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Kauai Candidates, Council Members, and Mayor: Study Guide for Glyphosphate Poisoning

By August 20, 2018 Uncategorized

This is a study guide for Kauai administrators.  There are supporting articles with live links which appear as blue.  

Glyphosate is the active ingredient in the herbicide Roundup, sold at Home Depot, Ace Hardware, and other retail outlets. Glyphosate is listed by World Health Organization as a carcinogen. Nationwide, glyphosate derivatives are found in 100% of pregnant women.  It is not only used as an herbicide for most GMO crops, but is also used to dry grains post-harvest.

“World Health Organization admits Monsanto’s glyphosate ‘probably’ causes cancer; chemical found in 75% of air and rain samples…” – Source 
“The Environmental Working Group today called on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to require mandatory GMO labeling after the World Health Organization’s cancer research arm designated the herbicide glyphosate, widely used on GMO crops, as “probably carcinogenic to humans.” – Source

The Birth Defect-Causing Properties of Roundup (glyphosate) Hidden for Decades

In 2010, after a dramatic increase in reports of birth defects in Argentina (a four fold increase) since 2002, a lab study was performed that found low doses of the active ingredient in Roundup known as glyphosate, the most prevalent herbicide worldwide, causes birth defects in frog and chicken embryos. This study was followed by others demonstrating cardiac anomalies, embryonic death, and multifocal malformations suspected to be related to oxidized vitamin A toxicity caused by glyphosate. A more recent study in tropical fish has echoed this dose-related concern with harrowing outcomes:

“survival and hatching percentage decreased as glyphosate concentration increased. Absence of pectoral fin(s) and cornea, permanently bent tail, irregular shaped abdomen, and cell disruption in the fin, head and abdomen are among the common teratogenic effects observed.” 

These studies represent only the tip of a vast, submerged iceberg of research, which clearly show glyphosate causes birth defects, and that the pesticide industry has known about for a surprisingly long period of time.  – Source  http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/monsantos-darkest-secret-roundups-effect-fetus


The goal of this education is to outlaw use of Bayer/Monsanto herbicide Roundup on Kauai by State Highways and Water Dept and also to ban sale of glyphosate from Kauai retail outlets.  

The legal foundation now exists to do this, as Bayer/Monsanto recently lost a court case to a man who got terminal cancer using their product, and was awarded $289 million.  The result was that Bayer stock prices plummeted.

Bayer recently merged with Monsanto – Big headache


August 14, 2018  

“Bayer AG shares are down over 12% this morning – the biggest drop ever – to the lowest levels since October 2013, amid investor anxiety over the potential future legal costs associated with newly-acquired Monsanto’s RoundUp weedkiller.

As we detailed Friday,  a San Francisco Jury awarded $289 million in damages to a former school groundskeeper, Dewayne Johnson, who said Monsanto’s Roundup weedkiller gave him terminal cancer.

The trial was an important test of the evidence against Monsanto and will serve as a template for litigating thousands of other claims over the herbicide. ”  – Source Global Research


The Garden Island News published articles on Roundup herbicide recently….

Committees pass ban on pesticide

Once again, the goal of this education is to outlaw use of Bayer/Monsanto herbicide Roundup in Kauai county by State Highways and Water Dept and also to ban sale of glyphosate from Kauai retail outlets.  


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