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The Smear Word Anti-Semite: Anti-Defamation League Defames the Truth

By December 1, 2016 Jewish

Mirror of   http://one-just-world.blogspot.com/2016/06/the-definitive-guide-to-anti-semitism.html

The author tears to shreds the legitimacy of idea that anti-semitism is not justified.  The reader can decide…

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The definitive guide to Anti-Semitism; an ADL inspired definition


The age old problem of Anti-Semitism examined from a uniquely Jewish perspective!

{This Article solely focuses on the individuals listed and does not infer any collusion or complicity by association or otherwise.}

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Holocaust Deniers World War 1 & 2
4,000 years of perpetual Victims Zionism vs Judaism
Great Jews shaping History The State of Israel
The biggest Anti-Semite Ever Conclusion

Anti-Semitism is such an odious, repugnant expression of bigotry and racism, its adherents are deservedly universally reviled.
Jews have suffered so much over the millennia that a special term was coined for this gratuitous racism against these poor, perpetual victims, i.e. ‘Anti-Semitism’, and they are also protected by law from such prejudice!

◆Holocaust Deniers

It is now also deservedly illegal in many countries to deny their Shoah, aka the Holocaust, which is the wholesale slaughter of no less than six million (6,000,000) Jews by Hitler and his NAZIs.

There are however always bigoted Anti-Semites who would want to deny their suffering like Rabbi Moishe Ayre Friedman, the Chief Rabbi of Vienna who attended The International Conference on “Review of the Holocaust: Global Vision” in Teheran on the 11-12 December 2006 and stated that:

  • “The Holocaust is successful historical fiction”.

Anti-Semite nearly killed!
Jew “Nazi-hunter” Serge Klarsfeld: “Someone who has provoked the Jewish community for years should expect this sort of thing.” Or Jewish Professor Roger Dommergue who was working for the defence of Anti-Semitic Holocaust revisionists Ernest Zündel and fellow Holocaust-Denier, French Professor Dr. Faurisson, who stated that the Holocaust is a complete lie and fake.
Or even Jewish author Gerard Menuhin, son of the famous violinist and author of the book Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil, who stated on the Holocaust:

  • A good lie takes time to plan, and this was a very good lie. 
  • Evidently, the whole Jewish edifice stands or falls on the perpetuation of this lie. 
  • Alone the fact that one may not question the Jewish “holocaust” and that Jewish pressure has inflicted laws on democratic societies to prevent questions—while incessant promotion and indoctrination of the same averredly incontestable ‘holocaust’ occur — gives the game away.
    The World Almanac shows an increase of the Jewish Population during the War of 438,279! It proves that it must be a lie.
    Why else would one not be allowed to question it?
    Because it might offend the “survivors”?
    Because it “dishonors the dead”?
    Hardly sufficient reason to outlaw discussion.
    No, because the exposure of this leading lie might precipitate questions about so many other lies and cause the whole ramshackle fabrication to crumble.”
  • The Holocaust is the biggest lie in history. Germany has no blame for the Second World War. 
  • Hitler was the only one who could have saved the world from the plutocratic and Jewish threat to subjugate the planet, which has happened since.

There are many more Jewish Anti-Semites who descend to desecrate the holiest of holies; the Jewish Holocaust©.
David Cole in Auschwitz Documentary
Like Jew Josef Ginsburg who wrote several books under the pen name J.G. Burg chronicling events during the National Socialist era in Germany.
He firmly attests to the fact that the Holocaust is in reality a giant hoax and that most of any suffering by Jews during this era was caused by what he calls Zionazis, Jews collaborating with the Germans.
Some of these Zionazis were put in charge of some camps housing Jews, many of the ghettos as in Warsaw and autonomous zones, and instead of passing on food, clothing and medicine to their charges, it was stolen and sold for profit while the Jewish people under their rule were left starving and bereft of the medicine they desperately needed.
He confirms that the Nuremberg Trials were a witch-hunt to silence the German witnesses for good so they could never endanger the Holohoax Lie.
He also attests that people like Simon Wiesenthal were part of this process to clean up the very last of German witnesses and to silence them for good, like Eichmann who was kidnapped in Argentina, taken back to Israel and murdered after a Kangaroo show trail!
Or like Jew David Cole who visited Auschwitz and documented the crime scene and conducted interviews with the curators and staff!
Of course his conclusion is that the Holocaust is a fabrication by Jews just because the curator admitted to him on camera that the homicidal gas chamber Krema 1, now on display in Auschwitz as incontrovertible proof of the Holocaust, was built after the war by the Jewish controlled Bolshevik Russians.

  • “If everyone who claims to be a Holocaust survivor actually is one,who did Hitler kill?”
    Well known ‘Anti-Semite’ Jew Norman Finkelstein’s Jewish mother, quoted in Norman Finkelstein’s The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering.

Then we have this famous quote attributed to Professor Emeritus of the University of Ulster, Richard Lynn, in 2005:

  • “I have checked out Churchill’s Second World War and the statement is quite correct—not a single mention of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war. This is astonishing. How can it be explained? Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; the six volumes of Churchill’s Second World War total 4,448 pages; and de Gaulle’s three-volume Mémoires de Guerre is 2,054 pages.In this mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages (not including the introductory parts), published from 1948 to 1959, one will find no mention either of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war.”

Professor Lynn, in an email exchange, acknowledged that indeed he stated these words and stands by them.
Does a negative prove a positive? Well it is very telling that Churchill, who hated the Germans more than anyone else, would fail to mention their ‘worst crime in history of mankind’, as the narrative goes!

✘See Footnote a

◆ WW 1 & 2

Another Anti-Semite bigot was reformed ex Zionist Jew, Benjamin Friedman who elaborated at length about the Jew’s scheming and conniving to bring about WW1 and WW2.
He was an insider at the highest level and claims to have seen first hand the immense power the Jews have over Governments via their total control over finance and industry, and with their formidable economic power are purporatedly able to get whatever they scheme and then can hide behind puppet Goys (an endearing Jewish epithet for the rest of humanity meaning ‘Cattle’) who connivingly serve their vile bidding, well so this ™Anti-Semite claims!

Benjamin H. Freedman 1961 speech on the Zionists behind WW1+2 Of course racist bigots like Actor Mel Gibson who infamously claimed that the Jews are behind all wars was just trying to level insults and blood-libel at the peace loving, innocent Jews:

  • “You have not begun to appreciate the depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom of not merely the latest great war, but of every other major revolution in your history. We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still doing it. No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it. Who knows what great and glorious destiny might have been yours if we had left you alone.”
    Jew Marcus Eli Ravage, Century Magazine February, 1926
  • “Thanks to the terrible power of our International Banks, we have forced the Christians into wars without number. Wars have a special value for Jews, since Christians massacre each other and make more room for us Jews. Wars are the Jews’ Harvest, the Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars. Over One hundred million Christians have been swept off the face of the earth by wars, and the end is not yet in!”
    1869 Rabbi Reichorn at Funeral of Rabbi Ben-Iuda
  • “The only way to fight for a moral war is the Jewish way. Destroy their holy sites, kill men, women, children and cattle.”
    Rabbi Manis Friedman, 2009
  • “The rungs of our ladder lead upward and upward: The First Zionist Congress – The English Proposition For A Jewish Homeland – The Future World War – The Peace Conference By Which A Jewish Palestine Will Be Created “
    Max Nordau in 1903
  • “The third World War must be fomented between the Christians and the Islamic World. The war must be conducted in such a way that Islam and Christianity mutually destroy each other leaving the political Zionists in control.”
    Attributed to Albert Pike 33 Degree Mason
  • “We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own.”
    Book “You Gentiles’ page 155, by Maurice Samuel

Jews declared globally a crippling Economic War on Germany 6½ years before the UK & France declared War on Germany Some revisionist Anti-Semitic hobby historians even have the temerity to claim that WW2 in particular was entirely conspired by the Jews for a host of aims, as they claim:
To establish a Jewish Homeland on Palestinian land on the back of world sympathy for the immense ®suffering of the Jews© at the hands of Hitler and the NAZIs, since they also would pull off the Holohoax at the same time.
Hitler was their perfect target, so these Anti-Semites claim, to pin their cabalistic figure of six million on; the perishing of 6 million Jews which was predicted by the authors of the Talmud must happen before the re-establishment of the Jewish state.
Hundreds of articles about 6 million Jews in peril being massacred sicne the 1850s This was previously tried for decades by attempting to blame Russia, Poland, Rumania, Galicia and Lithuania for the massacring of the hallowed six million Jews!
Their reasoning was that if this swindle could be pulled off then it would never come to pass in reality and it would lay the foundation of immense global sympathy for the land-grab in Palestine.
But to make this an absolute tight case the Nuremberg Trials must be conducted to legally establish this as fact, so the Jews moved heaven and earth to get these Kangaroo Trials conducted and all the innocent Germans hanged so they could never reveal the truth that the Holocaust is merely a gigantic Jewish hoax.
What insult to the memory and immense ®suffering of the Jews!

Further they claim that it was also as a revenge for the Kaiser’s refusal of not granting them the lands of the Palestinians, something the British had no qualms of doing, though neither had any control over Palestine, it was inhabited by the indigenous Palestinians and the Jews patently did not have any legitimate claim to it.
It was ostensibly also as a revenge for Hitler opting out of the Jewish controlled Fiat Currency system and denying them the ability to profiteer from printing off confetti currency and charging usurious interest to the German Government; i.e. that’s precisely the system we have today and had so for the last 250 years:

  • “Germany’s unforgivable crime before WW2 was its attempt to loosen its economy out of the world trade system and to build up an own exchange system from which the world-finance couldn’t profit anymore. We butchered the wrong pig.”
    Winston Churchill, The second World War (Bern, 1960)
  • “The Jews are going to bring War to Germany”
    David Brown, President of American Hebrew 1934
  • “We will force this war upon Hitler, if he wants it or not.”
    Winston Churchill (1936 broadcast)
  • “Germany becomes too powerful. We have to crush it.”
    Winston Churchill (November 1936 to US-General Robert E. Wood)

Many even claim that Hitler was innocent for the breakout of WW2, as Gerard Menuhin did, and that it was the Jews behind it who pushed for the war so they could get their State of Israel on Palestinian land:

  • “The war wasn’t only about abolishing fascism, but to conquer sales markets. We could have, if we had intended so, prevented this war from breaking out without doing one shot, but we didn’t want to.”
    Winston Churchill to Truman (Fultun, USA March 1946)
  • “Should Germany merchandise again in the next 50 years we have led this war (WW1) in vain.”
    Winston Churchill in Times (1919)
  • “This war is an English war and its goal is the destruction of Germany.”
    Winston Churchill (Autumn 1939 broadcast)

Of course the Jews were the victims of this war and had absolutely no involvement in the outbreak or the course of the War.

  • “Germany is the enemy of Judaism and must be pursued with deadly hatred. The goal of Judaism of today is: a merciless campaign against all German peoples and the complete destruction of the nation. We demand a complete blockade of trade, the importation of raw materials stopped, and retaliation towards every German, woman and child.”
    Jewish professor A. Kulischer (October, 1937).
  • “Our fight against Germany must be carried to the limit of what is possible. Israel has been attacked. Let us, therefore, defend Israel! Against the awakened Germany, we put an awakened Israel. And the world will defend us.”
    Jewish author Pierre Creange in his book Epitres aux Juifs (1938)
  • “Germany must be turned into a waste land, as happened there during the 30-year War.”
    Das Morgenthau Tagebuch, The Morgenthau Dairy (p. 11)
  • “The fight against Germany has now been waged for months by every Jewish community, on every conference, in all labour unions and by every single Jew in the world. There are reasons for the assumption that our share in this fight is of general importance. We shall start a spiritual and material war of the whole world against Germany. Germany is striving to become once again a great nation, and to recover her lost territories as well as her colonies. But our Jewish interests call for the complete destruction of Germany…”
    Valadimir Jabotinsky, in Mascha Rjetsch (January, 1934)

Some try to point out that Hitler made numerous peace offers and attempted to settle, what most statesmen and observers at the time deemed justified concerns, through diplomacy and mutual cooperation, like the Munich Agreement, but he was curtly refused on every occasion by London and Washington, and of course Warsaw.
Some try to point out that both Roosevelt and Churchill were mere puppets in the hands of the Jewish powerbrokers and performed to their every dictate and demand; just more Anti-Semitism and smears!

