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October 2016


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Kauai residents, please share this post. KAUAI NEWS On 10/31/2016 at 9:03 AM, “Kathleen Chin” <kchin@kiuc.coop> wrote: Aloha Ray, While we are pleased to receive feedback from our members, I ask the email content you send to KIUCBOD@hawaii.rr.com and BoardChair@hawaii.rr.com be specific to our primary business as an electric utility. Please remove our email address from your bulk email blast list otherwise we will have to block your communications. Respectfully, Pua Kathleen “Pua” Chin | Executive Administrator | Kauai Island Utility Cooperative | 4463 Pahe`e Street, Suite 1, Lihue, HI 96766-2000 Confidentiality Notice: This e-mail message, including any attachments, is for the sole use of the intended recipient(s) and may contain confidential and privileged information. Any unauthorized review, copy, use, disclosure, or distribution is prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient, please contact the sender by reply e-mail and destroy all copies of the original message. FROM RAY SONGTREE Hi Pua, Respectfully, who has requested this? I do not have KIUC on a blast list and find that categorization insulting. I send technology and corruption issues that board members might find interesting. Some board members may not, and that would be expected in a diverse and free thinking group. The board is made of different individuals. Some of them may find this information vital as they will not get this info in mainstream news, which includes the Garden Island Star Advertiser. I am an author and researcher. If KIUC was curious about corruption, they would hire me as a…

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A Long History of Comey-Clinton Collusion and Now Mutiny at FBI

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A History of Comey-Clinton Collusion, Three articles. Below  are articles on History of Clinton-positive cases by Comey  and Bio of his revolving door “reliability” employment. MUTINY AT THE FBI: Comey warned by his own agents to indict Clinton or watch the FBI’s reputation go down in flames Monday, October 31, 2016 by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger   (NaturalNews) As America inches toward open revolt over the runaway criminality and collusion of the democrats and the media, another kind of revolt is taking place inside the FBI. According to multiple sources in the independent media — now the only remaining “free press” in America — FBI director James Comey was forced into announcing a reopening of the criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server by “livid” FBI agents who threatened to go public if Comey didn’t act. James Comey, long since suspected to be a Clinton operative who deliberately allowed Hillary Clinton to get away with a vast number of felony crimes and national security violations, now finds himself with his back against the wall. If he releases the evidence against Hillary Clinton already possessed by the FBI, he will face the wrath of Obama, the Clintons, the corrupt Loretta Lynch (DOJ) and the entire leftist media. If he once again gives Hillary Clinton a free pass on her numerous crimes, he then faces a mutiny inside the FBI which promises to bypass his authority and leak the criminal evidence directly to the alternative media. FBI agents under Comey…

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Trump Asserts That Obama Won’t Escape From the Hillary Lies

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Unfortunately, the main stream news spins any controversy to dis-inform public. Now we know why Obama is so afraid of Trump. Scatch a lie, find a thief… Trump: Obama is now ‘caught up’ in Clinton’s ‘big’ email lie By Gabby Morrongiello  • 10/25/16 5:02 PM   Washington Examiner Newly released emails that suggest President Obama may have been aware of Hillary Clinton‘s private email server prove that he is “caught up” in the Democratic presidential hopeful’s “big lie,” Donald Trump said Tuesday. “As you may remember, President Obama claimed to have no knowledge whatsoever of Hillary Clinton‘s illegal email server,” the Republican presidential hopeful told his supporters at a rally in Sanford, Fla. “‘I have no knowledge of it. I don’t know,’” Trump said, mocking Obama. “This guy, he’s as bad as she is.” Trump described the emails between Clinton’s chief of staff at the State Department, Cheryl Mills, and several top campaign staffers as “one of the most shocking revelations to date” regarding the president’s knowledge of his secretary of state’s unsecured email server. Stay abreast of the latest developments from nation’s capital and beyond with curated News Alerts from the Washington Examiner news desk and delivered to your inbox. Hours after Obama told CBS News on March 7, 2015 that he had learned about Clinton’s server “the same time everybody else learned it through news reporters,” Mills wrote to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta: “We need to clean this up — he has emails from her — they do…

