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Is Global Reseach.Ca Supporting Fake News?

June 12, 2018 President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un took a historic first step toward ending decades of enmity between the U.S. and North Korea, shaking hands to start a summit between two adversaries that only last year had seemed on the brink of nuclear war.










Globalresearch.ca was a good anti-war, anti -globalism website.  

Incredibly, Global Research has printed an August 17  article smearing anti-globalist President Trump as an Orwellian liar.  What has Trump lied about?  Did he lie about TPP?  Did he lie naming Ben Carson as HUD director? Did he lie bringing N.Korea to negotiating table? Did he lie defending  1st, and 2nd  amendments?  

According to  this Aug 17  article printed by Global Research, President Trump has lied thousands of times. This assertion is based on supposed statistics from the Washington Post, a New World Order rag.  The Wa Post didn’t track such a count for say, Obama or George Bush Jr. or Bill Clinton or George Bush Sr.
Why didn’t they? 
The reason that the Washington Post, first run by CIA Bilderberger Katherine Graham, (who died of a suspicious accident, whose husband and son both allegedly committed suicide) has attacked Trump is that the Wa Post is a deep state CIA propaganda operation.
Recently,  Jeff Bezos, who runs CIA Amazon which censors non-official story books, and whose retail business is featured at the top of all CIA Google searches so they can dominate market,  signed a $600 million deal with the CIA.  Amazon and CIA? This might raise eyebrows for those unfamiliar with Jeff Bezos, who now owns the historically CIA run Washington Post. 
So, the immoral secretive CIA Wa Post says Trump is lying?  And Global Research spreads this ridiculous smear?
The CIA Washington Post, and the New York Times directed by Zionist Rothschild  (who placed Allen Dulles as first civilian CIA director ),  and  CNN, previously run by Globalist Ted Turner, are all certified fake news. All have an agenda to smear alternatives to New World Order.  No investigative researcher should ever quote these sources. They are not news, they are operations.
Once one understands this, which certainly Global Research.Ca should, when a fake news site such as WA Post smears Trump with concocted lie statistics, this must mean that President Trump is a threat to the conspiratorial globalist agenda. “If it is covered up, it is true.”
Understanding this, Global Research should support President Trump, but instead it prints hit pieces based on fake news statistics?
President Trump is correct, the official story is fake news.  The official stories of 9/11 or Iraq War, or the Libya overthrow, as Global Research has reported, are fake news. The official stories reported by main stream afraid-to-lose-their-jobs journalists are fake news.
Omission is a form of fake news. How many important stories, such as the re-trial and formal exoneration of James Earl Ray, are not reported by the entire main stream press? The world is ignorant of true history, because of fake news.
President Trump is correct, the colluding network news corporations should indeed be called fake news.  He is not anti -free press as the Global Research article promulgates. As President, he is vocally, as the first president in history, against colluding syndicate press.  This does not make him extreme or insane, it makes him a hero for whistle blowers.
President Trump is for honesty.  Isn’t Global Research also?
One only needs to scan the headlines of the New York Times at your grocery store, to see that every single mention of President Trump is designed to create a negative reaction.  There is zero neutrality.  As we are now seeing with the purging of internet conservative voices ahead of mid-term elections, a form of election meddling, by the colluding Big tech giants such as CIA Facebook,  CIA Google ( owns Youtube),  Apple,  and Amazon, owned by CIA Bezos, the goal is obvious: the New  World Order wants to overturn the Trump mandate which is pro-nationalism and anti-globalism.
Let’s not forget, by omission the fake news networks never informed us that President Trump won almost all American counties in a magnificent land slide.  Some say it was a 97% win, and others say 95%.
According to CIA Snopes, Hillary Clinton won 154 counties, not 57, out of  3141 counties.  This is, absurdly, a significant difference, according to CIA Snopes, which is now a fact checker for CIA Facebook.  According to the CIA arm called Snopes, they will admit that Trump won 95% of American counties. That is called a mandate.
Is the reader surprised by this 95% staggering number? This might be because we are shielded from the truth by fake news. We are lied to. The glaring fact is that fake network news never told us that Trump has a huge, gigantic, monolithic mandate for anti-globalism from the American people, if calculated geographically.  No, he did not win densely populated urban counties with millions of legal and illegal voters, where local sovereignty is absent and “tolerant” homogenization prevails. He won where Americans have established roots,  where they can relate to the land and want some rights of stewardship. His mandate come from basically, the entire geographical United States.
Trump wants honesty. That is why he uses Jon Rapport’s meme, “no more fake news”. Trump stands for truth and honesty. He is not a liar when he uses term “fake news,” He is straight up honest.
And this is what “America first” means. It means integrity and sovereignty. Brexit is a parallel event to the election of Donald Trump. and is also anti-globalist. One would think that Global Research would be on the side of re-localization, but by attacking President Trump, Global Research seems confused. It would be like running a hit piece on Nigel Farage and giving support to globalist Brussels and Bilderberger European Union.  Why would Global Research do such a thing?
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Perhaps Global Research doesn’t like President Trump because has not corrected 70 years of Military Industrial Complex policy in his first 22 months in office?
Their hit piece article, allegedly by a professor, says new Trumpian trade deals will hurt American consumers. Well yes, prices will go up, because we are not going to be flooded with tariff free cheap Chinese goods any more. Now jobs can return, which they have, and Americans can equitably compete with the slave system of Communist China. The unbalanced trade deficits, which past New World Order administrations gave to China, are being re-negotiated personally by businessman Trump. Yes, Americans will pay more, but they will be able afford it because they will be employed.  This is a return to making America sovereign, or as some say, great again.

But his victories are not considered by the hit piece article prominently placed on the home

Screen shot – Global Research.ca Home Page, Aug 20, 2108

page by Global Research. 

We cannot be all or nothing when we examine a crusader like President Trump. Donald Trump is a mixed bag. He is an individual, imperfect, and always evolving. He does not follow someone else’s script. He cannot be pigeon holed.  I personally believe that whatever his past affiliations, he took this incarnation to serve a greater truth, as many of us have, and he will stay true to that, and surprise even his own family. He will be true to his sense of truth and conscience which is his unique being, not a slave of puppet masters.
And because President Trump is a threat to the New World Order fake news swamp, Global Research should at least support his victories. He ended TPP his first day in office. He is  setting up legal structure to punish human rights abusers with executive order. He has sued Facebook for discrimination, (Aug 17, 2018) challenging their personal data and anti-privacy collection model. He has ended the stand off with N. Korea and brought Kim Jong-un to the negotiating table. Under PresidentTrump, Black and Hispanic unemployment has dropped. Why didn’t Obama do this? Why didn’t globalist Obama bring the jobs back home? President Trump forcefully promoted sovereignty as a world wide ideal for all countries in his UN speech last year.  
Global Research should celebrate his anti-internationism, a grand departure from the past role of USA as the muscle for the New World Order.
President Trump has his failings of course. The move of US embassy to Jerusalem shows no respect for sovereignty of Palestinians. He is not an environmentalist, which is shameful.  We can criticize anyone, even ourselves, but should not condemnTrump as a liar.  He is not a liar.  He does not drink alcohol. He is married to a practicing devout Christian. In fact, and dangerously to his own life, President Trump is a threat to fake news and corruption.
Global Research should never print hit pieces, especially against the best President we have had since John Kennedy.

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