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April 2020

Left vs Right Hypnotism

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On 4/19/2020 at 12:25 AM, “IVM3” wrote: Hi Ray, thanks for your work. I’m struggling to understand:  Who and how “they “rewrote Hitler and Nazis to be perceived as “right wing/capitalist”? I mean it can’t be just ignorance I saw Umberto eco essay on fascism which explains why people associate conservatives with fascist/Nazis also I suppose that Frankfurt school has a lot to do but I can’t find the exact answer. I really need to know would you please {if you know}  help me. Thanks in advance God Bless kind regards Isaias   ________________   Hi Isaias,   I found this essay,  http://www.openculture.com/2016/11/umberto-eco-makes-a-list-of-the-14-common-features-of-fascism.html   I doubt that Italian Umberto knows that Mussolini was a British Intelligence agent and was placed, as were ALL the leaders in that era and since then, except more recently, JFK and Trump.   Never in his essay does Umberto mention nature or environment.  Of course environmentalists after Rachel Carson, were captured at Rio “Earth Summit” in 1992 by Agenda 21 globalists. That is why environmental organizations buy the fake carbon tax global warming lie.  Anyway, wikipedia says Umberto grew up in village but he is an urban indoorsian who doesn’t care about natural world. His writing strikes me as intellectual gossip.  I have seen this convoluted pattern in European writers. They are playing cards with each other, trying to out intellectualize.  It is opposite of Zen.  According to this article,  Umberto had no problem with Israeli genocide against Palestinians.   So now I will attempt to answer your question.   Okay, the Rothschild…

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Roasting Cliff High, Mr. Naivete

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I was sent a Cliff HIgh video to watch. It was pitiful and here was my response…   Minute 1:40    He doesn’t understand it is media creation. He believes what he hears. He doesn’t know the same deep state controls China and USA and it is a globalist operation, not a lab “leak”   Minute 3.00    He thinks it is a bio-weapon because “it” shut us down. Okay, I’ll keep listening, but my respect for him just vanished.  There is no “it,” there is a pandemic machine well honed since the swine flu for this slam dunk.   Minute 3:10    He doesn’t know the Spanish Flu was caused by introduction of radio waves. He doesn’t get the 5G connection, nor why Google is banning any video with virus/5G connection.   3:25   “It took China down” No it didn’t!  They are just culling. The CCP is not in trouble, they are more in control than ever. They are the model for global technocracy. Who will manufacture first, their factories or the factories that don’t exist in other countries?  Okay, he has no critical thinking but I will keep listening. OMG   China factory activity unexpectedly expands, but economy … Reuters   Factory activity in China unexpectedly expanded in March from a collapse the month before, but analysts caution that a durable near-term recovery is far from assured as the global coronavirus …   4:25 He thinks the tests equal infection. He has not seen through the testing which started…

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Corona Virus Covid-19 Overview April 6, 2020

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My understanding as of April 6, 2020   1. Is it a virus? -No, it has never been isolated and virus load in any patient has never been tested.   2. Does it replicate… see 1.   3.The tests are testing for genetic material that can exist for many reasons, thus a symptom, not a cause.   4. 5G and other EMF interrupt with cell metabolism and presumably cause secretions which would test positive, as would many other causes.   5. Cruise ships, Wuhan, Italy, Spain, had 5G   6. Anyone who comes into hospital will often test “positive” for the fake test which only tests for genetic material that could be there for a multiple of reasonsl.   7. Anyone who dies, say of heart attack, and tests positive for fake test is counted as a “Covid death.” Thus the count. But, are hospitals crowded? Not all. They are sending all the sick patients in NYC to a few hospitals while leaving the rest empty as citizen journalists have shown. Then you can get reports from overburdened doctors and nurses in those select hospitals. If this seems incredible, consider that they pulled off 911 and JFK.   8. There is no purpose in testing except to beef up idea of needed vaccinations. Who cares if everyone tests positive since it is not a virus.   9. Google is now censoring 5G-virus connection. Do an internet search for 5G virus and only articles that say it is ridiculous idea will…

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A Pandemic Timing Roundup – Why Now and Who Orchestrated This?

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The following is an email thread which leads to my understanding of the timing of this “pandemic.” From: Ray Songtree Sent: Saturday, 4 April 2020 7:59 PM Subject: Flu killed 10,000 Americans in January and Feburary An influenza killed an average of 67 people per day in Jan and Feb 2020. So at that rate, Flu will kill about 60,000 Americans this year. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/02/03/the-flu-has-already-killed-10000-across-us-as-world-frets-over-coronavirus.html Response : On 4/3/2020 at 11:56 PM, “L wrote: Exactly! Add to that the annual death rates of an aging population and what do we have? Business as usual. So how do you hoodwink an entire world with lies? Why are people just eating it up? It boggles my mind truly, where are the civil liberties people?   Hong Kong was the turning point I think, they were never going to back down and China couldn’t risk another Tiananmen Square.  Couple that with the Extinct Revolution mob and the disruption they caused.  The [Globalist including China] “Elite” decided to make their move. [Chairman Mao was funded and placed by Rothschilds, Mao’s finance minister was named Israel Epstein. The same deep state controls the West and the East.]   From Ray Songtree L, The elite didn’t time this because of Hong Kong protest or any mob or Trump. By the way the Extinction Mob you mentioned is into false idea of man made climate change, which feeds Agenda 2030 directly, so it is same operation in whole, as the Pandemic.  The Hong Kong protest is organic, and anti-communist. Communism…

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