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Pizza Gate Archives: The Busting of Podesta-Clinton-Obama Pedophile Ring

By November 26, 2016 Children


Click on image BELOW to start. Here is the URL  —- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0wTiCxXgrJw&t=3091s

Yes, you can see above that the video was banned. After over one million views, Youtube (Google) censored this very important documentary. Several people have published it on Brighteon Video,   Bitchute ,   LBRY.video,    

The first 9 minutes is introducing the stunt man, turned satanic ritual researcher.  The links above will take you to this revealing and censored video.   It is called Out of the Shadows.  Scroll down for full article.  You will see that every video that I found and posted that discussed child trafficking , ritual abuse and the citizen discoveries about Comet Pizza restaurant have been hidden by globalist and satanic Google. Google was created by the CIA by the way, as was Facebook. If you search  “pizzagate” you will only find posts which call it disinformation.  That is, you will only get the cover up. This url here will not come up.  Please see video above, Out of the Shadows.

In above video, Survivor Fiona Barnett says that the paintings below were made from photographs of actual children being tortured.



 August 2017 update…   Lead investigative reporter on Jimmy Savile pedophilia in UK is found dead. Related post – Pizzagate is provable historic pattern.

New Book – http://phibetaiota.net/2017/09/pedophilia-empire-satan-sodomy-the-deep-state/

July 2017 update…  Chester Bennington Murdered by  John Podesta, his own father, to silence what he knew. Click on video below to start.  (Another censored video because it told the truth)

Most of the excellent videos I posted below were censored by Youtube (Google) because they exposed Podesta and Hillary as practicing satanists and murderers.   You can find many videos at  Bitchute.com, Brighteon.com and others. Go to those platforms and search “pizzagate” or “Podesta”.


March 1, 2017 update on targeted researchers –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4EKxo8ufRHQ)


Main Article…..

Andrew Breitbart  wrote Feb. 4, 2011 -“How prog-guru John Podesta isn’t household name as world class underage sex slave op cover-upperer, defending unspeakable dregs, escapes me.”  One month later Andrew Breitbart died very mysteriously.

Pedophilia has a very long history. In the past, slavery was common, as was rape and child rape. However, every parent has always distinguished between respectable and immoral sex. Let’s fast forward to organized pedophilia today, which is under the auspices of international banksters, known also as the Illuminati. This “cause” is out front in Wall Street Journal and called “World Order” by homosexual, pedophile, child killer, Bilderberger and war criminal Henry Kissinger.  Illicit sex breaks traditions and the sacredness of innocence and devotion; “world order” breaks traditional national boundaries and sovereignty.  Common between interpersonal crime and international crime is zero respect for natural order. Domination leads to both sex crime and one world government. These two may seem like different worlds but they come together in the lack of morality of the elite at top of pyramid of power.  Domination means subjugation.

Hillary Clinton, whose campaign head was John Podesta, with images above in his home, loves Kissinger.  Donald Trump met with Kissinger in May and November 2016.

Sex for Blackmail

“In 1785 a courier for the Bavarian Illuminati was struck by lightning one night, thrown from his horse and killed. He was carrying documents that detailed elaborate plans to completely infiltrate and control freemasonry and the governments of the world. The documents declared that:  1) They planned to use financial and sexual bribery to control those in positions of power and blackmail them into following their orders and if this didn’t work, the targets and their families would be threatened with violence and if necessary, murdered…”  -source

“Cathy O’Brien worked as a sex slave at Bohemian Grove, the elite’s perversion playground on the Russian River in California. She says the place is wired for video in order to capture world leaders in compromising positions.” – source

Excerpt from Ray Songtree’s exposé of Breitbart News, Trump, and Israel

…Placed, bribed and threatened leaders around the world are kept obedient by blackmail.  Because he had an affair, President Woodrow Wilson was blackmailed into signing the Federal Reserve Act a century ago by the international banksters, the Rothschilds.

Today government leaders must be immoral  in order to be handed success (explained in Vol. 1).  The puppets’ crimes with kidnapped girls, boys and infants are recorded so they can be blackmailed. One of the many reasons Gadaffi was so hated by the Zionist UN globalists was that his revolution ended the international pedophilia rituals of King Idris.  Gadaffi, by the way, enabled Nelson Mandela to end apartheid in South Africa.

The reason we are now hearing of pedophile rings such as the John Podesta/Clinton/Obama ring, exposed by Wikileaks, is not because a few people are sick.  It is because temptation, leading to stretching limits, leading to immoral experimentation such as sado-masochism and bondage, and then a lust for victimization, is a means by which players can then be trapped in a conspiracy of secrecy and shame. 

Lust. Denial. False pride. Blackmail. Once in the trap the downward path looks like raw lust, blatant denial, blind false pride, and submissive blackmail. 

