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New Age Movement Origins and Today’s Lucis Trust

See link for his research…

I cover Lucis Trust in both book one and book two of Lipstick and War Crimes

This is real stuff.  Many people understand that New Age thought is an operation. However almost everyone has been influenced by it.

My letter to author of article posted below….

Hi Terry,

I’ve researched this also. I agree with your analysis and conclusions.

There are three points I’d like to mention.  

 Gurdjieff and Ouspensky were mystics, but not directly connected with this group, IMO.

Casteneda’s writing was heavily influenced by Book of the Hopi by Frank Waters and should not be included in your list.
I know someone who met the shaman upon whom Casteneda’s character don Juan was based, native american connections.  Casteneda was murdered like so many independent minds, Bruce Lee, the many musical artists, and politicians.
And if you are going to list channelers Joesph Smith and Mohammed, you should surely also list Moses.

I liked your article and learned from it and agree with you.
It was written 10 years ago. I hope you get this.

thank you
Ray Songtree

Lucis Trust, Alice Bailey, World Goodwill and the False Light of the World

– by Terry Melanson ©, 2001 (Last Update: May 8th, 2005)

Lucis Trust Logo Alice Ann Bailey, a leading disciple of the Russian theosophist Madame Helena Blavatsky, formed the Lucifer Publishing Company in 1920. 1922 saw the organization’s name changed to Lucis Trust though the advancement of the Luciferian beliefs remained true. Beliefs that in Blavatsky’s words: “oppose the materialism of science and every dogmatic theology, especially the Christian, which the Chiefs of the Society regard as particularly pernicious.”

[Blatvatsky channeled an entity, El Morya, who I Ray Songtree, have met and didn’t like at all. He is still at UN.

Lucis Trust promulgates the work of an “Ascended Master” who was working ‘through’ Alice Bailey for some 30 years. The Lucis Trust Publishing Company and their many fronts and organizations worship an “Externalized Hierarchy” of “Ascended Masters,” who carry out the work of a Luciferian “master plan” for the establishment of a permanent “Age of Aquarius” ruled by one “Sanat Kumara”, the “Lord of the World.”

Lucis Trust is a powerful institution that enjoys “Consultative Status” with the United Nations, which permits it to have a close working relationship with the U.N., including a seat on the weekly sessions, but most importantly, influence with powerful business and national leaders throughout the world.

Through its founding of World Goodwill, Lucis Trust is “aggressively involved in promoting a globalist ideology”:

Authors and participants in its various conferences read like a Who’s Who of globalist insiders. Featured on its website, for example, is the Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities, put forth in April 1998 as a companion document to the notorious UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Signatories to the World Goodwill document include: Helmut Schmidt, former chancellor of West Germany; Malcolm Fraser, former Australian prime minister; Oscar Arias Sanchez, former prime minister of Costa Rica; Shimon Peres; Robert McNamara; Paul Volcker; and Jimmy Carter.

… it is as much a political organization as an occult religious one.

New Age Roots, by Steve Bonta

Lucis Trust is run through an international board of trustees whose membership is said to have included: John D. Rockefeller; Norman Cousins; Robert S. McNamara; Thomas Watson, Jr. (IBM, former U.S. Ambassador to Moscow); Henry Clausen, Grand Commander of the Supreme Council, 33rd Degree, Southern District Scottish Rite and Henry Kissinger. This would then tie Bailey’s influential occult organization into the international conspiracy of elitists, including the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Bilderbergs, and the Trilateral Commission.

