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Testing My Friends… Who was Jacob Schiff?

On 8/21/2016 at 11:51 PM, ray wrote:

In the attached image about Manhattan project, under funding you see name Kuhn and Loeb.

Do you know who this is? You are not allowed to look it up. I will answer the question for you in a day or two.

– Ray Songtree

On 8/22/2016 at 9:00 AM, h wrote:

This is a guess, but seeing the other names I will intuitively say that Kuhn and Loeb are Rothschild “in-laws.” I do admit I otherwise do not know who they are, though Wall St. bankers is also another good guess… [ He nailed it]

manhattan project medical fundingAbove, must see video.


Kuhn & Loeb was and is Jacob Schiff’s law firm that created Rockefeller Foundation and controls Rockefeller estates now.  Schiff was a Rothschild plant, came to US  in 1865 at age 18, with unlimited funds, just as Nathan Rothschild came to England around 1797 at age of 21 with unlimited funds, to take over both countries.  The Rothschilds control Rockefellers.  Jacob Schiff funded Bolsheviks to murder Czar, as Nathan had commanded a century earlier. The Çzar in 1815 foiled the Congress of Vienna, the Rothschild first attempt at a UN. In a rage, Nathan Rothschild vowed the Czar would be killed with his entire family. Schiff made it happen a hundred years later.

Jacob Schiff created NAACP, ADL (Anti Defamation League, to defame any critic of Jewish crime as anti-Semitic.), and just before his death arranged creation of CFR (Council of Foreign Relations).  And in above image, wsmaller 17-Autism-graph1e see Rothschilds through Kuhn & Loeb, who controlled Oppenheimer for Manhattan Project [Atomic Bomb], also controlled the medical research to find ways to control humanity with radiation.  Sick bastards, our masters.  They own the body of this world.  Anyone who is worried that someday the elite will kill off most of population, is probably stupid enough to still be carrying a cell phone and letting their kids get vaccinated and still using fluoride toothpaste or eating mercury laced tuna.  If that insults you, then fricking wake up. The cancer is here! The autism is here!  The Alzheimers is here!  The glyphosate and radiation is here!  Now!

The Rothschilds are minions of an off planet consciousness which is behind AI (artificial intelligence) , Nanotech, singularity, and is into conquest, not compassion. Into dominance, not diversity.  This is same consciousness that used the channel we know of as Moses.

Genesis 1:28 (KJV)  And [the jealous] God blessed them, and [the jealous] God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.14A-Protest-shirt

So I am at war with them, because they are killing this precious planet.  I was a part of a celestial group that wanted to bring “civilization” to this planet. I’ve incarnated here for a long time.  I was part of Knights of Round Table and Magna Carta. I was at Constitutional Convention.  I lived in India as a big nobody.  I now see what I was part of…. Globalization is all wrong.  The reason there are channels here from other star systems, is this AI monopolization is spreading. What happens here on Earth matters.

We have to start by becoming sovereign beings.  Friends, you belong to nothing, you follow nothing, you believe nothing that can be put in words. The purification road is important. I hope you never drink another drop of alcohol again. You only have a few more moments in this body and are you going to waste any of them?   “You only live once” is hedonism.  We live forever and our karma can be clean or dirty is the understanding of the purification road. We must drop out of THEIR machine.  We can also expose them.

If we don’t touch the Earth, we are the indoor parasites killing the outdoors.

I’m sorry so few of my friends here have bothered to read the pdf of book I sent, or spend a few dollars online and read my vol 2. The reason you don’t know who Jacob Schiff was, is that the hidden hand never wants you to know about them. Jacob Schiff was the most influential unhuman being to ever walk on this continent.

Jacob Schiff: The Most Influential Man in U.S. History     1897: SCHIFF THE TROJAN HORSE. 

Here is a quick summary…. and more


kissinger and Jacob Rothschild


Rothschild and David Rockefeller cropped

john david rockefeller quotes




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  • Joseph Hart says:

    You brought up the AI Singularity it seems we are headed for as a result of “Geo-Engineering” in this very detailed “answer” to the question.
    I thought it was a bit too fantastic that Chem Trails could have such a far reaching and insidious intent as to actually change our DNA from within simply by breathing.
    The relationships between all this control exerted in 3-D reality by The Rothschild Schill Network through the centuries dove tail completely with the Nano Tech invasion of our biological “selves” , our Meat Computer, whose software is evidently being re-written. Unless one has watched the video you posted yesterday ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSQ-dp1sV5w ) and is already schooled in HAARP, Chem Trails and the electromagnetic nature of what we call reality, one would think we are just not sane.
    But to the contrary! Knowledge is Power and while we may never be able to reverse this precipitous fall into the AI Singularity, at least knowing it is happening can give us each a resolve to consciously live differently from what is being prescribed against our will.
    Software CAN be over written BUT only when one is aware that some program is running in the background.

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