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A One Word Oxymoron: “Growth”

By October 24, 2016 True Sustainability

Minute 31 of this video, link, Alex Jones thinks a society can have 10% economic growth rate every year.

He thinks there can be ‘wealth creation’? He is one of billions of people who are ecologically illiterate. The price of China’s growth is the water tables are polluted. So “growth” is a one word oxymoron.

And in most people’s world, there are endless resources for endless population growth.This is a bit like believing in immortality. The real world does not support most peoples’ expectations because they have irrational expectations.


Industrial Pollution

In the United States industry is the greatest source of pollution, accounting for more than half the volume of all water pollution and for the most deadly pollutants. Some 370,000 manufacturing facilities use huge quantities of freshwater to carry away wastes of many kinds. The waste-bearing water, or effluent, is discharged into streams, lakes, or oceans, which in turn disperse the polluting substances. In its National Water Quality Inventory, reported to Congress in 1996, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency concluded that approximately 40% of the nation’s surveyed lakes, rivers, and estuaries were too polluted for such basic uses as drinking supply, fishing, and swimming. The pollutants include grit, asbestos, phosphates and nitrates, mercury, lead, caustic soda and other sodium compounds, sulfur and sulfuric acid, oils, and petrochemicals.

Groundwater Pollution in China – iesco-iesm.org

Groundwater Pollution in China. … It can directly pollute groundwater when mining is below…




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