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The Myth of Prosperity and Free Energy Utopia

The Myth of Prosperity and Free Energy Utopia 

by Ray Songtree

“In reality, Darwin showed us that evolution does not progress toward an ideal concept or model, but rather is a work of tinkering toward adaptation in local niches.” 

– James Kozubek is author of Modern Prometheus: Editing the Human Genome with Crispr-Cas9.

If our coordinates of understanding are not grounded in reality, they will not serve us. These days many memes exist in a bubble of fantasy. That is dangerous. Let’s start by looking first at “growth.”

Unlimited growth on a limited planet is neither logical nor possible, and unlimited energy on a limited planet is also impossible. This is a central understanding. It is called ecology.

Globalists such as Dr. Steven Greer, who I have met, want Big Brother to regulate the use of unlimited free energy. That is, he wants a one world government.  No thanks.  Greer thinks he will pick the wise council that will govern the world and regulate free energy devices. He is collecting money from salivating groupies for a big announcement next year of ‘free energy’ to ‘save the world,’ but he doesn’t have such a device, “which we know exists.”  He, like Foster Gamble of the Thrive Movement as well as many other activists such as Josh Del Sol maker of film Take Back Your Power, or Richard Heinberg of Post-Carbon Institute, think that peace and abundance will come with shared prosperity, but this is not true.

Material prosperity means extraction. Material prosperity will lead to material scarcity.  Heinberg, who wrote book Peak Everything, should know this. The more energy that is available, the faster the material scarcity comes. With scarcity comes competition, so no matter how many free energy chain saws are produced, people will fight over the remaining trees.  Also, material wealth is never uniform, and jealousy comes with material prosperity, not peace.

For this reason most indigenous tribes prohibited hoarding. Many had no word for thank you. In those sustainable cultures, “We share as a matter of course, and always have, so why would anyone notice that someone shared, or beg by saying please.”

Sharing used to be personal. It was not rations from a computer.


Fair Rations

Technology has brought to natural living the ability to hoard.  The first thing that was hoarded were metal weapons which enabled more hoarding. We see then that stone age lifestyle, which any of us could learn, is more moral because there is more sharing and less hoarding.

Today, the “World Order” says it wants ‘equity’, which means the machine will give us all “equal” rations, to be fair you know.  A machine cannot be generous or share.  Someone who knows how to grow food might share and give you something to eat. A machine can only dispense.

Thus we have left behind morality and goodness and sharing, and come to efficiency. This is the social democracy sharing promoted by the groupies of Bernie Sanders, who have not thought any of this through.

Heaven is static but there is no such thing

Another central coordinate of understanding is that ‘peace’ will never exist anywhere, only movement.

There is nothing static in the multi-verse, and borders are not static either. No two populations reproduce at equal rates. Border disputes will go on forever, because borders move. Again, nothing is static. Borders must be enforced or they are not borders.  If we want diversity, then we need to believe in borders, and that means don’t cross our border or else.  Boundaries determine definitions of quality. It is healthy to have different definitions of quality. This is called cultural diversity.

We want a dynamic world, not a static one.  It is very difficult for many people to think that there will only be movement and change forever. There is some part of the ego that wants to be separate from that, to be aloof, ascended, and beyond the circle of existence. Some part of us wants to be beyond change, and perhaps that part of us is just vanity.

Peace will never exist in a multi-verse of ceaseless movement, therefore, peace as a talking point is a psy-op, a head trip, a trick.  In reality, you must maintain your boundaries or someone else will.

If this rubs you wrong, it is because we have been indoctrinated by a century of “World Order” social engineering to “imagine” peace (imaginary peace) under Big Brother. We need to think rationally, instead of imagine. John Lennon never thought about any of this. Maybe he was stoned when he wrote the song “Imagine.”

Again, peace is another word for static.  Everything is movement, which means nothing is peace.

Another reason there will never be static permanent peace, even between two people, is because two beings cannot have the same perspective, view, opinion, direction. People never agree, they defer up to a breaking point. 

This is called differentiation.  You and I are two, not one. We are two. From that comes respect. (Another discussion) There will only be differentiation forever,  movement, change, and never peace.

The only thing permanent is impermanence is one way to say it.

(By the way, this is what makes Buddhism both unique and profound.  Buddha observed impermanence, infinity, and movement. These are three words for same thing, existence. By awakening from the illusion of permanence, finite, and static, he became very clear and learned how to deprogram others. Many people these days need to hear sermons about “love” to be able to “resonate.” but they are resonating to a herd type of love. If we are to walk the talk, we don’t talk about love, we serve. No talk. Do it!  Buddha’s dying words were, “Be a light on to yourselves.”)

If we flow with nature, we will adapt. If we are committed to “peace” and trying to create a permanent status quo somehow, in our imaginations, separate from nature, we do not flow. Then the enforced peace becomes tyranny. I have just outlined the rational of Kissinger and Facebook Zuckerberg’s “World Order.”

