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IQ or Ecological Sanity? … The Jewish Problem

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In my opinion, the only Jews that can be trusted are those that have renounced their Judaism and denounced Israel.

One, monotheism sucks. It is the original curse as stated in Genesis (dominion over all that creepeth) and begins with the big lie, that The Word came first, when really it was silence and mystery that came first, middle, and last.

Two, Israel is the Rothschild/Vatican/alien New World Order.

(Rothschilds ended the secrecy of Jesuits when they took over Vatican Treasury in 1822 by creating a paper trail for all money transactions. A balance sheet replaced Gold – no more secrecy. It was beginning of technocracy and AI in my opinion.)

I incarnated this time with non-practicing Jewish blood. Never was a monotheist. Free of that mind programming.

I am utterly disgusted by “Eretz” Israel and think all European Jews should be expelled from Palestine and can go back to Ukraine, their homeland. And if I was rounded up and sent back to Ukraine with all the so called “American” Jews, that would be better than these homeless parasitic banksters and zionists finding refuge in DC and Hollywood. But then J, we have to look at all the Whites in the Americas who have brought nothing but destruction in just 500 years.

What is needed is a mental cleansing in all races of monotheism.

I do disagree with you about sub-Saharan IQ… Blacks, Native Americans, and Pacific Islanders, including Australian natives are not inferior IQ, they are superior because they haven’t f–ked the planet. The southern and western hemisphere didn’t get the alien invasion as strongly. Icke is correct about this, IMO. But he doesn’t talk about monotheism.

From what I know, the cleanest place on Earth 500 years ago was native Australia, with 40,000 years of ecological sanity, no trace of satanism that I have heard of. In North America Iroquois tortured, Aztecs had blood sacrifice on massive scale, Hawaiians and Zulu had blood sacrifice, but I have never heard of such things in Australia before the whites got there. Nicole Kidman’s dad was a satanist. You probably know that.

Please rethink the IQ stuff. Ecological sanity trumps IQ.






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