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Daliso Chapona, Black Comedian in UK, Names the Crime of Colonialism

Truth is coming to UK through laughter.

At end of Daliso Chaponda’s final act on Britain’s Got Talent 2017, he gives the indigenous view of colonialism and the White man. He names the crime. You raped us and stole our land, and then gave us a religion to mollify us.  See the last minute of his performance, embedded video below.

Between Daliso Chaponda and David Icke, the UK might wake up to how it has been a predatory nation for centuries. More deeply, they might realize who really controls the British people and the Commonwealth, which is not for the benefit of common people at all. UK is built on foundations of theft.

Invisible trade can be distinguished from visible trade

Britain’s Got Talent finalist Daliso Chaponda lands BBC Radio 4 show


By Frances Taylor

A little bit controversial and a lot funny, it’s no surprise that just a few weeks after the Britain’s Got Talent final Daliso Chaponda has landed his own show.

BBC Radio 4 has commissioned new series Daliso Chaponda: Citizen of Nowhere to air in 2018, which will see the Malawian comic explore Britain’s relationship with Africa.

Daliso, who appeared on The Now Show earlier this year and previously co-created and starred in Radio 4’s drama When the Laughter Stops in 2014, will take on the role of “cultural relationship guidance counselor” in the stand-up comedy series.

The BGT finalist, who was Amanda Holden’s Golden Buzzer and placed third in the final, said he said he was “extremely excited” about the show.

“Radio 4 is what I’ve listened to on trains and buses to gigs for years,” he said. “I am delighted I’ll now be able to tune in to myself.”

Meanwhile Sioned Wiliam, commissioning editor for comedy for BBC Radio 4, said: “Daliso’s comedy is shrewd and thought-provoking as well as being very, very funny. I am thrilled to be able to commission a series from him for Radio 4.”




 Click image to begin video, then scroll to his final minute of the Finals, minute 16:40 on colonialism.

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