  • “Its our task to mercilessly declare war to Germany, the public enemy number one.”
    Bernhard Lecache, President of the Jewish World League (9. November 1938)
  • “Our Jewish interests demand the final destruction of Germany.”
    W. Jabotinski, founder of “Irgun Zwai Leumi” (January 1934)
  • “Hitler doesn’t want war but he will be forced to it, and in fact soon. England has the final say like in 1914.”
    Zionist Emil Ludwig Cohn “Annalen”
  • “Although Hitler may want to prevent this war, which can devour him, in the last moment, he will be forced to war anyway.”
    Emil Ludwig Cohn (1938)
  • “We managed to drag the United States into the First World War and if they (the US) do what we demand in regards to Palestine and the Jewish armed forces, then we can get the Jews in the USA to drag the United States into this one (the Second World War) too.”
    Weizmann to Churchill (September 1941)
  • “When the National Socialists and their friends cry or whisper that this [the war] is brought about by Jews, they are perfectly right.”
    The Jewish magazine Sentinel of Chicago (8 October 1940)
  • “For months now the struggle against Germany is waged by each Jewish community at each conference in all our syndicates and by each Jew all over the world. There is reason to believe that our part in this struggle has general value. We will start a spiritual and material war of all the world against Germany’s ambitions to become once again a great nation, to recover lost territories and colonies. But our Jewish interests demand Germany’s total destruction, collectively and individually. The German nation is a threat to us Jews.”
    Vladimir Jabotinsky, founder of the Irgun Zvai Leumi terrorist organisation, Mascha Rjetach(January 1934)
  • “Even if Hitler at the last moment would want to avoid war which would destroy him, he will, in spite of his wishes, be compelled to wage war.”
    Emil Ludwig Cohen in his book The New Holy Alliance( Strasburg, 1938)
  • “The millions of Jews living in America, England, France, North Africa and South, not forgetting Palestine, have decided to carry on the war in Germany to the very end. It is to be a war of extermination.”
    ‘The Jewish newspaper Central Blad Voor Israeliten in Nederlands (13 September 1939)
  • “Hitler will have no war (does not want war), but we will force it on him, not this year, but soon.”
    Emil Ludwig Cohn in Les Annales, June, 1934 (also quoted in his book The New Holy Alliance)
  • “There is only one power which really counts. The power of political pressure. We Jews are the most powerful people on earth, because we have this power, and we know how to apply it.”
    Vladimir Jabotinsky in Jewish Daily Bulletin (July 27, 1935)
  • The war now proposed is for the purpose of establishing Jewish hegemony throughout the world.”
    Brigadier General George Van Horn Mosley
    The New York Tribune, March 29, 1939
  • “On the 3rd of June, 1938, the American Hebrew boasted that they had Jews in the foremost positions of influence in Britain, Russia and France, and that these “three sons of Israel will be sending the Nazi dictator to hell.”
    Joseph Trimble, The American Hebrew
  • “Germany is our public enemy number one. It is our object to declare war without mercy against her. One may be sure of this: We will lead that war!”
    Bernard Lecache, the president of the “International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism,” in its newspaper Droit de Vivre (Right to Life) (9 November, 1938)

◆ 4,000 years of perpetual Victims

These bigots would also have you believe that the Jews, evicted over a hundred times from countries, locales and principalities alike over the course of history, are not the victims of orchestrated witch-hunts but are kicked out for cogent reasons, variously expressed as anti-social behaviour, predatory lending and usury, child abduction and murder for their blood sacrifices and generally behaving obnoxiously, condescendingly and in a supremacist manner.

This of course is the old ruse, to find a victim to blame for ills a population is suffering and the Jews are an easy target since they keep themselves distinctly separate from the rest of society and don’t descend to mix with the Goyim.
These racist bigots would have you believe that the likes of Cicero, who most self-righteous Anti-Semite vigilantes probably admire for his literary brilliance and astute statesmanship, that this ancient hero has expressed genuine concerns and loathing the general population harbours towards this creed out of first hand experience living with them.

  • “The Jews belong to a dark and repulsive force. One knows how numerous this clique is, how they stick together and what power they exercise through their unions. They are a nation of rascals and deceivers.”
    Marcus Tullius Cicero, 106-43 BC, Roman Statesman & Historian

These Anti-Semitic racist would also have you believe that the famed Roman Greek Historian, Senator and Consul Lucius Cassius Dio was telling the truth and that the Jews really are savages and follow a dark, satanical cult:

  • “The Jews were destroying both Greeks and Romans. They ate the flesh of their victims, made belts for themselves out of their entrails, and daubed themselves with their blood…
    In all, 220,000 men perished in Cyrene and 240,000 in Cyprus, and for this reason no Jew may set foot in Cyprus today.”

    Lucius Cassius Dio, Second century Roman historian

Or that the Jews are vile money grubbers and use every dirty trick to fleece the ‘filthy Goyim’, i.e. cattle as they so lovingly like to call the rest of humanity.

  • “Jewish usurers bleed the poor to death and grow fat on their substance, and I who live on alms, who feed on the bread of the poor, shall I then be mute before outraged charity?
    Bernardin the Feltre, 15th century Italian Priest

Of course Aquinas Thomas and Pope Clement VIII were Anti-Semitic bigots for expressing what everyone else seemingly secretly harboured and felt for thousands of years, or so they claimed:

  • “The Jews should not be allowed to keep what they have obtained from others by usury; it were best that they were compelled to work so that they could earn their living instead of doing nothing but becoming avaricious.”
    Aquinas Thomas, 13th century Scholar and Saint
  • “All the world suffers from the usury of the Jews, their monopolies and deceit. They have brought many unfortunate people into a state of poverty, especially the farmers, working class people and the very poor. Then as now Jews have to be reminded intermittently anew that they were enjoying rights in any country since they left Palestine and the Arabian desert, and subsequently their ethical and moral doctrines as well as their deeds rightly deserve to be exposed to criticism in whatever country they happen to live.”
    Pope Clement VIII

Of course the hallowed Founding Fathers were ultra Anti-Semitic bigots for suggesting that the Jews should be excluded from the US and not allowed to settle there. The discussion was recorded as follows:

  • “I fully agree with General Washington, that we must protect this young nation from an insidious influence and impenetration. The menace, gentlemen, is the Jews. In whatever country Jews have settled in any great number, they have lowered its moral tone; depreciated its commercial integrity; have segregated themselves and have not been assimilated; have sneered at and tried to undermine the Christian religion upon which that nation is founded, by objecting to its restrictions; have built up a state within the state; and when opposed have tried to strangle that country to death financially, as in the case of Spain and Portugal……. continue reading!


One wonders why the Holy Roman Empress, Archduchess of Austria, Queen of Hungary, Croatia, Bohemia, Mantua, Milan, Lodomeria, Galicia, the Austrian Netherlands and Parma, Maria Theresa, issued the following edict, obviously she was an ardent Anti-Semitic bigot and just wanted to blame someone for the ills befalling her empire:

  • “Henceforth no Jew, no matter under what name, will be allowed to remain here without my written permission. I know of no other troublesome plague within the state than this race, which impoverished the people by their fraud, usury and money-lending and commits all deeds which an honorable man despises. Subsequently they have to be removed and excluded from here as much as possible.
    Queen Maria Theresa, Reign 1740 – 1780

Some Anti-Semitic racist bigots would even have you believe that all the ills on the planet is conspired by the Jews:

  • “You have not begun to appreciate the depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom of not merely the latest great war, but of every other major revolution in your history. We have brought discord and confusion and frustration into your personal and public life. We are still doing it. No one can tell how long we shall go on doing it. Who knows what great and glorious destiny might have been yours if we had left you alone.”
    Jew Marcus Eli Ravage, Century Magazine February, 1926
  • “We Jews, who have posed as Saviors of the World, we are today nothing else but the world’s seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners.
    Jew Oscar Levy

◆Zionism versus Judaism

Then of course there are those Anti-Semites who tender their obnoxious view that it is Judaism and not even Zionism which is the problem, citing that Jews have been evicted over a hundred times over the course of history, long before Zionism was conjured up in the late 19th century.
They claim that Zionism is merely Judaism’s political expression put into practice.
So they callously allege that Judaism is a misanthropic, supremacist and hate-filled cult who views the rest of humanity as mere cattle and as slaves to serve them.

  • “The sole purpose of Goyim is to serve Jews; they have no place in the world, other than to serve the people of Israel.”
    Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Oct. 2010

  • “Kill Gentiles regardless whether they’re guilty if Jews are in danger! Kill Goyim babies anytime, not just in combat, they may grow up to harm us.”
    Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira
  • “The body of a Jewish person is of totally different quality from the body of all nations of the world. A non Jewish soul comes from three Satanic spheres, while the Jewish soul stems from holiness”
    Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson

  • “Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat… That is why gentiles were created.”
    Rabbi Ovadia Yosef
  • “If a Jew needs a liver, can you take the liver of an innocent non-Jew passing by to save him? The Torah would probably permit that. Jewish life is infinite value.”
    Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh

  • “If Gentiles refuse to accept inferiority, then, … this signals necessity of Jewish warfare against their very presence”
    Mordechai Nisan
    Kiyunim – Official Publication of the World Zionist Organisation August 1984, PP. 151 – 156
  • “Our race is the Master Race. We are the divine Gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects.”
    Menachem Begin, Israeli PM
  • “Palestinians are not human beings, they don’t deserve to live and they are nothing but animals”
    Deputy Minister of Religious Services, Eli Ben Dahan

Some Anti-Semites go as far as to claim that the Jews conspire to rule the planet and make everyone their slaves, based on their holy Talmud in which their Yahweh deity explicitly promised them the whole world and everyone as their slave:

  • “Since the Jews are the highest and most cultured people on earth, the Jews have a right to subordinate to themselves the rest of mankind and to be the masters over the whole earth. Now, indeed, this is the historic destiny of the Jews”
    Rabbi Harry Watson in ‘A Program for The Jews and an Answer to all Anti-Semitism: A Program for Humanity” 1939
  • “When the Messiah comes every Jew will have 2800 slaves.”
    Talmud; Zohar, Toldoth Noah 63b
  • “The Jews energetically reject the idea of fusion with the other nationalities and cling firmly to their historical hope of World Empire”
    Dr. Mandelstrom, Professor at Kiev University, Zionist Congress, Basel, 1898
  • “And so it came to pass that prophesies came true, the despicable Goyim are at our feed and we rule the globe. For our Master who had lost the fight for heaven was determined to have rulership over the material world, and we his people; the fallen angels of Lucifer, who took birth alongside the despised humans, have come to conquer them in the end.”
    Rabbi Goldstein
  • “Thanks to the terrible power of our International Banks, we have forced the Christians into wars without number. Wars have a special value for Jews, since Christians massacre each other and make more room for us Jews. Wars are the Jews’ Harvest, the Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars. Over One hundred million Christians have been swept off the face of the earth by wars, and the end is not yet in!”
    1869 Rabbi Reichorn at Funeral of Rabbi Ben-Iuda
  • “The Jewish People as a whole will be its own Messiah.
    It will attain world dominion by the dissolution of other races, by the abolition of frontiers, the annihilation of monarchy, and by the establishment of a world republic in which the Jews will everywhere exercise the privilege of citizenship.
    In this new world order the Children of Israel will furnish all the leaders without encountering opposition. The governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will without difficulty fall into the hands of the Jews.
    It will then be possible for the Jewish rulers to abolish private property, and everywhere to make use of the resources of the state.
    Thus will the promise of the Talmud be fulfilled, in which is said that when the Messianic time is come, the Jews will have all the property of the whole world in their hands.”