To succeed and be sponsored, and not themselves becoming threatened and discarded, the price to stay in the club continually goes downward with ever more outrageous acts at drunk parties and ritual meetings.  Though incredible to the naive, the highest political leaders and entertainment industry icons are sadistic criminals.  This can even include cannibalism. I’ve placed this next image upside down because it is so disturbing.  This was police forensic evidence. (The final embedded video of this article shows evidence of murder at Comet Ping Pong)


Police evidence of ritual murder and cannibalism.

See former FBI chief Ted Gunderson’s research on extent of state run ritual satanism in US.  He was murdered with arsenic.

Child Protective Services (CPS),  for example,  is a front, as exposed by State Senator Nancy Schaefer who was shot dead with her husband. The CPS  facilitates child trafficking, so it is reasonable that the Center for Missing Children would be same. The same fronts exist in United Kingdom. 

Where ever children can be found that are unprotected, they disappear.

Tens of Thousands of Child Refugees Are Missing in Europe, and Many More Are Suffering a Plight Beyond Imagination (link)

According to Center for Missing Children, many more children go missing in Virginia, (think Washington D.C.) than other states (the highest being California) however their numbers, like rape statistics or unemployment stats, would only be official numbers. That is, the real numbers of missing children are probably much higher.
In 2011, the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) Director Dr. Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey was arrested for child molestation and bestiality.  This is no surprise for those who have studied official, institutionalized, ritual satanism.

See Australian hero survivor Fiona Barnett and in US, hero survivor David Shurter, and his report.

Watch this recent very viral video on Britney Spears to understand how deviant behavior of elite is being seeded as the new normal.  (1.3 million views in first five days.)

Also see excerpt from my book, Chapter 10, Who Controls the Gay Agenda, for another thread of this negative cult.  Though gay people deny the fact, the demonic and homosexuality are linked.  See the first seconds of this grotesque video by American Idol winner, homosexual Adam Lambert, showing what is underground and what he promotes. As of this writing, this sick video with sick lyrics has received 31 million views.

Homosexuality is experimentation, part of the “Do what thou wilt,” anything goes, satanist religion.  Skull and Bones elite fraternity at Yale vets members for proclivity for homosexual deviancy. Political players start with furnished call girls, or boys, then younger and younger and younger.


Jayz with Satanic clothes line and Beyoncé with goat head satanic symbolism on album cover.


I’ve listed these embedded videos below for those wanting to understand state run pedophilia which is exactly the same as Hollywood run pedophilia.


Below is a video on Hollywood and an article.



There are many more videos on line. Below are code words used by pedophile rings, and many of these words are used in obviously coded ways in John Podesta’s emails.

(image below censored)

"Secret Codes"

[Amazing, Podesta videos censored by youtube owned by Google, a CIA operation.  “If it is covered up it is true.”]

[Below…. Feb 22 update…. Podesta lying lying lying in interview…..] (another censored video)

The following 8 minute video is a very good wrap, not about Pizzagate, but about how Pizzagate has been covered up. Excellent.  Now we see youtube = google = CIA has banned it.

below 8 minute video, good wrap, the pedos are on the run.  Again, we see youtube = google = CIA has banned it. 


