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The law protects some and restricts others. It is never fair.

In two traffic stops,  in this article (link) , there are two incidents. In the first incident, the police are overly cautious and abusive, and in the other, the cop is killed.

Law can only work in a lawful culture, in my opinion.  The more have-nots there are, (people who don’t have the toys and property that denote status, or, not even jobs, or not even food), then the more crime there will be.  Rising population and declining resources seems to guarantee a growing police state. Now, if people are ecologically illiterate, they can argue and stay in their heads all they want.  Go ahead and argue.
“Freedom” is a Luciferian word that is not found in any indigenous culture. In other words, it is a colonialist or imperialist word.
“co·lo·ni·al·ist  – a person who supports the practice of gaining political control over other countries and occupying them with settlers.”

“Freedom” is what you give the settlers while they rip off the natives, like Israeli “freedom” in Palestine.  It really means freedom to rape, and Luciferians are categorically into free rape. 


The word “freedom” really means irresponsible greed. American “freedom” means the American Dream, which means being rich and fat and using up a disproportionate amount of world resources and enforcing this rip off  with 800 military bases and 11,000 to 55,000 overseas special ops at any given time, to “defend American interests”.  


“The American dream is the belief that anyone, regardless of where they were born or what class they were born into, can attain their own version of success in a society in which UPWARD MOBILITY is possible for everyone. The American dream is believed to be achieved through sacrifice, risk-taking, and hard work, rather than by chance.”
Upward mobility means status.  It means more more more more more. It means irresponsible greed.
The destruction of American values therefore has an ecological point, but the real reason for attack on American values is the exclusive and profound First Amendment, that guarantees of all things, freedom of speech and religion. No other nation on Earth has this.  And no other nation has the Second Amendment which protects the first.  The Founding Fathers, mostly Freemasons and not Christians, by the way, knew that tyranny was always a hair’s breadth away.
The US is also being attacked because that rascal anti satanist Jesus Christ has a very strong following in parts of US.   Thus, the Luciferians in Davos Switzerland (World Economic Forum) and in Basel Switzerland (World Central Bank), and almost everywhere, want to crush United States, and are doing so now with economic attacks that favor Communist China, (Lenin was funded in Switzerland, and the same man who funded the Bolsheviks created the Federal Reserve and the same family who funded Marx also funded Chairman Mao)
Face it friends, the US will never recover back to an old normal of gas guzzling because of declining resources.  The big trees are used up. Clean water is disappearing.
Meanwhile depopulation is in full deployment, with most people now taking the immune system stripping DNA vaccine, wearing a carcinogenic cell phone, living in EMF smog and eating food and breathing air full of nano particles. Oh, did I forget 5G satellites?  
It is important to be ecologically literate.
So, will we see more crime as the proportion of have-nots grows?  And is it going to get more and more difficult to be a good policeman?
There is an old song, 1966,  and the words were 
“what the world needs now is love, sweet love, 
no not just  for one, but for everyone.”
That is globalist we-are-all-one new age fairy dust, because some people can’t be trusted,  so I sing it
“what the world needs now is love, sweet love, 
no not for anyone, but inside everyone.”
And love would mean purification and self sacrifice and care which means living within the confines of responsibility, the opposite of irresponsible greed or “freedom.”
Support your police.  They need your support to somehow keep a conscience despite all odds.
Ray Songtree
April 12, 2021

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