    Baruch Levy in a letter to Karl Marx, La Revue de Paris, p. 574, June 1, 1928
  • “If Gentiles refuse to accept inferiority, then, … this signals necessity of Jewish warfare against their very presence”
    Mordechai Nisan
    Kiyunim ; Official Publication of the World Zionist Organisation August 1984, PP. 151 – 156
  • “When a Jew has a Gentile in his clutches, another Jew may go to the same Gentile, lend him money and in turn deceive him, so that the Gentile shall be ruined. For the property of a Gentile, according to our law, belongs to no one, and the first Jew that passes has full right to seize it.”
    Tosefta, Tractate Erubin VIII
  • “That all property of other nations belongs to the Jewish Nation, which consequently is entitled to seize upon it without any scruples. An orthodox Jew is not bound to observe principles of morality towards people of other tribes. He may act contrary to morality, if profitable to himself or to Jews in general.”
  • “Extermination of the Christians is a necessary sacrifice.”
    Yalkut 245c
  • A Jew should and must make a false oath when the Goyim asks if our books contain anything against them.
    Szaaloth-Utszabot, The Book of Jore Dia 17

Then there are those Anti-Semitic bigots like Jew Joel Stein who claim that the Jews have controlled the media for a very long time and the financial system for even longer, much, much longer.”

  • “But I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.”
    Jew Joel Stein

Cuneiform clay tablets attest that the Jews were plying their predatory money lending, grafting and usury as far back as the first and second millennia BC and they were reviled and loathed for their antisocial, rapacious practices even then; the very earliest forms of Anti-Semitism!

Today, so claims Joel Stein in his column in the LA Times, the Jews control not only the world wide media, MSM, Hollywood, the WS mega Banksters and the Central Banks, they also, through this usurious, fraudulent and unconstitutional Fiat Currency Crime Racket Jews manged to impose on humanity, control all Governments in the West from the US, UK, France, Germany and many more nations as far flung as Brazil and the Ukraine.
They therefore also demonstrably control the BIS, IMF, WB, the UN, ICC and other international institutions, in short the entire system; which is often labelled as the Jew World Order, JWO, quite obviously another slur and Anti-Semitic insult!

So called Free Trade Agreements like the TPP and TTIP are nothing but Enslavement Traps dressed in sheep’s-clothing sold as FTAs, hatched by, and for the WS Banksters, the masters of the planet, i.e. the Jews – at least so the Anti-Semitic slur goes!

It all boils down to the parasitic Fiat Currency Crime Racket which allows the owners of this iniquitous currency system to rape and plunder the productive Goyim and live off their hard earned wealth.

(Today Jewish controlled and run WS is a virtual cesspool of fraud and crime of the highest order where these mega bankster criminals literally can rape and plunder the productive people out of trillions of their hard earned wealth and in the process also destroy trillions of their wealth by suppressing commodity prices such as gold and silver and many more and there is never a single criminal prosecution; the banksters own the entire system.
In fact the puppet regulators protect the bankster criminals by slapping them with meaningless fines so as to prevent them being taken to court and sued by private citizens under double jeopardy rules!)

  • “Our major vice of old, as of today, is parasitism. We are a people of vultures living on the labor and the good nature of the rest of the world”
    Samuel Roth, Jews Must Live, The Golden Hind Press, New York (1934), page 56

By being in total control of the world wide system of global institutions from the UN, via exerting direct pressure, threats and blackmail on countries or via the veto power they control through their USG puppet, the Jews can now claim complete impunity for all their Land Theft, Terrorism and all the heinous Crimes against Humanity they inflict on the rightful inhabitants of Palestine – so the Anti-Semites claim in an attempt to paint the Jews as the ones who control everything on this planet:

  • “The wealthy Jews control the world. In their hands lies the fate of Governments and Nations. They set Governments one against the other and by their decree Governments make peace.
    When the wealthy Jews play, the nations and the rulers dance.”

    Theodore Herzl

◆Great Jews and their enormous contributions to World History! Jews have so much to be proud of, their contributions to humanity are exceptional in every respect. Following is a list of the most notable of the many great historical Jews and their lasting contribution to the world we live in.
Protagonists Seminal Historical World Event
✡Anseim Moses Bauer
✡Mayer Amschel
   Rothschild 1744–1812
✡Amschel M. Rothschild
   Frandurt 1773–1855
✡Salomon M. Rothschild
   Vienna 1774–1855
Nathan M. Rothschild
   London 1777–1836
✡Calmann M. Rothschild
   Naples 1788–1855
✡Jakob M. Rothschild
   Paris 1792–1868(Every son’s middle name was Mayer)
Nathan Mayer Rothschild made his fortune through deceit, trickery, warmongering and over the corpses of hundreds of millions, just as all the Rothschild wealth was accumulated.

  • “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.”
    Gertrude Schnaper Rothschild
  • “Either the application for the renewal of the charter is granted, or the United States will find itself involved in a most disastrous war.”
  • “Teach those impudent Americans a lesson. [2] Bring them back to colonial status.”
    Nathan Mayer Rothschild

He financed both sides, the French troops under Napoleon and the English under Wellington.
The private courier system the Rothschild brothers had established to relay messages and transport gold etc from one brother’s centre to another enabled them to outwit and pre-empt governments and competitions alike. At the battle of Waterloo 1815 Nathan had agents positioned to relay the outcome of the battle and he received word one day prior to everyone else that Wellington won.
However he tricked everyone by spreading the lie that Wellington had lost and started selling stocks at the exchange creating a panic and massive crash. Then at the bottoms his agents started picking up the penny-dreadful stocks he just created, made amassive fortune

[3] at the expense of everyone else.

  • “I am informed by Commissary White you have done well by the early information which you had of the victory gained at Waterloo.”
    Passage from a letter written by a Paris Bank employee to Nathan Rothschild sent a month after the Waterloo battle.
  • “The Rothschild in this country…has an incredible influence on all financial affairs here in London. It is widely stated and indeed close to the truth, that he entirely regulates the rate of exchange here in the city. his power as a banker is enormous”
    Christian von Rother (1778-1849), Financier and Prussian Minister of Finance 1810-1848
  • “I think we are having too much of Lord Rothschild:
    You are not to have estate duties or a super tax, why? Because Lord Rothschild has signed a petition on behalf of the bankers saying he will not stand for it.
    You are not to have a tax on reversions, why? Because Lord Rothschild said it will not do.
    You ought not to have old age pensions, why? Because Lord Rothschild said it could not be done.
    Now, really, I would really like to know, is Lord Rothschild the dictator of this country?
    Are we to have all the ways of reforms both social and financial, blocked, simply by a noticeboard, “No thoroughfare by order of Lord Rothschild” ?”

    Lloyd George, UK Prime Minister 1916 – 1922
✡Adam Weishaupt
✡Mayer Amschel
    Rothschild Shiva with the All Knowing Eye & the plagiarized Illuminati all seeing eye, also appearing the US$ Bill
Around 1770 Mayer Amschel Bauer gets his confidante, crypto Jew Adam Weishaupt, to form a secret society of powerful influential movers and shakers to completely take control of the political process across Europe, and also later America.
This society was to be used to infiltrate the long established Freemasons and usurp their power in the aid of their Jewish/Talmudic plans.
The Freemason were firmly established as such a force in 1717 with the formation of the first Grand Lodge in London.
This secret society was given a Luciferian moniker of significant symbolism, Illuminati, i.e. Bearers of Light!With the infiltration of the Freemasons accomplished and the Illuminati being an established force, the plot to usurp all governments was set about with precise instructions and plans of action to accomplish the Jewish/Talmudic plan for global hegemony and Jewish World Government:

  • Take control of all the media, i.e. Newspapers at the time.
    Now of course this extends to the Internet as is demonstrably the case with repeated attempts to bring it under total government control and even vest it in the Jewish controlled UN.
  • Get all institutions of learning, i.e. Universities etc, to adopt the Trojan Jewish doctrines of Internationalism, i.e. the idea that only a One World Government could prevent wars and bring about a harmonious world.In fact the exact opposite is the case; Jews have been fostering wars ad nauseam to profiteer over the corpses of hundreds of millions! Internationalism, as e.g. the EU project and the League of Nations/UN, is a mere veneer for the JWO which is their stated aim, in utterances, written in the Talmud, in Books, in the Protocols, expounded by Rabbis, and stated by virtually any and everyone in the Jewish establishment.
  • Seduce, bribe and blackmail, with sex, money and positions of influence, politicians and powerbrokers and once compromised and in bondage blackmail and use them to further the plans of Jewish supremacy and the aspired JWO.{Ever wondered why all US presidents are of the utmost vile and shady characters and many have criminal records of Drug use, Murder, Drug Dealing, AWOL, Bribery and many more crimes, of which Bush Snr, Bush Jr and Bill Clinton had most if not all of, and Hillary is equally compromised with a string of dead bodies behind her and many more ‘legal problems’!
    The Clinton’s litany of Crimes! Every Congressman was given a copy, but it made no difference, they’re all as criminal & corrupt! But that’s what qualifies them the most for usabiltiy for the real powers behind the curtain.
    Obama was morally and legally compromised, with drug use, homosexual activities and other legally compromising records and is by all accounts not even eligible for POTUS as he wasn’t born inside the US.}

Today there are a myriad of such secret societies, all oriented and controlled by Jews, to exert their power on all Governments across Europe and America etc.
Evidently this plan has been very successful and has been implemented with a rigour and ruthlessness for which the Jews are well known for.

This Illuminati plot is of the utmost significance and is a precursor of the more modern manifestations of such secret societies like theCFR

[5] and many more societies masquerading as mere advisory ‘Think Tanks’.
It was the institutionalization of the Deep State Secret Government, the Éminence Grise behind the facade of ‘democratically elected’ Governments!

  • “At the head of all those secret societies, which form provisional governments, men of the Jewish race are to be found.”
    Jewish UK Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli in The Life of Lord George Bentick
  • “Each Lodge is and must be a symbol of the Jewish temple; each Master in the Chair, a representative of the Jewish King; and every Mason a personification of the Jewish workman.”
  • “Freemasonry is founded on the ancient law of Israel. Israel has given birth to the moral beauty which forms the basis of Freemasonry.”
    THE FREEMASON, April 2, 1930, quoting Br. Rev. S. McGowan
  • “Masonry is a Jewish institution whose history, degrees, charges, passwords and explanations are Jewish from beginning to end.”
    Rabbi Br. Isaac Wise, in The Israelite of America, March 8, 1866
  • “We have founded many secret associations, which all work for our purpose, under our orders and our direction. We have made it an honour, a great honour, for the Gentiles to join us in our organizations, which are, thanks to our gold, flourishing now more than ever. Yet it remains our secret that those Gentiles who betray their own and most precious interests, by joining us in our plot, should never know that those associations are of our creation, and that they serve our purpose…”
    A speech at the B’nai B’rith convention in Paris, published shortly afterwards in The Catholic Gazette (London) in February 1936 and in Le reveil du peuple (Paris)
✡Theodore Herzl
✡Max Nordau
✡Richard Gottheil
✡Rabbi Stephen Wise
The conspirators behind the Zionist movement and the subsequent seizing of Palestine.
Edmond Rothschild, London and Jacob Schiff, NY had the Austrian Theodor Herzl to organise the first World Zionist Congress in 1897 in Basel, Switzerland with the aim of establishing a Jewish Homeland somewhere, most preferably in Palestine.
  • “The Jews will use all their influence and power to prevent the rise and prosperity of other nations and are resolved to adhere to their historic hopes; i.e. to the conquest of world power.
    Dr. Mandelstam, Professor of the University of Kiev 1897
  • “The Jews energetically reject the idea of fusion with the other nationalities and cling firmly to their historical hope, i.e., of world empire.”
    Dr. Mandelstam 1898
  • “The rungs of our ladder lead upward and upward: The First Zionist Congress – The English Proposition For A Jewish Homeland – The Future World War – The Peace Conference By Which A Jewish Palestine Will Be Created “
    Max Nordau At the Sixth Zionist Congress in Basel 1903
✡John Pierpont Morgan
✡John D. Rockefeller
✡Paul Moritz Warburg
✡Jacob Schiff
✡Herbert Lehman
✡Frank A. Vanderlip
✡Bernard Baruch
✡Joseph Seligman
et al
The conspirators behind the greatest heist in human history; the 1913 Federal Reserve usurpation of the US Financial System and by extension the global Currency System by tricking their puppet Woodrow Wilson and Congress to grant them the sole power to issue Currency, i.e. Debt to everyone, private citizens and government alike, and thus enslave humanity in Debt to these Jewish Banksters!