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Why Liberals Suck… Literally

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On 10/29/2016 at 1:20 AM, A  wrote: Good to know NY senators want to follow UN and not US gun laws.  Although both [NY Democrat] senators have been voting against GMO and are against TPP, this  makes me not vote for them. Ray Songtree wrote: I think these Senators don’t read what they vote for, but gun control seems to go along with some other liberal programs. It appears “liberal democrats” now means the open borders crew.  It has come down to that for me, and so I am no longer “liberal” and in fact, I am against them.  As I get older I understand why older people are conservative, because older people see the BS of “progress.” Since liberals vote for open borders and gun control and transgenderism, they are the wrong headed group for me.  Liberals are the bad guys because they want to scrape society clean of tradition for their advanced liberated progressive all one world utopia. They want no social barriers. For these people, being free is not being free of tyranny, it is being free to behave any way they want to. That is, the word freedom has been converted.  Freedom used to mean freedom from tyranny but for liberals it now means freedom from tradition. I’ll explain. Strong borders means, if I were a woman, I don’t want to be raped.  It means that there is something to be protected.  This is also called sovereignty. Not having borders means in our private lives, “anything…

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Soros Says Electoral Votes Have Been Already Bought Off for Hillary

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Electoral victory for Hillary already LOCKED IN via massive bribery… George Soros admits on video… democracy be damned… THEFT of the presidency already complete Tuesday, October 25, 2016 by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger [Notice how Bloomberg put the wrong name on Soros quote. Soros said Trump would win popular vote, but the Main Stream Owned Media has to continually lie to create the false impression.] (NaturalNews) The democrats have bribed electoral college representatives to “fix” the election outcome in favor of Hillary Clinton, admits George Soros in a recently unearthed video. Soros, the same globalist terrorist who funded Black Lives Matter executions of police officers in Dallas — and who also funds hundreds of liberal websites and violent activist organizations who staged violence at Trump rallies to blame Republicans — says in the video that Trump will win the popular vote in a “landslide” but that he will lose the electoral vote because it’s already a “done deal” for Hillary Clinton. From the video on TopRightNews.com: SOROS: It’s going to lead to a landslide for Donald Trump in the popular vote, not in the electoral vote, because there, paid political announcements will have a big role… the popular vote will be a landslide because we are a small minority of extremists… I don’t think that Donald Trump has any chance of being elected. REPORTER: But you think that Hillary Clinton is a done deal? SOROS: Yes. This astonishing revelation confirms what Dave Hodges recently told me in an interview:…

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The UN and the Internet of All YOUR Things

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Patrick Wood has excellent free newsletter. Click on right side of the page that opens with link. What is the internet of all things? See this link. Technocracy: The Real Reason Why The UN Wants Control Over The Internet Wikipedia Commons Written By: Patrick Wood October 27, 2016 By its very nature, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is a non-profit organization exclusively run by Technocrats. As such, it is an apolitical body that is happy to serve whatever form of governance exists as long as funding is received and salaries are paid. To a Technocrat, a world run by science and technology is better than any other form of governance. That Technocrats have played a supporting role in world history is unquestioned. Scientists, engineers and technicians played a huge role in the Communist dictatorship in the former Soviet Union (For instance, see Science and the Soviet Social Order). Technocrats likewise played a central role in support of Adolph Hitler and National Socialism (See Scientists, Engineers and National Socialism). In both cases, the Technocrat goal was not necessarily Communism or Nazism, but rather the methodical exercise of science according to its Scientific Method. In other words, the process was more important than the outcome – and in both cases, the outcome was not questioned or resisted, but simply accepted. The reason that ICANN formerly served the interests of the United States was simply that it answered to our government’s judicial, legislative and executive branches. In other words, the U.S. held the…

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The Presidential Election 2016 in Jesuit Eyes – Is Trump An Alternative?

