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History 20/Sociology 20, Spring 2005

On Mar 1, 2018,  Ray wrote:

The founding fathers were almost all free masons.  Seriously.

       On 3/2/2018, “M wrote:

Oh, so ignore their warnings?  How smart is that…They warned us of all of this!

       Ray wrote:

No, they were the dominant culture, who embedded top down authority, privilege, racism and genocide in the constitution.  Remember, only Whites were human in their minds.  Their god was not a holistic gestalt which included nature and environment, it was the top of pyramid, giving “providence” to the masses who would build the pyramid. The “masons” are the worker bees for the pyramid of abuse.

Their so called democracy is a psy-op to replace intuitive consensus, which is based on the wisdom and oratory passion (spirit – need) in traditional communities. 

Democracy shatters wisdom/spirit/need and replaces it with the press, who will sell the candidates, and the press can be controlled, which has been the case since the 1770’s.

The founding fathers were all placed, just as the pilgrims were placed. People think that there are independent players. Not true. The conquest of Mexico and the Puritan decimation of the Indians who felt sorry for them, is all part of a plan. Not enough people see the historical currents of our civilization from a distance and connect the dots.

It is another pie in sky belief system (equals mind control) to think the “republic” was anything but a stepping stone to more “order.”  

The founding father’s system was based on an ET system, which didn’t work out well did it?  ET who come here are homeless voyeurs who lost their way and their home planets and now suck off other planets.  The “transformation” we see now boiling, started thousands of years ago.  This is the key understanding.  The environmental destruction and accompanying disregard we see today wasn’t due to this person or that. It is a historical current with backers.

The reason some founding fathers gave warnings is that they knew human nature. Human nature always includes self-interest. It doesn’t matter if we ignore their warnings or not, human nature is human nature, and the taller the pyramid, the more likely that self-interest will become separated from the Earth. Therefore, being close to Earth is our way to avoid evil, not the aristocratic top down fragmenting and compartmentalization envisioned in the constitution to foster top down control. 

Consider too the masonry occult lay out of WA DC, and consider the structure of congress building made with big steps walking “up” to make everyone feel small. Tall European cathedrals, same idea. Aztecs, same.  Make the people small.

All the “man made wonders” were slave made wonders.

Thomas Jefferson (who I knew intimately to understate it) was behind Indian Removal Act and Louisiana Purchase. Ben Franklin, the ET plant, brought us global destruction through electricity. 

Freemasons.  Free mason is double speak. It means slave mason. Even the word free is double speak. Natural people are already free. Only slave societies teach “freedom” which really means the right to consume a piece of the pie stolen from nature and indigenous peoples.

Natural people don’t need church or freedom, they already have nature/connection.

“Make America Great” means make America dominant, proven by Trump’s military emphasis.  The military industrial complex is a nice way to say underground cities. That is where the the future is being constructed with tech centuries ahead of what universities know.  Therefore, the military must be always supported, to cover for the security of the underground tech.  The history of this era of civilization is all about creating slave societies to build the tech for space travel. 


Nuclear powered tunnel boring machines connecting underground research facilities have existed for 50 years. The funding for research there is unlimited. A second civilization of tech exists under the ground.

This is why the military is supported, to give an excuse for more research, more cutting edge tech, when really, we (all of life) were more healthy 500 years ago.

The top down pyramid of masonry abuse envisioned by Founding Fathers is not holy, it is a machination.

We need a holistic idea of greatness that is not “up” but rather… healthy for our mother.

We each need to manifest this, as big brother never will.


Ray Songtree

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  • Wowowow. Can a hi tech society be grounded in the sacred or is that an oxymoron ?

  • Nick Curto says:


    I for one am so grateful to you for your deep research and for clearing up so many things about what the real world is really like, and how we all have been “played” in so many ways by so many controllers for so very long. The “truth” must be told and you are one of the very best sources of truth that I know. Life is way too short to live with lies, and to try to get to the truth on all levels is a life long task, but a task that must be done by us all. Once again, my heart felt appreciation for all that you have already done and are currently doing to enlighten us all.

  • From William Cooper research. Both Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington renounced their title as members of free masonry, after they discovered, as you say, they had been used to put the bidding of globalist New World order, freemasonry upon America. America the “New World”, and New World order are synonymous. Hidden in plain sight is the Washington Monument, the reflective pool, then the Oval Office. These symbolize the birth process towards this New World order. The Washington Monument is symbolic for King Nimrod of Babylon’s erected penis! Which symbolically it ejaculates over the reflective pool, and hits the Oval Office. Oval in this context refers to “Ovum” or eggs. So the birth place of the New World order is of the Oval Office! Pornographic symbolism hidden in plain sight! Explain this one to your children!

    Another point to ponder from my own dot connecting is the image of floating capstone above truncated pyramid. This is symbolic meaning indicating that the Christ had never ascended to the throne of the great temple, which is Cheops pyramid. The builders of this Cheops pyramid built into place, and carved within stone inside this pyramid is the birth date of Christ, and the reign of his life upon our planet of 33 years. So in essence here, whomever built Cheops already had recognized the status of that Archetypal leader of humanity of which was named, and is commonly known as Jesus the Christ. One need not refute, or take to issue the fraud if which has become the tired and worn out mythos concerning churchianity, and religiosity here. This Archetypal symbol stands on its own, and has been that placed capstone of which Babylonian freemasonry would obscure to cause one to believe never had alighted. One need not call themselves Christian to be a follower of one who was an living Archetype symbol! The reign of Christ is already upon planet. I cite, in New Testament Holy Bible, a paraphrased statement of Jesus, as he speaks of himself saying, “The builders of the great temple that at first a stone had been cast aside, would later be found to fit the head of the whole”. I believe he used term of “Corner”, of which I interpret as being to capstone.

    Virgin birth? Horse shit! That is another myth propagated thousands of years ago by those sun temple worshipers, Luciferians, otherwise known as FREEMASONS. Early Cretans (Primative early Christians) who ascribed this early Luceferian myth upon this Christ. Same thin happened when December 25 had been a memorial Holliday as forced into acceptance into Catholic heirarchy. Another myth is the symbolic son of God walking upon the waters. This again is purely Masonic Luciferian “Sun” glimmering off from water. Did Christ really in fact make a symbolic walk upon water? Who can really know, unless he did so as a form of reenactment? According to William Cooper, Luciferian sun temple worshipers are infuriated that cretan’s would ascribe their Luciferian symbol upon Christ!

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