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Jungua (China) Allows Two Children per Couple


I visited Jungua and Tibet in 2010. What I saw in China was that the one child policy is mostly for cities, while rural people have as many kids as they want.

Only people who do not understand overpopulation and resource depletion can be completely against the need to curb population and restrict the number of children. It was and is necessary. If one raises chickens, there can be too many chickens. If one raises fish, there can be too many fish. It was wise to try to curb population, and maybe only draconian measures could work, but China doubled it’s population in 40 years anyway.

We in West cannot be sure of the rationale behind the change of rules. Allowing more children per couple now to insure “growth” or to take care of an “aging population” would mean short term gain for those who are in power.  In long run, the disaster of overpopulation is more guaranteed if more children are allowed.

The New World Order includes China. Remember Mao was dean at Yale China. He was placed and funded just like Lenin and Bolsheviks. The Rothschilds and secret societies have controlled China ever since the Opium Wars. At the same time, The New World Order wants conflict and Jungua has been attacked with earth quake weapons and more.  The New World Order wants to depopulate society.

China is killing  itself with wireless frequencies and chemicals and poisoned ground water.  The future is not healthy for China or the West because the globalists who control both are pushing dangerous environmental diseases.

It appears to me that the leaders of Jungua, like the leaders in the West, have not educated their citizens.  In Jungua everyone wants a car just like Americans. This is unsustainable and irresponsible. China could have led the world with a transit system but instead has wasted time and resources on automobiles.  So, we do not see wise planning in China, just as we do not see wise planning in the West. The God of “growth” at the expense of future generations has intoxicated both leaders and citizens.

There are foolish people that might believe China is now more free but it isn’t. If city people in Jungua have more than two children, they will get in trouble.  So China is not more free.  Children will have siblings, which is great, but a population disaster is coming. China is so overcrowded already it is very sad. No one can walk on park lawns, because the lawns would get destroyed. The more people there are, the more pollution also.

The solution for China and for the West is the same.  The leadership must stop being secretive and the discussion of society’s challenges must be completely open. Then the solution must be enacted at the local level and big government needs to deconstruct itself. Each local region needs to assess its own future and needs. Then people will be invested in the plan for their communities, instead of being told what to do. This is called re-localization.

There is great sickness coming to both Jungua and West because of environmental contamination.  The healing will not come from the top elite, because they are the ones who allowed the poison.


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