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CNN Rapist Denier Pulls the “Conspiracy Theory” Card for Hillary

A CNN panelist dismissed Bill Clinton’s documented history of sexual abuse against women as “conspiracy theory land” Monday during a discussion about Sunday night’s presidential debate.
Appearing on New Day, CNN’s Jackie Kucinich, who also works for The Daily Beast, said that any accusation of Bill Clinton committing sexual abuse, or of Hillary threatening his victims to keep quiet, come “straight out of conspiracy theory land.”When co-host Chris Cuomo said it was ‘ironic’ that Trump was taking responsibility for his words, while neither Clinton has acknowledged the abuse accusations, Kucinich was triggered.“No. Hillary Clinton — Bill Clinton is not on the ballot. Hillary Clinton is on the ballot. A lot of the things that Trump says about the ’90s, about Bill Clinton, comes straight out of conspiracy theory land, things that are in — at Klein’s book, things that Roger Stone says. So, no, I don’t think it matters.” Kucinich responded.Kucinich then suggested that Trump was “looming” over Hillary during the debate in a “creepy” way and that Trump just being there was somehow sexist.Saving some shred of credibility for CNN was co-host Alisyn Camerota who responded to Kucinich’s dismissal of Clinton’s abuse.“I mean, it’s more than allegations, Jackie, to be fair. There were three accusers of Bill Clinton’s in the audience, and, you know, obviously it was designed to get Hillary Clinton back on her feet. [No it was designed to point out her character!] And I did feel that she was rattled in her first answer.” Camerota noted.

  • Perhaps Kucinich thinks that the Clinton’s settlement with Paula Jones for $850,000 in 1998 is also a ‘conspiracy theory’. Jones alleged that in 1991, then. – Gov. Bill Clinton sexually harassed her in a hotel room.
  • Perhaps Kucinich also believes that the tapes of Hillary Clinton laughing about Kathy Shelton’s case, where Clinton helped get an admittedly guilty rapist off with a light sentence are also a ‘conspiracy theory’.
  • Perhaps Kucinich also believes that the claims of Juanita Broaddrick, that Bill Clinton raped her in the late 1970s, and that Hillary threatened her into silence, are also a ‘conspiracy theory’.
  • Perhaps Kathleen Willey’s allegations that Clinton groped her in the White House Oval Office in 1993 are a ‘conspiracy theory’. Certainly, the fact that Kenneth Starr granted her immunity for her testimony in his inquiry must be a ‘conspiracy theory’ right?
  • The list goes on and on. Clinton admitting he had affairs with Gennifer Flowers and other women is a ‘conspiracy theory’.
  • Clinton making false statements under oath about Monica Lewinsky, his semen being found on her clothing, and Clinton being impeached and disbarred was all a ‘conspiracy theory’.

The allegations of rape, sexual assault and affairs from at least six other women are ‘conspiracy theories’.

There’s no pattern here? It’s all a ‘conspiracy theory’?

Certainly, if you watched the mainstream news shows, you would believe it was all a conspiracy theory, given that while Trump’s ‘locker room chat’ was afforded some 150 Minutes of air time over the weekend, Clinton’s accusers, who all held a press conference with Donald Trump, were given practically zero coverage.

Because CNN says it’s a ‘conspiracy theory’.And that’s another example of why 94 percent of Americans do not trust the mainstream media.


3 minute video, all news of this censored by MSM.

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