme last fall: “Elon Musk now has 2 companies that do not make money [Tesla and SolarCity]. He has 1 that makes money from prepayments for services yet to be given [SpaceX]. All are financed by the US taxpayer at ridiculously below market rates. The table is now set for financing using inflated currency (sound familiar?) in the form of Tesla stock to get real cash in Mr. Musk’s pockets.”

Now the story of how Musk parlayed his government-created Tesla fortune to help bail out his government-sponsored SpaceX venture through his SolarCity venture is a fascinating example of a multi-billion dollar shell game in action, but that misses the point. The real question to ask is how this PhD dropout from nowhere in particular was able to found a financial service company in the late 1990s that received FDIC insurance. Or how he worked out the exceptionally low financing from the government for his SpaceX venture. Or how he then managed to bilk another $5 billion out of Uncle Sam to underwrite his (unprofitable) Tesla venture.

If you answered by saying that all of these unlikely business ventures would have been impossible for the average, unconnected Joe Schmoe, you’d be completely right. But Musk is not the average, unconnected Joe Schmoe. He’s like Beelzebub, popping up every time the worlds of government funding, military research and Bilderberg technocrats collide.

When Larry Page, Travis Kalanick and other Silicon (spy) Valley billionaires gathered for the DARPA Robotic Challenge in 2015, there was Musk, scouting the scene.

When convicted IMF criminal Christine Lagarde, World Bank head Jim Kim and 100 other global misleaders gathered in the UAE for the World Government Summit earlier this year (yes, there really is such a thing), there was Musk, arguing that humans will have to merge with machines as they work toward the world government utopia.

And now that brain/computer interface technologies are making headlines, here’s Musk to cash in on the trend. And, as usual, he has big name financial support backing him.

The new venture is called “Neuralink.” It is being billed as a “medical research company” working on crafting brain-computer interface technology. As with everything else surrounding everything Musk ever does, the orgy of publicity for Neuralink in the mainstream press has made this new company sound like the most blockbuster, game-changing business venture since…well, since Musk’s last venture. You know, the one about boring tunnels…or something. Or was that a joke?

Neuralink is touting the idea of “neural lace,” an imaginary invention from the science fiction of British novelist Iain M. Banks. Neural lace refers to a semi-organic mesh that is grown on the cerebral cortex, allowing for a direct brain-computer interface. Lost in the hype over Musk’s announcement of Neuralink this week is that neural lace-type research has already been going on for years and the “invention of neural lace” was first announced in 2015. But here comes Musk to bring the conversation into the public arena, and oh, by the way, cure Parkinson’s along the way. Or something like that.

It’s important to understand that what we are witnessing is the thin edge of a massive public indoctrination campaign to love and accept the brain chip. As far-fetched as that may sound to people who aren’t paying attention, I assure you that we are closer to the implementation of this technology than many would like to believe.

It’s been a full 50 years since Jose Delgado demonstrated the ability to stop charging bulls dead in their tracks via electrodes implanted in its brain.

It’s been 15 years since researchers announced the birth of the “Robo Rat,” a radio-controlled rat that could be steered in any direction by implanting electrodes in its brain.

And it’s been 5 years since the first online tutorials appeared teaching enterprising young children how to remote control cockroaches by way of some simple neurosurgery and repurposed Hexburg circuit boards.

But if you think this child’s play is the cutting edge of brain-computer interface technology, then you haven’t been paying attention.

Our good friends at DARPA (yes, that DARPA) have pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into their “Brain Initiative,” a research initiative to map, understand and manipulate the brain, including a project to design implants that monitor and analyze brain activity in real time and multiple programs for increasing the speed and reducing the size of brain-computer interface technology.

Neural dust,” tiny devices that can be implanted in the human body to analyze its activity, already exist, and are already as small as a grain of sand. As the name implies, the goal is further miniaturization to enable implantation directly in the brain.

Meanwhile, Musk’s old company, Paypal, is musing about brain implants as the best solution to the problem of having to remember all those pesky passwords.

These technologies are already here, they just need a dynamic, PR-friendly face to sell them to the public. And that is Elon Musk’s role in this.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Musk has been at the forefront of preparing the public, problem-reaction-solution style, for a future they would otherwise never accept. Remember how world government proponent Stephen Hawking and billionaire eugenicist Bill Gates joined Musk in warning us all about the potential species-ending threat of AI in 2015? And remember how Musk then formed “OpenAI,” a non-profit research company, to help develop AI technology in an open, transparent, responsible, accountable way so we can all breathe easy? And remember how Bilderberger Peter Thiel helped bankroll that initiative?

Well, have you seen what conclusion Musk has come to about what we need to do to solve the AI problem? Why, merge with the machines, of course! (If you can’t beat ’em, become ’em, hey?!)

