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Bernie Sanders, A Hair from New World Order: Speech – Carson California May 17, 2016

(Reposted Aug 5, 2017  – This has become a long essay, but many of the themes in my books are condensed here.)

I listened to Bernie Sanders Youtube in Carson Calif.  May 17, 2016

Very sad. He defends Obama and attacks Trump for being a “birther”, but Trump is the one who is correct.  There is not one thing we have been told about Obama that is true.  Study third generation CIA agent Obama.  Thus, Sanders is on the wrong side of history and is attacking the right side of history. (Link for excellent pro and con analysis of Trump)

Interestingly, Trump seems to have some independent thought, while Sanders still lives in a Washington D.C. trance, meaning, Bernie Sanders is establishment. The establishment, as Sanders himself says, is on the wrong side of history. But so is Sanders. Bernie Sanders doesn’t know on what side he is, because he somehow has missed basic research, for example, about Obama.trump carson

Trump is also correct about vaccine dangers, about requiring immigration screening for Mexicans and Muslims, about deporting illegal immigrants and letting them re-apply legally, and he has offered pointed questions about  9/11. Trump has even used correct verbiage in calling Bill Clinton a rapist. I don’t adore Donald Trump, but I know he is not a racist because Ben Carson endorses him! The best thing about Trump is that he has shown that both sides of the media are crooked and are really one beast.  Whatever happens, he won’t forget that. And they don’t like him for pointing out their smearing monopoly, and since they seem to be afraid of him, we have been given a very disparaging impression of him.

The Media is guilty of slander and most people repeat their lies, including Bernie Sanders. Meanwhile, the Media simply ignores Sanders, because career criminal Hillary Clinton is in the globalists’ pocket, “the anointed one”,  placed as a puppet her entire adult life.  As with the Ron Paul 2012 campaign, the alleged Democratic Party has done its best to sideline Senator Sanders.

Bernie Sanders believes in man made climate change, which might be true if he was talking about geo-engineering. In his speech, he actually says that California geo-engineered problems are caused by fossil fuels. He is verily, a cheerleader for this psy-op. Bernie Sanders wants to tax carbon!  He buys into it completely! 

The Club of Rome’s fabrication of “Global Warming,” (which piggy backed upon an actual solar warming of several planets) had one purpose, which was to bring about a united world with a common enemy. So they fabricated the global enemy, CO2 as a green house gas, knowing the sun was already warming the solar system.  Their goal was realized with the UN Sustainability 2030 agreements that are intended to put all industrial production under centralized regulation. Geo-engineering was deployed to create extreme climate that would be blamed on the common enemy for us to “come together” around. This was New World Order’s goal, and Bernie is peddling their lie! Just as a reminder, the same globalists invented Earth Day. Here is a European analysis of fake climate change and it’s real agenda.

global warming billboard



For anyone in doubt about who is behind fake man made global warming (study guide), Al Gore had his daughter marry the grandson of Jacob Schiff. If the name Jacob Schiff is unfamiliar because your history books didn’t name the man who grew up in house of Rothschild Frankfurt and was behind the FED, ADL, NAACP and CFR, it is because Schiff also controlled the Rockefeller Foundation that took over the text books in schools. Interestingly, the attorney who helped put together Rockefeller Foundation was Frederick Gates, the grand father of Bill Gates. Bill Gates was placed. Al Gore’s inconvenient truth is that he spreads inconvenient lies.

This YOUTUBE  below was a non commercial investigation. It was censored by Youtube because it told the truth.

Bernie is a New World Order “socialist”.  Those who have read my vol 2 know that Marx was a Rothschild employee.  The international bankers control almost everything and have a vision of the future that they have promulgated for a century. The “international workers” slogan was invented by the international bankers. They funded both Lenin and Mao.  They used to call their vision the New World Order, but now Henry Kissinger and Mark Zuckerberg just call it “World Order.”

Bernie Sanders constantly tells his followers that Big Brother will save the day. This is his claim to fame.  This actually is what makes him popular. This too is what will make the “World Order” popular, because the one world government will police everywhere and there will be no more war, as it won’t be allowed. Hallelujah! In a police state, control comes  in the name of peace, and Bernie is all in.

The reader should understand there have been no wars for oil as Bernie cites. The oil was excuse. The purpose of the Rothschild wars such as Viet Nam and Iraq is destabilization and consolidation.  Bombing is excuse to rebuild the society in the vision of the victor. The “World Order” did not lose in Viet Nam.  The traditional society was erased and replaced. That was a goal.  So when Sanders thinks we have had wars for oil in Mideast, he is forgetting the vision of Eretz Israel.

I did agree with some things Senator Sanders said. He wants to ban fracking. I liked that he attacks Drug Industry. It would be nice if he also exposed the American Medical Association (AMA) that works hand in glove with Big Pharma to medicate symptoms away, but we don’t hear any of the candidates questioning our lack of preventive health care. Sanders wants to force AMA invasive medicine through health care for all. He never said health care would be optional. He assumes everyone wants it because he assumes everyone wants to be “equal.” Socialists assume they know what everyone wants.

