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Some Agenda 21 Whistleblowers Defend Over-Consumption

The environment is not a UN conspiracy. It is real. Do you think this might be true?

Let’s back up and look at nature for a moment.  No species can continue growing in numbers without over grazing its niche in the greater ecology. Therefore, there is an absolute limit to growth, which ends eventually with die off if the limit is not imposed by some other factor. This is true of all species.

So, knowing this as common sense, the elite who meet at places like Bilderberg Meetings, needed to push population control as part of a plan to control demolish society instead of facing an eventual random die off. After all, their plan is total control and they didn’t want to lose their plan. They have a goal.

The elite, by the way, are not top of the pyramid.  They are all puppets of some other dimensional force that wants to use this planet. That is another discussion, but you can watch this 6 minute video to get the idea. Don’t be put off by word reptilian. Ask yourself who controls the Vatican.  This is a serious question which is key to understanding the corruption of world.  This is important video.

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Today half of people alive are located in cities which are disconnected from nature. Some UN Agenda 21 whistleblowers think the elite were lying about such a thing as an environment. But they don’t realize that the ecosphere is actually being polluted and destroyed.

Meanwhile, real sincere environmental groups were taken over, pretty much all of them. Sierra Club, Audubon, etc. were co-opted  and others, such as World Wildlife Federation under Prince Charles, were fronts from inception. Today, every single environmental organization, no matter how progressive, every one of them has bought into fake man made global warming and none know about geo-engineering. (Geo-engineering is part of plan to control demolish society.) These sincere environmentalists are pitifully lost in UN propaganda. 

Therefore, for good reason, most environmentalists are not to be trusted, because most are brain washed, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an actual environment and that there are not environmental concerns. There are big environmental concerns! We are killing off millions of species! Your ground water is polluted. Your body, and everyone you know, has nano-robotsglyphosate and mercury contamination.  And more.

Some critics of UN Agenda 21, such as Foster Gamble, think that alternative energy systems will save day. They see that the UN Agenda 21 plan to control energy with Smart Grid is part of the controlled demolition of society. On this they are definitely correct, but they jump to idea of  “free”energy heaven, which will screw environment even faster because society’s consumerism wasn’t questioned.  They criticize thoughtful environmentalists for pointing this out. Cheap energy is no solution.

Again, these are urban people who are disconnected from nature. They don’t understand that soil, for example, is alive and can be killed. In fact, cheap energy would completely screw environment. Free energy bull dozers,  free energy chain saws, free energy hair dryers, all using up nature.  Of course, Big Brother would have to regulate this impact, so forget the free part.

The environment doesn’t want free energy, it wants less human industrial impact.

Many dominant culture globalist people (not indigenous cultures) believe in growth and progress at any expense. Some of these people hate UN Agenda 21 because they want to continue living like pigs. They don’t want any limits to growth and think any such talk is UN conspiracy.

But the environmental problems are real.

Then, what is the solution?

Since the Roth-feller UN solution is only going to benefit the elite and their masters, theirs is no solution, it is slavery under Artificial Intelligence. In this slavery there won’t be gender, their won’t be families, all setting us up to accept cloning of humans.

No, that is no solution.

We do need limits to growth, but how, without a one world government?

The answer is obvious. We need to unplug from centralization. We need to leave cities and learn to grow your own food, make our own medicine, and sing our own songs. Each community needs to regulate it’s impact and growth. Centralized government is the enemy.

Let’s ask, what is the opposite of centralization and tyranny?

It is you and your local self-sufficient community.

Check out how this town in Mexico broke free.

(Click on image to start video.)


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