I’ve been able to confirm some of these connections through Lucis Trust’s involvement in the Windsor International Bank and Trust Company, where on its site, the Windsor Bank plainly states that its “a Member of, Advisor to, Affiliate of, Friend of, Benefactor of, or Contributor to, the following Organizations, to name several:”

  • International Fund For Development
  • The Hall Family Foundation
  • The Rockefeller Foundation
  • WHO/Habitat For Humanity
  • The Lucis Trust (NGO); United Nations
  • National Resources Defense Council
  • Capital Missions Company
  • Investors Circle
  • The Coca-Cola Foundation
  • Fellowship For International Education
  • International Monetary Agency
  • International Center For Educational Advancement
  • Christian Children’s Fund (Worldwide)
  • BAMPAC (Black America’s Political Action)
  • Fellowship For Reconciliation
  • National Institute For the Advancement Of Science
  • International Association For Environmental Cooperation
  • World Wildlife Federation
  • Council On Foreign Relations (CFR)
  • Council Of Emerging Nations
  • Freedom Communications, Inc.
  • The European Institute (Foreign Affairs Magazine)
  • United Nations Association of The USA
  • The NAACP (National Association of Colored People)
  • The Royal Heritage Charitable Relief Fund

IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENT: After I posted this discovery, the Windsor Bank promptly changed their page and deleted all traces of the connections which I exposed above. As of this writing they no longer have a web presence. I’ve been able to salvage a copy – thanks to Google’s Cache — of the page as it appeared when I wrote this Lucis Trust expose: Here is the original.

One disturbing aspect is the blatant targeting of children. Lucis Trust directs an activity called Triangles in Education, which is partnered with groups that “make some contribution to the task of laying the foundations for the new education.” This, according to Bailey, is part of the overall work of the New Group of World Servers, “a band of obedient workers and servers of the WORD.” The word being the teachings of her channeled Master Djwhal Khul, through her voluminous occult works. The word, has also been heeded by the likes of Robert Muller — former assistant Secretary General of the United Nations and winner of the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education in 1989 for his World Core Curriculum. He said, “The underlying philosophy upon which The Robert Muller School is based will be found in the teaching set forth in the books of Alice A. Bailey by the Tibetan teacher, Djwhal Khul.”

The Overshadowing

Alice BaileyAlice Bailey was born on June 16th, 1880 in the city of Manchester, England. She was raised in an orthodox christian family which she would say later, made her very unhappy and a bad tempered little girl. “Life was not worth living,” she said, and the feeling of worthlessness, and a certain amount of curiosity about life and death led her to attempt suicide three times before she was even fifteen.

At the age of fifteen her first mystical encounter occurred while her family had gone to church. While she was in a room reading, a man wearing a turban on his head suddenly entered her room. Startled, and not being able to say a word —an obvious out of place character in 19th century Manchester — this stranger spoke to her:

“He told me there was some work that it was planned that I could do in the world but that it would entail changing my disposition considerably; I would have to give up being such an unpleasant little girl and must try to get some measure of self-control. My future usefulness to Him and to the world was dependant on how I handled myself and the changes I could manage to make. He said that if I could achieve real self-control I could then be trusted and that I would travel all over the world and visit many countries, “doing your Master’s work all the time” … He added that He would be in touch with me at intervals of seven years apart.”

Unfinished Autobiography, by Alice Bailey, 1951, Lucis Trust, pp. 35-36

This was to be Alice Bailey’s first contact with her Master Koot Humi. These contacts with “Secret Chiefs”; “Familiar Spirits”; “Angels”; and “Ascended Masters” is a common theme in the annals of history and has been the origin of many religious, prophetic and occult movements throughout the centuries. Zoroaster, Mohammed, John Dee, Francis Bacon, Aleister Crowley, Helena Blavatsky, Joseph Smith, Edgar Cayce and Benjamin Creme immediately come to mind.

In 1917, after the breakup of her first marriage she moved to the United States, where she was introduced to the teachings of Theosophy. It was during this period that she had met, and married, her husband Foster Bailey (33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason). She turned out to be a good pupil, Bailey soon rose through the ranks and became the editor of the American Theosophists’ newspaper.

“For the last 125 years, New Age leaders worldwide have followed the false light of Theosophy; they now whisper sweet lies into the itching ears of the powerful — politicians, media moguls, UN officials, foundation grant makers, and Anglican bishops. As the West moves into a post-Christian era, the influence of the New Age movement grows.”

