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Movie Crazy Rich Asians – Creating the One World Mono-Culture

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The 2018 movie Crazy Rich Asians is a slick, well acted romantic comedy, which disguises the true motives of movie. Beneath the sensation of being entertained is subliminal mind programming and the social engineering of masses. Though allegedly a sometimes rowdy, sometimes sentimental, stereotype-shattering fun fest, the film begins with this quote, letting us know the true agenda of movie makers…   “China is a sleeping giant. Let her sleep, for when she wakes she will move the world.” Historians know that Mao was placed and funded by the Rothschild central bankers, and that Mao’s Little Red Book was written by his finance and propaganda minister, Israel Epstein. We have watched how whole factories were shipped to Chinese slave towns in “free trade,” tariff-less deals, bringing mass unemployment to Americans. Now we see companies such as Apple Inc. abusing the population there, all at the expense of China’s once clean water and air. But Communist China is okay with this. Why?   China is simply a puppet in the geo-political chess game of international centralization. In this game, the purpose of competition is to wear down differences. (Hegelian Dialectic)  The Chinese puppet government has been promised prominence in the future, therefore, the Chinese government allows human rights abuses and pollution by Western tech giants. It is now even beginning to allow Google control over it’s people. (and here). The big money, (ultimately controlled by same central bankers who funded Communism) that moved to China after its “Open Door Policy” (and since) has promised…

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Is Trump Already Finished? — Paul Craig Roberts – Jan 13, 2017

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Is Trump Already Finished? — Paul Craig Roberts January 13, 2017      by Paul Craig Roberts   It did not take long before we knew there was no hope of change from President Obama. But at least he went into his inauguration with an unprecedented number of Americans on the Mall showing their support for the President of Change. Hope was abundant. But with Trump, we are already losing faith, if not yet with him, at least with his choice of those who comprise his government even before Trump is inaugurated. Trump’s choice for Secretary of State not only sounds like the neoconservatives in declaring Russia to be a threat to the United States and all of Europe, but also sounds like Hillary Clinton in declaring the South China Sea to be an area of US dominance. One would think that the chaiman of Exxon was not an idiot, but I am no longer sure. In his confirmation hearing, Rex Tillerson said that China’s access to its own South China Sea is “not going to be allowed.” Here is Tillerson’s statement: “We’re going to have to send China a clear signal that first, the island-building stops, and second, your access to those islands also not going to be allowed.” I mean, really, what is Tillerson going to do about it except get the world blown up. China’s response was as pointed as a response can be: Tillerson “should not be misled into thinking that Beijing will be fearful of threats. If…

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Jungua (China) Allows Two Children per Couple

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https://www.bing.com/search?q=china+children+policy&pc=MOZI&form=MOZSBR I visited Jungua and Tibet in 2010. What I saw in China was that the one child policy is mostly for cities, while rural people have as many kids as they want. Only people who do not understand overpopulation and resource depletion can be completely against the need to curb population and restrict the number of children. It was and is necessary. If one raises chickens, there can be too many chickens. If one raises fish, there can be too many fish. It was wise to try to curb population, and maybe only draconian measures could work, but China doubled it’s population in 40 years anyway. We in West cannot be sure of the rationale behind the change of rules. Allowing more children per couple now to insure “growth” or to take care of an “aging population” would mean short term gain for those who are in power.  In long run, the disaster of overpopulation is more guaranteed if more children are allowed. The New World Order includes China. Remember Mao was dean at Yale China. He was placed and funded just like Lenin and Bolsheviks. The Rothschilds and secret societies have controlled China ever since the Opium Wars. At the same time, The New World Order wants conflict and Jungua has been attacked with earth quake weapons and more.  The New World Order wants to depopulate society. China is killing  itself with wireless frequencies and chemicals and poisoned ground water.  The future is not healthy for China or…

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Waking up ultimately means changing our lifestyle – China and the New World Disorder by Nicole Foss

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I am reposting this excellent article. It is important that you the reader forget any paper assets, as their worth is unsustainable, and that you invest in farm land, tools, food storage, water purification and any thing your family might need to make it through this end of the bubble we call progress. This is not doom and gloom. This is rebalancing with nature and the Earth and living sustainably again.  Waking up ultimately means changing our lifestyle. China And The New World Disorder  by Nicole Foss, Aug 4, 2015  (attribute is unclear on the Automatic Earth site… here is URL ) Nicole Foss: Our consistent theme here at the Automatic Earth since its inception has been that we are facing a very powerful deflationary depression, following on from the bursting of an epic financial bubble. What we have witnessed in our three decades of expansion and inflation is nothing short of a monetary supernova, and that period has been the just culmination of a much larger upward trend going back many decades at least. We have lived through a credit hyper-expansion for the record books, with an unprecedented generation of excess claims to underlying real wealth. In doing so we have created the largest financial departure from reality in human history. Bubbles are not new – humanity has experienced them periodically going all the way back to antiquity – but the novel aspect of this one, apart from its scale, is its occurrence at a point when we have…

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