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The Jesuit gathering of the New World Order after the third presidential debate was not covered by main stream media.  The video entitled “Hillary Roasts Trump” from this gathering received over 1.3 million views as of this post.  I suggest reading the article below and watching these two videos far bottom and asking what you really expect from this election? Listen to what Trump says starting at minute 19 of lower video. Is Trump playing a game or busting the game? There was a whole movement of people believing in Saint Sanders, who has been silent about the nomination being stolen from him. How many people think Trump is a legitimate alternative?  I myself am not sure. Listen to video far bottom.  He is getting booed by the elite. Listen and ask. For myself, Hillary defends well known false flag attacks, killed 80 people at WACO, raped Cathy O’Brien, was a puppet groomed from school years and placed in Life Magazine, attended witch meetings for years, defended rapists, including her husband, [and here], and was involved with drug running and murder in Arkansas. So I am one of those people that definitely hopes career criminal and killer Hillary Clinton is not elected and is thrown in jail. But who is Donald Trump?  And who is Jesuit and CFR VP candidate Tim Kaine, very likely the president soon because of Hillary’s poor health if she is elected? Below 1 minute video. In fact, in above video, she is defending three false…

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Illuminati Miley Cyrus, Jay Z, Katy Perry, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé Campaign for Hillary

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LOCK UP YOUR DAUGHTERS! Vulgar Miley Cyrus is Campaigning For Hillary By Amy Moreno October 23, 2016 If Hillary is so worried about objectifying women why is she bringing a PIG on the campaign trail with her? If I had a young daughter, this perverted jizz bag would be the last person I’d want her emulating. She’s disgusting beyond words. And we’re to believe that she and her campaign are “OUTRAGED” over 11-year past “locker room” comments from Donald Trump? Spare me. Great stuff for girls, Hillary. Amy Moreno is a Published Author.       Miley Cyrus campaigns for Hillary Clinton at college campus By Aaron Short    October 22, 2016 | 4:53pm     Miley Cyrus (left) at George Mason University to campaign for Hillary Clinton (right). Photo: Splash News; Getty Images   “Your room is so cute! Sorry to come in with all these people, they’re awesome people also excited for Hillary,” Cyrus, 23, said as she barged into the student’s room and rattled off her sales pitch. “Are you registered to vote? Are you voting here or are you from out of town?” “I’m from Atlanta,” the surprised student answered. “Oh cool, I’m from Nashville but I actually just re-registered because I’m so excited to go on the day because I want the sticker,” Cyrus said. Cyrus, who supported Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary but has pledged to back Clinton, donned an oversize blue bow with a red heart over her strapless bra, a sky blue furry…

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A One Word Oxymoron: “Growth”

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Minute 31 of this video, link, Alex Jones thinks a society can have 10% economic growth rate every year. He thinks there can be ‘wealth creation’? He is one of billions of people who are ecologically illiterate. The price of China’s growth is the water tables are polluted. So “growth” is a one word oxymoron. And in most people’s world, there are endless resources for endless population growth.This is a bit like believing in immortality. The real world does not support most peoples’ expectations because they have irrational expectations.   Industrial Pollution In the United States industry is the greatest source of pollution, accounting for more than half the volume of all water pollution and for the most deadly pollutants. Some 370,000 manufacturing facilities use huge quantities of freshwater to carry away wastes of many kinds. The waste-bearing water, or effluent, is discharged into streams, lakes, or oceans, which in turn disperse the polluting substances. In its National Water Quality Inventory, reported to Congress in 1996, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency concluded that approximately 40% of the nation’s surveyed lakes, rivers, and estuaries were too polluted for such basic uses as drinking supply, fishing, and swimming. The pollutants include grit, asbestos, phosphates and nitrates, mercury, lead, caustic soda and other sodium compounds, sulfur and sulfuric acid, oils, and petrochemicals. China’s eco-crisis: 60% of underground water polluted – rt.com At least 60 percent of China’s underground water resources have “very poor” or “relatively poor” quality, which means these water can’t be…

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In the Name of “Equality” Anyone Can Order an In-Vitro Baby

