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August 2018

Black Retribution in South Africa – Nature is Natural

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Racism against Whites in Africa?  Perhaps we need to consider a larger context, like life on Earth and consciousness in the cosmos. In photo, the white sign hanging from man’s hand says Kaffir with Attitude.   Kaffir is like word Nigger.  The white colonialists made up this epitaph for the ancient locals who they invaded. “Kaffir is an ethnic slur used to refer to a black person. In the form of cafri, it evolved during the pre-colonial period as an equivalent of “negro”. In Southern Africa, the term was later used as an exonym for Bantu peoples. The designation came to be considered a pejorative by the 20th century.” – Wikipedia   What does any objective observer really expect after four centuries of racism? Do they expect love?  I went there last summer. The businesses are white owned. The prostitutes are black.    White people should leave South Africa or be killed, period. Four centuries of rip off rape and enslavement is not going to be forgotten. Actions have consequences. Actions have karma.   Calling this racism is like calling freedom fighters “insurgents”.     Alex Jones, alternative news on some topics, but dominant culture on others, repeats the lie that southern Africa was a waste land. Not true.  Capt. James Cook declared Australia uninhabited. Terra Nullius. Lie.  The dominant culture dismisses other cultures as not even being real.   South Africa was home to indigenous people who who did not disturb the land for hundreds of thousands of years….

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Is Global Reseach.Ca Supporting Fake News?

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                  Globalresearch.ca was a good anti-war, anti -globalism website.   Incredibly, Global Research has printed an August 17  article smearing anti-globalist President Trump as an Orwellian liar.  What has Trump lied about?  Did he lie about TPP?  Did he lie naming Ben Carson as HUD director? Did he lie bringing N.Korea to negotiating table? Did he lie defending  1st, and 2nd  amendments?   According to  this Aug 17  article printed by Global Research, President Trump has lied thousands of times. This assertion is based on supposed statistics from the Washington Post, a New World Order rag.  The Wa Post didn’t track such a count for say, Obama or George Bush Jr. or Bill Clinton or George Bush Sr.   Why didn’t they?    The reason that the Washington Post, first run by CIA Bilderberger Katherine Graham, (who died of a suspicious accident, whose husband and son both allegedly committed suicide) has attacked Trump is that the Wa Post is a deep state CIA propaganda operation.   Recently,  Jeff Bezos, who runs CIA Amazon which censors non-official story books, and whose retail business is featured at the top of all CIA Google searches so they can dominate market,  signed a $600 million deal with the CIA.  Amazon and CIA? This might raise eyebrows for those unfamiliar with Jeff Bezos, who now owns the historically CIA run Washington Post.    So, the immoral secretive CIA Wa Post says Trump is lying?  And Global Research spreads this ridiculous smear?   The CIA Washington Post,…

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Kauai Candidates, Council Members, and Mayor: Study Guide for Glyphosphate Poisoning

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This is a study guide for Kauai administrators.  There are supporting articles with live links which appear as blue.   Glyphosate is the active ingredient in the herbicide Roundup, sold at Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and other retail outlets. Glyphosate is listed by World Health Organization as a carcinogen. Nationwide, glyphosate derivatives are found in 100% of pregnant women.  It is not only used as an herbicide for most GMO crops, but is also used to dry grains post-harvest. “World Health Organization admits Monsanto’s glyphosate ‘probably’ causes cancer; chemical found in 75% of air and rain samples…” – Source    “The Environmental Working Group today called on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to require mandatory GMO labeling after the World Health Organization’s cancer research arm designated the herbicide glyphosate, widely used on GMO crops, as “probably carcinogenic to humans.” – Source The Birth Defect-Causing Properties of Roundup (glyphosate) Hidden for Decades In 2010, after a dramatic increase in reports of birth defects in Argentina (a four fold increase) since 2002, a lab study was performed that found low doses of the active ingredient in Roundup known as glyphosate, the most prevalent herbicide worldwide, causes birth defects in frog and chicken embryos. This study was followed by others demonstrating cardiac anomalies, embryonic death, and multifocal malformations suspected to be related to oxidized vitamin A toxicity caused by glyphosate. A more recent study in tropical fish has echoed this dose-related concern with harrowing outcomes: “survival and hatching percentage decreased as glyphosate concentration increased. Absence of pectoral fin(s) and cornea, permanently bent tail, irregular…

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Some Agenda 21 Whistleblowers Defend Over-Consumption

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The environment is not a UN conspiracy. It is real. Do you think this might be true? Let’s back up and look at nature for a moment.  No species can continue growing in numbers without over grazing its niche in the greater ecology. Therefore, there is an absolute limit to growth, which ends eventually with die off if the limit is not imposed by some other factor. This is true of all species. So, knowing this as common sense, the elite who meet at places like Bilderberg Meetings, needed to push population control as part of a plan to control demolish society instead of facing an eventual random die off. After all, their plan is total control and they didn’t want to lose their plan. They have a goal. The elite, by the way, are not top of the pyramid.  They are all puppets of some other dimensional force that wants to use this planet. That is another discussion, but you can watch this 6 minute video to get the idea. Don’t be put off by word reptilian. Ask yourself who controls the Vatican.  This is a serious question which is key to understanding the corruption of world.  This is important video. (Click on image to start video.) Today half of people alive are located in cities which are disconnected from nature. Some UN Agenda 21 whistleblowers think the elite were lying about such a thing as an environment. But they don’t realize that the ecosphere is actually being polluted…

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Google Alert – WARNING – Contemplation Needed

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1. WARNING – This will require some contemplation. Does FB and Google and Twitter and FED get to have boundaries on their private platforms? Do they get to exercise sovereignty?   Gotcha didn’t I?    So, the question I think is whether their actions can be prosocuted as public infringment or monopoly? I’m leaning toward the latter, but no, it won’t happen.  The only  way out is to use other platforms. These, like Real.video by Mike Adams can be removed through sabotage.  Rules don’t apply in war. T or F?    “If the courts rule that a monopoly does not have an obligation to the public, Google (controlled by CIA as shown by Eric Schmidt take over of China internet, therefore, China. Schmidt is now active geopolitical agent, not CEO of a company any more.)  would get unimaginable power.  In the USA, there is a long-standing tradition of regulating monopolies and the anti-trust laws were very effective at reigning-in the Robber Barons.  Unchecked, could Google wind-up “owning” the web?”  –  http://www.dba-oracle.com/opin_google_control_internet.htm     2. WARNING – This will require some contemplation.   In a multi verse of ever change and ever friction and never static borders or peace, never ever,  how will  you yourself replace the machine that is killing you and planet?    3.  WARNING – This will require some contemplation.   Can anything electronic cure the scourge of artificial electricity and all the polluting industry and consumerism and mobiity it has enabled, or … deeper, can anything artificial save nature?  …

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