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Self-Sovereignty as a Computer Geek Oxymoron

Discussion of use of words “self-sovereignty” with friend who uses word in conjunction with open source web technology.

Define oxymoron: a combination of contradictory or incongruous words (such as cruel kindness or self sovereignty)

Tech geeks - Homo indoorsians

Tech geeks, a subclass of the subspecies Homo indoorsians, foot soldiers for globalization


The word sovereign doesn’t appear on the Web of Trust site.  They are talking about web security to stop identify theft.
This is my opinion…. sovereignty is never self.  In relationship with web, there is never sovereignty, there is conforming to tech, which is anti-nature and anti-natural peoples.  That is, there is never neutral tech. It always damages nature as it depends on mining and manufactured parts.

“Personal sovereignty” is one’s own personal connections and kinship with land base and local community / tribe.  Personal sovereignty is kinship. From kinship comes grounding. From those roots comes an unshakable identity connected to Spirit. 

We then know who and what we are. We know.

Those who don’t have kinship as part of their identity are lost in space.

Sovereignty and natural context are the same thing. Artificial people cannot have sovereignty because they have no Earth Mother, no territory, no community that lives close to nature. They have no kinship with nature. They are in their heads, and not heart connected with real life. A person who doesn’t know real life cannot have sovereignty. All they can have is programming.

The reason for the systematic destruction of indigenous peoples is that their loyalty to land, family and community gets in the way of the alien hope for a clonosphere of dependent slaves. They are a threat because indigenous peoples don’t need one world government, Big Ag, Big Pharma, or even electricity.  They are independent. Big Brother hates that.

So self sufficient peoples are destroyed to bring in dependency on purchased everything, and their personal sovereignty must be destroyed too, at the root, which means our sexual identity as man or woman has been under attack, particularly by Hollywood, but now the courts also.

Step by step, feminism, gay, trans, enhancements, clones.  All these steps are orchestrated programs. Feminism comes from Rockefellers.  The Rockefellers are under the Rothschilds.  The Rothschilds controlled colonization through their control of British Empire. The beast controlled East India Company and now controls each of us through our socially engineered values.  Hollywood.

The first step was feminism. New Zealand was the test tube for women’s suffrage to test it for the ‘greater market.’   (Ms. Magazine was controlled by life long CIA agent, Gloria Steinem.)

“Personal sovereignty” means personal connection to something greater. This connection feels grounded. Connection brings loyalty. 

Destroy all that… land, mom/dad, family, tribe, and the clones can be rolled out.  Walking talking robots are coming very soon, and people will then be pressured to be as good as robots and get enhancements.  As you know, cloned humans already exist.

So for me, I don’t know what is meant by “self-sovereignty,” when the web is all about dependency.  The web brings dependency plus more pollution from mining and producing the tech.

Unplugging is what brings sovereignty and local connection, in my understanding…  If all local communities had sovereignty, no one would let their back yard be mined. Tech would come to a grinding halt, which is what the Earth needs, actually.

(Example of dependency, my daughter’s piano lessons are done with Skype.  We don’t have to drive to her lessons. Sounds great but it is inhuman and dependent. There are millions of people now who don’t know how to communicate in person. That is, they are socially retarded and can no longer relate one on one.)

In the past, tribes had sovereignty based on territory.  Homo indoorsians  (modern people) have no land and no sovereignty, as I see it, which is why indigenous peoples are being murdered or given wifi by Facebook drones, to suck them all into the mono-culture of world wide web. Indigenous peoples are actually being removed for and by Homo indoorsians.

What do I want?

So, do I want diversity of sovereign isolated local unplugged communities, or do I want homogeneous “connected” mono-culture? 

We must not say we, I must say I. There is no we. There is you and I and each of us must take a stand and own it and be accountable.

These days, the ancient paradigm is forgotten and now these common sense realities like the importance of being grounded is new to many people.

Looking out, you and I can see that nature is wide with isolated pockets of diversity. 

The alien agenda is to replace nature with a singular manageable planet. If you love tech, you don’t mind creating collateral damage for your toys.  If you love tech, you are a globalist. You are working for an alien agenda that will destroy nature to extract the raw materials. Are you a globalist or are you ready to unplug and grow your own?

Tech geeks - Homo indoorsians



From review of book  Helps Understand the Lack of Ethics Behind Blackout



Summing the book up in one sentence: the industrial system disconnected the ethics of kinship and community from the production process. It allowed “objective” industrial management to devise complex processes in which each individual plays a functionalist role with minimalist information, and no one person can see the relationship between their “objective” task, and the massively dysfunctional, pathological, and corrupt outcomes of the total industrial system.

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  • Ray, my preference is an internet connection in a cabin in the woods. As expensive as tech is, it is still connecting people, like you and me. Tech is an extension of human intelligence, how it is used is what matters to me. It’s a weapon or a servant. A club or a tool. Gutenberg changed the world because people want to speak and be spoken to. Loving that ability doesn’t make me a globalist. The individual exists as the atom of life, the fractal embodiment of infinite consciousness, a wave on a Great Ocean. This is cause for great rejoicing and hilarity, what a paradox, infinite and mortal at the same time, what a Wonder and Mystery that is. Celebrating the appearance of the individuated, atomic version of life creates authentic human culture, tech or not. Real culture is celebration and exploration of the gargantuan, staggering, spectacular Event : Existence , the Great Starry God appearing as you and me and everything else. Indigenous people know this, that’s why they are the true leaders and guardians of the sacred. The routine abuse they suffer at the hands of bottom liners is beyond comprehension and it must end and their sacred values installed into the OS of the world. Values. Not personalities. No trespassing, no invasion. Respect for life. Mutuality between equals. The individual is being crucified by the state, and indigenous wisdom desecrated by scientific materialism, self indulgence, and vanity. Spiritual bankruptcy has become political policy, The people who gave up on Life and opted for control instead are now running the show for everyone. It’s up to each individual to prevent this by exposing it for what it is: failure to face Reality. The insistence upon imposing ideas and agendas on others. Mature individuals rule themselves, not others. They collaborate with those who do likewise. That’s authentic human culture, and it will ascend to its’ rightful place as soon as everyone has had quite enough of endless bullshit and finds the word No.

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