A Comprehensive Expose of The New Age Movement, by Penn Lee

The encounter with her fated second “Master” — and soon to be writing partner for an international esoteric movement — occurred in 1919, while having a quiet time on a hill close to her house. She heard a note of music sounding everywhere which was followed by a voice (Djwhal Khul) that asked her if she was willing to write some books. Having refused, saying that she wouldn’t engage in any psychic practices, the voice gave her three weeks to reconsider. Alice completely forgot about the subject when the voice made its appearance as scheduled. Agreeing to give it a try for a few weeks the first chapters of Initiation, Human and Solar were written. After about a month, Alice got scared; refusing to do anymore work the Master Djwhal Khul told her to discuss it with her Master Koot Humi. Koot Humi confessed that it was, in fact, him that told DK to contact her and he gave Alice permission to proceed — after giving Mrs. Bailey the proper technique for enhanced telepathic communication.

Between 1919 and 1949 (her death), she produced twenty-four books, including an autobiography, nineteen of these books were supposedly written by her Tibetan Master DK (Djwhal Khul). During the intervening years, Alice Bailey spent most of it working out what she referred to as “The Plan.” The results of which, influenced the birth of many New Age groups: The Church Universal and Triumphant, Benjamin Creme’s The Tara Center, the Robert Muller Schools and The Temple of Understanding, to name a few.

The Networks of ‘Light’

Lucis Trust

Fifty years at the United Nations plaza. Currently located on Wall Street in New York. Lucis Trust provides worldwide financial support for the Arcane School, World Goodwill, Triangles, Lucis Publishing, Lucis Productions, Lucis Trust Libraries, and the New Group of World Servers. Maintains the UN meditation room.

The Arcane School

Founded in 1923, the school gives correspondence courses in meditation and the occult from its branches in New York, Geneva, London and Buenos Aires.

World Goodwill

Founded in 1932, the organization is recognized by the United Nations today as an NGO. World Goodwill works directly with the “world federalists,” and is part of the work to “Externalize the Hierarchy” of “Illumined Minds,” which will usher in an “Age of Maitreya.”


Founded in 1937, Triangles is the name of a global network of cells, whose members pray a “Great Invocation,” especially on the full moon, when members of Triangle can be influenced by the astrological signs of the Zodiac.

We haven’t even scratched the surface yet on the influence of Bailey and her Master’s teachings. Let’s look at a comparison by two writers who talk about Lucis Trust’s World Goodwill, which when compared, illustrate both sides of Lucis’ agenda; the manipulation of politics towards a New World Order, and the manipulation through occult means to manifest the “Plan” of the “Hierarchy”.

From Dark Majesty, by Texe Marrs, pp. 139-40

The Secret Brotherhood has developed the social and political art of networking to a fine science. World Goodwill, in its newsletter of 1986, No. 2, listed a number of groups that have participated in its World Service Forum. Such groups include those that are connected with World Goodwill’s centers in London, New York, and Geneva. The list is absolutely mind-boggling in its scope. In London, groups that have actively participated include the United Nations Association, the Teilhardt Center, the International Broadcasting Trust, the Buddhist Society, the Scientific and Medical Network, St. James’ Church (Piccadilly), Emerson College , International Health Research Network, Habitat International Council, the Schumacher Society, the New Economics Foundation, World Health Organization, Peace Through Unity, the British Holistic Medical Association, the World Wildlife Fund, and World College.

In New York, World Goodwill gives credit to the following organizations for their involvement in its work: the Earth Society Foundation, Clergy and Laity Concerned, Waldorf Education, UNICEF, Emmaus, Hale House, the United Nations Association, the Peace Corps, the US Mission of the United Nations, the Better World Society (CNN founder Ted Turner’s group), the Foundation for Global Broadcasting, Fellowship and Prayer, the Institute for Cultural Affairs, Physicians for Social Responsibility, the Bank for Social Responsibility, Habitat for Humanity, The Christophers, the Institute for Community Economics, Women’s World Banking, Tibetan Buddhist Learning Center, Environmental Action Coalition, the Catholic Worker, the Nicholas Roerich Museum, the International Center for Integrated Studies, the Sri Aurobindo Society, and the Mead Institute for Human Development.

