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Exposing Dailyaction.org, Creative Majority PAC, Whitehouseinc.org, and Lady Parts Justice

A friend recently sent me this email, so I looked into who this organization might be.

Hi Ray
I see this is a movement of making our voices known and educating our politicians about important issues we [we?] feel strongly about – instead of the label given to the movement. This is the link. Please spread it around..  https://dailyaction.org/
On Thursday, 9 February 2017 9:40 PM,  I  wrote:

Vet everything M !!!!

“Creative Majority Pac”  is listed at bottom of Dailyaction’s page.  Sounds bad already. You know, we are creative, you aren’t.

Here are the donors for”Creative Majority Pac”….
Contrib Occupation Date Amount
  06/17/16 $25,000
FEMINIST 09/29/16 $10,000

Here is the about page of the main donor “Revolution Messaging


What revolution did Revolution Messaging bring about?  Obamacare?  The wars against Libya and Syria?
Let’s look at the second donor, Kristina Kiehl, who had $10,000 to hand over to dailyaction.org

She spoke at 2000 Democratic Convention.  Apparently she describes herself as a pro choice abortionist, who also supports the wife of serial rapist Bill Clinton, and is now against Trump.

Do you really want this Obama/Hillary crew to be notifying  your friends about what is considered “extreme.”?

There is zero truthfulness from third generation CIA agent Obama. 

Perhaps you don’t understand the world order yet, or it’s goals. If it is new age, it is world order. If it calls to your bleeding heart, it is world order.  Let me know if they ever send you anything about Pizzagate or CNN fake news or stopping illegal aliens.
Every time you get or spread Dailyaction stuff, you are voting for the Killary agenda.  So I think you better look deeper M.  They will consistently attack a certain kind of “extremism.”  But they won’t attack pedophilia.  That’s because the left agenda is now anything goes.

Now, let’s read Dailyaction’s privacy policy… Uh oh… They work with Google.. That means they work with the CIA.  Look how they admit they collect data about you…

“We may obtain information about you from outside sources and add it to or combine it with the information we collect through this site.”

They are using this website to further profile people, track trends, and they are practicing on you.

And you are encouraging people to join their data base.  Is that what you want your friends to do?

If the notices come daily, then they are also mind programming you and tracking your responses. 

Let’s look at their anti Trump wording, and the give away, I will make the text red.  Remember this is coming from Obama/Killary

“Resisting extremism in America, one phone call at a time. [So it is not proactive, it is reactionary. It is not for something, it is against.]

“The majority of our country believes in decency, in moderation, in sanity. [So Obama/Killary will mold and define for you what is decent and sane. Does it think transgender bathrooms are decent or insane???] Let’s not let the powers that be [Trump and the Republican election sweep of Congress] forget it. If we all [“We are all one”] band together against extremism [anyone against our globalism]  and spend a few minutes a day using tools that have been proven to work, we can make a big difference in defending those values we share as Americans. [But most Americans, in a record number of counties, sided with Trump.]

Phoning our legislators, as New York Times recently reported, is an extremely [uh oh, extreme] effective way to make our  [“We are all one”] voices heard.”
They endorse the NEW YORK TIMES !!!!!!!!!!!!  The New York Times is a Rothschild Zionist rag that hides pedophilia!

The daily notices from this political agenda are molding your intuition.  Perhaps you didn’t know that was possible.

You never knew the things I just discovered. If it doesn’t make a dent, then they got you. No matter what you hear about them now, you will defend them because you think they are in line with your deepest intuition. It is like the women who joined the Soros anti Trump march who think they are true women. These women now think it is against their womanhood to support Trump! 

From the donation page we see that you are donating not to Dailyaction.org but to Creative Majority PAC

Donate to Creative Majority PAC

The Creative Majority was created to give power back to the multitudes of creative-minded Americans to do what they do best: create art and use it to voice their concerns. Our team incubates efforts like Lady Parts Justice, WhiteHouseInc.org, and DailyAction.org.


So lets go to http://www.ladypartsjustice.com/ and we find them saying “TAKE ACTION: Join our sister organization, Lady Parts Justice League in a week of action to support Planned Parenthood!

They are in with Rockefeller Planned Parenthood!  Talk about the powers that be.

And let’s look at WhiteHouseInc.org

So do you really want to support Killary, wife of a serial rapist?  Since when is everyone who is creative
for the TPP or pro vaccine? 

No line item veto with this crew. They have an agenda, and they hate what Trump represents, like legal borders or accountability or honest press. 

Why should I let this stinking, CIA, globalist, indecent minority own me?








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