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“Motherhood is the first and last line of defense against totalitarianism. If you think this statement sounds over the top, you ought to ponder why the family has always been the ultimate target of tyrannical systems of government such as communism.”  –  Stella Morabito The goal of the “world order” is an AI (artificial intelligence) future in which biology is replaced by technocracy.  The step by step attack on family and natural sexual polarity began with hijacked feminism, then the orchestrated gay agenda, then the normalization of transgender, all to soften us to transhumanism, the melting of biology and technology to create super humans who are dumbed down robots.  Conservatives object to this transformation. Liberals call it “progress.” Family loyalty between husband and wife, parent and child, grandparent and grandchild stands in the way of complete societal fragmentation, a primary goal of social engineers. Thus single moms are supported by the state, resulting in 50% of children in some cities now growing up with only one parent in the home. The family is exactly what Big Brother wants to eliminate so only Big Brother is “family.”    “One world family.”     “We are all one.” Now to further undercut family, infertility is being redefined. The purpose is to be “fair”  to foster more “equality.” Any New Age liberal would cheer. “In all fairness, why should only couples be called infertile? That is discrimination! If someone who is not in a relationship or is homosexual wants children, it is only fair and equal…

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Where is Julian Assange? – Not Seen Since Oct 25, 2016

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Update April 11, 2019 The Sun UK reports that a bearded Assange is taken into custody by UK police after losing asylum at embassy. julian-assange-wink-thumbs-up-arrest-embassy   New Update Dec 29, 2016 See this video, most current info. Has valuable timeline. Here is another recent analysis.  UPDATED Nov 29, 2016 “Someone’s telling us he is okay. Someone is telling us “move along.”  A month has passed now.”  “Obama has said in 6 press conferences in Europe they want to shut down whistleblower news.”   UPDATE… OCT 27, 2016  Assange on telephone.    He appears to still be alive and fighting! This video below is RT Oct 28th Is Julian Assange still alive?  The new video of him speaking is a duplicate of same speech a month ago, which includes footage from 2012.  It is a fake to placate the public. Has it been produced to hide the crime? Why?  See visit by agent Pamela Anderson to deliver food which may have poisoned him.   [Update – According to this article Oct 23, 2016, there are tweets saying he is still alive. Is this verification?]   DavidShurter.com Julian Assagne and His “New” Video Speaking from the Grave Last night someone sent me this link- supposedly showing Julian Assange giving a speech at the Ecuadorian Embassy- BUT THIS MORNING- I was sent THIS… “This speech apparently Published 21st October 2016 Is the same speech I found on the internet delivered on Monday 20 August 2012 00.52 AEST Last modified on Thursday 11 August 2016 22.59…

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Inuit Native American Elders Reject Man Made Global Warming

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“Earth has shifted”-Inuit elders issue warning to NASA and the world (Video)   Updated on June 12, 2016 By Mexico_b 2 Global Climate Change: The Earth Has Shifted, Say Inuit EldersA new warning has come to NASA from the Inuits. They are warning that the change in climate is not due to global warming but rather, because of the Earth shifting a bit.The Inuits are local people that live in the Arctic regions of Canada, the United States and Greenland. They are excellent weather forecasters and so were their ancestors. Presently they are warning NASA that the cause of change in weather, earthquakes etc, are not due to global warming as the world thinks. They also report that They state that the earth has shifted or “wobbled”. “Their sky has changed!” The elders declare that the sun rises at a different position now, not where it used to previously. They also have longer daylight to hunt now, the sun is much higher than earlier, and it gets warmer much quickly. Other elders across the north also confirmed the same thing about the sky changing when interviewed. They also alleged that the position of sun, moon and stars have all changed causing changes in the temperature. This has also affected the wind and it is very difficult to predict the weather now and according to them predicting weather is necessary on Arctic. All the elders confirmed that the Earth has shifted, wobbled or tilted toward the North. This information provided by…

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Pamela Anderson Delivers food for Wikileaks Julian Assange

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The day after Pamela Anderson brought Assange some food, Wikileaks sent tweets on insurance and internet cut off.   Tweet said appropriate contingency plans activated.  Is this a coincidence? The chances are that Pamela Anderson was only made famous because like so many other celebrities, she was an asset.  Lipstick and War Crimes     Save Save Save Save Save Save Save Save

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Wikileaks Exposes Astronaut Edgar Mitchell As Apologist for ET Invasive Tech