The unconstitutional Fed has a 100 year history of Crimes against the Productive People in favour of their parasitic WS Banksters buddies.
The Fed engineered Boom-Bust cycles, recessions and depressions in rapid succession to aid the Banksters’ rape and plunder racket, where the parasitic Banksters profiteer on the Boom Cycle and then position themselves to profiteer from the Bust Cycle. Then at the bottom these parasitic vultures pick up assets for pennies on the Dollar; it is the ultimate wealth transfer from the Productive Goyim to the parasitic Jewish Banksters!
Every single Fed ‘policy’ has always been designed to aid that crime racket at the expense of the productive people:
Open Market Operations i.e. Loosening/Tightening, QE, ZIRP, TWIST, MBS purchases, etc.

The virtual Bar Mitzvah at the Fed has been involved in the Gold suppression crime racket for over eighty years and of late is engaged in rigging every market they possibly can rig, along with their partners in crime from the ESF, BIS and WS – all to aid their private, parasitic Fiat Currency Crime Racket at the expense of the productive people.

In the process of this orgy of crimes against humanity these gangsters, besides raping and plundering the productive people out of trillions, also destroy trillions of productive people’s wealth by suppressing prices and bankrupting the entire global mining industry, and by destroying markets; all with complete impunity since they own the entire system; USG and all the policing organs globally.

  • “The few who understand the system will either be so interested from its profits or so dependant on its favors that there will be no opposition from that class. The other class will simply have no comprehension or concern about American monetary policy.”
    Rothschild Brothers of London, June 25, 1863, in a letter to their US agents, referring to their plot of establishing a private and Rothschild controlled Central Bank in America.To understand the way the Financial System works and is controlled by Jews see here!
✡Moses Hess
✡Friedrich Engels
✡Karl Marx
The Protagonists behind the formulation of the parasitic Talmudic-Judeo-Marxist-Communist doctrine to dispossess and enslave the productive ‘Goyim’ and have the Jews rule over them!

  • “Some call it Marxism, I call it Judaism!”
    Rabbi Stephen Wise, The American Bulletin, 5 May 1935
✡Vladimir Lenin
✡Leon Trotsky
✡Lev Kamenev
✡Yakov Sverdlov
✡Karl Radek
✡Genrikh Yagoda
✡Aaron Solts
✡Yakov Rappoport
✡Lazar Kogan
✡Matvei Berman
✡Naftaly Fenkel
The conspirators behind the Jewish Russian Revolution which led to the biggest Mass-murder in human history.
It was part of theJewish plan for world domination, [4] financed by Jewish WS Banksters like Schiff, Paul Warburg, Judus Magnes, Kuhn, Loeb & Company, and Speyer & Company et al.The Bolshevik revolution was an almost entirely Jewish affair, it was Jewish funded from abroad and led by Jews from abroad and out of 556 important functionaries of the Bolshevik State there were 457 Jews.

Yagoda et al are the biggest mass-murderers of all times, the REAL Holocaust, where these imported Jews in an orgy of hatred and revenge against their gracious hosts, the White Russians, massacred 66 million of them in their drive to enslave the productive Goyim globally and establish a Jewish Global Governance over their Goy slaves.
This is candidly admitted by some Anti-Semitic Jews, as here for example.

  • “The Russian Revolution was made by Jews. We have created Secret Societies, planned the Reign of Terror. The Revolution succeeded by our convincing propaganda and our mass assassinations in order to form a government truly ours!”
    M. Hermalin, Jew, Communist, New York, 1917
  • “The principal end, which is Hebrew world domination, is not yet reached. But it will be reached and it already closer than the masses of the so-called Christian States imagine.
    Russian Czarism, the German Empire and militarism are overthrown, all peoples are being pushed toward ruin.
    This is the moment in which the true domination of Jewry has its beginning.”

    Judas Schuldbuch, in “The Wise Men of Zion”
  • “The Bolshevist revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish brains, of Jewish dissatisfaction, of Jewish planning, whose goal is to create a new order in the world.
    What was performed in so excellent a way in Russia, thanks to Jewish brains, and because of Jewish dissatisfaction, and by Jewish planning, shall also, through the same Jewish mental and physical forces, become a reality all over the world.

    “The American Hebrew, September 10, 1920
  • “The Jews have undoubtedly to a large extent furnished the brains and energy in the revolution throughout Russia.”
    George von Longerke Meyer, US Ambassador to Russia in an official letter to Elihu Root, US Secretary of State 30 December 1905
  • “I believe that of all the achievements of my people, none has been nobler than the part the sons and daughters of Israel have taken in the great movement which has culminated in free Russia” (Referring to the Jewish invasion of Russia and the bloody overthrow of the Tsarist Government and the ensuing greatest massacre of all times!)Rabbi Stephen S. Wise in the NY Times, March 23, 1917
  • “When the Bolsheviki came into power, all over Petrograd we at once had a predominance of Yiddish proclamations, big posters, and everything in Yiddish.”
    Dr. Simons, Pastor of the Methodist Church in Petrograd, p. 142
✡Rosa Luxemburg
✡Karl Liebknecht
✡Kurt Eisner
✡Eugen Leviné
Founders of the Spartacist League and the Communist Party of Germany and the conspirators behind the Jewish Communist uprising of 1918 – 1919 in Germany with the aim of declaring a Free Socialist Republic of Germany and the Bavarian Soviet Republic!
✡Béla Kun Conspirator behind the communist uprising and the Hungarian Soviet Republic which had a short lived existence of three months in 1919.
He fled to the Soviet Union to his Jewish Brethren where he later was tried and executed; the Revolution eats its own!
Paris Peace Conference
US Attendees:
✡Bernard Baruch;
Wilson’s personal Advisor
✡Rabbi Stephen Wise
✡Felix Franfurter
✡Oscar Strauss
✡Louis Brandeis
✡Walter Lippman
✡Simon Dubnow
✡Harry Friedenwald
✡Jacob de Haas
✡Mary Felix
✡Louis Robinson
✡Bernanrd Flexner
✡Julian Mack plus ten more Jews from the AJCUK Attendees:
✡Phil Sassoon;
Lloyd George’s advisor
✡Walter Rothschild
✡Lionel de Rothschild
✡Chaim Weizmann
✡Lucien Wolfe
✡Moses Montefiore
✡Nachum Sokolove
✡Julius Kahn
✡Sylvian Levi
✡M. BigarFrench Attendees
✡Georges Mandel aka Jeroboam Rothschild;
Clemencau’s Advisor
et al

Banking Interests:
✡Paul Warburg for the US Banksters
✡Max Warburg and other German Jews for the German Banksters’ Interest!

Germany is enslaved to Jews withsecret Contract

[6] between Allies and defeated Germany

In WWI Germany agreed to the Armistice of Compiègne, signed on the 11 November 1918, in the believe that Wilson’s famous 14 Points would form the foundation for a fair and equitable Peace Treaty.
However Jews had taken complete control of the conference and Wilson was mere putty in their hands.
These Jews had many aims and achieve them all:

  • Germany was blamed for the war and ordered to pay full reparations.
  • Germany was broken up and lost 13% of its territory and vital industrial and coal production capacity.
  • Germany was essentially disarmed.
  • Establishing the League of Nations.
    • First step towards World Government, where the Jews will be the rulers over all the Goyim.
  • Palestine shall be vested in the League of Nations and the Government entrusted to Great Britain as Mandatory of the League.
    • This was their first step to seize Palestine from their rightful inhabitants.
  • Recognition of Jewish Minority Rights in Eastern Europe.

The quashing of Germany was a recipe for continued strife and grievances in Europe and ensured WW2 would follow rapidly. As Marshall Foch quipped at the time:

  • “This is not peace. It is an armistice for 20 years”

The monumental importance of this Conference and the fact that it was an exclusive Jewish affair imposing their scheming on humanity can not be overstated; it was the overt power-grab for everyone to see and has only intensified since – though it is barely ever recognized by anyone for such.

WWII followed and the subsequent Nuremberg Trials were equally an entirely Jewish Affair and established Jewish control over Europe and particularly Germany as a Jewish vassal.
The Nuremberg Trials were more than just eliminating the witnesses to the Holohoax, it was again the complete usurpation and cementing into concrete Jewish power over humanity.

This may sound trite but on closer examination this is the only conclusion any objective observer can draw from the unprejudiced examination of the patently manifest facts!.

To appreciate the insidious scheming and connivance Jews employed to establish the Holohoax it is instructive to glean behind the scenes of how this was accomplished; see here a transcript of the criminal plotting at the conference which formulated the ‘London Charter’ as a blueprint for the Nuremberg Kangaroo Trials to frame the Germans for the Jews’ and Allies’ own crimes!

✡Harry Dexter White
✡Henry Morgenthau Jr.
Morgenthau with Puppet FDR
These are the conspirators behind the Bretton Woods Conference of 1944 to grab hold of the entire global currency system and put it under permanent Jewish control by establishing institutions, i.e. the IMF and the WB, which they controlled via the US Treasury, which in turn they control via their permanent, unseen and covert staff in the Treasury, as well as the Secretaries and Undersecretaries they put into office, and via the all powerful Jewish WS Banksters who completely control the USG via appointee stooges and their paid off Think Tanks.
Thus the entire global financial system is now under Jewish control, from the Federal Reserve to the BIS, IMF, WB and all the Central Banks which are members of these institutions.
The Jews during the first FDR administration had already established the secret, unaccountable and completely beyond any law, regulation, or policing organ’s reach, the Exchange Stabilization Fund, the ESF, which was forged into being on the back of the Gold Reserve Act of 1934 by the Jews in control of the FDR adminstration.The Jews in this dark, covert and surreptitious entity, the ESF, where no one outside is officially privy to exactly what crimes they’re up to, have a completely free hand to rig markets, wage financial wars against any nation they please, suppress the People’s Money, i.e. Gold and Silver, launder drug money, deal illicitly in arms, drugs and anything they please; there is zero oversight from anyone but the Secretary of Treasury and the President, which are both their agents and puppets regardless, and will not be let into interfering in their machinations, even if they inquired about it.However astute market analysts and observers plus some whistelblowers have consistently painted a horrific picture of what this Jewish controlled Crime Unit really is up to and the evidence of their criminal machinations is clearly evident for everyone to see!

So the moment of total chaos during WWII was opportunistically seized, and whilst most countries were on their knees, as all the while the US was profiteering enormously from selling arms to its allies and accumulated some 22,000 tons of Gold in the process, to pull off the second biggest heist after the Fed, or maybe rather on par with it.