No opt out

If we don’t have a diversity of ethnicity and culture, we will have a mono-culture, and mono-cultures crash hard. Nature doesn’t support mono-cultures because they become extinct too easily. For this reason life emerges as new forms, and behaviors that vary. This is healthy. All species eventually become extinct because the habitat will change, however nature produces new forms, so life goes on. For humans, if we want our species to survive, then we want diversity that is promoted by distinction which means isolation, not globalization and mono-culture.

Clouds move

The habitat or climate has always changed because the galaxies are spinning, not static, not at peace. Again, nature never supports a static anything. This constant re-emergence is called evolution. I already named it as “movement.” Same thing…. evolution is same thing as movement. Nature supports diversity and movement, because this is the nature of reality, impermanence.  I hope this now makes sense.

Ahhhh, Utopia!

In our imaginations we create utopian structures.  Our imagination is the same as vanity.  We imagine a static status quo called peace, or “thrive”,  but unceasing movement will prove our dreams are simply our vain imaginations.  John Lennon’s song ‘Imagine’ is only that. Imagination. There are no indigenous tribes with songs like “Imagine.”  They were too busy being real.

Imagine there’s no countries [stewardship]

It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for [no borders, no diverse cultures]
And no religion [diverse traditions] too
Imagine all the mono-culture, getting rations and living life in peace…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope some day you’ll join us
And the world will live under one world government


Who is running the kitchen?

There may be very cheap energy, but there is not “free Earth.” “Free energy” technologies would further empower the consumer ethic which emphasizes extraction, not sustainable simplicity. Sustainable simplicity doesn’t need contraptions.

The elephant in the room is our values. As long as we never feel that we have enough, we will over extract and kill our environment.

So, should we seek our own happiness by strip mining other peoples’ backyards? 

Do we practice indulgence and justify this as success? 

This is what “the pursuit of happiness” has meant for centuries. Thomas Jefferson, who wrote those words about happiness in Declaration of Independence, owned slaves.  While he pursued being happy, his laborers didn’t get independence. After Jefferson died, his slaves were sold off, families broken, girls raped.  Jefferson was also behind The Indian Removal Act and the Louisiana Purchase, which was premeditated ethnic cleansing. The pursuit of happiness?


Many people are blind to the elephant in room, our consumerism.  Many people want “free energy” because they are ecologically illiterate and think that resources are unlimited, therefore they think they can have free over-consumption. They think that free energy doesn’t really mean free energy chainsaws, but that is exactly what it means.

Free Energy is the endless EIS, the Infinite Environmental Impact Statement.  It is suicide decorated with light bulbs. Think free energy chain saws. Free energy bulldozers. Free energy factories. Imagine endless energy to convert nature into commodities without any cost! The only cost is nature itself!

The only cost is natural communities, that is, the biosphere.  We have already destroyed 90% of forests, wetlands, deserts and now we are destroying the ground water.

“But we can be wise”

It will require one world government to control the “fair distribution” of “Free Energy” and to curb it’s impact.  Can we stop for a moment and ask, why should we do this?  Is it to be able to have more masturbation dolls? (see link, it is real.)

Gamble and Greer’s ‘free energy’ might as well be called candy. Perhaps we should use word un-sugar-able instead of unsustainable. Our present lifestyle is un-sugar-able.  Most readers will experience cognitive dissonance when reading this. Believe it or not, our consumer ways are not normal on this planet and these consumer ways will not thrive in future. 

An example is refrigeration. Your grandchildren won’t have it.  Another example is the asphalt shingles and metal roofing on most buildings. They will rot and rust and at some point soon be too expensive to replace. Neither are permanently replaceable. Your grandchildren won’t be able to stay dry that way.

Our consumer ways are already crashing.  46 million Americans are on food stamps with Artificial Intelligence taking jobs, outsourcing to other nations taking jobs, and more immigrants taking the few jobs remaining. 

“Thrive Movement” is founded on unreasonable hopes of endless consumerism. I’m not sure why it wasn’t called the Yuppie Movement. People love the Thrive message because it anesthetizes them from the gnawing feeling that something is terribly wrong.  We will always be able to afford running water, right?

Wrong. Pipes are not made to last forever. They will not be able to be replaced forever either. There isn’t enough Earth to support our consumption. That is what the term “over shoot” means. It means we are already living beyond the carrying capacity of our pasture.  We are already degrading the soil. There will be less to go around in future, not more.

“Thrive” (“Imagine”) Movement needs to convert to “Survive” or “Reality” Movement. 

Reality created us, we don’t create it

We never create our own reality. Just feel the Earth Mother beneath your feet. She created you and I, we did not create her.  And she will decide her future, not those lost in imagination singing sappy songs of hope and inebriation.

“Imagine all the people, living divergent independent lifestyles without importing anything.”










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