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Thoughts on Harald Kautz-Vella Black Goo Cosmology

Note from author. Jan 10, 2019:  This article is very disparaging, however, a very recent interview with Harald shows a much more respectable side of him, which I will share here.

Thoughts on Harald Kautz-Vella

Update note May 12, 2016…. Harold is a bit more grounded in this presentation, but most of his statements continue to be simply his imagination.  Harald Kautz-Vella presentation,  He also continues to have the delusion that his speculations are same calibre of disclosure as Snowden or Wiki leaks, when his information reveals very little except his own theories.  In fact he would be encouraged to keep talking for predictive programming reasons and to distract everyone from any pro-active action. He has no call to action.  You might as well read a mystery novel.  – Ray Songtree.

Note Nov 10, 2015  I see many people curious about Black Goo.  Everyone must understand that there is no fix or discovery that is going to save your family from the economic plight we are facing due to over consumption and resource depletion. A new energy source won’t solve soil erosion due to too many people.  Rather than waste time on pondering black goo, the reader should change her/his lifestyle so you can feed yourself and your family. This means move away from the city as soon as you can, and this is serious.  Learn to grow food. Harald Kautz-Vella is wasting everyone’s time.  Below is a discussion to help people see through his non-sense.  The reason people listen to him is because they are salivating for a fix so they can continue strip mining someone else’s homeland with their “modern” lifestyle. Please consider this.

Date: Thursday, 6 August 2015 8:20 pm

Letter from Ray Songtree to Brian

Brian, I feel he is speculating way too much.   What is Black goo, what are these new diseases? It is not what he claims in my opinion.

The Gulf Oil Spill was not about 8 submarines competing to get oil from the surface (???) as Kautz-Vella believes. The spill was planned, and not from a torpedo as he claims. We know it was planned because millions of gallons of dispersant Corexit was on hand. The spill was excuse to use Corexit which contained bio-weapons.  See Blue Plague. It was attack on southern states.  That was the purpose of the intentional oil gusher, and BP and Military worked together on it. Mathew Simmons who was about to testify about BP was murdered.

Harald does this constantly.  He is trying to give a “unified field theory” for all these various phenomenon, but his dots are not solid.

Another example is his discussion of Shiva Lingum.  It has nothing to do with black goo.  Shiva Lingum is a practice for men to transfer their sexual need to the statue or “lingum”. You pour oil and yogurt over it, it looks like cum. It cums for you.  It is a way to transfer one’s sexual energy instead of using it up.  It was invented because men have this thing called a prostate which drives us crazy and yogi’s transcend it and the Lingum ceremony is a tool to detach from the lust.  Westerners think people are worshiping a phallus symbol. It is the opposite. I watched celibate monks do the ceremony.

The black box pilgrimage structure at Mecca has black goo?  Proof? So he goes on a bit with these unsubstantiated speculations.

What I saw with moving filament on his video was static electricity.  Where is the mechanical ability to move? He did not sound like a scientist.  He sounds like someone giving a belief system…  These people are false prophets Brian. We want de-programming, not another set of beliefs.

Could there be a substance that causes negative emotions? Sure, there could.  Could those negative emotions help invite negative entities? Okay, maybe.

He says DNA spirals have a hollow within, where gold and iradium can attach.  Hold on. There are only models of atomic structures. It has never been seen. No one knows the exact shape because molecules cannot be seen.  No one knows if there is a hollow core or anything else. So these evil black goo particles of gold go inside the hollow DNA?  Very imaginative.  And I always notice that all the nano weapons spoken of are to effect humans only.  What about other animals?  Does anyone’s dog act different? Why not?

It would have been nice to see some photos in the field of the black goo he claims to have a sample of from Paraguay.  It would also be interesting how his friend knows Bush has land there, when there is no evidence on internet, just speculation.

He says “There is a being in Earth that knows everything and gives everything instinct”   Okay, maybe.  And this being with trillions of creatures living on her surface would have a conversation with one of them? With Harold?

“80,000 BC –  destruction of Lemurian continent.”  Where does he get this number?  Obviously, he heard it somewhere and as David Icke says, he is a repeater. Then says black goo came in meteorites.  Then how did it get under gulf of Mexico and become a liquid that just happens to behave exactly like fossil oil?