He who holds the Gold calls the shots, that’s how they managed to force this unmitigated, profane power-grab onto the rest of the globe, who meekly objected to a very limited degree, but were all overruled by these two Jewish Power Brokers at the Bretton Woods Conference!

✡Felix Frankfurter
✡Bernard M. Baruch
✡Henry Morgenthau
✡Benjamin V. Cohen
✡Samuel Rosenman
✡David K. Niles
These are some of the Jews behind Roosevelt who managed his every move and got him to force war on Hitler by blackmailing the British PMs Chamberlain and then Churchill into ending any cooperation with Hitler to peacefully settle his, then widely acknowledged, genuine concerns regarding Danzig and the Corridor through ex-German territory (now Polish) and the Polish pogroms against German citizens.
WW2 is widely acknowledged as Roosevelt’s war, entirely due to his Jewish handlers who completely controlled him.
60 to 80 million massacred so Jews could get their illegal state on Palestinian Lands, as is tacitly admitted by Jews and many a Politician alike.To fully appreciate the way WW2 was foisted on Hitler by the Jews behind Roosevelt see here, here and here!
✡Alan Greenspan
✡Bernard Shalom
✡Janet Yellen
✡Robert Rubin
✡Larry Summers
✡Henry Paulson
✡Jacob Lew
The Jewish powers behind the complete deregulation of the Financial system so as to allow the Jewish WS Banksters to rape and plunder the productive people globally in ever more rapacious, criminal ways and means.
The Financial Crisis of 2008 was a direct result of their conniving and it has only been papered over by printing trillions of Dollars and handed to the criminal, bankrupt WS Banksters so they could rape and plunder another day, rape the very same people who bailed them out in the first place!
The full story here!
✡Robert Rubin
✡Victoria Nuland
✡John Kerry
✡Richard Perle
✡Paul Wolfowitz
✡George Soros
✡Zbigniew Brzezinski
✡Elliot Abrams
✡Robert Zoellick
✡Joshua Bolton
✡Robert Kagan
✡Donald Kagan
✡Frederick Kagan
✡William Kristol
✡Irving Kristol
✡Richard N. Haass
✡Dov Zakheim
✡David M. Wurmser
✡Michael Ledeen
✡Douglas Feith
✡Michael Chertoff
✡Douglas Feith
✡John Bolton
✡Michael Ledeen
✡Scooter Libby
✡Charles Krauthammer
✡Stephen Bryen
✡David Frum
✡Daniel Pipes
✡Eliot Cohen
✡Max Boot
✡James Schlesinger
✡Marc Grossman
✡Joshua Bolten
✡Norman Podhoretz
✡Alan Dershowtiz✡AIPAC
✡Brookings Institution
✡Trilateral Commission
✡Atlantic Council
✡and hundreds of Jewish lobby groups more

The USG is controlled by Jewish controlled ‘Think Tanks’ which write policy and furnish all the key positions in every Adminstration, and thus ensure that every policy they conspire is implemented by their stooges and agents in Government.

These are some of the conspirators behind 9/11, all the terrorism, the Wars in the Middle East, the destruction of Iraq, Libya, Syria, the Ukraine, the warmongering against Russia and China and many more countries.
The ‘Regime Change’ in Brazil, Argentina, the vitriolic assaults and covert economic/financial warfare agaisnt Venezuela, Iran, Russia and many more countries defying the rule of the Jewish controlled USG.
It is all about total hegemony, total control over resources, governments, the financial system and installing puppet regimes which will bow to every dictate by the Jewish controlled USG.

Obama’s Jews; past and present:
✡Victoria Nuland
۞John Kerry
✡Tony Blinken
✡Danielle Borrin
✡Gary Gensler
✡Jonathan Greenblatt
✡Jack Lew
✡Eric Lynn
✡Matt Nosanchuk
✡David Plouffe
✡Daniel Rubenstein
✡Dan Shapiro
✡Gene Sperling
✡Aviva Sufian
✡Adam Szubin
✡Janet Yellen
✡David Cohen
✡David Saperstein
✡Amy Rosenbaum
✡Raffi Freedman-Gurspan
✡Ben Bernanke
✡Mary Schapiro
✡Steven Simon
✡Rahm Emanuel
✡David Axelrod
✡Elena Kagan
✡Peter Orszag
✡Lawrence Summers
✡Mona Sutphen
✡James B. Steinberg
✡Dennis Ross
✡Ronald Jared Bernstein
✡Susan Sher
✡Alice Rivlin
✡Lee Feinstein
✡Mara Rudman
and thousands more as permanent staff in all the Departments
During Obama’s tenure Libya was attacked, bombed and destroyed and 600,000 innocent Libyans massacred because Gaddafi proposed an honest, fair and equitable Monetary System based on a Gold backed Dinar which would have threatened the Jews’ own Fiat Currency Crime Racket!

Syria is being destroyed by proxy terrorists, which were all and sundry trained, armed, financed and commandeered by the US in clandestine operations in cooperation with their Axis partners in crime; KSA, Qatar, Turkey, Israel, UK, France, Germany, NATO.

Syria’s crime is that it is part of the territory of the Jewish plot to occupy all the lands from the Nile to the Euphrates; the Yinon Plan, which is based on the Jewish Genesis where this criminal land grab was first hatched by Rabbis who wrote this supremacist, misanthropic fable.

Syria also opted for the Iranian Gas Pipeline instead of the Qatari one, which is aimed at undermining Russian Gas supplies to Europe.

Syria also has a publicly owned Central Bank issuing its own Currency outside of the Jewish Financial system of control! Just as Libya did!

The overthrow of the legitimate government of the Ukraine was the work of the Jewish Undersecretary Victoria Nuland and Jewish Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, plus all the Jewish Oligarchs in the Ukraine; Petro Poroshenko, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Igor Kolomoisky, Yulia Tymoshenko etc

See full account here!

The terrorist assault against the Russian people in Novorossiya is of the utmost barbarity waged by the Jews in power now, put there by the Jews in power in the USG.
Indiscriminate bombing of cities, schools, hospitals and housing estates is their hallmark of barbarity.

  • Our children will go to kindergartens and schools, theirs will be sitting in cellars.
    Ukraine’s Jewish “I’m the President of Peace” poser on how his terrorism against women and children will ‘win the war’.
    There is of course no war, just pure terrorism by the Jewish Ukrainian junta and Jewish Oligarchs like Israeli/Ukrainian/Cyprian Kolomoisky and his Azov, Donbass, Aidar, Shahtersk et al Terrorists which he uses to perpetrate the most egregious, abhorrent atrocities against the civilian population in Novorossiya!

An estimated 60,000 Russians have been callously murdered by these terrorists with complete impunity.
In fact they are hailed as heroes by the US and EU, the violent overthrow of the government is now sickeningly labelled the ‘Revolution of Dignity’ and the Jewish controlled IMF is throwing billions at these Jewish Oligarch in breach of all its own rules, billions which all disappear into the pockets of these Jewish Oligarchs!

This is but a tiny snapshot of Jews who have contributed so greatly to historical events which shaped humanity’s destiny. As we have seen, this is in their own words that they are behind every war, every conflagration, every revolution, social upheaval, perversion and malaise!
Then there are many, many more great Jews:
✡Yitzhak Rabin
✡Menachem Begin
✡Shimon Peres✡Elie Wiesel
Received Nobel Peace Prizes for their great contribution to Terrorism, Genocide, Mass-murder and Massacres of Palestinians.
These are the main actors behind the Nakba, the pogrom against the Palestinian people, the rightful owners of the Land these illegal Squatters occupy and who are pursuing a policy of extermination against the Palestinians!They are also behind the 1946 King David Hotel bombing where 91 people died at their hands; but it was and is all in pursuit of their goal of getting the British out of Palestine and to grab all the Lands of Palestine for the Jews.
So these were all acts of valour; i.e. Terrorism and Mass-murder for a noble Jewish purpose, so they deserve a Nobel Peace Prize!Elie Wiesel conned the world, as so many others of his creed, with a story of Auschwitz, Holocaust, Gassings and miraculously surviving millions of massacred Jews.
However he refuses to show his tattoo number A7713, which he claims he still has on his arm, while candid photos of his exposed arm shows no such tattoo anywhere.
This crafty Wiesel was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize of course, for his great contribution to humanity’s hilarity and incredulity.
Another Jewish concocted story Too big to fail!

Bravo Nobel Committee for all the awards to deserving Jews for their selfless philanthropic contributions to humanity’s well-being!

✡Henry Kissinger

  Where he ought to be
Arch Zionist Jew Kissinger was also awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his great contribution to the war of aggression the US waged against far away Vietnam and many other genocidal wars of aggression by the US.
This savage war alone cost the lives of 5.8 innocent, productive people so the parasitic Jews who own and control the WS mega Banksters, and in turn own and control the MIC, the Military Industrial Complex, could profiteer over the corpses of millions, destroyed lives of tens of millions, and a country destroyed and poisoned, and which keeps on killing, maiming and causing Birth Defects thanks to the expensive Ordnance and Poisons bought from the MIC and dropped by the millions of tons on women and children.
Alfred Nobel was of Jewish descent and the Nobel Prize organisation has been hijacked by the JWO like everything else on this planet.
It now has become so overtly a Jewish PsyOp that it would be laughable were it not so serious.

The likes of crypto Jew Obama I’m Jewish in my soul” and “We are all Jewish”, who received his Peace Prize on the mere hints of promises went on to become this century’s second most prolific Mass-Murderer behind his predecessor Bush.
The Jewish controlled EU, which is one of the most vile, undemocratic, venal organisations received its Peace Prize for its contribution to, yes Peace!
Never mind that the EU is leveling sanction against Syria in support of the Jewish sponsored Terrorists there, which are exempt from these crippling, mass-murdering sanctions!
The EU is thus directly in support of all the heinous crimes against humanity these savages perpetrate.
But that’s the aim of the JWO, the destruction of all Goyim countries and now it’s Syria’s turn to make way for the expansion of Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates!
The EU is engaged in many more Crimes against Humanity, all in aid of the Jewish agenda for World Domination, as they candidly profess themselves – all worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize of course!
Like for instance the EU’s destruction of the Club Med countries.
As in Greece, where the EU Troika insists on the Debt enslavement of Greece so the parasitic Banksters can get paid for the currency they printed out of nothing and lent to Greece.
Now these vultures are free to pick over the carcass of what’s left of the Greek economy and rape and plunder real, hard, tangible assets in lieu of their confetti currency conjured up out of thin air!

Or the EU’s insistence of bringing millions ‘refugees’ from North Africa and the ME into Europe, dragged there by the covert, organized assistance rendered by issuing false passports, paying for transport and luring them with false promises, all in aid of the widely stated Jewish Talmudic plot to destroy the White Christian race through miscegenation; i.e. the stated aim of ‘dumbing down’ of the white people so Jews can easily rule over them!

All the Jews controlling the Think Tanks, i.e. AIPAC, CFR, Brookings Institution, Trilateral Commission, Atlantic Council etc, many of them listed above, have and are behind the incessant Warmongering against Muslims, Iran, Libya, Syria, Venezuela, Russia and China etc in a drive to elicit a response and engage Russia, or any of them, in a conflict; they are literally baying for WW3 which will mean the end of all life on this planet.
It is for the final fulfillment of their stated aim of world domination and One World Government; i.e. the Jew World Order!

  • The principal end, which is Hebrew world domination, is not yet reached. But it will be reached and it is already closer than the masses of the so-called Christian States imagine.
    Russian Czarism, the German Empire and militarism are overthrown, all peoples are being pushed toward ruin.
    This is the moment in which the true domination of Jewry has its beginning.”

