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Trump Asserts That Obama Won’t Escape From the Hillary Lies

By October 30, 2016 Elections, Everything Trump

Unfortunately, the main stream news spins any controversy to dis-inform public. Now we know why Obama is so afraid of Trump. Scatch a lie, find a thief…

Trump: Obama is now ‘caught up’ in Clinton’s ‘big’ email lie

By Gabby Morrongiello  10/25/16 5:02 PM   Washington Examiner

Newly released emails that suggest President Obama may have been aware of Hillary Clinton‘s private email server prove that he is “caught up” in the Democratic presidential hopeful’s “big lie,” Donald Trump said Tuesday.

“As you may remember, President Obama claimed to have no knowledge whatsoever of Hillary Clinton‘s illegal email server,” the Republican presidential hopeful told his supporters at a rally in Sanford, Fla.

“‘I have no knowledge of it. I don’t know,'” Trump said, mocking Obama. “This guy, he’s as bad as she is.”

Trump described the emails between Clinton’s chief of staff at the State Department, Cheryl Mills, and several top campaign staffers as “one of the most shocking revelations to date” regarding the president’s knowledge of his secretary of state’s unsecured email server.






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