Then he blames our negativity on aliens who came here.  Maybe, but Darwin is hard to disprove. Competition for resources and competing populations means there was never Eden.

Despite his opinion, There are other animals that are cruel.  War occurs in other species.  Ants have a whole caste called soldier ants who fight for the colony.

Then he says the concept of government is demonic.  At what level?  In the family is government demonic? In the village? There are no human societies without government. That is what society means.

Then he goes into utopian talk, “We don’t need to fight anybody.”

So Brian, I’d say Harald is very ungrounded, extremely. He lives in his head. This could actually be a government psy-op, like the Flat Earth nonsense.  Anyone can borrow a telescope, look at Saturn or Mars and see a round planet.

I don’t know what black goo is or if it ever existed. I don’t know if Morgellons is new or old. I would like a study of these things without his cosmology.

Many things he says are simply silly. Trying to sink Japan? In speaking about “sinking of Spanish islands”, he says, “I am not sure this is true or not.”  Then why did he even say it?  So he has a need to give answers, to be the answer man. An honest person could say, “I don’t know.”

He says in 3-5 years everything will be different. Wrong. The shifting of consciousness will take centuries and it is simply a shift in the reverse direction of the industrial revolution, because of resource depletion.

There is no ascension or rapture going to happen folks.  Everyone will need to purify their own karma and lifestyle and touch the Earth again and grow and weave, and that won’t be easy for the self-entitled.

Because so much of his story telling is just false, I have to doubt much of the rest.



On 8/6/2015 at 1:22 AM, “Brian wrote:

Thank you for the reply. 

I agree, he goes into a lot of areas outside of his scientific expertise and that could be the same as us with our different ways of looking at spirituality. [true]

All I can say is absorb the information, separate what you resonate with and put the rest in the “let’s wait and see” box. [too much was spin for me to put in any box]  I prefer not to put things in the “I don’t believe … It can’t be right” box as often more information will come through later for me to understand. [true]

Regards Brian


Sent: Thursday, August 6, 2015 1:36:48 PM
Subject: discussion: NZ black goo  Ray’s comments 2

He left me with very little new information to absorb Brian.  Am I to be believe there is such a thing as black goo with no evidence?  I am led to believe some black stones, 1000 lbs, in Germany were left over from SS work?  Etc etc.  And these stones made him want to kill someone and this is proof of something? He sounds like he was programmed to me.

I’ve heard reports of nano-particles, self replicating, but that these can be programmed is not a logic I can understand. I would need proof of this. Rather, they might be produced as a reactive substance. They can’t change shape and thus function.  They don’t have moving parts, like actual robots. The particles cannot decide anything. Perhaps they can be switched this way and that with frequencies.  If he had given proofs, step by step, that would have been new info.  I would resonate  with it or not. I would have followed the proofs.

So “resonating” is not part of what I care about actually.  I wouldn’t trust that myself, as I am surely prejudiced like everyone.  The “I don’t believe” reaction is a block, but I am not saying that.  I am saying he is connecting dots that don’t exist except in his mind. I proved that with the Lingam and hollow DNA stories. The Faulkner Island war he mentions wasn’t about black goo, it was about ego. If England wanted mineral rights there, they would have bought off whoever. England didn’t want to have “their” territory stolen from them. It was pride. So he is chasing rainbows in my opinion and connecting one speculation with another.

Leuren Monet had a recent video.  She claims California is controlled by Jesuits and cites early missionaries in California two hundred years ago in her reasoning.  But I looked it up, and they were Franciscan, etc. So her dots are not correct. She connected early Catholic missionaries with idea that Jesuits control California??? As with Harold, which part of story is reliable????

I also have to note his megalomania.  He sounds humble enough but refuses to say “I don’t know”, and gives answers just to have something come out of his mouth, even if he isn’t sure it is true, just to stay on the podium and be an authority. He is allowing his ego to control his dialogue instead of his skepticism. That isn’t responsible.  We see others doing this too. If I am on a podium and I can’t answer a question, I will say,” I can’t answer the question, sorry.” What I “think” about it would just be speculation, something we have enough of already.