In Geneva, Switzerland, we find the following groups to be participants in the programs of World Goodwill: The International Commission of Jurists, Pax Christi International, Transnational Prospectives, Amnesty International, the United Nations University for Peace, and the Bureau for Affairs of Non-Governmental Organizations of the United Nations Organization.

From Target: Faith and Freedom

World Goodwill is a non-governmental organization (NGO) accredited with the United Nations while its parent, Lucis Trust, enjoys the prestigious “consultative status” afforded those non-governmental organizations on the roster of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). Increasingly, powerful deep pocket NGO’s, which are neither elected nor accountable, are received as the voice of “civil society.” Those NGO’s, which the United Nations selectively elevates to “consultative status,” are called upon by ECOSOC as advisors representative of civil society. Both World Goodwill and Lucis Trust are engaged in Earth Charter advocacy. World Goodwill’s spirituality is patently pagan. The following declaration is taken from their promotional material.

“During both the full moon and new moon periods there is there is a similar emphasis on the work of energy distribution in meditation …. we consciously align with the rhythmic pattern of energy flow each month, we become a part of a planetary meditative process carried forward at all levels of consciousness and with great creative potential for anchoring the seeds of the coming the coming civilization and the germ of the new culture.”

If World Goodwill so unblushingly advocates neo-pagan meditative practices, its overt promotion of an occult “plan” for the governing of the universe is nothing short of chilling:

“There is an inner government of the planet known under such different names as the spiritual Hierarchy, the society of Illumined Minds, or Christ and his Church, according to various religious traditions. Humanity is never left without spiritual guidance or direction under the Plan… The widespread expectation that we approach the “age of Maitreya,” as it is known in the East, when the World Teacher and present head of the spiritual Hierarchy, the Christ, will reappear among humanity to sound the keynote of the new age…. There are millions of mentally alert men and women in all parts of the world who are on rapport with the Plan and work to give it expression. They are people in whom the consciousness of humanity as one interdependent unit is alive and active… These beliefs give a new dimension to spiritual reality …. They provide opportunity for cooperation with the spiritual evolution of humanity… there is no group so likely to ensure that humanity achieves this most difficult goal as the men and women of goodwill …. requiring only courage… to initiate action to prepare for the New World Order.”

In considering the above information one can’t help but wonder whether these organizations, which are aligned with Lucis Trust, believe in the “Plan”, as World Goodwill put it, “to initiate action to prepare for the new world order.” I believe that they do, and it is my intention to prove that conviction throughout this site. And specifically, that it is a spiritual plan — a plan that, if giving a thorough evaluation from their own writings, can be seen as nothing less than satan’s attempt to implement a totalitarian demonic throne upon the earth, and humanity’s forced worship through Luciferic Rites. For “when the Great One appears,” Master Djwhal Khul said ‘through’ Alice Bailey, “he will take the Mysteries Religion preserved by Freemasonry and make them public.”

Lucis Trust has truly become a powerhouse for the New Age ideal; the transformation of society by, and through, occult initiatory means. The respect that Bailey’s teachings receive, and the reverence for her Master, is without equal. She has successfully pulled the wool over the eyes of many concerning the true meaning and source of her teachings. What exactly is the teaching and message delivered by her Master? This will be the subject examined in part two.

The Secret Doctrine

In the occult Satan (or Lucifer) has traditionally been associated with the sun, the harbinger of spiritual light. Esoteric philosophy teaches that it is this “great being”, not the God of the Old Testament, that was the true redeemer and benefactor of mankind in the Garden of Eden.

There’s a few works in the occult that have stood the test of time, and have become “bibles” in their own right. These are revered and studied by all seekers on “the Path”. The works of Aleister Crowley, Alice Bailey, Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, Albert Pike, Manly P. Hall, Benjamin Creme, Castaneda, Kenneth Grant, Eliphas Levi and many others laying a foundation of pre-packaged self-enlightenment.

Some claim to be revealing great esoteric knowledge past down through sects, and orders long forgotten. Other works claim to be channeled from “Secret Chiefs” or “Ascended Masters.” I offer these quotes from Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine in order to show the, typical, reversal philosophy espoused. Blavatsky’s philosophy also serve to illustrate where Bailey first encountered her heretical views in the first place. As we will see in part two, Mme. Blavatsky taught her pupil well – their spiritual philosophies are virtually identical.

