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Trump Exposes Himself as a New World Order Puppet – Aug 15, 2016

By August 24, 2016 Elections, Everything Trump

Donald Trump Speech Aug 15, 2016 in Ohio, the video [click to see]

Video begins with Mr 911 – Mr. Israel, Rudolf Giuliani who introduces VP Pence.

Minute 32,   Giuliani lies about 9/11 and blames Muslims. As any student of 9/11 knows, it was indeed an inside job and half the alleged hijackers are still alive.

Giuliani says Mike Pence helped draft Patriot Act.  !!!   Then he says Trump/Pence are anti – Washington DC corruption and for the truth!  This means that the Bush > Obama regime will continue with Trump.  No change.  Same military and domestic actions based on false flag lies.

38:50  Mike Pence  blames “enemies” for 9/11.  However, many of the alleged hijackers are still alive!

38:10 Pence backs up the fake Shanksville 9/11 crash

40, America needs to be strong to keep the world safe!!!    “America will command the respect of world”   Command?

Trump  starts speaking minute 42 . Here we get a glimpse of how HE might read the teleprompter as President …

42 lists false flag attacks to justify his claim America isn’t safe! In other words, he is continuing the Obama campaign of creating excuses for aggressive actions.

44 lists foreign false flag attacks by NATO and Israeli funded ISIS. The long list just means he is subscribing to the lies and will never question them.  He is owned.

47 “We cannot let this evil continue.”  Since he knows he is lying, it means he is consciously engaged in double speak.

He then says HE can name the enemy. So he is totally buying the war on terror lie, beginning with lie of 9/11.

49 He says Syria is in “civil war”, buys and continues that lie. Syria was attacked by the same mercenaries that NATO hired to attack Libya. When they were done, they were shipped to Syria. Neither were civil wars.

51:20 Trump claims Iran is number one sponsor of terrorism! In other words, Iran is back on the “world order” hit list.

(Iran, Cuba, and North Korea are presently the only last countries is world without a Rothschild central bank.)

53 He cites Obama’s 2009 Cairo speech.. this is where Obama put down doubters about 9/11 and showed us that he was just another face of Bush Jr, and that 9/11 would not be exposed.

1 minute video

57 Trump says policy of regime change is wrong

58 He says he was anti Iraq war.

1:01 However, “we should have kept, (stolen) Iraq’s oil!” No mention of the millions killed or wounded or displaced in Iraq
“to the victor goes the spoils”  !!!!

1:03 “There will be no more nation building with Trump” he claims.  Says his main effort is against radical Islam… (In other words, the new world order is ready for next stage of global police state to fight the fake terrorists because “regime change” won’t be the needed method.

1:05 “Greatest ally is Israel” so we can expect no change of the genocide against Palestinians.  The march to annihilate all other nations around Israel, to create Greater Israel, will continue.


Left coin mentions Eretz or Greater Israel founded by Edmond Rotshchild, 1882. Middle coin and map to right show the area of future “Greater Israel.” This is why the false flag attack of 9/11 occurred, same as sinking of USS Maine in 1898 to capture Cuba, Philippines, Guam and Hawaii. The Rothschilds orchestrated that war also. The War on Terror is for Greater Israel.

Trump then says ideology of death to be extinguished.  He says US will work with NATO.  US will use cyber warfare against ISIS.

1:07 “must shut down enemy’s access to internet” ( that would be people like me because I question him)

1:07:30 His administration will be more secretive

1:07:50 Refers to raped women in military, but not clearly, lays no blame.

1:08 Trump will decimate Alqaeda and then he ties in Iran and Hezbollah in same sentence !

1:10:40 Cites Pakistan honor killing.  “Islam is breeding ground for violence”,  new immigration policy needed.  Blames 9/11 and other false flag attacks as rational for new restrictions.

1:13:20 Says some immigrants are “anti-Semitic”  !!!  This is ADL term to defame anyone who criticizes Israel.

1:14 Immigration laws should be “extreme vetting”,  repeats three times

1:16 Temporary ban of immigrants coming from some countries

1:17 Too many immigrants presently to have adequate screening, “Hillary wants to increase by 550%”

1:19 “Hillary wants to be like Angela Merkel

1:22 “Political correctness has replaced common sense”.  This kind of statement is why the media and New World Order don’t trust Trump, because common sense means people should use their innate discernment.  Big Brother wants citizens to be dumb and obedient, and not use common sense.  By invoking common sense, Trump becomes a dangerous unreliable task master.

1:23:40 crack down on radical Islam. He will keep drone strikes and Guantanamo Bay torture center,


Anyone who does not understand that 9/11 was an inside job to create the “War on Terror” and curtail civil liberties world wide, can start with this short 2 minute video.

Trump is not an alternative to the establishment New World Order, as his support of Patriot Act shows us, however, anyone or anything is better than Hillary Clinton the liar, thief, rapist and murderer.  There are many videos about her on youtube. Just use key words.

In this 3 minute video we get an accurate portrait of her character.

This next CNN video backs up the claims in above video. 4 minutes.


I’m critical of Trump but will vote for him and will hope Hillary is jailed, if she survives her medical conditions. I will vote AGAINST Hillary.






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  • Joseph Hart says:

    I believe Mr. Trump , as an “outsider” in more ways than one, actually believes what he says, believes the “company line”. Clinton, on the other hand, is deeply involved, protected, in the know and IS the Chosen One. Trump will be handing over major decisions on foreign policy to Pence while he screws up the politics of trade. The World Order will get their “fix” by Order through Chaos caused by Trump’s adminstration.
    Hillary will keep the Totalitarian March to Tyranny intact by villainizing Russia and having NATO provoke a Putin response at the borders in Ukraine.
    TPP, which they both say they are against (IMO, because the people are against it) will either be ushered through the Lame Duck session by Obama or carried through with “modifications” to appease the people (like Obama-care) once the elections are held.
    I am told it weakens China. Hmm. Perhaps therein lies the reason they are flexing military muscle in the South China Sea? While the public is snagging their panties over immigration and racist cops, Wall St. is having a party on a daily basis, sucking in the public to sap them dry a bit later, The Fed is still printing money and will probably raise interest rates after the election, and every country that matters is moving their pieces all over the board. China, by the way, has made many friends in Africa. So if there is a Three-way WW III, and it seems to be poised to occur, It will be a “Draw” after much “conventional” non-nuclear devastation.
    This produces the perfect scenario for One World Government. The “Hope” I see spreading is a threat to World Order, which is why I see a quickening and an ushering in of total world conflict by 2018.
    The Chinese Proverb, “If we stay on the road we are on, we will get where we are going” seems appropriate. The public mind set is tipping, yes. But there is no action and when there IS action, like in the Dakotas right now, it get virtually no publicity. Action can be contagious, but only when the rest of the populace is exposed to it. The Complicit Mocking Bird Media doesn’t allow the exposure.

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