He compares himself to Snowden and Assange, and doubts their sacrifice because he thinks he is as threatening to State as they have been and that he also should also be persecuted. He is deluded. Snowden and Assange had released classified info. Harold has done original research and interpreted it in an easy to show irresponsible manner. So not only are some of his references questionable, so is his integrity. 

Now, please  examine what I have pointed out 🙂

You also have to consider that he himself might be controlled opposition and possibly programmed. (This is opinion of an MK-Ultra survivor who reviewed this)  Unfortunately, we need to ask that now. 

Recently I had someone send me an image from Mars that showed a woman standing on a rock. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  RT actually spread this. It is an utter waste of time. I hoped she had sent it as a joke, but she hadn’t.

I imagine there are better videos and books of the actual lab work he has been part of, that is simply presented as evidence, without the mumbo jumbo.

I knew some people here on Kauai that got very sick on mainland and so moved here.  They did research and it led to Morgellons and they cured themselves. They worked on their immune systems. I am not in touch with them now. They produced a website, and tracked the hits, and they were being watched by military. So that means that morgellons  does exist and the military is part of it.




On 8/6/2015 at 2:50 PM, “Joey wrote:

Ray and all, What impressed me, at first, was the seamless manner in which he connected “his” lab research with political issues, mythology, Paranormal and spiritual content. Sprinkle in a bit of David Icke’s theory of the Archons and you capture your target audience.That in itself is brilliant. Brilliant does not necessarily elevate his tome to a “Truth”. Bake these ingredients with “conspiracy” theory in regard to Japan, the Gulf Spill, known potential of East Coast tsunami and you have covered all the bases. [Except his info was make believe]

It is enticing and I hope he doesn’t rest on current laurels and continues his research but it seems he would rather BE right, then work on “getting it right” for real. Having said all this I do believe he is worth following up to see if he can gain more credibility. [modesty and honesty] Perhaps we can continue the thread for a bit and not just dismiss him out of hand.

I would like to know if his science is correct first and foremost. The Peizo Electric crystal nano tech seems to have potential just by virtue of what I know in regard physics, electricity, and the Holographic Universe/Electric Universe school of cosmology.  [Ray- yep, school of cosmology]



From Nancy,

I’ve just been forwarded an email with this message from Veronica Keen.

Message from Veronica Keen

“Monty  persuaded me to go to the BASES CONFERENCE (Miles Johnston) in Wiltshire, last weekend. Monty insisted that I had to connect with HARALD KAUTZ-VELLA. We all owe a great debt of gratitude to Miles Johnston for bringing this young man to our attention. Harald is everything we could wish for in a guide, as humanity steps forward into the future. He has covered everything. Harald is a physicist, and he has also studied geology. He knows the problems we will have to face when the chaos begins, and more importantly, HE HAS THE ANSWERS. I see him as our Guardian Angel, guiding us through it. [follow the leader] I spent four days with him. We filmed a little chat using his computer. Although the sound is not good, with ear phones you can hear what he has to say. Harald and I will work together. To my amazement, he and I were researching something that is important to both of us. It was an honour and a privilege to meet him. He is a beautiful soul with a brilliant mind. I am so happy to call him my friend.”


from Ray

Nancy, Veronica Keen wants answers. She is not a seeker.  A seeker does not want answers.  She wants answers for “humanity.” So there you have it.  She has found her prophet.

Here is her husbands belief system.…       www.montaguekeen.com  –   look over their website. Do you see any call to change consumerism? NONE. Ungrounded. Below italics are mine to point out his need to have an answer for EVERYONE, no diversity.

It would benefit everyone, no matter what country they belong to, to learn the TRUTH, [ 🙂 ] as it affects everyone on Earth. It would EXPOSE all the control and the false history, and it would show how one scam after another was used to destroy and control mankind.

When all Vatican control is removed and LOVE replaces FEAR; then, and only then, will peace [enforced by an enlightened big brother] be restored and enjoyed by all. Then all other countries will follow suit and will succeed. The future is in your hands. Will you bow down to your controllers or come together [under a one world government] to create a better [monoculture] future for all [with no chance to opt out]?

