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Stunning Change In President Trump’s Speech Reversals

By March 5, 2017 Everything Trump

Regarding The Stunning Change
In President Trump’s Speech Reversals
Some Things To Consider

By Jeff Rense  3-4-17

Thanks to all for your comments. It would be good to remember a few things. David Oates spent over a year and a half following and doing a tremendous amount of work on Trump [speech] reversals. No one in his 34 years has ever been as spectacularly congruent as was Trump. His vision, patriotism and love of country have been utterly spectacular. Whether someone is being interviewed or reading a prepared script, the subconscious speaks its truth. The reversals [which reveal the subconscious] are what they are. It’s up to you to decide what you think they mean. David Oates has never experienced anything like the change in Trump’s [speech] reversals and made that very clear in the program. [embedded youtube video below]

Look at the people Trump has surrounded himself with. From Establishment King Priebus to CFR McMasters (who told Trump not to use the phrase ‘radical Islam’) to Kushner who runs the Mossad desk in the White House and is nearly always shadowing the President literally within arm’s distance… there are few ‘outsiders’.

The reversals suggest a deeply conflicted, troubled President Trump…something never seen or heard in over a year and a half of previous reverse speech analysis. That’s a fact. If he has been subjugated by the NWO Rothschild Zionist Bolshevik Globalists, one would expect exactly the kind of unprecedented and strange reversals that came pouring out of Trump which you hear on the program. He seems a MUCH different man since his Inauguration.

Why is President Trump continuing Obama’s agenda and sending thousands more US troops, tanks, missiles and aircraft to be deployed alongside NATO (the Roths private army) on the Russian border threatening that Christian nation? What happened to the man who said NATO was essentially useless and a waste of our money? Why didn’t he renounce the WW3 track Obama had created and announced an immediate withdrawal of US forces? Why, indeed.

What happened to all the talk about turning America inward to address its own problems and to end the deadly, psycho, genocidal ‘regime change’ policies of Clinton, Bush and Communist Obama? Why is he suddenly feeding the US military industrial complex with a 10% increase in ‘defense’ spending amounting to $58 billion more non-existent dollars?

Why is his UN Ambassador screaming about Putin and Russia being responsible for the Ukraine crisis when it was ENTIRELY a US operation (Vicky Nuland and $5 billion US). Why is he continuing to threaten Iran…yet another pending war for Israel. There are many more examples. Where is the outrage over the Radical Islam invasion of Europe and the rapes of millions of women, girls and little boys? Where are the statements recognizing that Death Cult Islam will never, EVER, accept the US Constitution, assimilate into American culture and give up trying to force Medieval barbaric Sharia Law on us all? For that matter, where are the Feminists raging about the gross, inhuman, unspeakable brutality of Cult Islam’s treatment of women?

Either President Trump has had some kind of weird DARK epiphany or ‘they’ sat him down and explained how the world is run and that he will play by their rules and be told what he can and cannot do. Would that REALLY surprise you? They murdered JFK in broad daylight to teach everyone that the rules of THEIR game must be obeyed.

In any case, these Reversals of Donald Trump have shown a stunning change in the voice of his subconscious mind…something that Oates has never seen in his decades long career as the master of Reverse Speech. Time will tell the tale. In the meantime, it’s your call…

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