Problem. Reaction. Solution.

And now we have brain-computer interfaces that are helping the paralyzed to move and promising to cure Parkinson’s and revolutionize medicine in all sorts of other amazing ways. And those promises are real, and they’re here, and they’re important.

But this technology comes as a double-edged sword, and when that sword is wielded for evil, the possibility for outright control of the human species (or the new cyborg subspecies, or whatever is being created) is there, too, and it’s being overseen by friendly government/military agencies like DARPA.

Oh, but here’s the best part: Neuralink is being backed by Bilderberger Peter Thiel, too.

So, who wants to be the first to volunteer to have a brain chip implanted by the Bilderbergers? It’s for a good cause, honest…

Bombshell: sacrificing children to the state of California: SB18: Organized and paid for by Silicon Valley Corporations



Watch out for the big money behind this operation: it’s the secret

By Jon Rappoport
This article is dedicated to Patrick Wood, author of Technocracy Rising, a book everyone should read. Yesterday.
A bill introduced by the notorious Richard Pan, the mover and shaker behind the mandatory vaccination law in CA—this new one, SB18, is a grab-bag of generalities basically giving over care of children to the State.
Catch the flavor of the wording. It emerges like swamp gas: “The Legislature finds and declares that all children and youth, regardless of gender, class, race, ethnicity, national origin, culture, religion, immigration status, sexual orientation, or ability, [and they will be made equal to be “fair”] have inherent rights that entitle them to protection, special care, and assistance [from the state] including, but not limited to, the following: The right to parents, guardians, or caregivers who act in their best interest. [This is in a law? Why? Keep reading.] The right to form healthy attachments with adults responsible for their care and well-being. [There it is, the right to have attachments with whoever takes care of them. This will include state boarding schools as parenting is sidelined by gender neutral training.] The right to live in a safe [as defined by state] and healthy [vaccinated] environment. The right to social and emotional well-being. [As defined by state psychologists.] The right to opportunities to attain optimal [as defined by state] cognitive, physical, and social [socially engineered] development. The right to appropriate [transgender bathrooms]  quality [as defined by Common Core as of this writing] education and life skills [as profiled] leading to self-sufficiency [school debt and fair entitlements] in adulthood. The right to appropriate, quality health care. [vaccinations, chips] “
As if all these outcomes could be delivered to children on a silver platter.
And the State would make it so.
This bill is basically setting up the population of California for state regulatory agencies to fill in the blanks later, to make specific controls out of the vague generalities in the bill. Get it?
“Medical care and nutrition and parenting and education are what we say they are. We define and enforce, you obey.”
SB18 is also an invitation to immigrants anywhere in the world who can get to California with their children, or will give birth to children after arriving: “Just be here and we’ll take care of you.”
But let’s go to the money. In SB18, a group is referred to: the Peninsula Partnership Leadership Council. This Council has already written a children’s bill of rights, and SB18 is saying this is the model. This is the framework. This the pattern they’re following.
That’s odd.
Pay attention. This is where it becomes VERY interesting.
The Peninsula Partnership is a group organized within the San Mateo County Office of Education. One piddling little California county education department.
The Peninsula Partnership Leadership Council (PPLC) is composed of the San Mateo County Superintendent of Schools, the County Board of Supervisors and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.
It’s a non-profit that has assets of $7.3 BILLION. It runs 1800 philanthropic funds. Here are some of its corporate partners:

Alexza Pharmaceuticals. Microsoft. Pepsico Foundation. Cisco. Hewlett Packard. Dell. Symantec. Unilever. Plus something called the SV2 Silicon Valley Social Venture Fund, “building and scaling social inventions.”  

For some reason, this huge Foundation is pushing a children’s bill of rights that is reflected in a new CA bill, SB18, that will eventually make the State the top-dog controlling force over all children in California.  

You can bet these corporate partners will reap profits. Beyond that, this is their version of a MASSIVE social engineering program. And that program is part of a technocratic movement to plan, format, and run the lives of the population from cradle to grave, because…    

The hi-tech scientists and engineers know best.   It’s that stark.   They should rule the future because they can plot and chart it out, based on their version (you weren’t consulted) of “greatest good for the greatest number.”  

The best place to start? THE CHILDREN. 

This is TECHNOCRACY INC. at work.   This is what’s behind SB18, and none of the hi-tech giants see a problem at all. All they see is a “scientific” solution that’s best for everyone.  

They’re taking new steps and leading us into the promised land.  

This is the big picture, and it’s bigger than any election or political party. It’s THE PLANNED SOCIETY.  

It absolutely ignores your freedom or independent choice.


click on image below to start audio youtube discussing collapsing sperm count and why…

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