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Comments: Wikileaks publishes emails by Edgar Mitchell by Ray Songtree updated Aug 10, 2017 (This article includes critique of Paul Helyer Space Treaty, far bottom. This full analysis for ET and globalization study guide is 13,000 words.)   In this analysis of Edgar Mitchell emails to pedophile John Podesta, (blue text are links) Mitchell mentions his work with Terri Mansfield. The following screen shot is from her website to give back ground of Mitchell’s associated belief system.  http://www.terrimansfield.com/terri/, Oct 14, 2016 The Wikileaks emails only confirm what was already public. (Blue text is live links.) Below are the Wikileaks published Edgar Mitchell 2015 emails, the proposed space weapons treaty, and the publicity for treaty, bottom. All are the echoes of Dr. Steven Greer’s hallucination. Dr. Steven Greer’s last incarnation was Paramahansa Yogananda, who spent his last years in the escape of samadhi. Yogananda was sent to California a century ago to blend East and West to prepare for one world government.  As a young man in this life, Greer went into samadhi the very first time he meditated. Both these incarnations were under the thumb of the same dis-incarnate guru who has co-opted the common Indian name “babaji” – honored father. That is, both Yogananda and Greer had the same handler. Dr. Steve Greer founded the Center for the Study of Extra-terrestrial Intelligence, (CSETI). He also founded the Orion Project to destroy the Earth with unlimited Free Energy.  He put together film Sirius, using name from occult. In his emails,…

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Hillary on Agenda 21 and “Growth” for ALL People

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In Hillary Clinton’s speech, “We” means the mono-culture that is to be achieved by crushing all nations, all traditions, all cultures, all loyalties, all religions, and  mixing all races. More “mobility” means no home community, and everyone transformed by transhumanism with chips and Cloud. The glorious”We” won’t include Native Americans or any other minority ethnicity, which need to be melted into the “sustainable growth” of  “the world.” All individual rights will be eliminated to make way for “We.”  Marked in red below.  – Ray Songtree mirror  https://www.technocracy.news/index.php/2016/10/12/6150/ Hillary Promoted Agenda 21, Sustainable Development At Rio+20 Conference Written By: State.Gov October 12, 2016 [The UN’s Rio+20 Conference in Brazil 2012 was the followup to the first Earth Summit in Rio in 1992, which produced Agenda 21. Clinton’s speech is important because it shows total complicity with the UN’s Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development. Some text of her full speech are marked in bold.⁃Patrick Wood TN Editor ] SECRETARY CLINTON: Good morning. To President Rousseff, the Brazilian Government, the Brazilian people for hosting us, to Secretary General Ban, Secretary General Sha: Thank you for convening this conference. And thanks to all of you representing governments, civil society, the private sector, young people, men, women, and children everywhere. Brazil has done the world a great service by hosting us all here. This can be a fractious time. But thanks to Brazil’s deft and effective leadership, we have coalesced around an outcome document that marks a real advance for sustainable development. We know this…

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Best Essay on Syria and Hillary Clinton

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Obama Stepped Back From Brink, Will Hillary? By Mike Whitney October 13, 2016 “Information Clearing House” – “Counterpunch” – The American people need to understand what’s going on in Syria. Unfortunately, the major media only publish Washington-friendly propaganda which makes it difficult to separate fact from fiction.  The best way to cut through the lies and misinformation, is by using a simple analogy that will help readers to see that Syria is not in the throes of a confusing, sectarian civil war, but the victim of another regime change operation launched by Washington to topple the government of Bashar al Assad. With that in mind, try to imagine if striking garment workers in New York City decided to arm themselves and take over parts of lower Manhattan. And, let’s say,  Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decided that he could increase his geopolitical influence by recruiting Islamic extremists and sending them to New York to join the striking workers. Let’s say, Trudeau’s plan succeeds and the rebel militias are able to seize a broad swathe of US territory including most of the east coast stretching all the way to the mid-west.  Then– over the course of the next five years– these same jihadist forces proceed to destroy most of the civilian infrastructure across the country, force millions of people from their homes and businesses, and demand that President Obama step down from office so they can replace him with an Islamic regime that would enforce strict Sharia law. How would you advise Obama in a situation like this? Would you tell him to negotiate with the people who invaded and destroyed his country or would you…

