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The Prague Peace Prize and Other Illusions about Reality

The speakers for the July 23, 2016 Prague conference have investigated crime, and this is appreciated and important. 

Some are purely dominant culture and some less so.  None mention or know about ecology or Earth, so the title should have been, from Illusion to Illusion, not illusion to reality. Reality has nothing to do with utopia or “peace on Earth.”

When we put all the pedos and banksters in jail, we still have too many people on a limited planet.  A physical planet. One where it doesn’t matter how enlightened you think you are, if you can’t feed the children, they will starve, and if you live in a city, you will never leave the illusion. That is, over half of humans are now urban. I call them Homo indoorsians and since their lifestyle is doomed, so are they.

Most of these speakers listed below are not deluded saviors, they are researchers and have done great research about crime. Some are deluded with “universal field theories.”  I will say that Harold Kautz is deluded and most of his research concludes with what I call in Vol 2, “disconnected vanity.”  Disconnected or “disconnecting vanity” is what the anti-Earth civilization is based upon. Kautz has NOT left the rationalization of science because he hasn’t left the rationalization of ego. Truth is a question, not an answer.

Unfortunately none of the speakers, at least in the introductions outlined below,  seem to address fake causes for global warming or depopulation or food safety or Israel.  Prague offers a peace prize. Where is the peace? The fact they offer a peace prize, rather than an investigative prize, shows they are New Age and in denial. (And here.)  Are they working for illusory heaven on Earth?  Yes, that is why they give a peace prize, which is a little house of glass with a narcissistic mirror at the top.

Where is the Earth? Do any of these people mention that there are millions of other species? Do only humans matter? Only “modern” humans? Only city people? Only Homo indoorsians, lost in their heads?

The hosts believe Planet Niburu will pass by Earth in 2017. It won’t. And it doesn’t matter. What matters is consumerism on a limited physical planet. What matters is leaving the fancy dancy city and touching the Earth again, literally. What matters is becoming indigenous again, becoming the salt of the Earth, becoming the meek that don’t need glass houses.

List of speakers below…







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