This is the first time in 2000 years that you have an opportunity to stop all wars, create peace, and learn to live together as humanity [as one monoculture under one world government] , with no divisions [monoculture- no diversity] of race or creed. Do not kill your fellow man. He deserves to live as much as you do.   [study wildlife population – no two populations expand at same rate, meaning, we live in a replacement reality, but perhaps we should replace that with a lock down big brother reality for “universal” peace? ]  Look into the SOUL-LESS EYES of those who are pushing for World War III and realize that THEY ARE NOT LIKE YOU.” [hmmm, kind of supremacist I’d say. Who is perfect? Does this sound like love and compassion?]

Veronica Keen will gravitate to people who like giving lots of answers. She is stuck in the head and talks about simplicity without living it. When asked about anything metaphysical, Buddha was silent. Zero.  Buddhas “problem” was not spiritual and neither is mine.

The opposite, a spiritual person NEVER adapts belief systems. Veronica just sucks it up.  New Age Operation.  Almost all of Harald’s dots were un- true…. I can see the conspiracy research community has true believers like Veronica. Remember the Zeitgeist Movement? Key, is that a one world utopia is around the corner 🙂  They are still repeating the New Age Operation.  Harald Kautz-Vella may be a new operation. Easily.

Notice he gives no call to action. “Just believe, just listen, just accept this cosmology I put together in my head.” He is not grounded Nancy. We should never stop asking questions.

Someone like Veronica who wants ANSWERS, will find someone who gives answers.  Sad.  When we see Veronica and her husband talk about Irish self-sufficiency, that is the non-utopia of sweat and sacrifice she needs to work for IMO. But instead she and her husband tout pie in the sky.


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  • Joey Hart says:

    The devil is always in the details. I try to be NOT part of this world. I endeavor to be the change I want to see.
    His two hour talk was entertaining for sure, but on second hearing after this thread and all its contributions I still wonder why it so important for us to “prove” the origin and causes of all these effects. We all know the massive manipulation is taking place and we realize the motives of the perpetrators.

    Therefore, all that is left is seek what works for oneself as best it can, by not taking part as a follower in any sense. I see where one needs to seek but not to follow because your true wisdom will come from what you find, not from what you are given.

    Thanks Ray. Your point is inarguable. The only argument can be to attack your point of view and that would come only from ones ego. And I see ego in nearly every reply, including my earlier one.

    • brendan j devlin says:

      I am so glad that your a expert Ray.Or should I call U gOD?mANY SCIENTISTS ARE WRONG and correct their expert opinions since the beginning.And now RAY.Oh ur the sun?Ray of lite?U determine the movement of the planets that never change sir?I know not.The rapture is real sir, and were about to meet our creators and they write that experts such as yourself and I are judged the most harshly for teaching false doctorine.So Ray ?U sir have read every faith book in existence to formulate your expert opinion?My uncle Dick,44years of NASA service,co designer of ALL weather and spy satalites was.And that sir,factually is how they landed the lunar modual.NASA proven fact.U got them kinda facts and extensive knowledge ray?Corinthians describes 12 thrusters on the NEW JERUSELEM and what
      a coincidence Nasa admits to it.The bible and faith is how we got to space.Some scientific expert you are.Try educating urself to the oldest history and knowledge book inda world

      • raysongtree says:

        If you uncle worked for NASA for 44 years, then he was utterly mind programmed. He had signed away his integrity with repeated non-disclosure agreements. Apparently you think that anyone who asks questions should be attacked. Thanks for being a know it all who doesn’t ask questions. And in the end you are expert about the Bible, re-edited many times, and the King James Version written by freemason Francis Bacon. But only a fool argues with fools, so I’ll stop being a fool…

  • Darin Lucas says:

    Harald Kautz-Vella recites the 2012 Ridely Scott film PROMETHEUS and not one person figures this out?! How gullible are we? His lecture primarilly consists of an imaginative recap of the film that centers around a biological “black goo” used by an advanced alien species to seed lifeless planets. If you watch the film you will see many other extremely close similarities to what Vella is trying to pass off as science. Actually about 90% of his lecture at Bases is content directly taken from the film.
    This guy is the biggest fraud out there and it’s a shame we are wasting our time even thinking about him.
    Careful Harald, the studios may soon come after you for stealing their storyline!