Adam and Eve, Serpent in the GardenOnce the key to Genesis is in our hands it is the scientific and symbolic Kabbala which unveils the secret. The Great Serpent of the Garden of Eden and the “Lord God” are identical …

Stand in awe of him, and sin not, speak his name with trembling … It is Satan who is the god of our planet and the only god …

When the Church, therefore, curses Satan, it curses the cosmic reflection of God …

In this case it is but natural … to view Satan, the Serpent of Genesis as the real creator and benefactor, the Father of Spiritual mankind.

For it is he who was the “Harbinger of Light,” bright radiant Lucifer, who opened the eyes of automaton (Adam) created by Jehovah, as alleged; and he who was first to whisper, “In the day yea eat there of, ye shall be as Elohim, knowing good and evil” — can only be regarded in the light of a Saviour. An “adversary” to Jehovah … he still remains in esoteric truth the ever loving “Messenger”… who conferred on us spiritual instead of physical immortality …

Satan, or Lucifer, represents the active … “Centrifugal Energy of the Universe” in a cosmic sense … Fitly is he … and his adherents … consigned to the “sea of fire,” because it is the Sun … the fount of life in our system, where they are petrified … and churned up to re-arrange them for another life; that Sun which, as the origin of the active principle of our Earth, is at once the Home and the Source of the Mundane Satan …

The Secret Doctrine, Volume I, page 414, Vol II, pgs. 234, 235, 243, 245

One has to keep in mind, where this heresy originated. Blavatsky claimed to have ‘received’ it from disembodied spirits called “Secret Chiefs.” These “Inter dimensional”, or demonic, beings seem to be appealing directly to the intellect. Our intelligence, after all, is a thing of great pride, isn’t it? And where would we be, had it not been for the “benefactor,” the Serpent of Old. Then the obvious conclusion would have Jehovah being the “Adversary.” This twisted sensibility is very appealing to those who practice the occult. It also shows that in the end, when all the cards are laid on the table, its ALWAYS about that one selfish being, already condemned, and hell bent on bringing mankind with him.

Part 2: Alice Bailey & Master Djwhal Khul: A SATANIC COMMUNION


*  *  *

More background below..


No longer contained within secret societies populated with select occultists, theosophy is not only out in the open — its occult teachings are being promoted as a unifying global spirituality by UN leaders, globalist educators, and the U.S. educational establishment both at the state and national level. Perhaps only the top leaders realize that these teachings are based on occult messages received by medium (channeler) Alice Bailey from her “Tibetan” spirit guide Djwhal Khul (DK) and other “ascended masters” within the theosophical “angelic” hierarchy.


In her book The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, dictated by her spirit guide, Alice Bailey wrote:

“The Masonic Movementwill meet the need of those who can, and should, wield power. It is the custodian of the law; it is the home of the Mysteries and the seat of initiation. It holds in its symbolism the ritual of Deity…. It is a far more occult organisation than can be realised and is intended to be the training school for the coming advanced occultists.

“… one of the things that will eventuate — when the new universal religion has sway and the nature of esotericism is understood — will be the utilisation of the banded esoteric organism, the Masonic organism and the Church organism as initiating centres. These three groups converge as their inner sanctuaries are approached. There is no dissociation between the One Universal Church, the sacred inner Lodge of all true Masons, and the inner-most circles of the esoteric societies. (pps. 511, 513)

You can read about my personal encounter with an accredited school using such a curriculum at


– From Kabbalah to Gnosticism to Theosophy and Freemasonry

and the Emerging Church –

All these occult systems use traditional Christian words, which make them all the more deceptive.

See Francis Schaeffer’s warnings in The God Who Is There

From the Encyclopaedia Britannica:

“The Theosophical Society. The term theosophv in later years obtained wide currency as denominating the beliefs and teachings of the Theosophical Society, founded in the United States in 1875 by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky…. Soon after the death of Madame Blavatsky (1891) a split took place…. The parent organization, now called the Theosophical Society in America, has its headquarters at Wheaton, Ill.

