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Google Alert – WARNING – Contemplation Needed

1. WARNING – This will require some contemplation.

Does FB and Google and Twitter and FED get to have boundaries on their private platforms? Do they get to exercise sovereignty?
Gotcha didn’t I? 
So, the question I think is whether their actions can be prosocuted as public infringment or monopoly? I’m leaning toward the latter, but no, it won’t happen.  The only 
way out is to use other platforms. These, like Real.video by Mike Adams can be removed through sabotage.  Rules don’t apply in war. T or F?
 “If the courts rule that a monopoly does not have an obligation to the public, Google (controlled by CIA as shown by Eric Schmidt take over of China internet, therefore, China. Schmidt is now active geopolitical agent, not CEO of a company any more.)  would get unimaginable power.  In the USA, there is a long-standing tradition of regulating monopolies and the anti-trust laws were very effective at reigning-in the Robber Barons.  Unchecked, could Google wind-up “owning” the web?”  –  http://www.dba-oracle.com/opin_google_control_internet.htm
2. WARNING – This will require some contemplation.
In a multi verse of ever change and ever friction and never static borders or peace, never ever,  how will  you yourself replace the machine that is killing you and planet? 
3.  WARNING – This will require some contemplation.
Can anything electronic cure the scourge of artificial electricity and all the polluting industry and consumerism and mobiity it has enabled, or … deeper, can anything artificial save nature?
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