  • TC says:

    I agree with some of your points, but not most of them. I believe that he is searching for the truth, and has discovered some of it whether he can prove it or not. And even if he is wrong about a few things, at least he is searching, and very humble and non-assuming – he knows a lot of it is only speculation and theory at this point, and he will have no problem admitting if he was wrong about something, or re-examining his theories in the face of new evidence. In fact, he welcomes it. You should not be tearing him down, or rejecting what he says just because it doesn’t fit into your belief system, or what you consider provable – we are so limited in that regard that we can’t prove most of what exists…that doesn’t mean it isn’t real. There is a real danger of our society being taken over by AI, or there was – I believe we have evolved beyond it now, but we still need to be very aware of how advanced tech affects our society…we can’t allow it to take over. Our focus needs to be on love, forgiveness, tolerance, acceptance, and service to others. We need to reconnect with each other, the Earth, and all of our fellow beings…and realize that everything is connected and that everything we do affects the whole. Everything is connected. If we focus on all life, rather than tech, we won’t need AI to do everything for us. We are in the process of evolving our bodies and our minds to match the vibration of our souls – this will unlock our dormant DNA and codons, and we will naturally evolve to have abilities to manifest anything we want instantly. But first we need to learn to control our thoughts and emotions, and connect with our higher selves – this is why meditation is so important. All of this is in the process of happening right now. We are already using our collective consciousness to make positive changes. We can cleanse & heal the Earth just by collectively focusing on it, or whatever changes we want to see. The dark forces want us to take the AI route – they are tech advanced, but not spiritually advanced. In fact, we are in the process of surpassing them in that regard. So, keep searching for the truth and be aware of what is going on, but don’t let your thoughts become fear-based. Do not spend time thinking about what you fear or what you don’t want. Do the opposite – this is critical – it will be our salvation. And please be open-minded and thankful for other seekers of the truth like yourself – you may not agree with everything they find on their journey of discovery, just like not everyone will agree with you. But it’s important to consider all possibilities carefully, whether or not they can be physically proven in our 3D limited perception or not. Also, be aware that a 3rd of humanity has already ascended into 5D. There is no rapture…no-one is going to disappear. Right now we are all here together – 3D, 4D, and 5D. The difference is in the level of what people perceive in the world around them. Those in 4D and 5D perceive things on a higher level, and 5D’s are already beginning to develop abilities that those still in 3D will consider paranormal. The important thing is that we will all be ascending – Earth is waiting for everyone to catch up. So, the more you focus on the positive, the faster and more easily positive change and creation will occur. Don’t worry about the dark – they have already lost and are grasping at straws – they are throwing everything they have at us right now in a futile attempt to maintain the status quo. They can’t win anymore, but they are doing everything they can to slow us down by inciting fear. It’s all an illusion – they’ve never had any power over us accept that which they tricked us into giving them, and people are waking up to this truth. The more we focus on creating the world we want, the faster it will occur. Big money – the root of all evil in our world – is going down. Support leaders who challenge and oppose their agenda…who refuse to be bought and tell the truth. Actions speak louder than words. Those doing good, are good. You have the power and influence to reach a lot of people – you have the ability to make a huge positive impact on the world. Change your focus from the negative to the positive, and you will.

    • raysongtree says:

      Dear TC, you have a huge cosmology/belief system. Someone who connects dots that are hearsay is just distracting people. The 1/3 of people that you believe are 5D are who? The urban consumers? Those with a lot of time on their hands? Their lifestyle is not sustainable. The bowl is cracked. What I hear from you is typical New Age cosmology, not at all down to Earth. Your statement that there is danger we are taken over by AI, and that this is directed by beings who are technologically advanced, but not spiritually, is something I think is possible. But the solution is to dump the smart phones and learn to make something with our hands and leave “5D and 4D” and take care of our Mother Earth in 3d. Day dreaming about ascension just shows you think there is something better, which is a put down of “3d” which is why we have allowed so much abuse. If Earth is sacred, there is no better place to go to.