       “The founders of the Theosophical Society assumed their continuity with the ancient esoteric tradition of occultism and were ready to make the ‘secret doctrine‘ available to humanity at large.(page 1000)

       “According to Madame Blavatsky’s original statements, this wisdom has been transmitted through the ages as a secret doctrine by a brotherhood of adepts or mahatmas [demonic guides] scattered through the world but in connection with one another. With a certain group of these in Tibet she claimed to be in communication. A Master Morya [spirit guide] is supposed to have taken on Madame Blavatsky as his personal pupil, or chela. In adepts such as Morya the spiritual nature is supposed to have been so developed that the body has become the ducile instrument of the intelligence….

       “… theosophical language includes references to astral bodies, guardian angels, and the like.

“In… Isis Unveiled, Madame Blavatsky seeks to establish that the one source of all the wisdom of the past is India. Christianity, according to the same volume, ‘copied all its rites, dogmas and ceremonies from paganism‘ with the exception of the doctrine of eternal damnation and the custom of pronouncing anathemas.

       “The Indian doctrines which are often treated in theosophical writings are the identity of the human and the divine, the concept of reincarnation and transmigration… and the concept of karma. …

“The goal of the struggle to achieve wisdom which leads to self-actualization is Nirvana, when the lower self or selves is annihilated and the true self liberated.”  Encyclopaedia Britannica, Vol. 21, (Chicago: William Benton, 1968), page 1000-1001)

Madame H. P. Blavatsky and Theosophy — ‘There is No Religion Higher than Truth’: “The idea, for example, of a personal, anthropomorphic God, a sort of magnified image of ourselves, a God who created the universe and ourselves from nothing, who listens to prayers, grants favours, forgives sins, and eventually consigns us to heaven or hell — such a God finds fewer and fewer believers. At the same time, the idea of a soulless, mechanical universe governed by nothing but chance is not very compelling either. Many people are seeking a deeper and more meaningful vision of life.

       “This was also true of the Russian mystic Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the ‘mother of the New Age‘, when she set out on her quest for knowledge in the middle of the 19th century. Through her contacts with religious and mystical traditions in many parts of the world, and the instructions she received from her own teacher [spirit guide] in Tibet, she learned of the existence of the ageless wisdom — the fountain-source from which all the great world religions and philosophies have sprung. ….The fundamental teaching of the ancient wisdom is the spiritual unity of all things.

The Esoteric Meaning of Lucifer: “…in the early 1920’s, when Alice and Foster Bailey were beginning to publish the books published under her name, they named their fledgling publishing company ‘Lucifer Publishing Company’  By 1925 the name was changed to Lucis Publishing Company and has remained so ever since. Both ‘Lucifer; and ;Lucis; come from the same word root, lucis being the Latin generative case meaning of light.

      “The Baileys’ reasons for choosing the original name are not known to us, but we can only surmise that they, like the great teacher H.P. Blavatsky, for whom they had enormous respect, sought to elicit a deeper understanding of the sacrifice made by Lucifer. Alice and Foster Bailey were serious students and teachers of Theosophy, a spiritual tradition which views Lucifer as one of the solar Angels, those advanced Beings Who Theosophy says descended (thus ‘the fall) from Venus to our planet eons ago to bring the principle of mind to what was then animal-man.

      “In the theosophical perspective, the descent of these solar Angels was not a fall into sin or disgrace but rather an act of great sacrifice, as is suggested in the name Lucifer which means light-bearer.”


Annie Besant [Wikipedia]: “…Her decision in favour of Socialism came about through a close relationship with George Bernard Shaw, a struggling young Irish author living in London, and a leading light of the Fabian Society. Annie was impressed by his work and grew very close to him too in the early 1880s. It was Annie who made the first move, by inviting Shaw to live with her. This he refused, but it was Shaw who sponsored Annie to join the Fabian Society….