In his speech he says trade unions (communists) created the middle class, but he is mistaken. American military imperialism created the middle class by ripping off rest of world “for American interests.” We wage/debt slaves drink the trickle down of extraction, taken by force from other peoples’ lands. (Please review Confessions of an Economic Hitman) To insure these “American interests,”  the US has almost 800 military bases overseas.

In his May 17th speech, Sanders thinks women created feminism, when it was actually the Roth-efellers. He believes that the hard work of gay people brought about gay marriage. Not so. It was again the globalists in control of Hollywood, magazines like Time Magazine and paid agents, who all pushed the ‘anything goes’ agenda. As my books illustrate, the anything goes agenda de-moralizes society and creates more kids without a committed father, which makes we slaves more open to guidance from Big Brother. This is the goal of the illicit sex agenda. Destabilization – Consolidation.

Sanders says he supports “working class Americans” but doesn’t mention artificial intelligence and the coming layoffs. He is probably unfamiliar with what AI means. It does not mean convenience nor profit, it means control. There will be fewer jobs available if the technocrats get there way. It won’t help unemployed Americans to have open borders for ever more immigrants. Again, Sanders is missing the boat on labor, while attracting young voters.

It is your right!

Listening to Bernie Sanders is different than listening to Donald Trump, but similar. Trump inspires a return to what can never be again, American over-consumption. Sanders cheers for progressive utopia. 

Bernie thinks entitlements are “a human right.”  He thinks everyone should be given a free education. This is a corruption of the meaning of human rights. He has changed the meaning so that “rights” now means everyone benefiting equally from Big Brother’s largess, rather than the real meaning, which is that minorities should be given space to be culturally unique. The right to be the same as everyone else is not a right, it is a loss. 

Does “human rights” mean the “right to health,” when nature does not give health equally?   Does “rights” mean endless medical expense to try to mitigate disease? Before we go further with health care, perhaps we better define health. Are we talking about preventive health or masking of symptoms? Education and medicine are choices in a given culture, and not every culture has the same priorities. Without realizing it, Sanders is pushing a kind of equality which empowers state rationing. 

Sanders says every other country in world provides health care. (hour 1:50) Oops, he meant that the few rich colonial nations of Europe, which still live off of domination of other nations, that THEY offer health care. These “advanced modern” countries also have long vacation leaves and state pension plans.  (By the way, American Social Security is bankrupt). We might ask, is European health care actually preventive care or AMA type medication care? 

Our definition of quality is conditional and relative, thus health care doesn’t mean the same thing in different cultures, or in different doctors’ offices. Here Bernie is blowing smoke and for some reason, bright young people can’t ask these simple questions. Sanders is selling unthinking utopia, and the unthinking crowd cheers! Watch the video if you have any doubts.

Folks, there is no utopia around the corner and America will see poverty when it is no longer ripping off the rest of world. It is difficult for obese America to understand that being fat is not a human right; fat is almost always a rip off.

Education or indoctrination?  No one on Earth needs a college education, because college prepares people only for the machine, not for the organic, and the Earth does not need the machine. As one can see in any classroom now, few students are being taught to make anything by hand. Schools are teaching for the machine.

By adopting UN Universal Human Rights, diverse cultural priorities are smashed into an easily managed one world culture. The push for rights and equality facilitates homogenization, not distinction and sovereignty. So with each step of “equal rights”, cultural diversity evaporates.

Rights are not a given, because if the State gives them, they can be taken away. Rights are never inherent. Rights are our cultural expectations, which are conditioned by what reality can afford. As we all know, in the mind of dreamers, there is no reality. Almost constantly, we can hear dreamers deny reality and replace it with their ideals or hopes. A good example is the myth of sustainable renewable energy that, in reality, depends on mining, which is not renewable.

Utopian “progressives” are dreamers who want to change ‘humanity” to meet their model. This precisely is what the New World Order is founded upon… being “progressive.”  The model is “the smart city.” for the dumb happy slaves. This is the model being pushed now in schools and in construction.

The healing alternative to “progress” is what I call “Indigenous Re-call, the Return to Sanity.

In our discussion of rights and expectations, let’s remember that Thomas Jefferson’s “inalienable rights” did not include Africans or Native Americans. He did not grant equal rights to his own slaves. He went into debt to retain his elite lifestyle based on their lack of rights. So what was he talking about? There are no inalienable rights. It was hypocrisy and delusion to use those words. (He also did not believe in a Creator.  He had fossils in his foyer to thumb his nose at people’s obsession with the Bible.) If we had an inalienable right to live we would not experience dying. Jefferson was just blowing smoke and using theological arguments to justify breaking with Britain in his Declaration of Independence for rich white males.