While the cabal controlled media attempt to keep the focus on Trump’s transition, the undercurrent flowing through the alternative media is the exposure of the satanic rituals, child trafficking and pedophilia in the John Podesta emails. The MOP (Ministry of Propaganda) has essentially ignored this story although some print media has tried to debunk the claims. No doubt the cabal lapdog “fact checking” site Snopes will weigh in if it hasn’t already.
The next paragraphs you are about to read have been very difficult to write as they delve into the deep, dark recesses of the cabal’s immorality and in essence, will explain how they have infiltrated every segment of society with a common, despicable theme that ties them all together in a nice web of blackmail through association.  This includes politicians, corporate management of every discipline, the media and the puppet masters at the top of the pyramid. It is the thread that if it gets pulled, will unravel the entire cabal underworld and will reveal the sordid, sick and disgusting underbelly of control in the world. The one link, above all others, that keeps them in total lockstep and assures they keep quiet about dirty, dark secrets that infect the power structures of this planet.
We’ve gotten glimpses of this, peeks behind the curtain into this dark world with the McMartin preschool criminal case, the exposure of the Franklin case (“Conspiracy of Silence”), the Jerry Sandusky pedophilia case at Penn State, the Dennis Hastert scandal and most recently, the “Lolita Express” scandal that involves Jeffrey Epstein and alleged distinguished visitors to “Lolita Island” such as Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz and Prince Andrew, the Duke of York among others to engage in sex with underage boys and girls. The common theme with all of these is pedophilia committed by people of supposed high regard, including politicians, business leaders, a sports figure and royalty. With the exception of the McMartin case, all involved pedophilia with both boys and girls primarily in their teens.
The emerging “Pizzagate” scandal involves satanic rituals and pedophilia on a scale that will shock the world. Some of our group have direct experience with these rituals that on a grand scale, make the party scene in the movie, “Eyes Wide Shut” look like a kindergarten birthday party (absolutely no pun intended). These rituals include human sacrifice, cannibalism, every sexually deviant act you can imagine and they all include children. And not children in their teens but children as young as 4 or 5 years old and even younger. Keep in mind that Stanley Kubrick died while “Eyes Wide Shut” was in post production and it is rumored that up to 30 minutes of the original shoot was edited out of the final cut.
The idea that anyone would participate in such dark, despicable practices is beyond most people’s comprehension. Cognitive dissonance sets in because the mind cannot wrap itself around such depravity and evil, it will reject it due to the simple reason that to go there in the mind is to begin a slide down the slippery slope to thoughts that unsettle the soul to a point where all decency and civility are lost. To even consider such things will cause physical reactions that are not normal, not comfortable and not understood. Consider it the dark forces that envelop souls where white is black, evil is good and upside down is right side up. Once souls are indoctrinated into this cult, their souls turn dark and they serve the bloodlines and cabal that has control of this planet.
The FBI is aware of this as is the NYPD (Pizza Gate) and we can only hope that the Justice Department and Attorney General of New York and various Prosecutors will step forward and reveal this evil before our planet is lost. The indoctrination of immorality in the world continues, the objective is to convince us all that we should embrace the evil and embark on a dark journey into the abyss. History is replete with pedophilia, satanic rituals and people in power having no restraint in their treatment of fellow human beings. To think this isn’t occurring on a grand scale in real time is to be in complete denial of reality and stuck in the matrix created by the dark rulers of this planet.
We mentioned the new attack on “fake news”. The cat is out of the bag with the Wikileaks emails and the citizen investigations of Pizzagate. You can expect the censorship and debunking of this scandal to heighten over the next few weeks and months in the name of fighting the fake news mantra. Keep in mind that every resource will be brought to bear to squelch, silence and deny this dark cancer that infects the power centers of earth.
This battle will be a difficult one and if good prevails over dark, we can expect many long held belief systems will be shattered. It’s time to open our minds to what is ahead and be thankful we are alive to see the transformation.


This is a 30 minute overview video, excellent. Very educational. It was shut down but now is back up.


This is a longer, more complete video.  Obama is directly implicated at minute 34.  (Dec 6 Now this video was also shut down.  “If it is covered up, it is true.”)  These videos showed all the perverse images that people going to Comet Ping Pong were sharing. 


This next video goes into the numerology appearing on Podesta’s hands and his occult connections.


This is 12 minute video.

This last video makes the code word “Pizza,” for girl slave, linked with death and possible cannibalism.

Below, another censored video. Miley Cyrus clearly shows that Pizza is a code word for pedophilia. See more on her here.  and here


There will be ongoing revelations about pedophilia as we direct our intent to bust it for good. I suggest the reader keep up on new developments on youtube and alt news. I’m sorry to say that your home town has institutionalized pedophilia, and I am not exaggerating. Consider that the CIA runs drugs and controls youtube.















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  • CARLOS MURO says:


  • Pamela Devins says:

    Wow, what a complete documentary on Pizza Gate! Have you checked out David Seaman youtube! Its not complete like yours as I can see but he’s really onto this and he is a former journalist!

    • raysongtree says:

      These are not my documentaries. I am just collecting the work of others. I think pedophilia is so heinous, that all human beings can agree, it is criminal. With blackmail, this is how leaders are controlled. I get into a bit of this here. As loathsome and ugly as this is, we need to spread the news that Hollywood and DC and X factor and The Voice and our school books have been influenced by evil people. I do suggest watching youtubes by Cathy O’Brien.

      • Paul Revere says:

        Keep up the good work and don’t degrade your soul with profanity in your speaking .

        • raysongtree says:

          I’m not sure what you mean. My soul includes righteous indignation and profanity is a way of denouncing. You are judging profanity as bad, which is your judgement call and very acceptable in my opinion. I want people to disagree because we each have a unique perspective. Too many people won’t use profanity because they are very civilized sheeple, and I don’t want to be like that. There is a time to call a spade a spade, and a time to call a piece of shit a piece of fucking shit.

    • Frank Richards says:

      The police are usually in on it also.

  • Stremove.com says:

    James Alefantis is the owner of Comet Ping Pong, a pizza restaurant in Washington. He’s also a big Democratic Party supporter and raised money for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. He was once in a relationship with David Brock, an influential liberal operative.

  • Deanna Escalante says:

    This may sound crazy but I think there has been a curse on this country ever since we excepted the statue of liberty. Sounds crazy but if you think about it . The french were kinda into that type of voodoo . She is an idle. What does her name come from . Etc. We are grasping at straws here and running out of options as the devil is every where .stay strong walk with Jesus we will find our way thru this darkness . Argus should keep our children safe .

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