      “During 1884, Annie had developed a very close friendship with Edward Aveling, a young socialist teacher, who translated the important works of Marx into English for the first time…. Aveling left Annie to live with Eleanor Marx, daughter of Karl Marx. …
     “Soon after joining the Marxists, Annie stood for election to the London School Board…. In fact, women householders had been brought into the local electorate in 1881….
     “She saw freemasonry, in particular co-freemasonry… as a ‘movement which practised true brotherhood, in which women and men worked side by side for the perfecting of humanity. …Besant founded new lodges…
     “In 1889, she was asked to write a review… on The Secret Doctrine, a book by H.P. Blavatsky. After reading it, she sought an interview with its author, meeting Blavatsky in Paris. In this way she was converted to Theosophy….

     “When Blavatsky died in 1891, Annie was left as one of the leading figures in Theosophy….

     “She first met clairvoyant theosophist Charles Webster Leadbeater in London in April 1894…. Besant became clairvoyant in the following year…. Together they would investigate the universe, matter, thought-forms and the history of mankind through clairvoyance

      “…in 1907, [Besant was] elected international president of the Theosophical Society after the death of its first president Henry Steel Olcott….  Besant actively courted Hindu opinion more than former Theosophical leaders. This was a clear reversal of policy from Blavatsky and Olcott’s very public conversion to Buddhism in Ceylon, and their promotion of Buddhist revival activities….
     “Annie set up a new school for boys at Varanasi: the Central Hindu College. Its aim was to build a new leadership for India…. As early as 1889, Blavatsky had told a group of Theosophical students that the real purpose of establishing the Society was to prepare humanity for the reception of the World Teacher when he appeared again on earth….
     “Annie Besant died in 1933…. After her death, her colleagues, J. Krishnamurti, Aldous Huxley….”

The next excerpt is by a trusted Christian researcher, Carl Teichrib, whose articles are posted on our website:

Bloody Utopian Dreams, Part I: “One particular Ascended Master, the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul [in the New Age an Ascended Master is a highly evolved spiritual entity, channeled the raisons de’être for the despots and tyrants of the last two hundred years, ascribing to them a high and beneficial role in the development of human spiritual enlightenment. Alice Bailey, one of the more prominent leaders of the Theosophical movement [Theosophy has been a key factor in the creation of today’s modern New Age Movement], recorded the Tibetan’s words in her book, The Externalisation of the Hierarchy,

“They [France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal] have…reacted to that force [Shamballa Force] through the medium of certain great and outstanding personalities who were peculiarly sensitive to the will-to-power and the will-to-change and who…have altered the character of their national life, and emphasised increasingly the wider human values. The men who inspired the initiating French revolution; the conqueror, Napoleon; Bismarck, the creator of a nation; Mussolini, the regenerator of his people; Hitler, who lifted a distressed people upon his shoulders; Lenin, the idealist; Stalin and Franco are all expressions of the Shamballa force and of certain little understood energies. These have wrought significant changes in their day and generation…

“We call these people dictators, demagogues, inspired leaders, or just and wise men, according to our particular ideology, tradition, attitudes to our fellowmen and our particular political, economic and religious training. But all these leaders are…in the last analysis, highly developed personalities. They are being used to engineer great and needed changes and to alter the face of civilization…

“Blame not the personalities involved or the men who produce these events before which we stand today bewildered and appalled. They are only the product of the past and the victims of the present. At the same time, they are the agents of destiny, the creators of the new order and the initiators of the new civilization; they are the destroyers of what must be destroyed before humanity can go forward along the Lighted Way.”[8]

“…They are the destroyers of what must be destroyed…” Think about it! This section of The Externalisation of the Hierarchy was written in 1939, the year World War II began. Hitler’s atrocities against his own people – particularly the infirmed and incurables – was known by 1939, as was his treatment of German Jews [9]. Mussolini’s tactics were also known, as was the executions by Franco’s Nationalists Spain [10]. Lenin and Stalin’s crushing of their own people, soaking the Russian motherland with the blood of its citizens, was known too [11]. And the French Revolution, with its forests of guillotines, had kick started revolutionary ideologies that had bled Europe and other parts of the world over and over again [12].