If we Americans were not obsessed with the pursuit of happiness and ever faster toys, we might find something less impacting on nature, such as contentment. But America was built on take the money and run. Neither Sanders nor Trump question this non-ethic, which surely is not sustainable. Consumerism is a party that is over with. This reality is taboo to even consider for the dominant culture which lives in the pursuit of extraction. Jefferson was young and not very wise when he penned those words about the pursuit of happiness, that would set millions of people on a wild goose chase for more more more.

The Myth of Harmony

At hour 1:47of youtube, Senator Sanders thanks Native Americans and mentions protecting nature.  He pays lip service. There is no industrial civilization that can exist without abusing nature. “Modern” and harmony cannot fit together, no matter how many dreamers dream. Sanders helps promote the idea that injustices suffered by Native Americans are in the past and are not continuing now.  Every day, indigenous people everywhere are being abused by “progress.” But in almost a religious manner, he mentions the respect for nature that Native Americans “taught us”, and skips what their continuing battle looks like today.  Right now, today, they battle against the dominant culture which the Federal Government represents. Right now, today, they are battling “progress” to save the Earth. As President, would Bernie Sanders offer them more platitudes?

He says the country could slip into an oligarchy with Trump, but we have had an oligarchy for two centuries. The Founding Fathers were rich Masons! They did not want democracy, they wanted oligarchy based on who uses the most “private property.”  The property was stolen from natives, divided up by government surveyors, and loaned through credit creation by banks. When did we not have oligarchy? Is Sanders fantasizing that we will slip into some new oligarchy after our alleged democracy? Corporate interests are equal to the oligarchy, so why would Sanders dislike Trump, who the oligarchy smears continually on network news?

Neither contender talks about protectionism, or real conservation. They both want America to be great again, and Sanders then turns and claims the higher moral ground.

Sanders says he agrees with New World Order, pro-communist Pope Francis about a “moral economy.”  Sanders and the Pope are agreeing on moral rations. This is what it will boil down to.  We deserve equal rations!  What the Pope and Sanders can’t imagine is that a truly moral economy would never be universal and would allow isolation.  As globalists, the idea of isolation is taboo, but in essence, respect means hands off. If we really respected other cultures, we would not trade with them and would stop tourists from visiting there.  Then they might stay distinct.

Globalists want to “unify” everyone, which means liquidate differences, and this manifests as disrespect.  Unity and dominance are the same thing.

So, it is difficult for me to get excited about New World Order Sanders.   Still, I’m glad young people are caring and getting involved, but, but, but they are being misled, so then it is sad, not glad. Bernie is establishment dominant culture, but he doesn’t realize it, and is leading millions into this same establishment.  At hour 2:01 he goes into the “we are one” mantra. 

At very end of video,  Bernie is into togetherness and calling himself “love” and he hates Trump who he defames as representing “hate”. Above photo, do we see Trump hating Ben Carson? Is gentle Carson, who endorses Trump, a representative of hate?  Who is Sanders to defame Trump and Carson? Moral? Love?

Who Am I in 2016?

Let’s go to the very bottom touch stone then, of who you and I are.

Which contender supports sovereignty, Donald or Bernie?  “Togetherness” cannot respect sovereignty.  Then which contender represents respect?

Respect is something only sovereignty knows.  Respect means we are not the same, not equal. We are unique, and not “together.”  You and I are two, not one.  I respect you, I do not equal you. We are never one, we are many.

The reader might re-read that last bit about sovereignty, because I just blew open the whole globalist “we are all one humanity” lie. Those who push ‘humanity” have disrespect. Those who remember diversity and honor isolation and don’t make assumptions about other people, they practice respect. The World Bank is busy stealing parenting from every family of the world with Early Childhood Initiative. It is not about opportunity for diverse cultures, it is about opportunity to collect all people in one machine. It is disrespect.

The globalist stance is based on an assumption that serves an agenda.  The respectful stance is based on independent observation which is innocent of agenda.

Since we are many, we cannot ever be one. We are infinitely diverse and we need to respect our differences, not drown in a warm fuzzy lovey limp trance.

Only when we enforce our borders, do we have individuality.

Allegedly, Trump supports sovereignty, but alas, Trump is a Zionist minion too.  However, Trump seems less programmed than all the others.

I would like to see Bernie Vs. Trump in 2016. The two upstarts. Their conversation would be constructive.  It would make people use their brains.

Hillary Clinton needs to be in prison. Do some research by clicking on this link, and you might agree.


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  • NICK CURTO says:

    True words here! Well researched and thought out. I wish Ray’s writings were much more publicised so more people could receive what the big picture is really all about!

  • Joseph Hart says:

    This is brilliant and covers so much ground, connects so many dots. I know Ray Songtree and all the searching he has done. THIS is a culmination, succinct and indefensible by those he has implicated!

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