    Judas Schuldbuch, in “The Wise Men of Zion”
But there are many more great Jews littered throughout history, which made lasting contributions to Humanity:
✡Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab Founder of the famed faux Islamic Judeo-Wahhabism which, dressed as ‘Islam’, is the state religion of Saudi Arabia and the recruiting mechanism for all the USG’s Terrorists, trained and nurtured in Saudi paid Madrasas around the globe.
✡Muhammad Ibn Saud Founder of the Royal Clan of the House of Saud who adopted Wahhabism as their religion and went on to conquest all of Hejaz.
The House of Saud, that’s the royal clan, today is an anachronistic, pre-medieval tyranny of unprecedented barbarity with enormous personal wealth thanks to its huge oil reserves, which are the main funder of the war on the Goyim in Europe, and the war on Syria with its Wahhabi lunatic terrorists.
✡Mehmed Talaat Pasha
✡Ismail Enver Pasha
✡Ahmed Djemal Pasha✡Mustafa Kemal Atatürk✡Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
Though not overtly Jewish, these are crypto-Jews known as Dönmeh Jews, successively ruling over Turkey.
The Triumvirate of the three Pashas and Ataturk were responsible for the Armenian / Greek / Assyrian Genocide of 3.5 million, which to this day is vehemently denied by these crypto Jews like Erdoğan.
Erdoğan himself is deeply involved in the Crime against Humanity in Syria by sponsoring his Wahhabi ISIS Terrorists and trading stolen oil out of Syria and Iraq.
Erdoğan is also known for his crimes against the Kurds and False Flag terrorism plaguing Turkey.
Erdoğan has recently jailed Turkish journalist Ergün Poyraz for writing in his book that he and his wife are a crypto Jews and are secretly working with Israeli Intelligence for no less than 29 years!

◆The State of Israel

Israel has, even long before its inception, been a source of death and destruction in Palestine.
Israel of course means the Khazarian squatters who arrived there in ever increasing numbers since the late nineteen hundreds and then in droves after 1947.
This squatter colony is built on atrocities, crimes against humanity, genocide and terrorism of the worst kind, but this has not ever stopped; it is in fact the hallmark of the Squatters’ conduct in the 21st century no less.

Pregnant women & Children are specifically targeted by Jewish snipers & bombing raids! There is never any letup, never a quarter given; the unwritten yet countless times spoken dogma of these illegal squatters is to exterminate and ethnic cleanse every single Palestinian from their ancestral homeland to make way for these illegal usurpers!
In the 21st century alone the pogroms against a defenceless population looks like the worst horror accounts of the Jewish Bolshevik Soviet Union:

  • During the 2008-2009 Operation Cast Lead 1,417 Palestinians were callously murdered.
  • 2012 Operation Pillar of Defence saw 167 Palestinians killed.
  • Evil: 21st Century Jewish barbarism! Then as recent as the 2014 Operation Protective Edge, where 2,251 Palestinians were callously massacred, mostly women and children and 20,000 homes deliberately destroyed in a wanton orgy of Death & Destruction.
    It was on the back of a FFOp where the Jews themselves murdered three of their own as a pretext to murder Palestinians, destroy Gaza and grab the Palestinians Oil/Gas fields offshore Gaza; same Jewish tactics every time!

Since 1936 over 100,000 Palestinians have been massacred by the illegal Jewish intruders, but their policy of depravation, economic boycott, the wanton destruction of crops, infrastructure like water supplies, electricity generation, irrigation and sanitation installations and manufacturing plants and residential housing, all this has led to the deaths of over Two million Palestinians!
A Genocide by any measure!

And the world is silent! What if it were Washington, Tel Aviv, London, NY, Paris? In the 21st century, Israel has blockaded Gaza since 2006 after Hamas won an internationally monitored, and declared free and fair, election.
However Hamas was supported from its beginnings by Israel in an attempt to split the Palestinians from Arafat’s hugely popular PLO, and is by all accounts infiltrated by Israeli Mossad/Shin Bet agents.
This allows the squatter colony to fabricate pretexts, like harmless, oversized firecrackers dubbed ‘Rockets’ fired by their agents into the Squatter Colony, to launch their savage pogroms against a defenceless population and use these ‘operations’ as a cover to massacre as many Palestinians as possible and to destroy all their infrastructure so as to make Gaza uninhabitable, as is their stated aim!
The Jewish Blockade is an attempt to end all life in the strip; it is administered in a way that only the bare minimum of foodstuffs and goods is allowed into this open air concentration gulag so as to slowly starve the rightful inhabitants of Palestine and either kill them slowly and / or force them to leave their ancestral homeland.

21st Century Jewish Barbarism; criminal collective punishment by the illegal squatters! Since the dawn of the ‘enlightened’ 21st century, the deliberate killing and massacre of the rightful inhabitants of Palestine has taken the lives of some 10,000 innocent civilians and add to this the Palestinians who died of the deliberate deprivation by the squatter Jews, another 70,000 lost their lives to these self-anointed rulers of Palestine this millennium alone!

At this point it is instructive to note that Jews globally are overwhelmingly in support of the illegal, racist, Apartheid and brutal Squatter Colony on Palestinian land.
The state of Israel only ever came about through the Jews’ ‘terrible power of the purse’, as they like to call it themselves.
A poll conducted in the UK shows that 90% of Jews unreservedly support this savagely brutal, illegal entity.
Illegal because under common law any contract enacted under duress, threats and or bribery is not enforceable, is illegal and null & void; and that’s how the state of Israel came about.
Ecstatic Jews cheer & celebrate Death, Destruction, Misery & unimaginable Suffering in a perverse open-air orgy! Another poll conducted in the US reveals that for 72% of Jews “caring about Israel is very important” for them. But the overwhelming majority identify as Jews with this genocidal, mass-murdering illegal squatter colony being their focus, pride and spiritual home!

AIPAC, the Jewish lobby group which virtually controls congress along with its equally Jewish controlled CFR, boasts a membership of over 100,000 while the Jewish poplaiton of the US amounts to some 5.3 million, less than 2%.
AIPAC is a warmongering, dictatorial, deep state ‘lobby group’, which extracts huge amounts of donations, grants and subsidized arms deals from US Taxpayers for the Jews living in the illegal squatter colony on Palestinian land.
As a comparison the UK Conservative Party has a membership of less than 150,000 out of 46.5 million eligible voters, and manages to form a government all the same.
This illustrates once more how Jews are single-mindedly in favor of everything advocated and perpetrated by AIPAC in their name; Wars, Genocide, Land Theft, Country destruction, Warmongering against Iran, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Palestinians, Lebanon etc.

Well Poisoning; An old Jewish tradition!
The Jewish Plot to kill 6m Germans! Israel is also the only state on the planet where there is no anti-war movement or protests of any note in face of the most savage attack on defenseless women and children with the aim to massacre as many as possible and to destroy every foundation life’s basic necessities, even to the point of poisoning their crops and uprooting hundred year old fruit and olive trees to starve them and deprive them of any hope of survival.

21st Century Jewish Crimes against Humanity No, instead the frenzied Jewish crowd, manically crazed and intoxicated on the blood and unspeakable suffering of Palestinians gathers on hilltops to cheer and celebrate the grotesque massacre and biggest Crime against Humanity of the 21st century, something not seen since the Jewish Bolsheviks massacred 66 million White Russians in another Jewish orgy of Death & Destruction!

  • “There are no innocents in Gaza. Mow them down. Kill the Gazans without thought or mercy.”
    Knesset Member Michael Ben-Ari
  • “The rungs of our ladder lead upward and upward: The First Zionist Congress – The English Proposition For A Jewish Homeland – The Future World War – The Peace Conference By Which A Jewish Palestine Will Be Created “
    Max Nordau in 1903
  • “One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.”
    Rabbi Yaacov Perrin, Feb. 27, 1994.
  • “The goal of the operation is to send Gaza back to the Middle Ages, only then will Israel be calm for the next 40 years.”
    Interior Minister Eli Yishai, Operation Pillar of Defense
  • “We need to flatten entire neighborhoods in Gaza. Flatten all of Gaza. The Americans didn’t stop with Hiroshima — the Japanese weren’t surrendering fast enough, so they hit Nagasaki, too. There should be no electricity in Gaza, no gasoline or moving vehicles, nothing. Then they’d really call for a ceasefire.”
    Journalist Gilad Sharon, son of former Prime Minster Ariel Sharon.

  • “There is no such thing as a Palestinian people, it is not as if we came and threw them out and took their country. They didn’t exist.”
    Golda Meir
  • “Palestinians are not human beings, they don’t deserve to live and they are nothing but animals”
    Deputy Minister of Religious Services, Eli Ben Dahan

  • “Israel may have the right to put others on trial, but certainly no one has the right to put the Jewish People and the state of Israel on trial.”
    Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, 25 March 2001, quoted in BBC News online
  • “We have to kill all the Palestinians unless they are resigned to live here as slaves.”
    Mayor of Tel Aviv October 1983
  • The Palestinians & Palestine which ‘never existed’! “We’ll make a pastrami sandwich of them. We’ll insert a strip of Jewish Settlements between the Palestinians and another right across the West Bank so that in 25 years neither the UN nor the USA, nobody will be able to tear if apart”
    Ariel Sharon 1973

✘See Footnote b

◆Understanding the biggest Anti-Semite of them all!

Hitler was incensed at the way the Jews managed to blame Germany for WW1 at the Paris Peace conference and how they drubbed Germany’s face in the mud with the onerous, unjust and vindictive terms dictated by them.
Germany was excluded from the conference and had merely the Jewish Banksters representing themselves present; a totally rigged setup from the outset!

Wilson arrived with his by now famous 14 points lulling the Germans into some false confidence that the Peace Treaty would be a fair and just one.

However as it transpired the Jews at the conference took complete control of the process and, in a pique of utter vengeance and spite, made this Treaty an act of revenge and vengeance against the Germans for not acquiescing to their demands made to the Kaiser for the land of Palestine.
(They were however lucky with Britain, who, in a quid pro quo deal, issued the Balfour Declaration promising them the Palestinians’ land, for in return the Jews bringing the US into WWI and saving the UK from certain defeat at the hands of the Germans. That was a promise made to a private, very wealthy and powerful, citizen for a land inhabited for millennia by Palestinians, a land over which the British had no control, no jurisdiction, nor any right to decide its fate!)

The Jews in fact were the most happy and prosperous in Germany after the emancipation laws granted them equal status to German citizens, and during the early period leading up to WWI, until 1916, the Jews in the US were in fact rooting for the Germans and were decidedly on her side; that is until the Balfour Declaration.

Hitler was also incensed at the way the Jews took control of the German press, banking, the entertainment industry and much of the political process and economy after the emancipation laws were passed in Germany in the nineteenth century.
What particularly incensed him was the perversion gripping the Weimar Republic at the time; Berlin was known as the Sex Capital of Europe and the Theatres, Movies and Arts were a cesspools of debauchery, sexual perversion, homosexuality and licentious behaviour hitherto unseen on such a scale and obscenity; and it was all driven and controlled by Jews, as is the case today; same issues, same malaise!

The Treaty of Versailles made Germany a slave in debt bondage to the Jewish Banksters and crippled the economic recovery after the war and their speculation caused the hyper inflation of the 1920s and threw six million Germans on the scrap heap of unemployment.

  • “Should Germany merchandise again in the next 50 years we have led this war (WW1) in vain.”
    Winston Churchill in Times (1919)

Hitler then went on to issue Debt Certificates of his own which circumvented the Jewish Banksters’ grip on the German Government and prevented them from profiteering:

  • “Germany’s unforgivable crime before WW2 was its attempt to loosen its economy out of the world trade system and to build up an own exchange system from which the world-finance couldn’t profit anymore. We butchered the wrong pig.”
    Winston Churchill, The second World War (Bern, 1960)
  • “The war wasn’t only about abolishing fascism, but to conquer sales markets. We could have, if we had intended so, prevented this war from breaking out without doing one shot, but we didn’t want to.”
    Winston Churchill to Truman (Fultun, USA March 1946)
  • ‘I emphasised that the defeat of Germany and Japan and their elimination from world trade would give Britain a tremendous opportunity to swell her foreign commerce in both volume and profit.'”
    Baruch, The Public Years, by Bernard M. Baruch (p.347) Bernard Baruch was a presidential adviser to Wilson, Roosevelt and Truman.