      • Donna says:

        I pretty much agree with you Ray, except perhaps your understanding of 4D and 5D…which is misunderstood even by those talking about it. These dimensions are not another place but rather unseen with human eyes a different frequency yet connected. The point of opening to those dimensional levels inside our 3D bodies is to do exactly what you stated…I have yet to meet someone who’s aware and operating with all 3 of these levels that doesn’t want to learn to make something new with our hands, and take care of this earth. The difference is only perception, a 3D person is distracted by thinking the physical is the only way to open the opportunities to act upon and for a majority that we are victims to physical rules, those also using the other layers for want of a better word of the metatron cube are starting to realise it begins with our own mind and body (the physical), that we are the creators and we create what we experience starting with our focus of attention (spirit or energy 4D), from 5D you simply understand you are connected to it all, that you are the change you’ve been waiting for. Ascension for me is another word for evolution, seeing our incredible human 3D form is not limited by 3D only and never was, but that we are able to connect as we evolve and open up to more than we knew existed more consciously rather than subconsciously. I believe this universe, is made up of 13 dimensions, and hopefully as the human race evolves on this earth in this incredible multilayered dimension we are able to interact with them all so we can play and create and live on THIS earth but utilising this knowledge or insight again for want of better words, to learn and create and bring into manifestation into the 3D physical the experiences we wish to have but with more awareness and control. It’s hard to think of examples, I know that placebo effect is one of the ways we’ve seen this play out, but still it’s not quite understood why placebo’s work, the same as nacebo…our thoughts create when we really believe, of course up to a point we can only work with what’s available, I’ve experienced this so many times, when I’ve needed a home, car, job, opportunity etc, I’ve gone into the frequency of 5D to focus the attention on what I would like to create or experience, knowing/believing I am, and then had sychronistic events that gave me the opportunity to act on them in 3D. We know through number generators that collective beliefs are even more powerful. I would say being able to access the frequency of 5D (the shape is tetrahedron this frequency creates) only enhances the 3D experience. I don’t believe it’s another world, a better world or something yet to come, just a space to create the opportunity to change or heal or improve or just simply choose your experiences in the 3D part of the 13 dimensions. It is however, just my little tiny perspective, and it’s a cosmological one, which can’t be proven or disproven unless tech evolves to detect these other ‘frequencies’ inside us. As to this harald guy, I google searched, youtube searched, google schooler searched and not one video could I find showing this ‘black goo’ acting as he said, or anyone else talking about it, except either repeating what he says…for me that’s just not good enough, if that’s how it behaves, why wouldn’t one video it? That would and could go viral if he had…so I’m very distrusting. Which is rather strange, but talking about things unseen or sensed I’m more open to, but if someone makes a claim that something physical that can be seen will behave a certain way – then you have to demonstrate it, if not and all we get is ‘this is sleeping black goo’ no I’m sorry that’s just not good enough.

        • raysongtree says:

          Donna, this is by far the nicest comment yet, and I thank you very much. Disagreement is for monotheists, and I rather have many opinions. As far as
          I can see there are endless dimensions. Endless. Thank you very much. Ray

          • Donna says:

            Thank you too Ray, that was a lovely response and yes I do agree on the endless dimensions, universes and timelines…but 13 for each universe and timeline, I see them as joined I guess we can speculate these are the black holes, gateways or portals that NASA has discovered…or spiritual people have talked about for eons. The current belief we are 3D has recently come under doubt in the physics world. Math also supports that we are in fact 2D and through matter and eyes/perception, touch we are in a holographic 3D space, it makes some sense when we think about how much space is between what appears solid, or that our skin never makes contact with anything – it’s minute but it’s the nerves and charge that make us believe in touch, our eyes can only perceive 1% of the known spectrum (and quantuum shows us there’s many more we’ve not got the tech to measure). It makes sense that we call 4D what we can’t see but perhaps sense or detect with other sensory inputs – the pure conscious sensory feed, the pineal gland which detects other frequencies of light our eyes can’t. Through history people have discussed these unseen forces at work. I think all those universes are connected by shapes, based on perhaps an electric universe rather than a thermal one (a lot of new evidence is supporting that theory too)…