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Columbus Day Protest Triggers Violence in Reno

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” “KILL HER, KILL THEM, GET RID OF THEM!” an actress shouted to a group of Native actors.” It will be called a hate crime, but it is much more.  It is actually institutionalized normal racism against anyone, who is not the dominant culture, who are considered beneath human, so this white guy in Reno ran over Native Americans.  Grandmother is in hospital. What was the issue? Columbus day!  Columbus Day is being protested in other countries as well, and for good reason. Vermont has renamed it Indigenous Day.  I have to say, that is progress. Looking forward to indigenous year, then indigenous decade, then indigenous century. – Ray Songtree The District of Columbia was actually named after Christopher Columbus. [This is false.  Columbus was not his name, nor was it Colon.  He was a Portuguese Jew, not Italian.  Columbia is a sect of the Illuminati.  DC and Colon, were re-branded by the cult trying to control entire planet, called now “World Order.”, now being constructed in Silicon Valley.] see many links below… USA TODAY Marcella Corona RENO, Nev. — A pickup truck drove through a group of activists protesting Columbus Day, hitting five and sending one to the hospital. The group, which was also protesting the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota, had stopped at about 7 p.m. PT Monday under the Reno arch to pose for a photo when two men in a white Nissan pickup stopped just before a crosswalk, said Quanah Brightman, executive director of…

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Who Knew? Clothing is Second Biggest Polluter after Oil

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Mirror article from Mercola.com This excellent article has us look at the impact of the whole supply chain, (which is sold to us by vain advertising.)  Being conscious means changing our habits. Care What You Wear: The Benefits of Becoming Clothing Conscious By Dr. Mercola  October 12, 2016 Few shopping decisions are of no consequence these days. The foods you buy certainly have an enormous impact on your health and the environment, but so do the clothes you buy, wear and wash. Story at-a-glance According to clothing designer Eileen Fisher, who was honored for her environmental work at the 2015 Riverkeeper’s Annual Fishermen’s Ball,1,2 “The clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world … second only to oil.” Keeping your clothes clean also has a dirty downside. Many laundry detergents contain toxic chemicals that contribute to water pollution and can pose a hazard to people with chemical sensitivities. Dry cleaning is also notorious for the toxic chemicals involved, which can off-gas for days afterward. Microfibers are also released from your clothes during washing, contributing to declining water quality and destruction of wildlife.   The Price for Disposable ‘Fast Fashion’ Is Steep As reported by Ecowatch:3 “Fashion is a complicated business involving long and varied supply chains of production, raw material, textile manufacture, clothing construction, shipping, retail, use and ultimately disposal of the garment. While Fisher’s assessment that fashion is the second largest polluter is likely impossible to know, what is certain is that the fashion carbon footprint is…

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BREAKING – Wikileaks: Entire Media Scripted and Pro Hillary

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SCRIPTED: Entire leftist media is told exactly what to print, what to ask and what to think by the Clinton campaign October 11, 2016 by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger http://www.naturalnews.com/055610_Clinton_campaign_scripted_mainstream_media.html (NaturalNews) The Wikileaks email dumps on John Podesta are so packed with bombshells about media collusion with the Clintons, I can’t even process them all. So I’m including some of the highlights as headline links below. The bottom line of what’s coming out so far is that the entire mainstream media is controlled and scripted by the Clintons and democrats. In other words, the “mainstream” media is now nothing more than an extension of the state. Democrats, the Clintons, the federal government and the mainstream media have all merged into one grand orgy of collusion, spewing disinformation and lies to keep their most adored criminals (Obama and the Clintons) in power while destroying anyone who challenges the status quo. As you’ll see in the stories linked below, the Clinton campaign tells the media what to print, what questions to ask, what to censor and what to conclude. Journalists working for CNBC, CNN, NYT, etc., are not allowed to engage in anything resembling real journalism. Their stories are scripted in advance. Everything is orchestrated and engineered. The game is rigged at every level, just like I said in my viral article EVERYTHING IS RIGGED: Medicine, science, elections, the media, money, education, search engines, social media… you are living in a fabricated fairy tale. Just a few of the bombshells from…

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