This clearly was another main reason why Hitler was forced into a war he didn’t want, a war he desperately tried to avoid by offering very reasonable peaceful terms to settle his legitimate grievances, all of which was openly acknowledged at the time and was agreed that Hitler was a reasonable man with whom one could come to common terms and strike honorable deals.
Hitler offered many Peace Deals but the Jews in control of Churchill & FDR rejected all to force him into their war. However the Jews in control of the US and UK governments had other ideas and forced Roosevelt, Chamberlain and Churchill into refusing to deal with Hitler and trap him with the Mutual Assistance Treaty with Poland, while Poland played its part in intensifying the pogroms against German citizens under its newly acquired control due to the Versailles Treaty.

It was a classic Trap, Bait and Pounce ploy played out in model Textbook fashion – and Hitler fell for the trap.
Hitler deemed his incursion into Poland merely as a limited action to settle his roundly acknowledged genuine grievances, but the trap was triggered with the Mutual Assistance Treaty and the UK and France declared war on Germany; even then Hitler offered peace terms to settle any disagreement but was refused.
What is most telling in this is that the Soviets invaded Poland two weeks after Germany and grabbed the eastern half of Poland, yet there was no declaration of war tendered to ‘Uncle Joe’ who headed the Jewish-Bolshevik Soviet Tyranny!

Prof. Robert Faurisson on Hitler’s orders to protect Jews in his custody Hitler in fact was most concerned that no Jews be harmed and there were severe punishments handed out on his orders to anyone violating his edict in this regard.
Any limited wildcat pogroms against Jews on the eastern front were conducted strictly behind Hitler’s back, they were limited to shootings and not gassings as is now the mandatory narrative de rigueur.
Most of the pogroms against Jews on the eastern front were carried out as revenge attacks by locals who took umbrage at the horrific treatment by Bolshevik Jews under Soviet rule they had suffered.
In fact the Germans were greeted as liberators in the eastern countries, which after a short lived spell under German rule were rendered back into Jewish Bolshevik Soviet tyranny until 1990.

Alas, the victors get to write the history books and nothing is more proof of this than the ultimate villainous status Hitler has been dealt by the real victors of WWII; the Jews, who were entirely behind WWII, as they themselves candidly boast if one cares to dig deep enough into buried archives and libraries!

In fact, so glaringly evident and clear-cut beyond dispute is the case that the Jews were entirely behind WWII, a completely contrived war which should have never needed to occur and 80 million innocent people didn’t need to be slaughtered in this most senseless of all wars, that the narrative which has been created of Hitler/Germany/Nazi guilt, is the single most important linchpin and underpinning of the present power structure, controlled by Jews, that it is not allowed to be challenged and is protected by laws in many countries!
Just ponder this fact for a moment; it is illegal to even question the Holohoax as there are stringent laws against this with severe punishment for violations, and then who has the power to force countries pass such Orwellian, Fascist and outrageous Laws?

Is there a more cogent proof as to who is the real power behind the puppet governments accross the globe, and has been so for a very long time?

So this false and insidious narrative must be challenged and destroyed if we want to save this planet from further bloodshed on behalf of this creed who is bent on world domination.
In fact all the horrific wars, death and destruction in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine etc is all tied into the same matrix and web of deceit and control, and perpetrated for the defence of the parasitic Fiat Currency Crime Racket, for profit, hegemony, Greater Israel, exploitation and global control which all leads back to the apex of the power pyramid; the Power of Money!
And that power rests firmly on the iniquitous, parasitic financial system owned and controlled by this tiny clique, a system which grants them this enormous power over planet earth, makes them the arbiters over Life and Death of billions; and it is Death they have in mind for most everyone of us!

  • “Depopulation should be the highest priority of U.S. foreign policy towards the Third World.”
    Henry Kissinger
  • “A reasonable estimate for an industrialized world society at the present North American material standard of living would be one billion people. This must be implemented within 30-50 years, 2/3’s of the population must be cut.”
    United Nations Biodiversity Assessment on Sustainable Human Population; US Senate September 9, 1994
  • “There is a single theme behind all our work–we must reduce population levels. Either governments do it our way, through nice clean methods, or they will get the kinds of mess that we have in El Salvador, or in Iran or in Beirut. Population is a political problem. Once population is out of control, it requires authoritarian government, even fascism, to reduce it….”“Our program in El Salvador didn’t work. The infrastructure was not there to support it. There were just too goddamned many people…. To really reduce population, quickly, you have to pull all the males into the fighting and you have to kill significant numbers of fertile age females….” “The quickest way to reduce population is through famine, like in Africa, or through disease like the Black Death….”
    Thomas Ferguson, State Department Office of Population Affairs
  • “Society has no business to permit degenerates to reproduce their kind”
    Theodore Roosevelt


As is patently evident, ‘Anti-Semitism’ is a vast and complex subject, couched in many false narratives, lies and deceptions, orchestrated by the very powers who control the global narrative.
Once it is finally appreciated that the mere necessity for the coining of a special term has arisen to describe humanity’s reaction to a group’s interaction, or lack thereof, with the rest of the global community, it should raise a red flag and be cause for some healthy, sardonic skepticism!

So let’s end Anti-Semitism once and for all and create a world of Peace, Prosperity, Equanimity, Justice and the Rule of Law, where all peoples can live according to their Traditions, Beliefs, Desires and innate Potential, in a World built on mutual Respect and Cooperation!

End supremacist, hate-filled Ideologies built on delusions of Superiority and memes and dogmas of Gods, Yahwehs, Fiat Currency, Economic / Military Might, ‘God’s Chosen Flock’ or whatever obscene deity such odious supremacist Followers of Self-aggrandizing ideologies care to propitiate!

The ultimate irony is that the self-aggrandising, condescending moralists who so valiantly pontificate from their lofty position of strength, steeped in complete ignorance and total brainwashing, are really the ones who enable all these crimes against humanity, death and destruction.

They are the ones who cheer on their very own exploiters, oppressors and executioners; the tribe which has nothing but racism, hatred, condescension and supremacist revulsion for them!

These self-enamoured moralist warriors of conceit are in fact the enablers and facilitators of these heinous crimes; the wars, the genocides, the destruction of country after country, the mass-murder of hundreds of millions of people by this tribe, by defending and cheering them on and waging a Machiavellian war against the few brave souls who seek the actual Truth, who dare to out the schemers and plotters, expose the unseen, real powers and conspirators behind all the wars, death and destruction.

Shouting Anti-Semitism might make them feel exalted and morally superior, but in fact it merely exposes their woeful ignorance and intellectual failings and laziness.
What’s needed instead is the courage to confront and expose the perpetrators, schemers and plotters behind all the unspeakable misery, suffering, death and destruction, who then hide behind Think Tanks, gilded Boardroom doors, glitzy WS Bankster Facades and bought off puppet Politicians and Governments!

So mark these words:
The delusional, supremacist insanity gripping any creed of self-anointed ‘Chosen Lords over Planet Earth’ will lead Humanity into much, much more unspeakable grief, suffering, death and destruction than it already has – unless they are stopped NOW!
Are five hundred million enough, is a billion enough, how many more must be slaughtered so these Luciferian satanists can have a world of their own?

  • “We Jews, we are the destroyers and will remain the destroyers. Nothing you can do will meet our demands and needs. We will forever destroy because we want a world of our own.”
    Book “You Gentiles’ page 155, by Maurice Samuel

And the only way to embark upon this monumental task is to first acknowledge who Humanity’s real foe and scourge is, who really pulls all the leavers of power from behind the curtain;

► Crying ‘Anti-Semitism‘ is in fact shouting Death to Humanity!

So with control come responsibility!
If, as Jews, or Zionists if you like, so roundly and widely boast, they control most everything on this planet, then who is responsible for all the senseless and gratuitous Death & Destruction on this planet all around us?
The USG is totally controlled by Jews! The US, as the sole superpower, is the arbiter of everything, has the power to make or break any and every move by its foes and allies alike, and is by virtue of its dominance, veto and military power, the UN, NATO, the IMF, BIS, WB and every institution on the planet!

  • “The wealthy Jews control the World. In their hands lies the fate of governments and nations. They set governments one against the other, and by their decree governments make peace. When the wealthy Jews play, the nations and the rulers dance. One way or the other, they get rich.
    Theodore Herzl, father of modern political Zionism, quoted in Deutsche Zeitung
  • ”I want to tell you something very clearly, do not worry about American pressures on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it.”
    Ariel Sharon, 3 Oct. 2001
  • “I know what America is. America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction. They won’t get in the way.”
    Benjamin Netanyahu, 2001

Of course no one ever suggested that all Jews are of the same mind, like in any group, race or creed, there are many shades of mindsets and Jews are no different.
Israeli ex Minister admits that Jews always use the Holohoax to hide behind! They have however demonstrated many times that they are capable of acting in a unified and cohesive fashion to achieve their stated aim. This is cogently demonstrated by their crippling economic war declared on Germany in March 1933, or the Holohoax, which endures to this day and is only challenged occasionally by their own members in defiance of the holiest of holies; the ®Holocaust©! As Gerard Menuhin laments in his book Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil:

  • “If all Jews were like the Menuhins, there would be no Jewish question and no Anti-Semitism!”
  • “Unfortunately neither two nor 1,000 of the righteous suffice to atone for the damage caused daily by millions of Jews in the world of international finance”

✘See Footnote c

The Holocaust, which is the raison d’etre of Israel itself, and on which all their victim-hood rests, giving them the leverage to perpetrate the most heinous crimes against the Palestinians, the Syrians, Libyans, Lebanese et al and then hide behind this ultimate of all Hoaxes.
And no other race or group has proven itself so divisive and troublesome over a four thousand year history, and continues to be today; all by their own admission and even boasting!

But let’s celebrate those Jews who are brave enough to break with their traditions and cast off their Judaic straight jacket and condemn the crimes committed in their names, people like Gerard Menuhin, Norman Finkelstein, David Cole and all the others who are being ostracized for their courage and smeared and outcast due to the enormous control, power and influence Jews globally wield.
They all experience their own ‘Anti-Semitism’ from their erstwhile brethren!

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✘ Footnote a

The Red Cross was evidently in cahoots with the German extermination program in the Concentration Camps.
Red Cross report of Deaths in the Various camps.
Total documented 271,507, mostly due to Typhus In the three-volume Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross on its Activities during the Second World War there was not a single mention of Gas Chambers or exterminations of any kind.
In fact the Red Cross was active in the Camps throughout the war and delivered food parcels unhindered and with the cooperation of the Germans.
What is more telling is however that the only refusals and blocking they experienced was from the Americans and the Soviets after the war, who had plenty of crimes and atrocities to hide!
World Almanac Jewish Population The Red Cross even praised the liberal conditions in camps like Theresienstadt, and having inspected all camps never found grounds to condemn or charge the Germans with neither wilful neglect nor maltreatment.

Unexpected Anti-Semitism comes, surely unwittingly, from the Allies as well.
The British and American air forces flew over Germany and photographed and documented most every of their activities and specifically the concentration camps which were American/Jewish investments, and there is no evidence of the mountains of coal needed to burn the bodies, nor the ensuing smoke plumes.
Yet Jewish eyewitnesses attest to the constant, round the clock incineration of gassed victims in the camps.