But remember, it was the master Djwhal Khul, a spiritual entity that can supposedly transcend time and space [hence, ignorance cannot be used as an excuse], that basically proclaimed all of this death and destruction as good and necessary. Why? So that “humanity can go forward along the Lighted Way.”


See also: An Inside Look at the Global Interfaith Agenda and Lucifer Rising

From the Encyclopaedia Britannica:

THEOSOPHY [original form, before Madame Blavatsky founded the Theosophical Society], those forms of philosophic and religious thought which claim a special insight into the divine nature and its constitutive moments or processes (from Greek Theos, “god,” and sophia, “wisdom”)….

      “General Theory.—Theosophy claims to derive its significant data by way of intuition or through revelation from seers or masters. Thus it does not rely on ordinary observation or logical reason to the same degree as does most philosophical thought….

      “Theosophy generally arises in connection with deeply felt religious needs….  Accepting the testimony of religious experience that the present world lies in a state of imperfection, if not ‘fallenness,’ theosophy seeks to give an account of this state of things while pointing the seeker on to an experience of actualization on a higher plane of his being….

      “India has been the mother of most theosophical speculations. They are reflected in the systems known as Brahmanism, upanishadic thought and the Vedanta, Sankhya, and Yoga systems…. In Indian thought the rishis are those who have ‘seen’ the inner wisdom and have communicated it to faithful disciples…. The distinction between esoteric wisdom, available only to the few, and exoteric wisdom, available to the masses, is often implicit in theosophical thought and practice.

     “There are many affinities between mysticism and theosophy. Many of the speculations in the sermons and writings of Meister Eckhart could be considered as much theosophical as mystical. Yet Eckhart is considered one of the great mystics in the Roman Catholic tradition of Christianity, though in his later years he fell under suspicion of heresy. Eckhart’s doctrine asserts behind God a predicateless Godhead, which, although unknowable not only to man but also to itself, is, as it were, the essence or potentiality of all things. From it proceed, and in it exist, the three Persons of the Trinity, conceived as stages of an external self-revealing process….

      “…the sensuous and phenomenal… are mere privation and nothingness; things exist only through the presence of God in them….

      “…Jakob Böhme [was] called the theosophist par excellence… The nature-philosophers of the Renaissance… curiously blend scientific ideas with speculative notions… from Neoplatonism and even from the Cabala). …

     “Echhart’s Godhead appears in Böhme as the abyss, the eternal nothing….  In God, however, as the condition of his manifestation, lies, according to Böhme,  the eternal nature or the mysterium magnum, which is as anger to love, as darkness to light, and, in general, as the negative to the positive. This principle illuminates both sides of the antithesis, and thus contains the possibility of their real existence….

     “Even the three Persons of the Trinity, though existing… beforehand, attain reality only through this principle of nature in God, which is hence spoken of as their matrix …. God is sometimes spoken of as the father, and the eternal nature as the mother of things.

     “Creation begins with the creation of the angels. The subsequent fall of Lucifer is explained as his surrender of himself to the principle of nature, instead of dwelling in the heart of God….

     “Emanuel Swedenborg (q.v.) is usually reckoned among the theosophists.” (page 1000)

Lessons in Theosophy Lesson 6, Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, Avichi, and Devachan: “Theosophy teaches that, after we die, our point of consciousness moves on to other planes of existence (before returning for another reincarnation). Some planes are ‘higher’ than others, although the reader is cautioned not to think of the planes as geographically separate….

     “Hell is not eternal. As a person spends time on a particular sub-plane of the astral plane, they eventually burn off the vibrations of that particular sub-plane. That allows the person to rise up to the next higher sub-plane and spend time there…. Living in Hell, then, is this process: The newly-dead ‘floats’ to his or her appropriate level in the after-life. Those who have lead a wretched life float down to the lowest astral level (Hell), waiting for the heaviest astral atoms to eventually burn off. This then frees them to float up to the next level….

     “Some orthodox religions teach that we will go to Hell if we do not believe in a particular deity, a particular religion…. Theosophy teaches against these ideas…. Theosophy teaches that all superstition must be removed before Nirvana can be achieved. ‘…in order to gain … tolerance, you must yourself first be free from bigotry and superstition.


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