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Free Energy Proponent Foster Gamble Supports Trump, And Even a Channeled Entity

Foster Gamble joins many in liking Trump. Video interview below.

Hillary Clinton is a career criminal and is loved by the corrupt swamp of media and government, so I myself prefer Trump also, who amazingly is keeping his campaign promises,  however…

As my readers know, free energy translates to the endless environmental impact statement, extremely sick.  The idea that a tech can help nature is about as stupid as saying a GMO human is a good idea.

Who will regulate free energy? Well, an enlightened one world government, of course!  Who will decide who is enlightened? Well, aliens of course!

Now some may think I am being sarcastic about aliens because you might think we are alone in universe. We aren’t, and our civilization is built on ET tech.

If you think David Icke is crazy, see this six minute video.

Ecologically illiterate people all over the map don’t understand why I would care about the Earth Mother.

Human supremacists can’t imagine that there are millions of other species who don’t need humans at all.  In the supremacist mind, nature is for post cards and vacations. Nature is what humans will manage, because might makes right, and since we think we can improve upon millions of years of natural balance, we damn well should!

As a side line, the channeled entity Ramtha has come out in favor of Trump and has said Trump will be protected…


Last December 8, 2016, Ramtha Predicted that UFOs Would Trail President Trump’s Plane and Described the Significance of these Coming Events for Disclosure

“The first time he looks out the window of his mighty-fine, used-but-nice jet and sees two silver discs waving beside him as an escort, he is going to know it all. This is a man who is not afraid. He is going to know it all. Not only will he learn about the energy systems that have been kept from the American people and the world, used exclusively for the military and the privileged, he is going to expose it all. He had no problem doing what he has just done. He is fearless. He is fearless, because he is an optimist. He knows there is more that can be made. Do you understand?”
“You will learn that there are other alien civilizations. The whole world will learn it.”

— Ramtha   December 8 2016, Yelm, WA

Two weeks later….

Journalist and RSE student Michael Knight published in his North Star Newsletter, January 21, 2017, the news going viral in social media reporting UFOs flying right by the military plane taking president-elect Donald Trump from New York to Washington on Thursday January 19, 2017, for the Presidential Inauguration to be held January 20, 2017. The UFOs were spotted in a FOX10 News report featuring the take-off and departure from New York’s La Guardia airport.  See the video stream from FOX News here, and watch carefully, especially at minute 2:55, to spot the unidentified flying objects zooming by the airplane at great speeds!

Ramtha’s full Prophecy Teaching from December 8, 2016 is available online on-demand to all RSE students.


Below video Foster Gamble Interview,   Feb 27, 2017

Luke Rudkowski interviews proponent of disruptive (that is accurate term) technology and creator of the Thrive documentary, Foster Gamble. Many rumors have circulated about Donald Trump releasing new technologies that the U.S government has kept secret and in this video we give you some context

“… The knowledge this person has to rescue people will change everything in our environment.”  – minute 7:20 

Hello? Since when is changing everything a good idea? For who? For what?  For utopia?   To me Foster Gamble is utterly deluded, but techies just gush over his supremacist visions, and I wonder if Ramtha joins this.  For the ecologically illiterate, see this essay.

Below Luke Rudkowski interview with G.Edward Griffin about FED. Griffin is not so gushing.

Below Max Igan asks the right questions.

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  • panos says:

    If there was such a thing as true free energy, these AI idiots would not mess up this earth for thousands of years.
    Technology needs mining even if it runs on thin air.Technology corrodes very easily and needs repairing and replacement most of the times which needs more mining.

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