✘Footnote b

Then there are those odious Anti-Semites who claim that the Jews have zero right to Israel since the Ashkenazim Jews are not descendants from the Judean Tribes but originate from Khazaria, a kingdom which converted to Judaism in the eight century and which lasted from around 586 to 1083 AD.

The seemingly conflicting DNA evidence by which some claim it shows today’s Jews are Khazars, while others interpret it so as to claim it proves the Sephardic and Ashkenazim Jews are one and the same, is easily explained through scientific DNA evidence.

Jews, both Sephardic and Ashkenazim are of the same stock and migrated in two waves from the Caucasus Mountains, thousands of years apart.
The first wave became the Judeans of Palestine and the second, much later, are the Khazars who converted to Judaism and then later migrated into Russia and Europe on the dissolution of their kingdom in the eleventh century.

Both show the same Neanderthal genes, which explains their traits of overt aggressiveness, manifest and complete lack of empathy, an obsession with and a proclivity for sexual perversion and inhibition, and a distinct tribal, supremacist attitude towards other peoples.
Much scientific work has been done on this evidence, but since it is highlighting an uncomfortable truth it is vehemently suppressed and ridiculed by the tribe who controls the global narrative.

But as pointed out this is of course just another canard and odious Anti-Semitism supreme!

Of course the Ashkenazim Jews have every right to the lands of the Palestinian People, regardless whether they have a genetic connection to a tribe which seemingly briefly occupied these lands two millennia ago, just on the fact alone that they converted to the same religion.
So African Christians who were forcefully converted to the religion of their conquerors and overlords from far away lands have every right to the lands of England, France, Belgium, Holland and other colonisers; this follows from such acute and compelling logic applied to Palestine by the Jews.
What legal remedies and recompense should the esteemed UN afford the indigenous peoples of Australia or the Americas, i.e. the US, Canada and all of South America?

These peoples have literally until as recently as a few hundred years ago been the sole masters of their expansive lands, that is until they were deliberately exterminated and their lands colonised by intruders from far away lands.
Do the few survivors of their real Holocaust® also have the right to massacre and exterminate these new arrived settlers, just as the Israelis demonstrably are granted, and with complete impunity, to exterminate the indigenous peoples who inhabited the lands uninterruptedly for millennia on which the Ashkenazim Jews now squat on?
Even though these oppressed indigenous peoples like the American Navajo, Cherokee, Sioux, Chippewa etc Tribes don’t have the ability to print infinite amounts of Fiat Currency by controlling the world’s currency system and then are able to buy off the entire global system?

But of course such idle deliberations are pure Antisemitism®; one cannot compare the exalted, supremely superior human beings, the Jews, with any other common creed!

The ICC is pursuing black Goyim in Africa and the occasional white Orthodox Christian Goys in Eastern Europe, diverting attention from the real criminals who control them, while the illegal Squatter Colony on Palestinian Lands is allowed a free pass to massacre and destroy at will!

Of course it is repulsive Anti-Semitism to say that Jews globally are mostly, either tacitly or actively, in agreement with this satanical evil perpetrated in their name.
That’s while the Jews’ own polls show that 90% of Jews are in full support of Israel and everything it stands for; that’s the illegal Squatter Colony they call Israel and all its Crimes against Humanity from its massacres from the day these interlopers arrived in Palestine to the entire 100 year pogrom, genocide and wanton premeditated slaughter of the rightful inhabitants of Palestine; it is their ‘spiritual home’ as they state!

✘ Footnote c

The numerous Jews who protest Israel and its egregious actions are doing so partly out of genuine abhorrence for these heinous crimes, and partly out of self-preservational reasons: orthodox Jews with their hippie-like dreadlocks and outlandish witches garb represent a high profile target as Jews and must be very mindful of the backlash which is brewing amongst the more awake humanity over the Israeli Jew’s Crimes against Humanity in Palestine.
Many even go as far as to deny Israel’s right to exist, which of course would be the consensus of everyone familiar with the Jewish impostors/Palestine issue!

Neturei Karta protests illegal Israel, supports the great Iranian Mahmoud Ahmadinejad! Into this category belong the group calling itself the Neturei Karta, which claims a membership of perhaps 5,000, and which is labelled an extreme fringe cult by the racist, supremacist, Jewish ‘Anti-Semitism’ watchdog, the Anti Defamation League, ADL.
But even then this opposition to the squatter colony on Palestinian land is conditioned on the premise that the Torah/Talmud ‘expressly’ prohibits the Jewish people to their own homeland until the ‘coming of the Jewish Messiah’!

This begs the question, what will happen when Jews suddenly declare hat their ‘Messiah’ has now arrived! There is in fact ample chatter amongst the Zionist Jews about the coming of their Savior/Messiah/God’s Messenger or whatever epithet they’ll apply to that figment of their lurid imagination!
Religious zealots have amply demonstrated that they are capable of any outrages deception and hoax, and religion itself is the biggest hoax of them all.
Rabbi Dovid Weiss valiantly argues against the existence of Israel, battling a vile, Zionist interviewer posing his Zionist lies as de facto ‘arguments’! And then Jews themselves have cogently demonstrated that they are more than capable of the most egregious deception possible with the Holohoax, which has been roundly disproved by scientific analysis and also by secular Jews themselves who are ashamed and embarrassed at the grotesque machinations and scheming by Jews over this perpetual Gravy-train, used to extort billions of ‘reparation payments’ and to steal the lands of the Palestinians to establish Israel on the back of milking their perpetual Victim-Hood status crated upon this hoax.

Nevertheless, Jewish opposition to the existence of Israel and its egregious crimes against humanity is a welcome break from AIPAC, CFR and the myriad of Jewish lobby groups, all pushing Israel-first in US-UK-French-German politics, in the UN and every organisation open to lobbying!

✘ Note 1

” I fully agree with General Washington, that we must protect this young nation from an insidious influence and impenetration. The menace, gentlemen, is the Jews. In whatever country Jews have settled in any great number, they have lowered its moral tone; depreciated its commercial integrity; have segregated themselves and have not been assimilated; have sneered at and tried to undermine the Christian religion upon which that nation is founded, by objecting to its restrictions; have built up a state within the state; and when opposed have tried to strangle that country to death financially, as in the case of Spain and Portugal.

For over 1,700 years, the Jews have been bewailing their sad fate in that they have been exiled from their homeland, as they call Palestine. But gentlemen, did the world give it to them in fee simple, they would at once find some reason for not returning. Why?

Because they are vampires, and vampires do not live on vampires. They cannot live only among themselves. They must subsist on Christians and other people not of their race. If you do not exclude them from these United States, in their Constitution, in less than 200 years they will have swarmed here in such great numbers that they will dominate and devour the land and change our form of government, for which we Americans have shed our blood, given our lives our substance and jeopardized our liberty.

If you do not exclude them, in less than 200 years our descendants will be working in the fields to furnish them substance, while they will be in the counting houses rubbing their hands. I warn you, gentlemen, if you do not exclude Jews for all time, your children will curse you in your graves.

Jews, gentlemen, are Asiatics, let them be born where they will nor how many generations they are away from Asia, they will never be otherwise. Their ideas do not conform to an American’s, and will not even thou they live among us ten generations. A leopard cannot change its spots. Jews are Asiatics, are a menace to this country if permitted entrance, and should be excluded by this Constitutional Convention. ”

✘ Note 2

Even though these quotes are attributed to Nathan Rothschild and the 1812 war took place as a consequence of a lot of scheming and plotting on part of the Americans and the English alike, it was the Americans who declared war on the British after a lot of provocation.
This came in the form of economic warfare, blockade of US goods, sourcing alternative supplies to US supplies, high seas piracy of US merchant ships, capturing of US citizens as slaves on British Naval ships etc. In all a war without declaring war, yet some of it was self inflicted and was a reaction to US provocation.

However never underestimate the power of money and shadow government which is vested in the moneyed class; and this has been from the late seventeen hundreds by the Rothschild and his fellow Tribal members to this day.
And War is the business of the Rothschild clan, has been so from day one: Trillions garnered over the corpses of hundreds of millions, and all admitted by themselves!

✘ Note 3

This sordid episode of how Rothschild acquired much of his wealth is now hotly denied and every attempt is made to debunk it.
However it is clear that the enormous wealth and power Nathan Rothschild acquired in a very short time didn’t come from an honest day’s work as a clerk or taking deposits and then lending that money out at a standard rate!

The Rothschilds were both feared and reviled for their ruthless business practices and Christian von Rother’s statement below attest to this.

The letter cited, from the Rothschild archives themselves, is more than ample proof that, one, Rothschild had early knowledge of the defeat of Napoleon, and two, that he profited from it ‘handsomely’!

✘ Note 4

From the days when there were a few non-Jews left in the USG and particularly the State Department:

A USG State Department File, dated November 13, 1918, lists the following Jews as the main conspirators behind the Bolshevik Revolution, which according to this document, was hatched in February 1916 inside the US:

✡Jacob Schiff
✡Felix Warburg
✡Otto H. Kahn
✡Mortimer L. Schiff
✡Jerome J. Hanauer
✡Max Breitung
✡Isaac Seligman
✡Kuhn, Loeb & Company Jewish Firm

The file is very explicit in that it blames these Jewish conspirators for the violent Russian Revolution and draws attention to the Jewish conspiracy to destroy Christianity and Christian nations, making references to the Protocols of the learned Elders of Zion.

✘ Note 5

The Council on Foreign Relations, CFR was created at the Paris Peace Conference out of ‘The Inquiry’ along with the Royal Institute of International Affairs, aka Chatham House, the British version of the moneyed Oligarchy’s Deep State Government.

The Inquiry was Wilson’s ‘Think Tank’ on whose mendacious, duplicitous musings he formulated his famous 14 Points, which were never meant to be implemented.

And alas, as history recorded, these lofty goals were then all tossed aside in favour of more trite and covetous aims, and for the Jews’ scheming and plotting to quash Germany and thus avenge its ‘refusal’ to ‘grant’ them Palestine!

The CFR is a virtual Shadow Government, but shares this sordid distinction now with a bevy other ‘Think Tanks’ who are all populated and controlled by the same kind of people with the exact same aims;

  • Wars for Profit!
  • Israel first, second, third…..
  • Privatisation of all public Utilities and Services, e.g. Water, Health, Prisons, Roads, Security/Spying, etc
  • Deregulation of their private Banking Industry!
  • Elimination and Destruction of all competition to this private Crime Racket, i.e. Gold & Silver!
  • Regulation and elimination of all Competition to their MIC, i.e. Big Pharma, Food Industry, Oil, crypto Currencies
  • Regulation and destruction of Everyone’s Freedoms!
  • One World Government, i.e. the JWO!
  • Elimination of 95% of the world’s population!

✘Note 6

Following the text of a purportedly secret document about a missing copy of a secret Contract between the Allied Powers and the provisional German Government.
Should this document be genuine, and there is no conflicting evidence to the contrary, it proves once more that the Allies, i.e. the Jews completely enslaved the Germans with this war of theirs:

VS Verschlisssache
Control-Department II/UP

Only for Minister

Highly Classified
Secret States-Contract from 21. 05. 1949
Here: Missing of Copy Nr. 4

Dear Minister
Copy Nr. 4 of the Secret States-Contract between the Allied Powers and the provisional Government of West Germany dated 21.05.1949 is definitely missing.

The Secret States-Contract reveals amongst others:

– Media control/oversight by the Allied Powers over German Newspapers and Broadcasting Media until 2099.
– The so called ‘Chancellor Contract’, the document which every German Chancellor must sign by order of the Allies, before swearing the Oath of Office.
– also the Bondage of the German Gold Reserves to the Allied Powers.

In case the Copy Nr. 4 of the Secret States-Contract should end up in the wrong hands, I would recommend to deny its Authenticity.

Dr. Hickermann
Minister of State


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