            If that is all true for arguments sake and I don’t believe for one second it’s that simple…then it makes sense how people sense/see/hear things perhaps because at different times their own electrical field and energetic field raise enough to have glimpses into these spaces. I think what gets difficult is that they are only glimpses – it’s like someone who glimpses a party, but can only describe a part of what they are seeing/hearing/sensing…almost like the 5 blind men all touching the different parts of an elephant…I think our desperation to understand it all makes people fill in blanks for it to make sense. There certainly are themes that come from it and I don’t think they should be quickly thrown away. But then there are those convinced it’s demons, others that it’s haarp mind control lol One thing I know I do agree with is that there isn’t a rescue coming, it’s on us, up to us to be open, up to us to act…we are the rescue team lol This is why governments no matter how corrupt last so long – because people don’t want the responsibility and they would rather have someone else to blame. I am one who made it to 5D, in fact I was one of the first…and the biggest thing I got from that evolutionary step into conscious awareness was that I was now responsible and accountable to create the life and earth I want to see the energy of 5D was creative, it’ll create both negative and positive (majority say it’s just bliss no negativity exists there – bollocks lol) 5D space didn’t just appear from nowhere and negativity is around us all, we are always connected to the dimensions but not always consciously, so consciously discovering it, you feel the creative power of this energy, and you understand that you a part of creating your own experiences, life and contribute collectively, I think this energy may be orgone energy…another thing many reacted to when I said it and two people don’t like hearing this…they want aliens or angels/christ to arrive and fix it all. Still in the 20 long years I’ve worked on myself and opening I have seen huge shifts and many more waking up to that hard truth.

            Cheers Ray 🙂

  • Wael Ghafarji says:


    • raysongtree says:

      You must ground with nature. Society will not help you because it is controlled. Spend time
      touching the Earth in some way.

  • Don Mau says:

    Harald Kautz Vella is a fake liar that knows extremely little about real science.


  • Anthony D Smith says:

    Harald Kautz Vella may believe in what he is postulating and he does talk a good talk, replete with buzz words however his reasoning is flawed. Rather than go into a lengthy analysis, merely use the single and most reliable Litmus test. Most such dissertations do come apart when the buzz word “energy” is invoked like a panacea in order to impress and sound profoundly knowledgable. “Energy” is essentially only the presence of “relative motion” or a noted absence of “structure” . When this fact is clearly not understood by a presenter, one can be certain that one is listening to bullshit.

  • Sueanne says:

    I just watched one of Harald’s presentation’s. He suddenly came out with saying ‘how beautiful our chakra’s are….and opening the 3rd eye. I thought “uh – oh!!!!!! the guy’s a new ager! also he said “we should keep our bodies pure, and not eat traumatised meat” that’s another thing new age guru’s like bonacci says. I’ve seen the light..Vella is another con artist ?

  • Rigoberto Sáchez says:

    Posiblemente, nuestro problema está en creer solo en el mundo material que nos han dejado ver.

  • Ruffie900 says:

    Hello, I actually found Harold to make sense. There are a couple examples mentioned in the comments as evidence against Harold I’d like to comment on. David Icke did not come up with the word or even the working concept of Archon. They (it) are mentioned in the Bible, and in great detail in much of the Nag Hammadi apochryphon. Another example is the crystal lingha of the east such as Cambodia. This is covered well in stolenhistory.org as well as this YouTuber Praveen (forgot last name) where he visits rural temples where linghas have been giving off energy for millennia. It is theorized they are some form of free energy device, possibly red mercury, but maybe black goo? I dunno. There are a great many videos on the movement of black goo, and I don’t mean the ferric liquid type. I assume he thought everyone in the crowd or audience has seen them, they are that prevalent. In addition, it seems odd that black goo is simulated in so many media productions, one of
    Which you mentioned being Prometheus, but this is hardly the first. In addition, the storyline of Prometheus is not original at all. A 30 minute internet search will yield much in the way of an ent texts and oral traditions. Anyway, much love from one truth seeker to another. Personally, I’ve found too much evidence of Jesus Christ being the answer. If seeing his name mentioned produces desires to mock and ridicule of instantly dismiss, it might behoove you to reason why? I am telling you there is much evidence from one truth seeker to another, that there is something there, and it fits with Haralds theoretical framework. Yes the Bible has been rewritten, but that name, Jesus and Yeshua, being invoked out loud works miracles, and wards off evil. This is hard to deny from the millions of testimonies going back 2 millennia. In any case, I continue to seek. One thing I know for sure, not sure how I know, but I do… we are in sole sort of prison. That I’m sure of. Whether there are parasites other than the controllers, it seems highly likely given the disparate myriad signals.

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